How do we save the FGC?

How do we save the FGC?

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>>517566453we don't

>>517566453Ban women from playing video games.

>>517566453FGC will never be Esports and I don't know why we ever tried

Mass produce LTG clones


Kill all niggersKill all tranniesKill all pedophiles

>>517566453Trump was supposed to stop this shit.

>banned LTG for being LTGyou can't. The prophecy has already been set in motion.

>>517566453By making it casual with anime waifus and gacha costumes

First we need the corona pandemic to end, but well in murica that doesn't seem to be happening until next year.

>>517566453what's the initiative to give them an extra damage?


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Let Corona-chan sort these fuckers out first.

the FGC is cringe and should die, just play games with your friends

>>517566453How many are there? Like 2?

>>517566717The “””pandemic””” will end as soon as the election is over. It’s always been a liberal hoax.

>>517566453Not vidya. Kill yourself, kike.

>>517566521This. Let it burn.

>>517566717there is no fucking pandemic

FGC is dead. The last hype matchup I can remember was Viscant vs LTG and that was 6 years ago now. Esports money and SFV being absolute shit put the community on life support.

>>517566827She would have done that over a month ago if she wasn't just a flu all along.

>>517566453FGC is beyond salvationJust let it rot

>>517566521This. Let it burn to ground so we can go back to the good times. this esport fgc is so fucking garbage. I'm glad all this shit happened.

>>517566453The black women of the fgc? All three* of them?*two are trans

>>517566920This. The media is going to start pushing the narrative that it’s no worse than the flu come November. The data has already shown that for months. You can read studies in scientific journals right now showing that the fatality rate is between 0.1% and 0.2% but not a single mainstream news outlet has reported any of it. Screenshot this post and read it again at the end of the year to see that I was right.

you let the cancer win and then rebuild after they've destroyed everything

>>517566521This. Mike Ross and Triforce were right, once the sponsors and suits came in it basically lost all soul attached and became absolute trash. Anything good about it has been rinsed out and it's not just another head of the eSports™ hydra. Back around UMVC3 days this wasn't so apparent but now nobody is really genuinely invested in any of the games out, it's just a game of "which one do I dislike the least?".It's reached the point where it's doing more harm than good and is better off dying.

Sure, let them include themselves. Then they'll get BTFO by trash players left and right. Until they successfully guilt players to lose to girls purposefully, this will only be a lolcow. Why oppose it?

>>517567315There won’t be anything left to rebuild when the leftists have burned down every last piece of human civilization.

>>517567257Black women don’t even play video games. That article is false

They still need to play the game if they want to make it into finals

what the fuck does that even mean? anyone can play fighting games. if you're good, you can play and win tournaments. if you're shit, no one cares.


>>517567485....Isn't that what I just implied?

>>517566453Let the current scene die. Also, delete all social media and e-sports.

>>517567437No, just America

>>517566453>The Black women of the fgcName 5.

>>517567517Stop being a gate keeper, lad.

>>517567567Read it for yourself.>


>>517567257Seriously. They're a minority of a minority and even when they do appear they're either>A. TEKKEN players (and drown in pools)>B. Actually born a man (and suck as well)I followed SF, SSB, MVC, and TEKKEN over the years and I think I've seen maybe ONE black girl ever and they only appeared once.


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>>517567665i read the article and i still don't understand what they're asking for? do they want people to not talk shit when they get bodied? these people are going to suck the fucking life out of the FGC by turning it into a "safe space" where everyone is too scared to get cancelled if they talk shit. they don't understand half the entertainment value of fighting game tournaments are the rivalries and competition between players and the drama that ensues.

>>517566453>I'm a black woman please ban all the good players so I can win

>>517566453>inclusivityThey can vote, they can drive, they can own homes, they can start new businesses, they can even become president. But they're still not equal.Despite everything else, they need more money and more support. They need it more than anyone else. They have have been persecuted and have historically suffered more than anyone else. You guys have too much privilege. You guys took advantage of a flawed system. In a land of opportunity where illegal immigrants can raise children to become engineers, scientists, doctors, and lawyers. Yes, you took advantage of a flawed system that doesn't work. And you should give them back everything that you worked hard for, because you didn't really earn it. Because their lives matter more than yours.And everyone agrees with them. This is America right now.

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>>517568085>They can voteI think we need to take this back.

>>517566453Does anyone else notice how racist journalists are? You never see the W in "white person" capitalized, but if the person's black you better bet that B is capitalized.If not, you're welcome, you'll notice it forever now.

