>Improves your console tenfold

>Improves your console tenfold

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What kind of cargo pants do I need for this "Portable" ?

>>517563753The late 90s/early 00s kind.

>>517563631I love how ridiculous this is.

>Drains your battery at twice the speed

Can you use them while the switch is docked

I hate that it isn't wireless.

>>51756363110 x 0 is still 0

>>517564076>Using anything but the pro controller docked

>>517563631I wanna pick a pair up since I almost always play my switch handheld but not sure it's comfortable enough. I feel like the sticks are still not angled enough.

>>517563631>gyroscopic puzzle in BotW>have to switch controllers just for thatI would spend just a little bit more for gyro sensors in that just for the convenience

>>517564367I have em and they are a MASSIVE improvement over the default joyconsThat might just be due to my hand size though

>>517564231>spending $70 on a controller

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Waitin for this fucking shell to come in

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>>517563631pretty good if you have big hands

>>517564840>not building your own pro controllerholy shit kys

>>517565359>not psychically imprinting your will into your game to influence the movements of your characteryou have to go back

>>517564158People who try to look cool and clever by using this joke are the biggest fucking brainlets on the internet holy shit.

move over

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>>517563909It actually does the opposite because normal joycons charge off the system while these don't+no rumble

>>517565532>trying to look cool on Holla ForumsFuck out of here, dumbass.

>>517565532Says the uggo.

>>517565608This thing feels like shit compared to an actual GC controller.

>>517565532>>517565864seeing other anons as "cool" and "uncool" on Holla Forums is pretty cringe.

>>517565532>triggered by an elementary school level math jokeyou were bullied by the teacher too, weren't you

>>517565497Is this technique the key to beating Super Mario 64 without pressing the A button a single time?

>>517564428I mean, doing the gyroscope puzzles in hand held mode is fucking awful anyway.

>>517565532You were hurt by this joke in the past. We can all tell.

>>517566085Yea it doesn't compare but being able to play any game with the gamecube layout is the best shit

>>517565864>>517565935>>517566165Oh, did I strike a nerve?

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>>517566364not really. weird that you think you have an impact.

>>517566253Really? It sounds like you are more peeved than I am

>>517566364Says the guy who is really sensitive

>>517566443I must have if you all felt compeled t>>517566530

>>517566480Looks like you're the one really peeved, user. You're responding to everyone now.

>>517564428Try playing a game that doesn’t suck dick.

>>517566572Looks like you’re shaking now. Go to bed

>>517566443>>517566530>>517566583See ya later fags. Thanks for the (Yous

>>517564840I got mine for $45 on a Christmas sale.

>>517565712>No rumbleDropped

>>517566572Holy crap, he's losing it.>>517566664He lost it. He's probably crying now.

>>517563631I prefer this on the regular Switch. Improves comfort while also still keeping gyro and rumble.

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>>517566269Not really. There are some games like momodora or the miku one that are really unconfortable to play with the gamecube layout.But animal crossing new horizons with a gamecube controller is the best.

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I can't believe you made such a shit thread that people are having more fun dunking some dumb ESL.Relfect on this OP, never make such a bad thread again

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>>517566865Yeah but you still have to put up with FUCKING DRIFT

>>517566865yeah, that grip is honestly perfect.

Should i get these since my joycons have drift/deadzones? I missed the chance to get them fixed cuz rona

>>517567080The only time I've had drift issues, it was solved by blowing into the analog opening. The weirdness of giving my controller a blowjob aside, I've had no issues for 4+ months now.

>>517567195scratches joycons

>>517567282Scratches them where? It fits pretty snug along rubber tips and doesn't really touch the plastic part at all. Or maybe that was a design fuck-up from an earlier release?

>>517567282Maybe if you put it on like a retard. Did you also scratch your screen when putting it in the dock?

>>517563631Anything is better than shitcon.

>>517567236Sure, unless you really need gyro/vibrationThey're very solid controllers

>>517567562Mad cause your joy cons are scratched?

>>517565712>these don't charge off the consolethat seems insanely more inconvenient ; to have to charge the controllers separately

>>517568089The controllers have no battery. They have to sap power from the switch to function. This is also why they have no gyro or rumble

>>517566626why would you have this mind set for the switch?

>>517567947Hmm i dont care about gyro but vibration is pretty important to me, i have a pro controller though so maybe if its cheap...

>>517563631>buying controllers that are missing features that other controllers haveNah

>>517565608I did like one session of Smash and now the stick has drift. Granted compared to the nunchucks it's much smaller but it's still disappointing

How are the buttons and the d-pad? I noticed I'm starting to get dropped inputs on both and might as well get new "joy-cons" while I'm at it.Also what are these even called?

>>517569637They're a great improvement over the Joyce's, even lets you map buttons to the back where your fingers are + turbo function. They're called hori split pad pro.

>>517566192Intent to press is a press. Neurological study has determined that actions chronologically preceed the acknowledgement of concious decision making. Ergo, if you've decided to do something youve already started doing it.

>>517569637The d-pad is better than the pro-controller's imo.

>>517569910Thanks user. Might be getting one soon.

>>517565712wait these things are actually real?


>>517566865I have both this and the ones in the OP. I use OP for most things and that for the few times I need gyro/rumble.


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>Can't pop them off to use wirelesslyDropped


>>5175636313DS library when?

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to anyone who owns both a hori dpad joycon and a dpad shell mod, which would you recommend more?

>>517564231>playing your handheld on a TVRetarded.

>>517565020I have big hands and I would never want to use anything but the Joycon. Games like BotW would be nigh unplayable without them.

>>517563753You aren't fitting the switch in your pockets no matter what controllers you're using anyways, faggot.