Despite all its flaws, I think the only inexcusable one is the voice acting...

Despite all its flaws, I think the only inexcusable one is the voice acting.It's like they made an effort to hire voice actors that were ashamed to be doing work for a video game, and then they all got drunk on wine and did it all in one take. It's not even campy, it's just shit.

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the only thing they got halfway right was the power armor

>>507617292>is the voice acting.Well yeah, that the only thing mods can't fix.

There's a settlement that needs your help. I've marked it on your map.

>>507617702You can't disable the VA and just turn on subtitles?

>>507617292>I think the only inexcusable one is the voice acting.they're all fucking inexcusable. there was no legitimate reason to remove skills or make the dialogue tree out of mass effect's afterbirth

>>507617728What was prestons actor going for with his character

>>507617887what point did skills serve?

>>507617292The weapon variety is really lackluster.

>>507617946A pay check to buy some malt liquor.

>>507618021To allow you to develop your character in order to play a role, dipshit.


>>507617946To be the fallout equivalent of the 'cloud district' guy from Skyrim.

>>507617292there is no actual, defensible reason for the garbage tier writing

>>507617292The real inexcusable flaw for me is the story. The game is just fucking boring. I fall asleep every time I try to replay it as soon as I get to the part when I have to build the teleporter, regardless of who I side with.

>>507618234I never got to killing Kellogg. It feels more like a chore than actually playing a game. For some reason I felt much more drive to find the water chip than my son.

>>507618108which you can do in fallout 4

>>507618341fallout 4 is not a roleplaying game

>>507617292At least the limited number of VAs wasn’t as obvious as it was in Skyrim, where they hired literal ESLs to act like hundreds of different characters and the accents stuck out like an arrow to the knee.

What's with Bethesda and stories about finding lost relatives? They really seem to think this kind of narrative fits the Fallout universe.

>>507618552Nick Valentine sounds exactly like Belethor.

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>>507618786at the time, child rescue was a huge fucking meme. childless milenns could pretend they had a kid or something

>>507618341yeah you can pick skills to roll into the character type of shooting and looting

best vendor npc in the game besides the robot

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>>507617292What do you guys want to see in Fallout 5? I want to see a >midwestern setting with a lot of tribal elements and a more in depth and harder hardcore mode maybe even bring back the legion a bit tooor>Chinese setting with factions made up of ex US troops left in china specifically the gobi desert area

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I’ve always hated the term “soulless” but I think it’s only way you can describe how this game feels. There’s this strange atmosphere that manages to feel too cheesy and cartoony for a Fallout game. I actually shut the game off after Piper described her wacky adventures.

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>>507619274>tribal elementsThose were the worst part of 2. And please don’t bring the Legion back to be shoehorned like the BoS

>>507619274I want bethesda to stop thinking its cool to be ironic I want them to basically pull a blizz and try to win back their grimdark fanbaseI mean diablo 4 will likely still be shit but at least it will stop trying to laugh at us for criticizing it

>>507619298you can just tell its trying too hard in the wrong places.

>>507619051Which skills in previous Fallouts aren't represented by perks?

>>507619298install FROST mod

>>507617292It's inexcusable flaws are the lack of RPG elements. It's a looter shooter, and no better than 76.

>>507619383I thought the legion would make sense since they're in the Colorado area so maybe little legion settlements far off the map

Who the hell is Kellog?

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>>507618325Just killed Kellogg on my latest playthrough and it definitely feels like a chore. My first playthrough I killed him around level 20, my second playthrough I was around level 32, this playthrough I rolled up on Kellogg at level 82, that should show you how much I avoid the main story in this game.

>>507617292The animations are just bad and reused to the point that it drags down the game. The exploration is not rewarding, unless you like finding 30 empty camps that feel like a chore rather than fun. The game is ultimately devoid of things to do outside of shoot dumb AI monsters/raiders and base building. Fallout should be filled with stuff to find, interesting people to talk to, interesting quests. The interesting NPC mod for Skyrim completely changes that game. Bethshitsda has no idea how to make a good game. but then they just can't stop getting in the way of modders. Jesus just stop putting up hurdles if you want people to fix the games. The fundamental gameplay like walking and shooting is very bare bones, but it's serviceable. Everything else is either mediocre or bad.

>>507619298It's because bethesda doesn't understand the difference between regular comedy and black comedy. The latter of which they did actually make once, namely Oblivion.

