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Wtf is this

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>>523614097A knock off TGT?

>>523614097Ken Penders, ladies and gentlemen

>>523614130Tails get trolled?

>>523614097Archie comics are fucked up and in below zero ways canon

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>>523614097ENTER CHADILS


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>>523614097>Those facesHoly shit my fucking sides

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The fact the Archie Sonic comics existed as long as they did is a god damn anomaly. I have never seen something so disconnected from its original source material.

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>>523615801It's japan's fault it's disconnected. SEGA just fucking loathed their western division; had they embraced it they'd still be roaring on the scene.

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>>523615592Wtf is wrong with the eyes

>>523614178A different writer handled Tails's chosen one shit. Penders was too busy having Evil Sonic fuck Bunnie.

>>523614097How old were you when you realised Eggman is the good guy?

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>>523616394>Evil sonic fuck bunnieHuh

>>523614097>there are people on Holla Forums who want archie to be canon

Reminder Sally bathed in the Primordial Goo that created the Universe.

>>523616518Haven't we all at one point or another?

>>523616675Not really

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>>523614097why are american comics like this

>>523617046Japanese shit isn't much better. Comics western or japan are shit

>>523616410>my brother colinwat

>>523616410A true champion of Fursecution.

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>>523617384>Now... take off your clothes. Do a little show for me. wtf eggman!?

>>523617384The draw here is good Wtf was wrong with the others

>>523617110I just looked it up, it's goofy shit for children just like the games are supposed to be, not super edgy garbage for brooding teens like 90% of american comics

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The Sonic universe isn't that well defined and they never agree on anything. What is the name of the planet, who are Sonic's friends, who is Eggman and what are his goals? The basic characters and sonic vs eggman remain, but they're all over the place. Mario is a much simpler story, but every version agrees on the basis of the world and what is going on.

>>523617384I'm glad I don't read or know the context of this and the character.

>>523615801Japan never really gave much of a shit about Sonic, it was only really popular in the West, so SEGA and Sonic Team basically just allowed the West to do whatever with the property

>>523617110I don't think I've seen anything other than an American comic do multiversal fusion shit.

>>523618052Oh you know. Slavery, disease, death. Classic Sonic stuff.

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>>523617298The comics followed the SATAM continuity where Eggman had an assistant and nephew, Snively; the comics filled in the family tree

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>>523618862The way he systemacially destroyed Snively was so fucking brutal. You can tell he'd been planning it for a loooong time.

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>>523614097Tails... U know da wae...

>>523616475People only want select shit from Archie as canonShard is cool


>>523618638Should Ian Flynn write the games?

>>523618862>Sticks going commando Also god I love POG.

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>>523614097God, I fucking hate archie/satam sonic so fucking much.

>>523614097>Archie fags unironicall want this in the games

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>>523615801Archie Sonic began as AotSH but with SATAM's cast but then became more serious like SATAM but then introduced characters from 3, CD, etc while introducing their own original characters and lore only to eventually shift to the Adventure era while keeping things canon until they pull a Crisis event to retcon shit due to Ken FUCKING PendersImagine if Fleetway's STC lasted long enough to pull that shit or if Toei Spider-Man kept going for decades and began incorporating stuff from the source material like 2099 and the clones but still remaining a Toku with its own background and cast

>>523619447Yes. And don't stop at Sonic.

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>>523619737>They could add all of this to the games and the quality wouldn't even drop

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>>523615801Resident Evil movies

>when you finally beat the last special stage after a hundred fucking tried

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>>523619607I'm 20I grew up on the Adventure games, Sonic X, etcSATAM was always so weird to me because while I'm used to seeing Sonic with large casts, the cast used in the show was completely alien to me and I had no reasons to watch it as a result I knew I was never gonna get Knuckles, Metal Sonic, etc I think its like opening an old Spider-Man issue and waiting to see Venom show upNowadays I think it's kind of fascinating seeing how early vidya adaptations had to make up original shit to compensate for what little they are given when working on an adaptation

>>523614097I'm sorry for a moment I thought this was inflation porn.

