Banner Thread

Banner Thread for animus?
Sure, why not.
Let's get creative and shit.

I'm guessing the same rules will apply.
Under 500KB
No porn(I don't know), no gore, etc.

I'm not a mod but I thought it would be a neat thing to start up while we discuss the future.

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thought this might also be lel






shut up





fey being here is 10/10
post wit us more pls :3

Do me!!!



Someone put Holla Forums over this one

thanks it took a while to get perfect




ayy lmao


you want both or just the gif in?

make it black text


why is there a white outline on the letters?

To border it for emphasis.

wanna take those out?

Just like there was a black one on the white text one.

Just the gif, I fucked up the export.


try to make it look like this

i don't have one

No, that looks exhausting.
I'd have to tone up the brightness/saturation and get something to make wordart.

so then do it?

I'll see what Bloodchan thinks.

There's too many uninspired anime-related gifs/images with Holla Forums thrown on top of them in some unattractive wordart font.

just do it

i don't associate with wannabe Chinese gooks

No, you can't tell me what to do~

Your lack of creative thought and effort is unsurprising. Stop posting in this thread if you're not going to excrete any effort.

do it



Come discuss it in main thread; this thread is for banners.



i don't want to post there


Just FYI, the text on that is several layers and a bunch of blending and fading/gradient effects. Not a simply copy and paste from a default word art template, even if you may think it appears that way.

The background image however, is just whatever I was asked to work with.

Lucy made this

Please use it

shut the fuk up

okai I suck




For consideration.

you could probably put more effort in to these, they look like complete shit






higher constrast version

How about just a blank screen for 5 minutes, followed by one jumpscare of Chiaka?

I can't make it, but someone else can.



Here is new banner for Holla Forums.
It does not say Holla Forums and I stole it from somewhere, just slapped Holla Forums logo on.

pls make this a banner


... :33333333

You're drunk
Go home

I'm a newfriend. I'm not really sure how this board really works.

But the faq says to introduce yourself in the thread bumping. I look forward to posting here ^_^

Hi nice to
meet you

which ever thread post that isn't stickied
should be the new recent main thread everyone's posting in currently.

whats a banner?

the picture at the top of a page.


this works?


and now?

better if you crop the image, reduce the proportions either height or length to the limit then add some black bars to the side/top and it will look nicer.

I tried and hopefully it looks ok.

Also, another newfriend reporting for duty. Nice to meet you all

Howdy there


RIFK War god

see you soon

Not enough image posts.


And here's the bottom of the guy

Not enough image posts.





not sci thread





You're slipping, /sp/, get your shit together.
It is 2016, for god's sake.


i did a thing


itsa tiddy

that is not tiddy

Not enough image posts.





Not enough image posts.





Hi there, I appreciate what your board offers with its freerer environment and a place for people to enjoy thats typically frowned upon more serirous anime boards.

I am trying to do something similar, /a/ here is completely over the top in its moderation and Holla Forums can be pretty inconsistent about its moderation. What I'm trying to do is make a free speech friendly, video games, anime, manga and Japanese culture place. There is no meta thread to take this too other than this, so I hope that you don't get too upset that I took it to here. I would like to propose an alliance, and offer a home for those who've seen the unfair moderation from Holla Forums and /a/ here and just want a place they can chill and talk about these things.

I don't hope to take away your community who enjoy their avatar threads and the like here, merely trying to see if you can be alright with me getting the word out there about a new place.

I brought it to this thread since there seems to be nowhere on your fine board that a bit of meta like this could be appropriate.So please forgive if its out of place.
I tried to post this in your other sticky before catching that its locked

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but 99% of the people here are too far gone. They are no longer human. They are just a conglomoration of gay.

Imagine if you will the tang from NGE. A gay instrumentality

Well, I'll be honest, that doesn't bother me. Just trying to make a nice place for people to talk and enjoy this sort of stuff over here at.
I could care less about talk policing, just want to give folks an option without all sorts of over moderation.








Not enough image posts.








Nice job.

This was a banner, this is not a shitpost against multi culture/race expansion in only the white countries at all, nor is this a call to the killing of untermenshen or negating their happiness in any way.



pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
More people reading it doesn't mean a shit, by that logic Sao is one of the best anime ever

And 4'6 is not any worse than 4'7, its almost the same

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
Timing subtitles is such a bitch. Do you have any tips? Is it just patience?

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
you should read whatever you're most enthusiastic about
reading is a joy to indulge in

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
very good, perhaps tone down the size just a bit, looks great anyways

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
Name:Micheal the heretic
Class space marine(blood angel)

(1) the emperor
(2) xenos
(3) poon-tang

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
Tfw using wd 1tb blacked version for like 8 years no issues

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws

Dem arms doe

Seriously, work on the arms and legs, they're by far the most distracting part of the picture.

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
Which finger?

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
That's most likely alkaline acid use something basic like milk to neutralize the acid then treat with burn cream and wrap it up with gauze

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws

it's called taiwan you cuck

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
If you were, what would you do?

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
No and no

It's just a personal fish pond

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
Anoyne got the one with Lady Fyre and Feline? Or others with LF and others?

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
Any chance of the other Overwatch weapons? Soldiers rifle or Tracer's pistols would be cool.

imo some of it looks really really good while some of it looks like complete shite.