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>>517567646cuddlecoreinfinititiffanythen after that it gets weird cause I don't know if people are actual good. Like I know sharpie just shills skullgirls but do they actually play that trash game? Tiffany also has huge tits

>>517567773Probably cuddle-core. She's good for sure, but just like any of the other girls, when it comes to top 32 she gets destroyed if and when she makes it that high.

Op girl is ugly but I am eternally horny for nigger girls

>>517566453Exclude people with the mindset of op's pic along with op. People like that ruin everything they touch

>>517567093Nothing about that match was entertaining to watch so I know you don't actually play fighting games. Don't even say it was fun because of memes

>>517568308Modern journalists are just paid political agitators. Every piece of “news” you read today exists to drive people further towards a particular political ideology.

>>517567273The liberals are pretty amazing that they got every country on earth to go along with this just to beat trump in the fall. Are you sure you feel safe shit talking a force like that? I wouldn’t.

At this point I have to ask: Are all of you genuinely this racist in current year, or is it a mixture of larping, irony, apathy, and SJW push-back? Like I find it hard to believe white supremacy is this genuine and rampant and active.

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>>517567773>>517568340cuddlecore is genuinely top 5 player in USA. I don't care about people hating her for whatever the fuck they hate her for but people just act like she isn't good at the game now

>>517566453I play video games since the eighties. You know that kid that grew up in the arcades playing street fighter, samurai shodown and mortal kombat , that's me. Niggers, jews, faggots, dykes, mentally ill faggots, paedos can all go and get cancer together.

>>517568671what the fuck are you talking about

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>>517566453A lot of autistic communities (FGC included) are going to have a period of being shit while the storm of progressive woke bullshit washed over everything. This will be temporary, because at the end of the day, these communities are meritocratic competitive places, and no amount of propaganda will ever be able to change that.What none of these twitter journos realize is that in order to get successes, you need failures. For every brilliant competitive player, there are 10,000 shit ones. Get a million players, you'll have 100 competitive level players. Get 1,000 black women, and you've got a 1 in 10 chance that one of them will make the cut and be able to play competitively.The only path to inclusivity is numbers, and the only path to numbers is interest and tenacity.

>>517567696lol don't respond to me

>>517566453Tbh I don’t care what you areJUST BE GOOD AT THE FUCKING GAME

>>517568308This just recently started as a major push, actually. The specific argument they're making for it is that black identity is a cohesive and wholesome thing but any sort of white identity is rooted solely in racism, hatred and oppresion. Obvious bullshit but I'm not surprised to see it taking off.

What you look like, fuck, eat, etc means nothing in Esports communities.I'll care when she gets top 16 at a Major

>>517568378You could probably bang one if you stopped calling them things like "nigger girls" outside of the bedroom.

>>517568002This. It's basically WWF Wrestling-style entertainment for nerds and people that grew up playing fighting games. FGC resembled something closer to this, way back. Only now that the obese pedo running evo is put away are people starting to finally hear about how people like Triforce were lied about, black balled, and Thanos'd from existence. They pretty much want to remove the last little bit of that (and I guess masculine straight men?) so that it becomes a female dominated hobby.How much water can you add to a cup of lemonade before it's no longer lemonade?

Nothing of value was lost

>>517568671Eat shit, corporate tool.

>>517568002First of all your right, they will suck the fun out of it. Like they do with everything. The thought police sucked the fun out of most workplaces decades ago. I worked a construction job between office gigs a while back and man I had no idea how much fun work could be with no women and whiney minorities(there’s minorities but they weren’t little fairy bitches). Just bantering with the lads is something they are slowly taking away from us everywhere, and I really feel it’s vitally important for men to do this. Especially growing up. Second, they often have a hard time saying what it is they want, and I suspect it’s because what they want is more sinister then what they will admit. It’s like when someone is saying why they want to live somewhere with nice schools, a nice area etc and what they really want to say is they want to live in a mostly white area. These people have less then good motivations and that’s why they always struggle to make clear what they want.

>>517566453No.Just No.Video games, and any other competitive sports are immune from the SJW. Why? Because there are hard and fast RESULTS that speak for themselves.You cant "muh racists" past pools.You cant "muh racists" onto main stage.You cant "muh racists" into winning tournaments.Unlike the western working world now, the FGC is a meritocracy. If you can't perform, you stay in pools, off stream, unrepresented and out of the public eye.That said, if they are good and can play, more power to them. They aren't getting a free pass because of their skin color, however.

>>517566453>true inclusivity by excluding all the original peopleworse than zionists

>>517566453Crush black women so they can't possibly win and thus won't compete. You wouldn't lose to a black woman, right?