It's not like the new comics are any better pic related was from their letters from fans

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>>523620393>ChristianOh no, he has a back up body now

>>523614097>But it IS. It is our DESTINY.

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>>523620393this has to be fake right it checks all the boxes like legos custom comics dressing up like sonic, Really the only thing wrong with him being cwc's reincarnation is the fact he likes to run and be active

>>523617384>>523618991god damnEggman is such a great character wasted on such an awful franchise

Hey guys.

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sonic underground is the only good sonic thanks to bartleby


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Archie Sonic is like all the autism in the universe converging into a few pages. I can't take it. The other one, though, great time.

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>>523621520>all multiverse tails>including that onelmao


>>523621812A fanfic character

Okay user lets say that your favorite non-Sonic Sega series got adapted by Archie in an alternate universe and Sega also didn't gave a fuck about what they did with it just like the Archie Sonic comics. What kinds of strange scenarios can you come up with?>Arle gets it's personality morphed into a magical girl Shinji>Draco is part of a species that looks exactly the same as her but some of them have hats>Introduce Shin Madou Monogatari elements despite that begin considered off the canon>Doppel Arle is just a horrible abomination that can morph into someone else liking and not just Arle's soul expy>Black Sig becomes an actual villian character and is just Archie Super Sonic basically

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>>523621867All of this largely depends on who in particular is writing and what source material they have to go withRemember when Archie Sonic was madeNo Knuckles, Amy, Metal Sonic, Shadow, Chaos, etc Sonic had a small cast of him, Tails, and Eggman and incredibly simple plots with no fleshed out worldThey had to pull from the two cartoons at the time because it was still something they could work with

>>523622096Green text time ?

>>523622420Sorry user

Remember that time Tails fell in love with a talking asparagus from space?

Archie Sonic is along with Shadow the Hedgehog the reason half of the Sonic fandom is awful. I still don't understand how people say it's better than Fleetway, which also deviates way too much from the games, but it doesn't try to be edgy, it just does edgy shit and it does it good.

>>523614097TGT sure has changed over time

>>523623705To worse sadly

>>523620738Remember when Dr. Eggman tried to kill Dr. Light?

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>>523614097The drunken airhump Tails does in panel 3 is where I always start cracking up

>>523614097>why yes I do play second fiddle to sonic, how could you tell?

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>>523620393There must always be a mayor of Cwcville.

>>523631807fucking mpreg tails never fails to make me laugh

>>523614097Am I the only one who has NOW YOU'RE A MAN blast in my head whenever I see this page thanks to YTMND?

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>>523631807Is that Titan Tails in the middle I see?

>>523631807I don't know what's worse, the pregnant one or the babyfur

>>523631874>tails gets cucked

here's your Sonic redesign bro

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>>523615592I can't believe Chris Chan made it into the official Sonic comics

>>523631807>Care Bear TailsMy sides.

>>523619607I loved SatAM as a kid and still have fondness for it, but damn am I glad I never fell down the rabbit hole that was the comics


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>>523619607I can't believe everyone sucked the show off a decade ago thanks to Nostalgia Critic

>>523620179Knuckles was going to be in the show but it got canned before he showed up.


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>>523614097Comics are dead


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>>523619737It's better than the meta era.

>>523620474Made me laugh and made me realize Chris is immortal and I can see him outliving me.

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>>523631807>retarded tails>fat tails>pregnant tails>incel tails

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>Sonic warps through space and time so many that his body changes to that of his Adventure-era design>Eggman was a robot version of SatAM Robotnik from another dimension who downloaded himself into his Adventure-era design>Classic Amy uses magic to permanently age herself up to her Adventure-era design in the hopes that Sonic will finally notice her (he doesn't)>Charmy is a teenage prince with a fiancee, until one of Eggman's plans destroys his kingdom and leaves him brain-damaged>Knuckles' father put him in a Chaos Emerald microwave when he was still an egg>Penders confirmed that Sally lost her v-card to some Australian skunk who was ten years her senior>Dulcy the Dragon was a victim of domestic abusePre-reboot Archie was fucking weird.