>>507619298Fallout 3 and NV have extremely dark moments in them, it just seems odd to go from people being crucified in the middle of a burning town square to the lighthearted missions and settings of Fallout 4. The game just lacked the dark and grittiness that past Fallout games had

>>507619274florida setting thats based on a heavliy industrially fucked hellhole slowly sinking into one big swamp, sprawling with mutated greenery and plastered in as much fake themepark bullshit you'd expect from actual florida. the typical 50's style is present but theres also a jive 70's/80's style and the entire game is themed around the wasteland attempting to advance beyond the nightmarish hell of the old worldfactions include a lost branch of the enclave made entirely out of aged and borderline senile veterans, a score of ultra elite rich snobs inside immortal robotic bodies much like a more white-bread version of the think thank, vault dwellers that are the descendants of those ultra rich retirees' servants from the old world chosen and raised specifically to be essentially slaves that have servitude ingrained in their personalities and a tribe of hermit traditionalist native americans attempting to ignore the the other idiots and live on their own and struggling to keep to their isolation, and a bunch of disco robots running the main city of new miami which has that 70/80's blend alongside heavy retro futurism showing that it was ahead of the era even in its heydayhaving a fallout that focuses on reconstruction and advancement would be a nice change instead of 50's circlejerking and ironically being a slave to the old world aesthetics

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>>507619274I'm going to drop this fact nugget on you, Bethesda isn't ever going to stop making games on the east coast. They're like snobby elitists, they don't want to do any west coast stuff and they really don't want to directly compete with New Vegas since they dabbed all over that gaggle of retards. That basically leaves one of the Carolinas or Florida for the next game. That is IF there's a next game. FO76 couldn't have been much of a commercial success (I hope they lost money on it desu), but Starfield is a new IP and that's going to be sold solely on the merits of the BGS name and their ability to grease the palms of Journoscum and Ecelebs. If that doesn't fail then TES6 will fail for sure. People will expect skyrim 2 but they will just get Fortnite with some Minecraft in it.

>>507617292Is there anything like FO4, but actually good?I kind of enjoyed just exploring the map, looting and shooting shit, but I eventually dropped it because the game was just fucking boring and all the difficulties were complete jokes in stupidly different ways.If there's an open world looter shooter where the combat is actually engaging and the world is interesting enough (and well designed enough) to be worth exploring it'd totally rank in my favorite games of all time. Is there anything like it?

>>507620456the other fallouts.real talk though everyone was hoping Bethesda was gonna expand on that idea but they haven't and nobody else has either.

>>507620414my post fucked itself up but the think tank i was trying to type out are rich elitist snobs inside robot shells trying to force the descendents they intentonally vaulted to be their slave familys for their immortal robot bodies

>>507620440I know they won' make a good fallout game, but an user can dream can't he?

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Bethesda has never made a good videogame.

>>507619080she's an institute informant according to a terminal in SRB's officeso ive always killed the little smeagol skag

>>507620671if they ever get rid of Todd and his Friends, then yeah, there's definitely a chance. BGS is a decade behind every other game studio, at least, except in the graphics dept which is 3-4 years behind. Those people just can't stop making the same game with X gimmick.

>>507620456>>507620561STALKER.Especially with the random blowout mod that makes things feel way more interesting

>>507620414Having swamp areas similar to point lookout sounds inserting too and a 80's/70's urban area with the same feel as new vegas would be cool

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>>507620847Why are synths allowed to escape in the first place? Why isn’t there a failsafe that shuts them off when they try to get out?

most of the game's lore and connecting bits are stashed in terminals, which makes you have to read through everything you find. it's kind of roleplayish, since in an apocalyptic future, those who knew how to read would have a huge advantage over the retards who jack off to nora's huge cow tits

>>507619274New Orleans setting. New Orleans is one of the most important ports in the United States as it grants access to the entire Mississippi River, for that reason it makes sense that ownership of New Orleans in the Fallout universe would likely be a major goal of multiple factions. Essentially I want the New Vegas Hoover Damn scenario but set in New Orleans with multiple morally gray factions vying for control of the city, your character can choose to help or hurt them in various ways, but the game ends with one of them taking the town and securing the region. Add in the fact that the swamp setting would not only be unique, but it would also provide a plethora of unique wildlife and culture to draw inspiration from. Imagine a cult based on voodoo, or giant mutated gators and pelicans, or a cult of personality based around Louis Armstrong after folks use his last name to paint him as a raider king. Possibilities are endless which is why I know they'll never do it / never do it justice. This is Bethesda we're talking about, if they set the game in New Orleans we can all expect to fight radroaches, super mutants, and deathclaws until the end of time.

>>507620396It has the same problem skyrim has, which is that bethesda thinks its chatacters are way better than they actually are, and therefore they aren't allowed to be killed except during a narrative climax. Not only does this result in half the cast being immortal, it also mesns that nobody gets to die in a funny way. That's something oblivion in particular has over any other modern bethesda game; it was completely aware of the fact that its stupid characters deserved to be humiliated.

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>>507620414sounds badass

>>507621001there's no deus ex machina switch to shut them off unfortunately but it's a theory that people circulate living in terror

>>507619539skillpoints exist so that perks are something more than "+20% accuracy with X type guns" you mo-ron

>>507621259They have recall codes and wipe their memories once they escape, why not go all the way and just shut them off with a computer if they get any ideas of fleeing?Is it just so they could waste resources on slave catchers in order to fulfill the Underground Railroad analogy?

>>507621103based post, there's a lot of lore about the raider factions all over the place and how they interact with each other and settlements, it's practically a racketeering and organized crime enterprise

>>507619274I want to see it developed by a different team. Literally anyone else.


>>507621516Sure. Fuck it.