>>517566453Remaster the greatest fighting game ever made.

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>>517568664Don’t know if you’re being facetious, but far left liberalism is the most powerful political force in the world right now. In just one month, they got most of the world’s population to support black lives matter, an openly declared marxist movement.

>>517568671I'm going to blow your mind:You can say "nigger" without being racist.You can hate a black person without being racist.You can think BLM is a shitty subversive communist movement without being racist.The only reason you think racism is super prevalent is because you've been conditioned to see it where it doesn't exist.

>>517566631Trump doesn't do shit other than suck his own dick.

>>517568671I'm not racist, and I don't even pretend to be on 4chan, though I will say nigger if it has comedic value in my post.That said, I genuinely feel that race relations are being set back a ton by all this BLM stuff, and moreover by the SJW movement the political left has latched on to over the last decade or so. These days race and other labels are all people talk about and that's very bad regardless of your skin color or sex or orientation or what have you. Instead of talking about what brings us together (the desire to live comfortably and raise children and maintain close friendships and advance our hobbies and help our communities) we talk about the ways in which we are different, and then judge and value one another based on these differences.

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>>517569106>You cant "muh racists" past pools.>You cant "muh racists" onto main stage.>You cant "muh racists" into winning tournaments.Sure you can, it's called a bribe/set-up.

>>517569256>t. racist trying to make more racists

>>517568671Mate anyone that likes black people either hasn’t been around them enough or is ignorant to the point of parody, and really struggles with basic pattern recognition. Even black people don’t like black people. Most will even admit it when asked in private company(and some in public)

>>517569082The world has left you behind, Cletus. Best not get a Twitter so your creepy past doesn't get brought up again, leaving you even more alone than you already are. Once enough people have shunned you, you should honestly probably just off yourself. As time goes on, less and less people want you around. And that will always continue.

>>517568671define racism

>>517569256nigger what?

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>>517569448Did I fucking stutter?

>>517569106You aren’t giving these people enough credit. Most workplaces and schools are supposed to be meritocracies too but that didn’t stop them there. They’ve done it with doctors whose job is to save lives, and have killed who knows how many people as a result. Why would they be stopped by this

>>517569191Yet the minimum wage hasn't been raised in a decade.

>>517568684How does this disprove what I said? >They're a minority of a minorityThere are so few of them that the only one people bring up is this random chick who plays TEKKEN, and I've only "heard" and not seen of others that don't make it out of pools. Your post is the equivalent to seeing aMSa or brolylegs and saying >There's a ton of paraplegic players! >Yoshi the new Melee meta!Nobody said that this specific person was bad, just that you'd be hard pressed to name a girl that plays each fighting game at a tourney level, let alone a black chick. Relax weirdo. Stop being to defensive, she's never going to fuck you.

>>517568671People don't like having shit shoved down their throat. Doesn't matter what it is. If black women want inclusivity in FGC they can shut the fuck up and demonstrate it with their skill instead. But they don't and the won't because they want handouts instead. They want the bar lowered to include them, not elevate themselves.

>>517569106This. You can't even blame it on "privilege" because if you have the time to practice in a fucking video game, and enough money to fly out somewhere you can definitely look up shit on youtube and look at tier lists just like everyone else.

>>517567604>No, just America

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>>517568671I’ve actually become more racist this year. The nonstop race baiting from all forms of media have pushed me towards racism.

I have seen the future and it's more sterile than the most secure of nano-chip laboratories

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>>517569787This. Fuck white people.

>>517569560This isn't an argument you autist, I wasn't even disagreeing with anything you said stop looking for a fight. I brought up the name cuddlecore because you said you followed games but don't know a top player and because the other guy said she gets destroyed in top 32. Don't respond to me

>>517569191To be clear I think you are an absolute retard about the rona, but I really don’t want to argue about it, seems pointless. You are right about blm tho that was something else. But you missed the biggest point there. This worldwide protest happens for like a month, and nobody bothered to actually check to see if this was a real thing. The crazy part? It isn’t. All evidence shows there is 0 police bias in shootings. Except the bias against men, which no one brings up. The media HAD to have looked this up, it’s their job. They chose to not tell anyone, “hey uhh looks like police racism in shootings isn’t a thing so maybe stop burning cities to the ground, and killing people”. They were complicit in those things happening, and I would argue any deaths from those protests are partly on the media’s hands. I just can’t believe they would do something so vile.

How do you even achieve that? Make other players lose to them?

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>>517569740It's sad I can't tell if this is a joke or not anymore.