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>>523634221Don't forget sonic is a manwhore and fucks almost every single female member of the cast and cucks tails like three times.

Please post some of Ken Penders garbage so I can laugh at it.

>>523634368Hey now, some of those dickings were by the mirror universe version of him.

Anyone here remember Sonic Underground

>>523634221Archie sonic is a treasure, as this thread has proven. Sure it's objectively terrible, with an incomprehensible mess of a plot and wildly "off-model" arcs (in terms of skewing away from series identity and subject matter), but that's exactly WHY it's a treasure.This sort of cultutal ephemera that results from a respectable and entrenched IP (which Sonic was at the time) giving away the keys to randos with offensively bizarre ideas to make their own official OOC fanfiction doesn't happen anymore. Companies have gotten too wise.

>>523634221Dulcy was the worst and most austic baby-fur thing in this damn comic

>>523630978Why would someone write this.


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>>523621867>AfterburnerI really don't know. I guess it'd be a tonal mess, where it would have the political wartime intrigue of Ace Combat with the vibe of Top Gun.

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>>523621867Imagine a lighthearted JSR comic, Rudies tagging walls and hanging out most of the time, occasional storyline about messing with other skate gangs or almost getting caught by the police.Then one issue, Onishima finally corners one of the crew and shoots him dead.

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>>523634527I agree, let's do that

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>>523636073This looks like one of those how to draw manga books


>>523635531I dunno I already didn't like the JSRF dialogue.I know the dreamcast had silly story too but I prefer the characters to be more like symbols, with only a few lines of dialogue each setting up a personality and leaving the details as vague as possible.


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>> redesign

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>>523635813>>523636001What’s wrong with these? Isn’t this standard comic writing?


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>>523630978rip his balls

Bongsonic > Burgersonicthis is fact

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>We will never get such a strange beast of a spinoff like Archie or STC again because the whole damn entertainment industry is driven by focus group crap and painting by the numbers

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>>523636532Kekkus Maximus.

>>523636532Of course, european comics have always been far superior to American comics across the board

>>523636354I posted >>523636001 because of the dumb knuckles OCs. Penders really liked knuckles. I think because he wanted to make some dumb comic about native americans with magic powers but no one wanted to publish it, so he just grabbed knuckles and shoehorned it into his comics

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>>523615592God, i remember that thread

>>523636819And weirdly that kinda became canon in the adventure games since the echidna are basically not-Mayans

Are these comics the reason sonic fans are so autistic?

>>523637265yes mainly also Sonic X

>>523636819This art is in the CWC territory, holy shit.

>>523637171I was pleasantly surprised when they showed up.

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>>523637461There was nothing wrong with sonic x

>>523619770A Toku Clone Saga...

>>523637265Short answer: yes. Long answer: this comic, sonic satAM and slightly behind them Sonic X.

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>>523637523You ain't seen nothing yet.

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>>523631874Wait isn't tails a girl?

whats your favorite sonic memei know you assholes have been here for years and have "that one" in the back of your mind regularly

>>523637618Imagine how many times that thing has been fucked

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>>523635813Varlets, when will they learn?

>>523633432that's not saying much user.

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>>523631807>Postal Dude Tails

>>523638380I wanna see that universe!

>>523618029Mario never had a serious comic that connected the games in a "consistent" comic. It doesn't matter where Donut Plains and New Donk City are; Mario's world is left ambiguous and abstract because it's just a fun and wacky platformer with no consistency. When the comic attempted to make the game series make sense as a consistent story and world, they ended up doing stupid shit like saying humans are dead, gene bombed out of existence by aliens but also they're alive and in an underground biosphere called Central Station.

as godawful as Archie sonic was i'm still sad to its gone. because i doubt we'll ever get something as strange and long running like it again

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>reading sonic for the plot

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>>523638703So you're saying METRO 2033 is actually a Sonic spinoff

