This is going to make people vote for Trump, r-right?

This is going to make people vote for Trump, r-right?

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>>276098697You understand that this is happening while Trump is president, r-right?

>>276098697Why even post without a link you dumb ficking idiot

>>276098993the inbred morons are so retarded that they don't even realize thisall they do is bitch about how bad things have gotten under trump

>>276098697While Trump can’t legally do anything about this, he can champion the local response and hopefully the morons in these shitlib cities will stop voting for the people that caused their cities to rot.

>>276098993You understand it's because the left are petulant children? A mass slaughter and purge is the only recourse at this point. Every last one of them needs to be killed, and the BLM/Antifa movement needs to fall into cultural disrepute than the Nazis.

>>276098993>>276099082It's a good thing you retards don't live in this country.

>>276099082Lol the only people bitching about how bad things have gotten under Trump live in Dem controlled commie havens and foreign countries that wish they were relevant. Seethe losers

>>276099030Here you go

>>276099359also the families of the 190,000 americans that have died of the TRUMP VIRUS

>>2760996549,000 people that died with comorbidities such as shooting, stabbing and poisoning.Havent you gone to the CDC website?

>>276099654Rent free, leaf. Your nation and people don't matter. You're literal nonpoints

That's their house you dumb fuck. Nice try though

>>276098993You understand that the left has given Trump no choice but to eat it. Well... until after the election. Then things will probably get very real for these "protesters". Enjoy your riots, Winter is coming, and fuckers like Op's pic. Are dumping ice all over it.

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>>276099359So in your cucked up brain, is there any American city that's not a "commie haven" other than absolute nigger-tier shitholes like Ft. Worth and Jacksonville?


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>>276099082>leftists act like complete fucking retard mongs and destroy their own cities>blame trump for ityou niggers are so low iq

>>276098993>that means orange man bad go drink another pint, connor

>>276098697Are these roof Koreans?

>>276099218>While Trump can’t legally do anything about thisSo how did Obama do it in Ferguson during the first BLM?And how Trump did it when he sent Chad Wolf to attack Soros's "walls of women"?But he won't sent him to attack actually dangerous thugs.Trump wants this.

>>276098697What is happening here? Why zero context?

>>276100050Plenty. Look for the ones where progressives aren't in office. Oh wait, you don't see those on tv because there's no rioting and looting.

>>276100439Name a few American cities you think are not "commie havens." Just a couple of the biggest ones.

>>276099654China virus

>>276098993You understand that he cant do anything about that right?

>>276100546No thanks. We don't want you scum here

>>276099359you realize its a 60% population of democrats killing the 40% of republicans that live in those areas, right?

>>276098697> I live, that is a threat - throw them head first from the roof. If this shit goes to the suburbs, expect mass shootings.


>>276100402Democrat mayors and governors will let the feds step in only as long as a Democrat is in office to take credit for solving the problem (as when Obama was in office)This is how leftists operate. Anything bad happens they pin it on conservatives, if they can let anything bad happen that they can pin on conservatives they let it happen, if there is an easy solution that would save lives but a conservative would get credit for it they don't let it happenThey're using their constituents as political pawns and only the most hopelessly brainwashed idiots can't see through it

>>276100402A question worth answering

>>276100402>So how did Obama do it in Ferguson during the first BLM?He didn’t do anything

>>276100746Lol, problem is they're killing 80% of themselves

>>276098697The narrative I've seen around this is that these were the home owners coming out to show support, cant confirm though, either way it looks bad

>>276100633Whatever do you mean, doesn't a single president control every single event in every single location in the world?

>>276098993>Damn Democrats supporters destroying and looting everything for the last four years with democratic, media, and local law enforcement backing.Let's blame Trump and his supporters since he's not taking the bait and we can't scream fascism like we do every day.


>>276098993>You understand that this is happening while Trump is president, r-right?You do understand that if the governors/mayor do not want the feds to come in and remove theses people the president can’t do anything right?