>>517569264>Trump doesn't do shit other than suck jew dickfixed that for you

>>517568671I will thoroughly exercise my ability to say nigger online but no I view blacks no differently than the rest of humanity. As long as they aren't a walking, talking stereotype with a victim mentality I don't fucking care. No I'm not holding my belongings closer because you're black, I'm holding them closer because I'm paranoid of everyone in general. I hate the victim game bullshit in general, nothing genuine about it.

>Live in Japan>Can find cabs for anything at any time>Chill, knowledgeable bros everywhere>No chimpouts We await your return, warrior.

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>>517569787>Becoming racist because of the internet and newsjust play video games lmao

>>517569889Cuddlecore is the only one you named and she still sucks. Look up any majors she won, the only thing that comes up is her getting bodied by some fat chinese kid. Seethe harder, faggot.

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>>517569325Seconding this. There are so many left voting people that live in nearly all white neighborhoods who know only a small handful of minorities that are far above average and chose to live away from their kinfolk.

>>517569896The media is doing the exact same thing with the coronavirus that they did with blm. Pushing a narrative that has no basis in reality. Here’s the data again >>517567696

>>517569896>All evidence shows there is 0 police bias in shootingsThey know, they just use cherry picked statistics to support the bias they want to push/believe.

>>517569812>Riot What a fucking disappointment. Their hearthstone and CSGO clones are fucking boring.

>>517570036>Implying that wouldn't make him more racist

>>517569898Keep handicapping their opponents until they get wins they don't deserve. Y'know, I think we should have women try to compete with males in sports too then we can see how the masses takes this.

>>517569812>>517570172Why's that fist white? Doesn't Riot know whites are all racists? Someone needs to tell them.

>>517566631Nope. He was put there so whites felt "safe" and complacent that he would somehow change things, while actually niggers and SJW run rampant and he does nothing about it.

>>517570285I'd love to see how they implement handicaps in a competitive environment. what would they do?

>>517568671Nigga everything is fucking "White supremacy" these days. if anything I can't stomach the self-victimization every single hate group seems to do.At the very least the Neo-Black Panthers were honest, this modern shit is just sad.

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>>517569889I'm the guy who said she gets destroyed at top 32. There was a little hyperbole, as she has hit top 16 a few times. I never said she was a bad player, go reread my comment. If someone said she was top 10 public Tekken player in the US I could possibly believe that. Shes good. But for the most part, Korean and Japanese players wipe the floor with her still. Same goes for other female players like YUYU and TANUKANA.

>>517569520Because the results are there, on stream/recorded, for everyone to see.If your opponent wins a bo3 in a tournament, you cant fudge those numbers. Theres hard video proof of your skill and the person that won moves on. There's no,>Yeah you won but... maybe we let the other person go on anyway for representation?Tournaments (unlike hiring people) aren't being decided in backrooms and people with diversity quotas to fulfill. Thats the difference.

>>517566453exterminate niggers

>>517566920>>517567273>>517568664>>517569191Liberals are so cold that they are willing to dump their own people into mass graves for their win.

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Pushing what exactly? The fgc is the most diverse community in gaming and it's not even close. It's essentially "If you can play, you can stay". What the fuck do these people want? Do they have an actual goal or do they just try to be as annoying as possible for no reason? Fuck off with this shit. Play the god damn game or shut the fuck up.

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>>517570138Well I knew something was off because I very rarely saw the media use any statistics at all during the blm thing. And they love numbers man, whole time during corona it’s been numbers numbers statistics all day. Then with blm its “look at this one video isn’t it awful, this one instance must mean police are killing blacks for sport all over America, trust us, don’t get caught up in numbers, racism comes from the heart”. So I looked up the stats myself. I honestly expected there to be a disparity, because surely there are some racist cops, and blacks seem to be far more violent on average when getting arrested. But it’s actually whites that get shot more per police encounter/arrest lmao. Not only did the media refuse to do their job in an important time of racial unrest, where those stats could have calmed tensions, they were directly complicit in all those buildings being burned, and the assaults and murders that may not have happened had they been honest with their viewers. Scumbags man

>>517567696>not peer-reviewed>study of 500 peoplefuck off

>>517569325Not to be a libtard or anything, but I do believe that's more of a poverty, environmental and educational issue than anything else. We avoid people who live in sketchy neighborhoods who look like they might be a problem and have little to lose. That's true of any race.

>>517566453The headline should really read. “Once Again, Black Women Make It All About Them”.

>>517566628Are you LTG?

>>517570714Well hey, its better then the entire field of psychology at least.

>>517568671Most of these kids got here during the 2016 election. They're genuinely retarded.