>>523637618>Man makes sonic golems from multiple human bones>In an effort to bring them to life as sex dolls he spends a long time researching necromancy and finally manages to bring one to life>it stumbles trying to use its mishapen limbs uncoordinated but keeps falling down and trying to get back up>due to being made up of multiple bodies its constantly screaming in multiple tones>the neighbours are afraid to go outside and the police wont get involved because bullets do nothing>meanwhile an a sonic enthusiast unknowingly contacts the doll owner online >he agrees to come visit in order to see his huge collection of Sonic comics games and media.>while perusing the collection and having a great time discussing all things sonic together, the eager fan asks "Whats behind that door?">"Sorry the basement area is private">"oh alright" >"Also the food is almost ready, ill be right back">overwhelmed by curiosity the fan makes their way to the door and descends the stairway quietly. "He's likely just keeping the best part of his collection to himself and im not leaving empty handed">searching for a lightswitch in the dark, a dim light comes on. There laying across the chair is one of the deformed sonic golems moving its limbs in an unnatural way. At least 3 more are in cages nearby. >one of them starts screaming as the one on the chair tries to slowly crawl towards the fan with its broken limbs>A door is heard slamming behind the fan and footsteps down the stairs>"You weren't supposed to see this">"what are these things?">"Now I can never let you leave">He releases the remaining golems via a remote switch and leaves locking the door behind him as he strokes his long mustache>A few days later he recovers the fan's bones, now picked clean and begins work on his newest doll.

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>>523636073Their hands are so fucking creepy. I get the Mina was meant to fill an anime girl niche in the shallow marketing of the comic but how the fuck did they fuck up in such an ugly way?

>>523638869>green thot hurts Cream>Gemerl murders her in cold bloodOnly character as based is Omega.

>>523636532I crack up every time. I feel like this is close to 10 years old but I still love it.>>523636640The edgy changes they made to Sonic in the 90s were marketing driven though. Calling Eggman "Robotnik" and changing him from a spherical anime mascot to a cone headed monster with red eyes was for marketing purposes.

>>523634221Saffron had a hard life culminating in her being thrown in the Penders hole offscreen with the echidnas.

Penders is why we don't have her anymore

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>>523637618Are those REAL fucking bones?

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>>523640059Yeah, this dude was grave robbing, he also refuses to admit or deny he fucked that thing

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>>523640059IIRC the photos on the left are from the apartment of a Russian anthropology professor who used to dig up corpses of children from his local cemetery and mummify them, because he thought he could help their spirits in the afterlife that way

At least the porn is good


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>>523619447Absolutely not. He can barely write a plot that doesn't last two years. What makes you think he could do a decent one within 4 to 6 hours?

>>523634221So what happens to Charmy's girlfriend after this? Does she become his carer or something?


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Sonic is totally gonna get destroyed in deathbattle isnt it? DC powerlevels are bullshit

>>523631874>Tails gets cucked by Sonic>Sonic gets cucked by cooler SonicThen again looking back Fiona was a turbo slut. Wouldn't be surprised she was fucking Rotor and Antoine on the side

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>>523632498He was in like 2 episodes, or that was Underground, they kind of blend together in my memories sometimes.

>>523639080cliche, but nice story user

>>523639179>MurderIt looks like she's about to get gangbanged in that bottom panel

>>523641034Gf and i were reading thread and l laughing about it so I typed out our convo. Sorry im not a writer

>>523617384Doesnt her sister literally use cinnamon flavored mace to fight?

>>523639080Next creepypasta?

>>523638869Letting this fly is ridiculously stupid behavior for every character present here. Really fucking pissed me off as a fan of the gizoids

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>>523616410you know, SEGA was right to ban OC relatives

>>523637636>when you draw from a reference but forget to change the proportions

>>523634221Archie Sonic is what happens when a video game adaptation spends a whole fucking console generation without any new source material. There was pretty much nothing between S3&K and Adventure, but the comic was successful and it didn't make sense to stop.

>>523614097It's Titan Tails. It says it right there on the page.

there only ONE good tails comic.

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>>523618991>"thanks for playing">not "TRY AGAIN" while juggling chaos emeraldsswing and a miss

>>523641489That character trait was dropped after they made her green.>>523640823They are quite literally bullshit, yes.

