ITT: blatant padded games

ITT: blatant padded games

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>>517560523how so

How so


>>517560523this fuck this game


This game was probably the biggest gaming disappointment ever but shills let it slide and old final fantasy fans gave up on the series years ago knowing this would be garbage

>>517561783>This game was probably the biggest gaming disappointment evereven more disappointing than 15?

>>517560878>>517560942Train graveyardAlso, the game allows grinding, but it is an asshole about it by only providing a few viable locations with a tiny selection of repeat mobs, which makes the process even more monotonous. If you're going to allow grinding, at least provide a chance to fight against a wide variety of monsters. The vast majority can't be fought anywhere outside of the linear story. It's not even padded in an enjoyable way.

>>517562074>actually finding grinding fun>game is designed around not having to grind + using your brain to win battles and not just leveling up>"hurr durrr give me grinding"Holy shit filtered

halo 1

>>517560523The witcher somethingGTA somethingFF7the last of us 2Assassins creed somethingGhost of tsushimaFFXVFFXIIStar ocean 3like 80% of videogames

>>517560523I liked the game but it needed 20+ hours of extra content, be it side quests, arena, secret bosses, secret dungeons.

>>517562512>FFXVempty as fuck open world =/= padding.

>>517561783I thought about 20% was really fun, and satisfying. Another 20% was at least charming, or effective adaptations of things from the original. 60% was middling to tedious.>>517562375Nah, I don't like grinding for the most part, but I did enjoy hunting for enemy skills in the original. And with the new combat system, it would have been fun to be able to practice and master particular fighting techniques with more enemies.My point is the DID allow grinding, but they limited the enemy variety. Don't allow grinding, fine, but if you do, don't ONLY make it possible with like 10 mobs.

>>517561783imagine being "disappointed" by the greatest remake of all time, goty 2020, and the dfe

>>517562074...even allowing repeat battles with most mobs for zero XP would have been fine. Grinding is besides the point.

>>517562819*definitive ff7 experience.

>>517562751Padding = Sections where im bored because the story isnt progressing in the way i want.Therefore yes, open world is padding. Making you walk to get to some place is padding.

>>517561570seconded, this pos game doesn't respect the players time at all, it takes padding and filler to new heights

>>517560523This game should have been honest and be just an action game. Remove padding and make the cities smaller, but wit better atmosphere and better npcs. It would be a nice short game and an interesting retelling of ff7.

>>517563192>This game should have been honest and be just an action game

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>>517562074this>originalbeat cornero, go to through 12 screens to reach the pillar, one mini boss.>remake 7 screens turn into 2 dungeons. mini boss becomes a boss.Throw in another boss and mini boss for good measure, and have aerith deal with her abandonment issues.

>>517560523How is it going 7R bros?

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Most obvious example I can think of.

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>>517560523As much as I like KH3 collecting 500 crabs with no ability to save your game is the dumbest things everand it's a Nomura game

>>517563691The only part of the original FF7 I'd really call padding was the Huge Materia hunt, but even then you were still getting new experiences and moving the plot along. I wouldn't say that FF7 was perfect, but its pacing was its strongest trait.

>>517562819>>517562918I hope you get paid to shill anons

>>517562375if you're not an autist that enjoys grinding you don't belong here

>>517560523I enjoyed it.

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I was so excited to finally play the epic conclusion to the series, only to have to spend about twenty fucking hours farming Virus Cores without any plot progression before being allowed to fight the final bosses. At least the bonus video with Subaru's bare tits in it made up for it.

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>>517561783>old final fantasy fans gave up on the series years ago knowing this would be garbageApathy chads, rise up! At least the soundtrack was excellent.

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>>517561783Final Fantasy was only ever 'okay' as a series, you're just blinded by childhood nostalgia thinking that OG7 is better than it really is.


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SE's cashgrab:>KH2.8>XV-kun>KH3 >7R-kun

>>517564189There's only like 30 hours of story between all four games if you take out the core grinding. I can't describe how awful that series is.

>>517560523Deadly Premonition 2, unfortunately.

>>517563691>OH NO HOW DARE YOU? My remake has a perfect tit waifu, she's gonna make it sell. It has NOOO FLAWS BCUZ IT WAS MADE BY NOMURA.

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>>517564619>7R-kunthat's just the name the FF15 fanboy calls anyone who says anything good about 7r or something bad about 15

>>517563957it doesn't take a shill to see a masterpiece for what it is. why can't you cope?

>>517560523At this point VIIR is nothing but a mockery.

>>517566042the only thing it's mocking is the schizos who swore it would fail.

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>>517560523Might as well put up TLOU2 instead. That game was 6 hours longer than it should have been.

Hey BarryDid you take your fucking meds yet?