>>276099654The china virus mostly kills useless, Democrat voting blacks

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>>276100938Do you not like contractions? I apologize. YOU ARE literal nonpoints

>>276098697This could cause me to fire my weapon.

>>276098993Ahh based retarded take. I feel for your parents user.

>>276098697>This is going to make people vote for Trump, r-right?Unironically yes. I think Trump is a piece of shit and these riots have been mana from heaven for his campaign.

>>276101666It shows weakness, Satan. He's right. It makes independents reconsider

>>276099654Great point! Dr. Fraudic has been in government for 30 years, with one job - to prepare us for a pandemic. He even said in 2017 he knew one was coming, & yet failed miserable. Thank God 4 Trump. He's literally saved 330 million Americans from certain death, all the while every democrat politicians said there was no reason to worry, enjoy life while they focus on impeachment. They said Trump only closed borders because he was racist. The[D]party wanted as many American corpses to stump & twerk on this election. They think people don't realize this?Here is Dr. Fraudci's theme song:

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>>276098993>>276099082Would you prefer Trump ordered his followers to round up or kill the rioters? After all, it's Trump's America and he should put a stop to all of this, right?

>>276101820trump called the pandemic a hoax and said it would be over by april


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>>276101976im just saying that america has gone to utter shit under his watch. i always said america would end up like his casinos

>>276098993I love how you forget this happened during Obama as well, only it wasn't called BLM back then.

>>276100657Kek, you can't even do it. You hate America.

>>276102163>trump called the pandemic a hoax and said it would be over by aprilDemocrats called Trump racist for suggesting closing the border and encouraged everyone to go outside, visit chinese restaurants and to kiss their chinese neighbours. Democrats also predicted 2 million deaths, so Trump has actually saved 1.8 million people, not killed 200,000.

>>276101666Do you work for CNN Satan? WTF? I can't even afford to go to clown college with this scholarship.

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>>276098993The left is just acting like they've already won so that there isnt a huge shift overnight when joe biden gets into the white house.

>>276102244>im just saying that america has gone to utter shit under his watch.Thanks to people who suggest he's not their president and have been destroying America because they couldn't have things their way. Why should such spiteful, evil people who destest their fellow Americans and will happily burn down their own cities to protest Trump be allowed to run the country?

>>276099278Thank God I don't live in your country. Enjoy your niggers.

>>276099359You're a dip shit.

>>276102244you don't know the stories of his casino obviously, but you maple niggers are dumber than shit! L-Mao! But at least you would let your whole family get raped by a pack of feral niggers with HIV to show how woke you are. Keep worshipping the terrorists The world is laughing at you and your cucked leader who no one respects (except China- just kidding they know he is a retard too)

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>>276102740fuck is trudeau a joke

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>>276102244>would end up like his casinosatlantic city died because new york legalized gambling too. no one wants to sit in a bus for four hours when they can just go the orange county.

everyone loves our faggot leader justine trudeau though - the tv said so. L-Mao!

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>>276098697democrats just walked into your store and told you that you have a nice place here, it would be a shame if something happened to it.either trump gives you a way to protect the store or you will vote for kamala.

>>276100938Chink get the fuck out.

>>276101159in that case what does it matter if trump wins or not

>>276102281Don't need to do it, and we don't want you here, simple as that. Not to mention, its the size of a city that draws more scum to live off the system.>>276102574Seeeeeeeethe

>>276098993>Destroy your own city>Blame Trump>???>Profit

>>276102811>>276102953why is Trudeau so pathetic.

>>276102811This reminds me of that Biden copypasta, but with Trump instead.

>>276098993So if a country decides to elect a president and then a terrorist group starts up in that country because they are unhappy the election, that means it's the President's fault? Are you retarded?