You don't want too see these wires


Sauce pls

not with that paint

o no, which dig do believe

They're Albinos, not Gingers. :D

Idiots. It doesn't work if you don't do it in Russian.

I did not like that.

Probably 2hu

that looks nice
thanks mate

Literally every post you make ITT makes you more and more hypocritical.

Save up some money. Go to sub-saharan Africa. Ambush and rape every woman you see. You should build up a fair amount of rape babies this way.

Fuck off.

What's coming out of the guy's shoulder?

Grains are simple.
They don't need upkeep while growing.
But its low yield per square feet- you need acreage to make it worthwhile.
Also processing is more time consuming.
I can pick some green beans, put them in a jar, boil it and they're "canned".
With grains you have to harvest- and its alot of bulky grass with a small amount of grain- a large volume of chaff that has to be mechanically separated somehow, then the grains themselves milled into powder.

Did you read the note at the bottom? I don't think you did.

lol. Which is worse, that there are too many terrible captions or that someone who cares that there are too many terrible captions exists and hopes that maybe, maybe, MAYBE, it's possible to reduce them just a little bit?


t. Bernstein

You hate it too? Yeah, I wonder why Adobe did this.

That's the same company too. Someone should of showed her that article or the book the whistleblower wrote. I bet she would of changed her tune then.

we need more slime boys!!!!!!

Most people don't diversify enough and get mediocre results.

what's wrong about it

I swear, half the time someone calls another person triggered, they're just projecting their rustled jimmies onto someone else. Their lack of self-awareness is astounding.

hahahaha nice NICE. i only come to s4s for le monke threads and this is a great one!

Terrible spacing, terrible weight. Illegible-tier.

Luna: A secretary from the Imperial Library, just like Francis, she can be seen together with him as a foe in the second trailer fighting against Urpina. She attends an imperial festival of sorts where contenders have to go through various trials such as holding breath

Youman: Former captain of a smuggler's ship. He helps Urpina in travelling through the empire as a stoveaway. "I smuggle for a living, so I'm not a suspicious kind of guy" he says.

Kumi: A pirate(really?) from the Bikiniro province, everyone fears crossing the sea there, thinking a certain ship might appear. "If you betray me, I'll hang you high from the ship's mast!" as you can infer from her behaviour, she's quite the bully.

World lore:
About the heads of the Four Families, they served the former emperor as their trusted generals. The Sword Generals of the Uranius family, The Shield Generals of the Erakleos, the Magicians of the Gwieneuse family and the Bow Generals of the Yanyouji family. Even after the fall of the empire, the four houses continue to rule over four parts of the empire. It is said that by nature, the houses of Uranius and Erakleos are incompatible and can only hardly cooperate with each other, Maximius has plans to restore the Empire to its former glory and reinstate and emperor, as such he decides to march on the devastated city of Aswakan in hope of realizing his dream.

The creatures we'll see in this games are particular spirits that inhabit this world together with other beings, although they're not as powerful as the Star Gods(This world's creators) they still have powers beyond human ken. These spirits will sometime show themselves to the main characters as a threat throughout their adventures. These spirits also appeared during the war against Firebringer, a time when earthquakes were also frequent. Not much is know about the extent of their power.

The Phoenix is the spirit of Fire.
The Earth Snake is the spirit of Earth.
The Black Worm is the spirit of Water.

no. please either stop liking traps or turn gay or even bi.

Marmoset Toolbag.

because someone (a retard) shot into it

that's not a subtitle senpai but it is great graphic design.



I think you miss my point, from shopping gyms, those kind of spin bikes are the most common. They aren't fancy at all. They're purely utilitarian. They're ok and there are reasons to use them.

You're mixing yous and you're, so i hope you aren't saying this to me.

I just saw the steam news. Firis really sold badly I assume?

was this made for a 4yr old? looks to small to me.

Amazing thread.


Op here. I am going to be playing old windows 95 and Windows 98 games on this. Do you think it would work well for that

Jesus fuck you are getting ripped, I payed $299 for mine.

keep contributing, very interesting thread

thanks, I'll go check that out.

if anyone's got more I appreciate it.

In the winter of 2016, a week before Christmas, unaccomplished artist and homosexual youth, Ciaran, kicked a family and their children out of his parent's vacant six-bedroom house.

"...the main motivation is... self actualisation."

"I'm throwing them under the bus so I can be alone and reach my own core. I hope reaching my core is worth all this hurt."

tl;dr Loco made a family homeless so he could have room to figure out the kind of person he is

I hope they were some kind of minority
Hope they will freeze to fuckin' death on christmas
+1 for Loco

Because I am sick of Jack's dumb ass post

this board and its content make me appreciate /a/ and its anal mods

cute webm

You're going to be looking at this image for a long time


Every day till you like it

Anime is gay.




luka kisses are tier tho

Hi I made 2 banners, do you like them?

I made 3 versions of the animated gif one since I don't know which one you prefer (from slowest to fastest).


well from fastest to slowest

And here is a non-gif banner, do you like them?


they dont fit the tone :(


Why does Luka keep spamming this thread just so his posts are the last one in the thread, then spamming sad :( style posts if someone even posts here?

State your name.

Where mah tp