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>>523636073It is frightening just how much this looks like 2005 era deviantart fanart

>>523641903>TRY AGAIN>He doesn't knowThat "for the rest of your life" was quite literal I'm afraid.

Megaman comics

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>>523637265It played a significant part, but SATAM opened the floodgates

>>523636001The echidnas crack me up so much. The fucking powdered wig Knuckles who could be a judge or a priest, using words the writer found in a thesaurus and doesn't know how to use correctly in a sentence. Too good, too good.

>>523636073Hahahaha.They live in Knothole.Haaaahahahahahahah.They live in KNOTHOLE.KNOTHOLE.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

>>523621520It's so subtle I almost didn't notice. That's great.

>>523642291Up until Eggman razed it to the ground and then beat the living shit out of Sonic, anyway.

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>>523641876Go on...

>>523642291I'll knot Sally's holeIf-if you know what I mean

>>523621521Hey Tails, fuck you, ya cunt.

>>523641876Not true

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>>523642413Like shut the fuck up Scoob.

What about them?

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>>523641903As important as absolutely styling on the nephew of your dead alternate universe's self is, dealing with that fucking Panda just to get those things just isn't worth the trouble.

>>523640826>RotorYeah, about that...


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Post Omega

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>>523636819Did we ever learn about mohawk Knuckles? His inclusion there seems like Penders had plans.

>>523631807Wasn't this made in like 2005? Why was this artist still drawing Tails as he appeared in the old cartoons?

>>523637265>>523637461>>523637618I mean... The games themselves are pretty furry-friendly as well.

>>523637947Sonic Sez will always be God tier.

>>523641903Snively is effectively dead after this, though.

>>523638703>It doesn't matter where Donut Plains and New Donk City areOdyssey has a world map though.

>>523630978Its kinda weird that they all have like noodle limb round sonic bodies but shes got this curvy human body with thighs, thicker arms, etc

>>523617934that one was made by IDW, the others were made by archie comics.

>>523637171I'm willing to give the Super Mario Bros Super Show credit for introducing the ideas of Luigi being a coward, Toad having a shrill voice, and the Mario Bros being very Italian, but i refuse to give Ken Penders any recognition whatsoever

>>523634221why is espios horn so high up

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>>523645215oops wrong board

>>523618029Earth, the little animals that are inside the robots, an evil scienist doing evil scientist things.

>>523618638Got the one of Eggman saying how everything's a game to him while in a doctor's garb?

>>523626695Yeah, and it pissed Wily off.

>>523637947The one and only PINGAS

>>523630978This is a porncomic right? Not official Archie stuff

>>523619447Probably not but he'd be a major improvement over Pontaff at least.

>>523645894Archie had some horn dogs for artists.

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>>523640823It depends. MatPat already made a video about how comic Sonic is so fast he would create a black hole or some shit.

>>523646517Flash moved faster than an instant with help


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>>523640882I remember specifically SatAM had a Floating Island and I was like "Aw shit, here we go" but then there was no one on it. You're thinking of Underground, where he spun his fists like wheels.

>>523644926No, that's from Reboot Archie, which had basically the same talent behind it as IDW.

>>523646574no see but he can do that on his own nowbecause of the speedforceplease ignore that he never did

>>523630978I know they were trying to do the the whole "Girl animal characters can go clothless just like the guys!" but when you give them a "figure", it just looks awkward.

>>523646770What do you mean he never did? The alien dude said he did.

>>523646873I mean never did since then

>>523646956You know it doesnt matter if its an outlier. People still say he does it all the time now.

>>523615592Man, I was in that thread. Fuck.

>>523641771It's less about the source material and more about just using your imagination to fill in the blanks, That's how shit was back in the day.


>>523646850Which is why girl characters wear clothing while guys don't even in the official manga there was never a girl character who went around without clcothes like the guys because unlike the guys the girls all have noteable breasts and hips sticking out, there's a reason reboot Sally started wearing spats and a vest

Also Death Battle spoilers have been out for a while now, Sonic loses

>>52364644010/10 feet

>>523647386What DC bullshit does the flash use?

