PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @TeamTrump>b-but Trump hasnt done anything! LINKS Public Pool: APPEARANCES>TreasSec Mnuchin on FoxNewsSun 9/6/>WHTradeDir Navarro on SunMornFutures 9/6/>TrumpAd: Donald Trump shows his love for wounded Iraq War vets in 2007 9/5/>TrumpAd: Meet Joe Biden's Supporters 9/5/>TrumpAd: Great American Comeback 9/4/>TrumpAd: Honoring Those Who Sacrificed 9/4/>Pres Trump News Conf 9/4/>Pres Trump @Signing Ceremony w/Serbia Pres Vucic &Kosovo PM Hoti 9/4/>VP Pence on FBN 9/4/>VP Pence on CNBC 9/4/ (pt1) (pt2) (pt3) (pt4)>SoS Pompeo on F&F 9/4/>SoS Pompeo on HughHewittShow 9/4/>This [email protected] 9/4/>This [email protected] 9/4/>This [email protected] 9/4/>WH Press Brief (Kayleigh/NSA O'Brien/SpecPresEnvoy4Serbia&Kosovo Grenell/Jared) 9/4/ pastebin: >>276261155

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MAGAlearn your history pt 2

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Check em

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yes it is

>>276265624Ok lads this is my last thread of the night. You guys are cool. Even the autistic proxy swede


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>>276265624MAGA KAG

The untermensch FEARS the MAGAphilosopherchad

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>>276265800no it isn't

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>>276265800Shut up trannycap

i saw a post a couple of days ago about a man being hit with a car by an antifa, he was at a memorial of some kind. does anyone have any info on this?

Well, /ptg/? Is this too much to ask?

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gib news thanks

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The Jew fears the Libertarian.

>>276265804credibility fucking ANNIHILATED It's a different song when you live in Africa

merge abigail and farage

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>>276265800remember when /sg/ and /tg/ were frens?

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>>276265879Degenerate "art" is bad, equality is bad, social justice is bad, left wing is bad, unAmericanism is bad, communism is bad, modern politics is bad, democracy is bad.

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>>276265727Anon please stop posting that, it makes me quite angry and I am trying to lead a more calm life.

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>>276265800>MAGAphilosopherchadoh wow thanks for this, I've been having trouble thinking up something to put on my business cards

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>trancap outed as a fucking swede>a tranny named "Eva" got arrested next thing you know Obamaleaf's patreon will be shut down for rules violations and a meteor will land on finnkike's house

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>>276265624Pic related is more important than you. This is fact.

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>>276265624how it should have ended

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>>276266020On it


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>>276265962Kikes actually like libertarians. Easy to subvert conservatives with libertarians than commies

This is exactly why this is just propaganda. It just blames whites for why niggers don’t work and just kill each other.

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Shadilay fellow pedes, MIGA!How's inceldom going?

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>>276265879Nobody wants a president who is a pussy

>>276266062No worries friend, don't forget to like and subscribe and ding the bell and check out my patreon and merch page and also I'm doing a kickstarter.

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>>276265727Wow! Satan supports all those things, too!

>>276265879eventually she'll replace all that text with 'daddy'


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>>276265876>>276265883>gib news

>>276266075>outed as a swedeit's a proxyfag

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>>276266075>not knowing how VPNs work

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>>276265839I want to lay down on her abs and die

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>>276265487i don't really think you even know what i was arguing, which would be interesting given your fixation on dissecting languagemy point was that if i cannot use my own experience and rationale as a basis for others, then there is no valid basis for others whatsoever. there is no "correct" universalization of human nature if it excludes my own, otherwise "universalization" has a meaning i do not knowthis even applies if you try to change the word to "generalize," because the overall meaning is still the samei do get tired that i'm constantly asked to defend strawmen. can i start misrepresenting positions too? please defend your point where you said that you are a doodoo buttface

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>>276266121Old alcoholics aren’t important though.

>>276266200Twitter deletes in 3...2...1...


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>>276265962The Libertarian is the Jew.

my 92-year old union loving granddad called to ask "what's this 1619 thing the teevee is talking about?" Then he got mad about bacon prices

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>>276266175>forgetting to tell viewers to leave comments and questions below (points downward) because you love hearing what they have to sayngmi

>>276265727Not even the jesuits are this brazen.

>>276266281>no it isn'tfollowed by a >yes it is postfollowed by a >no it isn'tpost

>hitler bought a 2080ti in julyALT RIGHT CHUDS BTFO!

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>>276266263>the HAIR on HER FACE

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>>276266166>he thinks it's involuntary>>276266212thanks

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>>276266415protip>that's literally all argumenti await your "no it isn't"

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>>276266394>Then he got mad about bacon pricesWell that's an important thing to be mad about

>>276266231>>276266217Who would be so pathetic, desperate, and mindbroken as to voluntarily masquerade as a Swede? Well, besides Eva that is.

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>>276266491yes it is

>>276266163It's also not believed by anyone who actually grew up around regular niggers and not university faggots.