>>517563957it'll be out on pc in a year user it's ok

>>517560523Padded yes. Still more fun than the original

reminder theres no reason to play the original anymore

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>>517566142what are you talking about? The game is already a failure. It's no longer on Famitus sale chart, and still won't surpass 4.2 million

>>517566598the game is a massive success. real games just don't have the legs they used to anymore in gachaland.

>>517566598>3.5 million copies sold in 3 days>when most games struggle to get to 1 million LIFETIMEyou have an odd definition of failure

>>5175665984.2 for an exclusive is quite a lot and on par with the other exclusives

If they took out all the padding they put in to justify the 60 dollar price point you'd have a 10-15 hour 10/10 game

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>>517566954>the game is a massive success.If it was, SE's main twitter account would be cheering left and right. They chose to remain silent, even though they have an entire marketing department. They refuse to enlighten its audience how this game has sold, since what, April?

>>517567694the success speaks for itself. have fun seething and coping as every single episode of ff7r wins goty.

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>>517561783Only Holla Forums thinks that

>>517567843 it's shit

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>>517568112my favorite part is when Holla Forums tried to reviewbomb the game but only managed to get the userscore down to 8.1. so basically, if you remove the fake reviews, it's a perfect 10. so much for the "biggest gaming disappointment ever" when most people who actually played it weren't disappointed at all.

>>517568194goty 2020 - ff7 remake part 1goty 2021 - verum rexgoty 2022 - ff7 remake part 2goty 2023 - ff7 remake: project ggoty 2024 - ff7 remake: crisis coregoty 2025 - ff7 remake: dirge of cerberusgoty 2026 - kingdom hearts 4goty 2027 - ff7 remake part 3

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Just beat hard mode today, was incredibly satisfying. All I need to get the platinum is the Shinra combat sims, but they're tough as hell.

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>>517566598>already confirmed to be hitting pc and xbone within a year>4.2 mil from only ONE console

>>517569248I cant figure out Leviathan gimmick yetI figured out every boss gimmick and to properly stagger each one already even bahamut and jenova, but leviathan with his dorsal fin and tail fin i still cant find somethingLike i dont know, tail fin is weak to physica lattack and fills stagger quickly, something like that. Or dorsal fin is weak to thunder and fills stagger quickly.

>>517567843LOL sorry bud, the high most anticipated remake won't even compete with kh3 aka 'kid's' game, despite being rushed and half-assed, which is sad if you want my honest opinion.

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Nomurachads, [email protected]?

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>>517569747Not a nomura chad but a 7r chad

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>>517569692kh3 was a multiplat at launch, ff7r was not. but thanks for reminding everyone of the success of another nomura masterpiece. :)

>>517569248Ill save you some trouble, Put fire and elemental on the character you main, probably cloud, leave tifa at home for this one cause she doesnt have too many defensive options. Ifrit cant do shit to you and knee fire will heal you so it basically makes it easy mode. leviathan is the hardest part and its more of a slog cause if you dont fuck him up just right he starts flying around all over the fuck and its annoying as shit>>517569474I beat him about ten times then died to bahamut and i still dont know the optimal strategy. hes not too bad though just him him til he dies, and be patient.


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>>517569747Actually, I meant to post this.

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>>517569963Haters are grasping at straws at this point. If P4G and Death Stranding sold 500k in mere days after launch on Steam there is no reason why FF7R shouldn't do at least triple that.

>>517568653>Caring this much

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I smell barry lurking around confirmed troll thread.

>>517560523It's really amusing ... 7R is literally stealing XIV's boring sidequests, enterprises, and money. Why nomura is even allowed to do whatever he wants?

>>517561893No, XV was more disappointing because once it was out it was always destined to be shit. FF7R is on shallow ice right now but it's still possible they can pull it off in a satisfying way. It really just depends on how much they pad out the rest of the world, how many episodes they chop it into, and how crazy the changes get

>>517568341>overwhelmingly positive reviews on JP Amazon>game is a smash hit in Taiwan, rated 9.6/10 on Holla Forumstard: uh-huh it's bad and it didn't sell a single copy because word of mouth

>>517563621Sold more than The Last of Trans 2. Cope.

Final fantasy 15 is shit.

>Barry is doing a good job turning VIIR fans into some retards, completely obsessed with him. it's the 'Barry syndrome'

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>>517571762I had a feeling barry was here this is boring.*walks out of the room*

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>>517571762There is no Barry in this thread, I can tell.

>>517570002I know how to beat him, i just want to figure out the gimmicks.LIke bahamut, you can -aga spells to stun him, do it enough times to bring him down. Or you can do a certain amount of damage during the countdown.

>>517572639Cloud's Triple Slash and Tifa's Overdrive are moves that can stagger him, you don't need to expend MP unless you plan on upping Aerith's magic stat up above 400 so she's a walking magic nuke that can steal MP from enemies.

>>517561893yes, at least xv had scenery other than shitgar