>>523639412We almost lived in a world where American 90's culture gave Pikachu big tits.


>>523636269This is the first time I've ever actually watched the video. Good god how can one man be so wrong on everything

>>523637265Actually, yeah. Pretty much. Sonic was a vehicle for the first age of internet fanfiction full of melodrama shit. Easy to draw characters doing stuff you wouldn't get away with using human characters.

>>523638849>Fist of the North Star and Stardust Crusader referenceGod I miss the days of obscure (at the time) manime getting referenced

>>523622420first that guy that fuck a 9 year old girl. in that sakura thread and now this. sorry user

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>>523642604I just realized theres never been an evil MD Robot Master

>>523615592this is the face my father made when a black man loitered outside his property for 25 minutes suspiciously.


>>523635813Post green Knuckles

>>523646440Why is she bathing in piss?

>>523648831That’s the goo that made the universe pleb

>>523637636Holy shit the artist predicted boom knuckles

>>523648924Why would she bathe in that? Also is there a reason it looks like piss?

>>523620393Do all sonic-loving autists do this?

>>523638849Archie Sonic got better especially after the Mega Man crossover, just shitty how they stuck on the Unleashed arc for so long. IDW is doing the same too with the dumb zombie virus.

>>523648741Ask and you shall receive

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>>523621867You forgot>Rulue fucks Satan but then he gets pregnant and has to sacrifice his children to himself

>>523647447Speed force, flash outran death, Sonic doesn't even use his super form or any forms because those are powers he gets from outside sources They don't really use the comics because official or not they aren't by sega of japan and thus don't count

>>523642120This comic is a guilty pleasure of mine. It's the most balls the wall adaptation I've read. Pre-flynn archie has nothing on Brazlian Mega Man.


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>>523649405>Use Archie sonic who is from the ARCHIE COMICS>HURR DURR THEY DONT USE THE COMICSGet out of here

>>523648239uh what


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>>523631807>Chad tailsWtf is life

>>523630978I'd fuck that whatever she is and then cry in shame because I'm now a fur fag.

>>523622420you could easily cancel the fuck outta him now that we’re in the 2020th year of our blessed lord


>>523630978God i want Sally to bully me bros

>>523636819> I think because he wanted to make some dumb comic about native americans with magic powers but no one wanted to publish it, so he just grabbed knuckles and shoehorned it into his comicsThat's exactly what happened. Most of the donutOCs involved with Knuckles were from before Ken started working on Sonic.

>>523649141More cringe please

>>523643040You got it

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>>523649057I don’t know user

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>>523640581She got Pendered.

>>523650691Ok alright I'll post a few more

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>>523651252why is he a floating head

>>523651469Got his head chopped off for failing to commit sudoku

This is fleetway but fuck it it's a classic

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>>523651469He found the computer room

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Attached: Archie sonic had brilliant artists.jpg (628x245, 64.89K)

>>523651587do it tails you fucking pussy

>>523652030the fuck were they thinking with Sonic's fused eyeball


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>>523652140I too want to know

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>>523636073Now that you posted that, post the feet part of the same issue.

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>Murikan comics turned Sonic into a soap opera and political warfare >Japanese comics had him as a school boy

>>523652313>Mightys arm

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>reminder that this is what Archie sonic was originally like

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>>523652454this really seems like something chris chan would come up with

>>523652313Why does the alligator have a boner

>>523652454I find that better than>>523652313

>>523620393>Archie Sonic has Robotnik die and uploads his soul to the SA1 Eggman body>Chris Chan is replaced by the younger ChristopherIt's like poetry, it rhymes.


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>>523642120NAMM is something all Mega Man fans should read

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>>523642120Wait wasn't Roll nude in one scene?

>>523652454The extact moment the dragon shows up is where it goes to shit

>>523631807Fat Tails is literally me

>>523652313Espio look like fucking Moe

>>523654048Some scenes, but mostly she was getting fucked by X

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>>523647564Wait what

>>523654701I think there was a recent interview that said GameFreak(?) almost gave Pikachu big tits to appeal to American audiences

>>523647447Are you shocked that a DC character wins a death battle? They're all universe shatteringly busted from decades of power creep. Even fucking Batman has people arguing ways he could win against anybody with enough ass pulls.