>>276266464>Being this much of a faggot

>>276265624>No I won't back down>I won't back downI couldn't imagine being this Jewish

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MAGA votes on ballot questions & Senate primariesAlways vote Republican! Donate spare money with WinRed! Sep. 8: NH: MessnerSep. 15: DE: WitzkeNov. 3:AL: Jud.R.: No; New Const.: No; Citizenship req.: YES; Jud. Vac.: no; STG laws: YESAK: Electoral reform: no; Tax Incs.: NoAR: TermLimits: Yes; Referenda: Yes; TP sales tax: No; Optometry: YesAZ: ALL NOCA: Crime sentencing: YES; Property tax refs.: No; Abolish bail: NO; Rent control: NO; App-based Drivers: No (Fuck SV); Dialysis: No; Stem Cell R.: NO; CCPA: No; Repeal 209: NO; Parolee&17YO voting: NO; also: 22W Abortion Ban: YES; Citizen Req.: YES; Gray wolves: No; NPVIC: No; Bingo&Raffles: Yes; Gallagher Repeal: No; Vote on Fees; Yes; Local Gaming: no; Decrease Income Tax: YES; Senpai. Leave: NOFL: YES, NO, NO, yes, Yes, YesGA: Rev. Ded.: Yes; Dec. Rel.: No; CollinsID: NE/yesIL: NOIA: NOKY: Marsy's law: YES; Offices: NE/noLA: No Right to Abortion: YES; Disaster Budget Stabilization: Yes; Payment in lieu of taxes: YES; Oil/gas in property value: Yes; Change spending limit: NO; Homestead Exemption: YES; UCP Trust Fund: Yes; Sports betting: No; MurphyMA: NOME: YESMD: NoMI: Park Funds: Yes; Data warrants: NoMS: I65/A65A: NO/65A; flag: NO; EV: NoMO: A1: NE/no; A3: YESMT: LR-130: YES; C-46/47: NE/no; weed: NONE: End Slavery: NO; TIF: No; 36% APR: No; Weed: NONV: NONJ: Weed: NO; Delayed Redis.: No; Vet. Ded.: YESNM: NO, YES, NO, NO, NOND: Electoral reform: NO; PassTwice: Yes; SCR4016: YesOK 814: YesOR: NORI: NOSD: NOUT: Mun. Water: Yes; Legis. Qual.: Yes; End Slavery as Punishment: NO; Gender-Neutral Lang.: NO; Legis. start date: No; Right to hunt: YES; Kid welfare: NOVA: Redr. Com.: Yes; Vet. Tax Ex.: YESWA: 90: NO; 8212: YesDC shrooms: NOPR Statehood: NO/boycottVI CC: NE/noVote for Mike Garcia, California!

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Ok, that was based.

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>>276266520>Who would be so pathetic, desperate, and mindbroken as to voluntarily masquerade as a Swede?depends on whichever server is working the best.

>>276266464It's called peach fuzz>>>/hr/3757242


>>276266450Why would you buy something like that? I've unironically been able to game on an hp elitedesk 705 G4 with a ryzen 3 APU

>>276266368>first the federal ban on critical race theory >now this Its actually fucking happening.

>>276266153>>276266357kek thnx

>>276266464>he doesn't know about peach fuzzAnon...I got some bad news for you...

>>276266357looks like dude version of anne hathaway

>>276266415>followed by a 3 day ban

>still backing glump who has completely betrayed the white working classngmi kikes

>>276266357looks welsh

>>276266605>Vote for Mike Garcia, California!based natural conservative

>>276266166you better not let based portubro hear what youre screeching

>>276265962So does the GOP.

>>276266684if we could be so lucky

>>276265962Quality shitposting

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Recommended alternatives to Microsoft Office?

>>276266581I have to ask, are these sources in the room with us right now?

>>276265800i really don't understand how someone can come to a political board but then hate debatethe entire thing is entertaining always, otherwise i'd just not respond

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>>276266814OpenOffice or LibreOffice... whatever the fuck it's called now.

>>276266814Libre office

>>276266814libre office

>>276265962The Libertarian is used by them until they take the redpill.

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>>276266814cuneiform tablets

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>>276266368are they becoming self aware

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>>276265839Who’s her man ? He must be dropping some redpills.

>>276266814Open Office, Libre Office, WPS Office.

OK last Abby abomination for the night. Next time I'll destroy another pol approved e girl

>>276266859because the debate is fucking stupid and never goes anywhere. >reality isn't realwell okay then, who gives a shit?Everyone is still going to act in the world as if reality is real anyway. Everyone is still going to breath, eat, sleep, piss, shit, as if their body was real. So who cares?It's just wank. It's like kids in the backseat singing "the song that never ends" for hours upon hours.

>>276267062never gonna get monetized at this rate, the vtubers are gonna laugh at you

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>The people who will do best in the apocalypse are emotionally stable people who are physically fit who were competent at making money and living independently.>If you’re a right-wing loser who blames all of your personal problems on Jews, now would be a very good time to change that attitude. You are going to face challenges in the coming years that no people has ever faced, and the likelihood is that you are not prepared for any of it. Changing your attitude won’t make you a competent person, but it will put you in a better position than you are in right now.>If you’re a person who is incapable of completing simple tasks, or gets bored or tired easily when trying to do something, or cannot learn grammar, or needs someone to help you fill out forms – you’re in for a bad time. You are not magically going to become an alpha dog race warrior when the wheels come off the train.Good afternoon, /ptg/. Trump is going to win, but the Democrats are going to start a legit civil war after the election so be prepared.

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