Osama Bin Laden's niece endorses Trump


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>>276252097That nigga was cia. How fucking obvious does shit have to be for people to notice..

>>276252097Is she making a threat?

>>276252097Probably paid to do so if I were to guess

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>>276252212take your meds



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>>276252097She looks Italian.

>>276252097I want to fuck Osama Bin Laden's niece.

>>276252097She cute

Damn she qt, I'd ram my plane into her if you catch my drift

>>276252097fucking mutts violently killed his wife and children

>>276252097does she have an onlyfans?

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>>276252687I don't follow, are you saying you're going to use thermite to destroy her legs?

>>276252097Laura bin Lumar?


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>>276253164Holy shit maybe it is Laura Loomer in disguise

>>276252965I will dance if so

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>>276252097I'd love to tear her hijab off if you know what I mean.

>>276253222I'd pay good money to suck her feet


>>276252097>ywn nut inside Osama Bin Laden's niecewhy live?

when did everything get so strange? are we even in the main timeline?

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>>276252255This was confirmed dumbass

>>276253222>>276252097I want to see a gangbang scene with her and the SEAL team that bagged Osama, but they're probably all faggots.

>>276252097She’s a Qtard also

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>>276253829>4chan larpers accidentally create a movement that both CIA heads and members of the Bin Laden family end up followingbased

>>276253829pretty based

>>276253796They got killed to keep them silent actually.

>>276253999don't forget when a qanon killed a mafia boss

>>276253677I will offer a simple explanation: the news media has been losing money since everyone moved online around 2012 (when people say it started getting weird) so they have been doing everything in their power to generate clicks and to control what the herd thinks and says. The media influences and instigates chaos, creates outlandish headlines, and I

>>276253829>affiliated with (((Bin-Laden)))>promotes QFuck me, ZOG are pulling every rabbit out of the hat lately

>>276254025>>276254111>the media is all lies except for when they peddle horseshit i like!

>>276254204whtaever happened with that?

>>276253999how far can we go?

>>276254400Oh I was just wanting to stuff her with my BWC and keep her as a concubine. Nothing to do with Trump.

Remember when the CIA released some of the contents of Bin Laden's computers and it was loads of anime and ROMs of gameboy games lmao

>>276252097Trump wouldn't prevent another 9/11, he would allow it. Mossad did the first one, and Trump doesn't seem to give a fuck about their presence here in America, so it will happen again and get blamed on ISIS or some stupid shit like that. I doubt it would happen in the next 5 years, but look around for buildings in our major cities that rented out entire floors to Israeli artists.

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>>276254588sorryi meant to reply to this idiot>>276253999

>>276252214No, actually she's just a regular Tucker Carlson-watcher. Not even a joke btw>She also told the publication that she consumes conservative-leaning media, and her favourite cable news show is Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight.

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>>276254724trump was in on it

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>>276254724take your meds

>>276254402it was just incidental, I don't think his belief in Q had anything to do with it, but I just find it shocking that the kid was arrested. you should be given a medal for killing a member of organized crime tbhfamalam

>>276252214No 9/11 was the jews. Look up Larry Silverstein and who he has ties too

>>276252097She looks like Trudeau in drag.

Honest question Among......Would you fuck Niece Bin Laden?If so, WWYD?IF NO, why not?

>>276252097Thanks Obama.

>>276252097How can anyone affiliated with Laden just walk free and post selfies?

>>276254837kys shaggot

>>276252097Cher is Obama’s knees?

>>276255081Bin Laden actually comes from a pretty big family, and rich one at thatwikipedia.org/wiki/Saudi_Binladin_Groupwikipedia.org/wiki/Bin_Laden_family

>>276252097Osama was ostracized from his family, who were actually in business with the Bushes. This isn't even a little bit surprising.

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>>276254964>you should be given a medal for killing a member of organized crime tbhfamalami would trust the mob before i trusted the fbi desu, fuck you



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>>2762549909/11 was a PNAC, military operation. Way, way beyond Zionist influences. That was something pushed from on high, the real rulers, same ones using Covid and mass riots to change global society. Israelis were brought in because they were 1) foreigners, and 2) had highly trained mercenary teams. "The Jews" were only involved so far as wiring the buildings.

>>276255081She lives in Switzerland. She's basically an absolute weeb for Trump and America despite not living there.>Bin Ladin (whose branch of the family has always spelled their name differently than her infamous uncle) lives in Switzerland but said she considers herself “an American at heart.” A full size US flag hung in her childhood room at age 12 and her dream vacation is an RV trip across America.

>>276253222she looks just like my teacher her milkers are smaller tho

>>276252212this. Osama was a glownigger from his early teens. It's no surprise her niece would come out in defense of the jewish facet of the US his family struggled so much to defend.I even risk saying Osama did face surgery or anything like it and is enjoying life either in a "over-the-top" place in the US or in a "paradise" overseas.

>>276252212just take your medsicationsokay hun?

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>>276254236They started losing money in 2012 and started selling out to the highest bidders. I.e. jews and chinks

>>276252097jews supporting jews how shocking

>>276252097why didnt she change her name? bin laden terrorist lover

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>>276252097Inshallah bros Allah is with us!

>>276252524She was COLONISED. White Swiss father.


>>276252097the Bin Laden family is huge, this bitch probably never met Osama. all those big Arab families are massive, the Saudi royal family has 15000 members

Please stop reposting this, Laura Loomer’s election team.

>>276255562If there’s a final boss after the kikes than why are jews the richest demographic and why is our foreign policy centered around defending Israel?