>>517570714>having room temperature iq reading comprehensionEmbarrassing. It’s a meta-analysis of 36 different peer reviewed studies each with a minimum sample size of 500 people or more from different parts of the word.

>>517570507K well mark my words they will find a way, they always do. And if you think “well the solution would be so rediculous they would never, could never do it” you haven’t been paying attention. There is no line they won’t cross, and everyone will let them get away with it as always

>>517570285if this happens in tournaments the FGC will die immediately. no one is going to bother trying to improve at a fighting game if they're going to have success stolen from them in the name of "inclusivity". however, i think the main push here is not to mechanically destroy fighting game tournaments, so much as it is to leverage cancel-culture against the top performing players for perceived "bigotry" until no one is left but simps, trannies, and black women. what remains to be seen is if these types of tactics will work on the other side of the ocean. jap fighting games like tekken and SF have a large korean and japanese player base that are almost a world unto themselves, and it's considered noteworthy when a non-asian national breaks into top 8 at EVO or TWT in those games. these black chicks are going to have a hard time cancelling korean players that don't even speak english.

>>517570358He tried hurting Twitter, too bad the presidency is a weak position.

>>517570714>I can't read

>>517568671i just to see the world burn, race is a spook.

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>>517566453the FGC is already pretty diverse

>>517570436I was just saying shit to be goofy, but then I thought about that "MVC3 Noah" situation, and sonicfox's chair bullshit and I imagine it'd just be outside interference like that. It could happen, it wouldn't be something planned or intentional probably just some bullshit like that.

>>517570737Well you may “think” it, but it’s not true, factually. The best indicator of crime is not in fact poverty, but race. Specifically how many black people are in an area. You can control for income and the disparity persists. But that doesn’t fit your worldview so I’m sure you will find a way to disregard it

LOL you worrying about black pipo when Smash just got outed as a child molestation ring.


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>>517571003Actually, this makes me wonder. What are the racial distribution numbers on the upper echelons of the FGC? I wonder how they compare to population numbers? It'd be funny if it were disproportionately black.

>>517570507You can still rig brackets. Women aren't going to in any majors, but it's not that hard to give someone an easier ride into top 8.

>>517571120and all the ones who got in trouble were Black

>>517568671I'm just sick of all this bullshit where I am expected to say sorry for something that happened long before I was born just because I'm white and not allowed to say anything about what anyone else did throughout history. If anything I'm more racist because other races are getting on my nerves.

>>517568671If you're white and not NatSoc in 2020, you're willfully blind.

>>517571086I adapt my worldview to the evidence I'm exposed to. Up until this point, poverty and poor living conditions are heavily tied to an increase in crime. I suspect that's far more likely the reason those communities commit more crime, rather than there just being a few good well off black people who happen to not commit crime despite their higher standard of living.

>>517571356Akshully 1 black dude, 1 latino immigrant from chile, the homos were all white.

>>517571120smash is a fucking blight on the FGC and the sooner it dies and all its players go away the happier every other fighting game player will be.literally no one likes smash outside of its own community and the rest of the FGC is basically held hostage by the numbers smash brings to large events. smash is basically "separate but equal" from the rest of the FGC but unfortunately occupies the same venues and spaces. fuck smash and all the smelly retards that play it.

>>517566453Ban all trannies, furries, and pedos.

>>517571120There was only one child and he was a boy who got lucky with an older woman so nobody gives a shit about him.

>>517571356The Final Boss pedo was white.

>>517571356Sounds pretty inclusive. Kudos to the smash community.

>>517571529I thought about it this morning randomly. I feel like the smash community was what started the FGC in the direction it's in right now. Smash literally murdered the FGC twice.

>>517568671not a white supremacist I just think brown people suck and that it is quite evident that they suck


>>517566453just kill them desu

>>517571529Dropping Melee for Ultimate was one of the best things to happen for TOs and their crews, mostly because they don’t have to deal with a ton of CRTs.

>>517566628agree with first 2 but not 3rd

>>517571420Hold on, so after I tell you that factually, it is not poverty that is the reason for black crime, because it persists when you control for it , but instead of asking for a source or looking into it yourself(I suspect you know it’s true though) you just say, “nuh uh”. Well I can’t argue with your feelings mate. This is ultimately the problem with liberals. They “feel” the reason some minorities are awful is because whitey keeps forcing them to be awful, and no amount of evidence to the contrary will change their minds. What can you do about that? Nothing. And since white peoples aren’t causing it, no change in our behaviors(which is all anyone is doing) will help anything. So this will just go on forever. So dumb

>>517570602Of course they are because they will still be getting their vote.

