Why does Tim Pool only talk about BLM

I'm having a hard time understanding this man. He hates BLM but doesn't want patriots to do anything. He keeps screaming about civil war scaring people, but doesn't want anyone to put anyone down early. Now all his videos are Trump Trump Trump. Is there anyone else I can watch instead of this guy?

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Fuck you 4chan wackoloons. iT'S over and I'm done.

He's good for news but bad for opinions. There is nobody like him in terms of volume. Additionally there will never be a creator or commentator that you agree with 100%

Real question. Why is every video he posts over 20 mins long? That shit is really annoying. He stretches a 3 or 4 minute article into a 20 minute video.

Tim pool is great. He's a secret sociopath mind you but he gives the reality in digestable bits so normies don't have their installed "anti good" radar set off as taught by schlomo

>>276257470Is this you, OP?youtube.com/watch?v=yoG80llFigY

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Dim Fool is only grubbing shekels off migatards which is surprisingly easy if you have no standards, critical thinking skills, knowledge of history, have read a book


>>276257470Tim knows the moment a Right-Wing militia runs in and cleans a AntiFa/BLM enclave, the show is over and all the medias will vomit their Alt-Left rhetoric bile.So he doesn't want that. He's the milquetoast political pundit with a fetish for fence sitting. Kinda like the bloke.

>>276257470Tim's good for keeping track of what the legacy news outlets are publishing. Without him I'd be clueless on what the narrative is for the given week. You figure youtube would've 230'd him by now.

>>276257470same reason conservatives and based blacks do. it keep them from criticizing black people as the root of the problem.

>>276258003Monetization. They make the most money from ads with that 20 min length.

>>276258190and you support trannies. you guys are nuts

>>276258053>He's a secret sociopathThis. He literally fucked Lauren Rose and ruined her virginity.

>>276258003>Why is every video he posts over 20 mins long?Cha-ching jwtube $tyle

>>276257470Built for BTCBig Tranny COCK

>>276257891I want to know more about politics in terms of policy. The riots and shit (according to tim) nothing is being done about it. I also want to know more about elections and polls too. Not just BLM.

>>276257470>le grifter right, man

>>276257470Shit thread kys

>>276258502Needs more bitcoi ln

>>276258509The only policy that matters is the policy of white genocide that the kikes are carrying out. The only topic of importance in politics is the Jewish Question. Everything else is a distraction.

>>276258190Hang yourself or go back to/news/


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>>276257470therightstuff.bizfind TDS and FTNno one else is talking about what needs to be talked about. tim pool, like all other blue check youtube grifters, only get platformed because they obey the platformers

>>276257470Because that's really all what's going on in politics at the moment, Trump and BLM. Or atleast what it's all centered around. What do you want him to make videos about instead?

>>276258746I like white people though. Who will teach me how to shed my niggertry if all the whites are gone...

>>276259021You know what you're right. I guess i'm just sick of it seeming like BLM just gets away with everything.

>>276259021If you don't have at least a couple of videos exposing the Holohoax then you're just a shabbos goy. Tim Pool is the video version of reddit, he just reads off headlines from kike rags and has brainlet takes. He's an extremely dysgenic mutt.


Pretty much money, youtubers mold their behavior/topics to keep the youtube shekels rolling in. There is all sorts of stuff in the creator page that tells you what is working, and then people do more of that.

>>276257470He has already stated on record that everyone needs to stock up on guns, and that antifa are hunting conservatives in the streets and will soon start coming to their homes.That is a close as he can come to saying, "plan in killing leftists within the year", without being deplatformed.

>>276258190I forgot lack of honesty because Pim Tool lies constantly

>>276257470There's a chance it won't degrade further if Trump wins the reelection, but he is literally stocking up on food, getting guns and ammo, and moving away from the cities. And then advises everyone else do the same. He even made a bug out van which he already tested out visiting Rogan. I think he is hyperbolic and clickbaity, but he does back up what he says with actions.

>>276258509Read, you nigger.

>>276260139Why don't you make videos?


>>276257470>Why does a hapa only talk about MUH DICK MUDDAFUGGA the movement?Big Thunk

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>>276257470Cause he, being part korean, is super anti-warIt's dumb, like, he's even against bombing empty facilities because it LOOKS like war.His ideology is overwhelmed by his emotional fear of war

>>276263611I do. I'm not going to shill my videos on Holla Forums like a faggot since my small audience is comfy and I don't want to become a cringey eceleb pandering to shabbos goys for shekels.

>>276257470Because he hates niggers

>>276257470He is a young man with an identity crisis.Living in a van and killing himself working 12+ hours a day, mostly on twitter.Although he has avarage analysis skills and milktoasted optics he still provide info better than any msm journalist. That is how bad the situation is.Also he has extremly repetitive and anoying gimmicks.He is like mr obvious in a way.One of the only non bluepilled news source but genetaly empty videos where only reading the title gives you 90% of the info.Btw if one of these two lurks here (and the might very well) no offense, your job is ungrateful but useful and you do better than most.

>>276264133Let's see this shit. I need a laugh. If it's good, hats off, now post it

>>276258509this guy went from worshiping one side to the other, he is not redpilled or based whatsoever, or if he is he definitely cant get open about it now because he's a base for the normie trumpers/fencesitters

>>276258003That’s literally every jewtube news “analyst”.

>>276264404Do you know how to read, nigger?

>>276264272I think TP is more insightful than every other commentator except Tucker.If u only watch TP you will get a better understanding of the world than watching the MSM


>>276264615Do you know what shill means, nigger? Do you speak English? Me asking for your content isn't shilling, smoothbrain

>>276257891Agreed. He's good for news without leftwing bullshit narrative

>>276257470>He hates BLM but doesn't want patriots to do anything.You win when you die.

>>276263730Tim Pool needs to shut the fuck up about being Korean. He is a fucking quadroon. He occasionally eats Korean food he cannot pronounce the name of. He cannot speak Korean. He only went to Korea once and he hated it because they all told him he isnt Korean.I wish he would fuck off because that shit is unvelievably grating

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>>276264766I already told you why I'm not going to post them here. You can't into reading comprehension. Dumb nigger

>>276265033You don't do shit, and you don't know what you're writing. Fuck off out of here retard.

>>276265141poor little niglet can't understand anything he reads. I can guarantee that memeflag is hiding a shitskin country.

>>276265632>"If I just hurl insults and change the meanings of words, it will hide my larp!"Misdirection doesn't work on countries with high average IQs, tard user. We're done here because you don't make content thus your opinion is dogshit

>>276257470moderates are turning into civcuckswonder what the civcucks are turning into

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>>276265915>including quote marks in greentextretarded newfag. Lurk moar.

>>276266229Larp less, kike.


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>>276258003He started the Subverse thing and magically every video started to contain 15 minutes of him rambling about how the world is going to end. Tim is a fag.

>>276265915Most memeflags are shills tho.

>>276257470tim is an anti-white gatekeeper

>>276257470Don't care, still voting Biden.