Sheeeeeiit niggaI take bin Latin niece n make her mah bottom bitchDat ho bring in dollaz naw wat I sayin?!!!Bitch be flappin dem wings ching ching no jokeRake dat doughShe mah hoTap tapCoom boom boom

>>276256537>If there’s a final boss after the kikes than why are jews the richest demographicIn the US? All the biggest banks in the world now are Chinese and Chinese owned

9/10 would fuck

>>276255568>Switzerland Holy shit, she's Yeslam's daughter? Yeslam bin-Ladin has a company that makes luxury Swiss watches under the Yeslam brand, some Islamic themed. So she's the definition of "old-money".

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>>276256172Half arab half white, so italian.

>>276256172Not true. Her father is Arab and her mother is half White Swiss half Iranian

>>276252097fit, conservative, catholic and if my palestinian ex gf is any indication she must fuck like an engine.

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>>276254484We can do whatever we wantyoutube.com/watch?v=74Uq-PxH-es

>>276252097That's just Laura Loomer.

>>276255081psst you can't blame the whole family bc someone was a criminal this isn't north korea

>>276252097>all these ass mad kikes mad about le q MAGA qt 3.14 10/10 Osama is a CIA nigger 100%, but he had good taste in anime, and vidya, and I bet she does too, so not only is she rich,beautiful,politically smart, and whiter than 90% of the board considering her mother is actually of WHITE european- caucasus decent,but not (((white)))) european decent, but she is of patrician taste. I'd make like 8 kids in her NO PROB.

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>>276259384>brazilian>not monkey

>>276259822If you're white your kids would look like >pic relatedWhat are you waiting for user?

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>>276259648>comparing laura jewmer to someone who is actually whitewould you post the side profile of your nose with time-stamp?

>>276260004dude yeah I would that chick.

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>>276259974If I'm a monkey you're a monkey too.My whole family comes from województwo wileńskie

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>>276260174>poland finds out he is a snow monkey, and doesn't even realize it>poland is shocked I bet poland is going to have a fucking meltdown when it realizes it housed so many kikes that nested there during ww2, and never left.

>>276260170Syrian and Palestinian girls are also really good looking. Genetically speaking they are basically Greeks/Persian (don't mistake them for arab invaders who look like shit)

America is so chad that it seduces terrorists' nieces

>>276260454We must stop with the divisiveness kikery. Only race matters "country" doesn't.I was born here but I'm blonde with green eyes and 100% white the same way a somali born in Sweden is still just an african nigger

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>>276257373Exactly, they just don't get it.

>>276252097>>276253222>tfw no 6'2 secular oil money gf to watch Tucker with and who keeps you up to date with the newest schizo boomer qposts

>>276252097She cute

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>>276261106She's 188cm tall? If she has a hairy pussy I'll fucking travel to Switzerland rite NOW

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>>276252097you know she escaped to the US right? that she is pro american and hates her uncle....You fucking tards are so quick to foam at the mouth when you think you got trump

>>276252097she lives in Switzerland so who gives a fuck

>>276252255Meds have nasty side effects. Meds cause brain damage. Only a fool can say take meds.

>>276261567>you know she escaped to the US right?No she didn't>You fucking tards are so quick to foam at the mouth when you think you got trumpImagine you calling anyone else a tard

>>276260856>same way a somali born in Sweden is still just an african nigger100% agree

>>276252097Based, unlike the other Osama

>>276253337Based kike

>>2762532229 out of 11 at best

>>276261651>Dufour, an American by birth, says she wants nothing to do with the name bin Laden. From an interview in GQ on newstands in Decembershe's not a kike, but yeah you're right she didn't "escape" she's 100% american home-grown. kikes can suck the ass of their rabbi.

>>276252097"My uncle was evil"


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>>276261484probably not, just said that because osama was giant and she looks fairly tall in that pic >>276253222

>>276252097I want her to suck my dick wearing nothing but that MAGA hat

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Is she threatening or telling us?


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>>276252097is that the chick from the Matrix ?

>>276262306telling us 100% because she prob thinks he is also a kike glow in the dark nigger>WANTS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE NAME OR ASSOCIATION OF HER UNCLE>is 100% american actually born in the usi live here, and I'm thinking based, and redpilled she's getting impregnated Brazil can fight me


>>276252097OBL's family is not nearly as radicalized as he was

>>276252097Submitting this to the Reptilians as a simulation bug


>>276253222Built for BWC

Watch this you low IQ cunts. It's like everyone on this site is braindead and has to be spoonfedyoutube.com/watch?v=60RuXCV71ic

>>276252097obamas family was huge

Yes, Osama was helped by America during the Soviet invasion. CIA prolly even tried to recruit him, but I doubt he or Al Qaeda(which are just Soviet war era connections between CIA and the Mujahideen, not an actual group) did 9/11.The Taliban, had nothing to do with 9/11 other than the fact that they protected Bin Lader who was a guest to their country. And why wouldn't they protect him? He helped the Afghans destroy the soviets.When the Taliban asked Bush for proof about Bin Laden's involvement in 9/11, Bush just dismissed it as Taliban trying to buy time, and just declared war on Taliban. Taliban had even agreed to try Bin Laden in a muslim country if proof was provided. But ofc Bush had no proof, just like he had no proof on Saddam.

>>276254236Damn, the Mayans knew.

>>276252097>>276252214>>276253677guys, osama bin laden's family owns a giant construction company in i think saudi arabia, he was the black sheep and his niece has nothing to do with terrorism.

>>276255021Wouldn't be the first time he's pulled this kind of thing