>>517568671It's impossible to tell the ratio of actual racists to the ones who just want to be as edgy and offensive as possible to keep the normalfags away.

>>517571529>you now realize Smash is the reason why FGC is so shit right now>you now realize killing a Smash player irl gives you the dopamine you need to succeed in life

>>517572076Just casually advocate murder

reminder that melee needs a broken controller to work competitively. smash fgc is a fucking joke

trying to blame every problem on smashfags is not only wrong, but also delusional

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>>517572076Why are FGC fags so jealous of Smash popularity? I will never understand this

>>517568671>current yearis this nigger serious

>>517571420fun fact, crime actually went down during the great depression

>>517568671if im so racist why's my dog called blackie

>>517572335>jealousNo, we fucking hate your guts for wanting to be in fucking EVO

>>517572016You didn't provide evidence, so why are you expecting me to change my mind? Do you change your mind every time some user posts something here?I never said anything about white people forcing them to be awful, I also posted this comment>>517569643you're trying to lump me into a group I don't belong to to try and win an argument instead of simply showing me some evidence that it's not a poverty, poor living condition, educatoin issue, but that all black people are inherently more likely to be criminals just because they're black. I simply find that hard to believe without some strong proof.


>>517572335smashfags are obnoxious and the game itself pretty much breaks the mold of "fighting" games which is a genre largely resistant to change except nowadays where the change

>>517572310can we blame it on him then?

>>517572310So what's the ratio then? 75%?

>>517566453By playing local.

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the fgc is dead

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>>517572518I don't actually play Smash on account of being an Australian, no communities and Nintendo Online is absolute fucking trash

>>517572310Says the fag who gets backed up by the furry mafia

>>517572550no because it's a multi-facet issue from the actual game publishers to greedy TOs to the angry internet mobs that somehow have way too much power. Shit is fucked yo

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>>517568671>racism means white supremacyOkay nigger.

>>517572335Because Smash players can play what they want while the rest of the FGC is stuck playing the latest iteration of whatever Capcom or Bamco shit out, knowing full well everyone would rather be playing something else.

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>>517572548>which is a genre largely resistant to changeProbably why fighting game communities are fucking dying. Nobody wants to memorize several hundred unintuitive button combos just to qualify for a tournament where you’ll get trashed in the first round by some teenager hopped up on Ritalin. There is no new blood entering the fighting game genre, and because of this you have the infiltrators (SJWs) trying to use this as an anti-gatekeeping crusade for the wrong reasons.

>>517568684>Top 5 >Using Aliza.She is good but not top US 5

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>>517572413Hey man his feelings are just as valid as your facts. I mean if anyone was ever racist to you, you would also spend your life raping, robbing and murdering too right? What other choice is there? I mean other groups have experienced racism too, and they also are 10x more violet then whites as well, right? Oh. Well, then surely in their counties in Africa where there’s little to no white people, well that must be a paradise free of violence, with no racism. Wait it’s not? Well, but really facts are just tools of white supremacy. I just feel that as soon as we eliminate all racism from the world, which seems like a very possible goal, blacks will instantly transform into peaceful genius doctor’s and lawyers and build wakanda. I feel this is true so it has to be. t. Liberal

>>517569896I don't think it's even a bias against men. Men are just more violent than women.

>>517566453>be woman>play fightan games>be shit at it because vagina>"All these cis white males are kicking my ass, I better push for more, shittier opponents like me. I'll use inclusivity!"

>>517569256>I hate black people, call them niggers, and think BLM is a communist conspiracy>I'm not racistyeah, you fuckin are dude. are you that big of a pussy bitch that you can't even stand by your convictions on an anonymous imageboard

>>517570015its real sadly. I mean the kid did send racist stuff but just call tell him to fuck off and insult his mother.


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>>517572728>Day XXX - Mike Ross was still right.

>>517566453>That noseHow are we related to that thing?

>>517566453What are these bitches talking about?There are tons of blacks in the FGC

>>517566453Opinions are not video games.Fuck off.

>>517570602New York has been using that place for years for unclaimed bodies and dead hobos.

>>517573049>Chaotic Evil


>>517571301SFV is a combination of koreans, nips and US players.KoF is a combination of top tier chinks(mainlanders and Taiwanese), nips and Mexicans.Tekken is almost dominated by koreans until recently where US and pakistan are getting their grips in.Blazsoy is dominated by literal whos and watched by shitters.Dunno about DBZ since I dont play nor watch Arcsoy products.