>>523655110I just wanted the local tripfag to fuck off desunow thats never gonna happenand he still thinks the fight was rigged

>>523655110And thats why I hate DC. They keep the comics going for so long that they have to get more and more bullshit for there to be any stakes. Then the characters get so BULLSHIT that there are no stakes but they dont have the balls to reboot it. But we all know that it would get to the same level of BS if not WORSE in the reboot anyway. >>523655219>All the dcfags will also act like they were not about to shit their pants at a possible loss


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>>523655340this has been their state since the fight was fucking announced and its been annoyingnow they're gonna give jason a death he doesnt deserve because they think feeding bat characters to a meat grinder will placate people

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>>523655340>but they dont have the balls to reboot it.They've rebooted multiple times though, they just can't get away from the power creep

tldr; Sonic always was autistic trash

>>523655613u must be sonic then

>>523655541Just ban DC from DB already. They already banned Superman might as well do it anyone who even comes close to him.

>>523617384>Incoming Encrypted Message>CaN You FeeL THe sunSHiNe DoeS iT BRiGHTeN uP YouR DaY

>>523655549Its might as well not be a reboot if the end is exactly the same.

>>523649434What the fuck.

>>523617575She'd do it too. She's killed on his behalf. Just one more trauma to add to her generous supply.

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I like both Archie and Fleetway a lot. Unique entries in this series history. We might never get something like it again officially but will be continued by loving fans.

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>>523649141>tfw one of the Green Knuckles issues was my first sanic comic >even younger me, a gigantic sonic autist thought it was shit

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>>523637113link pls

Dr. Wily and his 11 robot masters

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>>523620393Reborn like the phenix

>>523634221>>Knuckles' father put him in a Chaos Emerald microwave when he was still an egggod, "I HAD A NIGHTMARE, BETTER MICROWAVE THE BABY" is a stupid, yet a fantastic moment

So why is Kukku off-limits now despite him being originally from a videogame again? Even in the shitty reboot he was the best character next to Eggman

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IMHO Archie sonic is in the same level of awful as the Yu-gi-oh original anime, you see it for the amussement of what kind of shit will the writers come up next.

>>523657994Can't blur the lines between Classic and Modern Sonic anymore.

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>>523659002Wait, isn't he wearing boxing gloves? Why do they have zippers?

>>523659215>we need extraneous details because it's the future

>>523654060I can feel my fucking sanity slipping away, please delete.

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>>523659215that artist went to the chunnibyou school of character designzippers everywhere

>>523659215EVERYTHING looks better with zippersRemember Penders is a MASSSIVE weeb

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>>523619892The Mario movie.

>>523654881Shit every other pokemon seems to have tits now so why not?

Wally won. Also Strong Sonic

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>>523637616Kaine and Ben could be his Rider 2 and V3

>>523661403Nidoqueen got the gig instead.

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>>523659984The Mario movie was a one and done dealThe Resident Evil movies lasted far longer

>>523663801Holy shit he DOES look like Moe

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>>523663801why are there so many panels where his horn is far above where it should bedid they misinterpret his sprite that badly

>>523657205>oldest 4chan archive links>aliveYou fool.

>>523667213they just didn't give a fuck

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>>523649132Atleast that virus is finally fucking over and done with

>>523667715How did it end?

>>523667867Super Sonic and Super silver chaos controlled it away. Something went wrong after the virus was gone and Sonic got sent to Blaze's universe. No the virus didn't come with him

>>523661623God Novas Aventures was a gem

>>523614097We only need Tom Scioli to do Sonic comics now

>>523667867Super Sonic and Silver use the emeralds and the Warp Topaz to yeet all of the virus into the sun, but crossing the streams like that throws Sonic into Blaze's dimension. Previews for the next issue have him pretend to have memory loss ala Mr. Tinker.

>>523656887Why is it classic eggman?