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>>517568671I don't look down on any race. I just want my country to remain ethnically homogenous like Japan. Is there something wrong with that? Specially when we have a country built for Jews.

>>517570737I'd say it's alot to do with culture as well.


>>517573429Culture is downstream from race.

>>517567016Right you are goyim, fuck that hoax, go out there maskless and protest for us

>>517573045That is certainly one explanation. It could also be a combination of both, or even more factors who knows. The point is the data doesn’t show a disparity to even explain for blacks. So the fact there was protests worldwide over something that doesn’t even exist, a fact anyone that cares to look into it would know, is just ludicrous. Imagine protesting something entirely imaginary. What world do we even live in anymore.

Remember when Chris G got cancelled for specifically saying black chicks suck at fighting games? Lmao

>>517570358you think this but who are the main victims of corona virusniggersafter the flyod riots started and Trump did nothing who has suffered niggershundreds upon hundreds of niggers die every week thanks to Trump

>>517566453Why can't they just show up and play games? Win the tournament and trash talk every nerd as bad as you want

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>>517571529salty faggots mad his game has nothing on melee, and that his skills won't transfer.

>>517573402dark chocolate >>>> milk chocolate

>>517573404you are looking down on other races by objecting to other races entering your country. are they not good enough? or perhaps they're too good which I doubt is what's entering your mind. you're literally contradicting yourself. just say you're racist. what makes different races in your country a problem?

>>517572929>dodge the argument, don't post any evidence, and be passive aggressive>t. liberalyou're doing a much better job of it than you think

>>517571420You have to look at the type of crimes as well. Poor black communities have a lot of gun violence. These are mass shooters from 2019.

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>>517571301Depends on the game but whites are in the absolute minority. There's so few at the top is kinda strange but I think it because white kids play other genres primarily.

>>517573708Who's the qt egghead topright?

>>517571585Who was that?

>>517573503It is depressing. Even when people get shown the actual numbers they still double down.

>>517572819>waaaahhh waahhh i don't wanna learn combos!>i don't wanna take the time to learn the intricacies of frame advantage, movelists, and play a game with a high skill ceiling!>i just want to learn retarded glitches and abuse my c-stick like a coked out retard!smash is a game for children, and you are a child. other fighting games get plenty of new players. just because you don't see them making it to top 32 at evo doesn't mean they aren't there. it takes years to get to that level of competitive skill and obviously the players that have been in the longest and have the most experience are going to show up more often. most people drown in pools or never even make it past their local scene, and that's ok, because like every other competitive game there's a wide spectrum of player skill and most people find the level they have the most fun at and stay there.

>>517569082>they often have a hard time saying what it is they want, and I suspect it’s because what they want is more sinister then what they will admit. It’s like when someone is saying why they want to live somewhere with nice schools, a nice area etc and what they really want to say is they want to live in a mostly white area.>wanting to live in a white area>sinister>>517569365This is a shitpost but this is what leftist unironically think. For every person that deactivates social media the less power it holds. I got rid of all social media that actually links to me. Now I just have throwaway accounts with fake emails and I can piss these people off whenever I feel like. They will never stop me.

>>517573752I think she may have killed her kids. Not 100% on that.

>>517566453Make the community like 4channel: anonymous.Take the person out of the equation entirely and let their performance and skill be the only factor.Do not show faces or names. Make a bracket with none of those things and put only the game on display.Of course, since this is not marketable at all, and since it would just prove that inclusivity is not actually a factor in this either, it would not work.

>>517573402>>517573630I am a bit intimidated by really dark chocolate female blacks in all honesty. I am totally okay dealing with the guys where I work but there are these group of blacks some of whom are really dark and I kind of stutter more than I use to when speaking with them.

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>>517573601melee is retarded. i had fun with it when i was 12 too, but it's time to accept that no one wants to deal with your bullshit broken controller and CRT autism. take a shower and play a real game.

>>517573697Mate that info is freely available. And unless it’s literally your first day here Holla Forumstards spam it all over the place constantly so I refuse to believe you haven’t seen it already. I also know that no you idiots never run out of excuses for them no matter how much evidence you see. It’s pointless. If you actually care look it up yourself. But you should know that even most mainstream libtards have moved on from the poverty excuse because it’s so easily debunked. You should look into the new excuses they have for blacks so you don’t look stupid. Their new excuses are wrong as well, but at least they aren’t so easily disproven.

>>517566453Who's excluded?

>>517573981Can you imagine how many actual racists have had a friendly exchange with other races on here?

>>517573630>tfw no oil colored gf

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>>517566631>Trump was supposed to stop black people from existing!How retarded are you?

>>517574070>friendly exchange>Holla ForumsName one time.

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Just let it die. Don't give viewership to it. Don't participate in it. It's way too volatile of an atmosphere at this point. There's no point honing skill for a game when it can all come crashing down over a out of taste joke, an offensive tweet, or major figures in the scene being outed as sexual predators and abusers. And if it's not that, its being co-opted by outsiders of the scene and ruined from the inside out.

>>517574187I remember having one, and the other guy was actually surprised at how civil the responses were. I was racist #2.

>>517571868Imagine being a pedo and somehow think you're better than blacks or trannies.Consider the rope, friend. You're at the lowest bottom of the human race.

>>517569131But then you're using your ableism to outcompete and thats racist so you'll start with 20% less health then all black female competitors to make things equal, think that's a stretch? It already works like this with SAT scores

>>517573630very based west african scum can fuck off

>>517574256>he doesn't knowthis is what you retards get for sharing your civil rights with trans trending middle-class men.

>>517573696>you are looking down on other races by objecting to other races entering your countryWhy are you so afraid of ethnically homogenous countries? Oh wait you probably don't care about non-white homogenous countries. You just hate ethnically homogenous white countries.>what makes different races in your country a problem?Diversity only leads to more division and only the ultra rich benefit from it. Just look at America lmao.

>>517574187I managed to convince a guy that you can make good jrpgs without exp

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FGC is for retardse-sports are retarded

>>517573901if you actually played melee you would know how retarded you sound. It is infititesimally harder to combo in melee than any other fighting game due to the nature of the physics engine.

>>517568671Hating blacks is not white supremacy lmao. Do you guys seriously think whites are more racist than asians?

>>517566453How many fights have she won against top contenders?

>>517566521this>>517566628but also this

>>517574045I'll believe Aristotle over Holla Forums

>>517573103>I hate black peoplehe said you can hate a black PERSON, meaning one. if a black person punched you in the face, you would probably hate them but not any other black person because those other black people DIDNT punch you in the face>call them niggershe said you can SAY nigger, he didnt say he was calling someone a nigger, just saying the word. kind of like i just did twice>and think BLM is a communist conspiracyeven some black people hate BLM, are they racist to themselves?>I'm not racistcorrect

>>517566631That's just how politics works.Promise whatever is necessary to get people to vote for you, and then don't follow through with most of if.

>>517574027You are simply bad at video games


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>>517566453>implying being a black women or whatever is going to help you in bracketThe only thing carrying your faggot ass in bracket is your skill in the game, which is why no matter how many faggots try to change shit around to suit them skill is the only barometer that will determine your success in the FGC. Bitch and cry all you want but at the end of the day, only skill will lead you towards success in fightan' games.


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>>517573696What's wrong with ethnically homogenous nations? Why faggots like you want multiculturalism everywhere?

>>517574530>t. republican

>>517574187I can't. You win nigger.

>>517568671I've tried to be racist, I just can't. However nobody likes black people. You almost always get one of 2 different types of black people, overly aggressive low IQ apes or fat disgusting creatures with retard level IQ, same with their women. Also the culture they create is toilet tier.

>>517573560Because they can't win.

>>517574385don't pull random ass assumptions like fear out of your ass. diversity leading to division is only a problem for the uninformed, like yourself. if you truly didn't think lower of any races youd be fine with letting races mix because we're all equal, right? let's say a black man mixes with your daughter. it's be fine right because he's just as equal to you and adds to the gene pool right? >>517574649I don't want it everywhere, it's just not a problem if it is. it becomes a problem when people are dipshits and assume different races are radically different instead of uniting under their flag or country as one people. we are regressing as a nation because everyone of all colors are starting to see themselves as something special and thus look down on others due the in-group/outgroup effect

>>517570602Most of the dead are niggers and boomers or Nooggers

>>517573103>>BLM is a communist conspiracyIt's not a conspiracy, it's fucking overtDo you actually listen to the people behind the movement beyond the surface level of propaganda they put out, or are you one of those people who actually believed feminism back in the day was "just about equality"?

>>517574505Damn, did Aristotle say that facts don’t count if you don’t like the person saying it?

remember when women were included in competitive league of legends? that sure created some historic moments

So who the fuck is this bitch? does she have any results in any tournament ever?

>>517574861The races are different. You can’t seriously think we are all the same right? No one thinks that. Also you know damn well you would never choose to live in a majority black area.

>>517574673I dunno, jazz music is alright, I'll admit it has alot of heroin junkies in it but its still pretty chill

>>517566453Make the games hard again

>>517571868Kys, pedo.