>>276100899We’re waaaaaaiting

>>276102163Just put that mask in your mouth Karen and stfu. The whole world is laughing at Canada. Hey - at least you give homes to illeagal immigrants, pay them millions of dollars, while you bets are homeless - How cool is that?

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>>276098993Yesterday Trump threw a brick through my window and slashed my tires. Why does he keep getting away with this?

>>276100429Niggers nigging

>>276103351>why is Trudeau so pathetic.he is a eunich

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>>276099082separation of powers.get fucked

>>276102281Matter of fact, there's a small city here with one of the major universities of the area. Liberal area by comparative standards. Mayor facing recall not because she "defunded" the police, she just didn't increase their budget as much as they said they needed lmao. Get fucked commies

>>276103752>while you bets are homeless*while your vets are homelessCanada in one image

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>>276102953kek what a loser.

Fuck is Canada pathetic.

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SO OKAYTHE LYNCHINGS HAVE BEGUNWHEREARETHERIGHTWINGDEATHSQUADS????You guys said that when they start invading rural neighboorhoods and start killing white families in their homes YOU would be there, PERSONALLY, WITH YOUR GUN, to kill them.Where the FUCK are you pathetic beta niggerfaggots now???

>>276104237Fake and gay.

>>276098697three little niggers sitting on the roofone was shoot and feel from the rooftwo little niggers are sitting on the roofbut one got tazed and he fell from the roofone little nigger is sitting on the roofthis one got knee and he did nuffu

>>276104340The rwds have been ongoingOr did you forget all the cars of peace

>>276098993You understand all these people are not Trump get that right dumb fuck? Go get a suntan you fucking mick...

>>276100402The governors of these states are Democrat and they are refusing to deploy NG and refusing Trump’s offer of federal assistance to quell the riots (the federal government is limited to what it can do without the invitation of or approval by each state).

>>276098697Everyday I pray to all gods to let the children burn every liberal shithole to the ground. They have been listening. Don't ever come into my comfy neighborhood. Fuck around...

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>>276100402The federal agents in Portland were defending a federal government building (federal property) after the city and state police were either unable to or unwilling to protect it from the attacks by the rioters.

>>276099242>than the Nazis.What fucking nazis? you fucking nigger.

>>276102181>British flag.

>>276098993>>276099082>If you vote for trump, we're going to riot and burn shit down, which will be your fault because you voted trump!I'VE SEEN THIS ONEIT'S A CLASSIC

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>>276100657How about you leave?

>>276104340We don't live in a shit country where everything is an hour away from everything else.

>>276101234Based, niggers wouldn't exist without cucky Jewish people.


>>276106499Nah, I actually like this country. Tends to be an incentive to stay. How about you leave? Oh wait that's right, you can't afford it. Third worlders literally manage to travel half the world to get here. Meanwhile your commie ass can't figure out how to afford to get out from under "muh landlords!" Lmao, pathetic

>>276103585Who the fuck is "we" nigger.

>>276102275But it literally was. It was founded in the aftermath of Baby Tray Tray, exploded onto the national scene with the Ferguson Riots, continued with the Baltimore Riots, and culminated in the Dallas and Baton Rouge Shootings. They kind of swept it under the carpet thanks to those astoundingly bad optics, basically being reduced to Colon Krapernick's pet project to save his failing sportsball career until they found it useful again.

>>276104237That's fake but funny.

>>276099654I’m sure you called Trump a racist and xenophobic when he shut down travel from China. How much worse would it have been hadn’t he done that you fucking leaf

>>276098993but the left controls the house and only Democrat cities are burning. Trump said he would help but Dem Governors and Mayors want to keep blaming Trump

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Pic related makes me not give two fucks. Burn it down.

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>>276099242Where do you think you are? 1939?

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>>276098993In republican cities, no lessright?


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>>276098697a few days of shooting niggers on site, would end this...........

>>276098697nah, suburbs totally love it when inner city thugs break into their homes

>>276106952Interesting how it kind of goes away after 2016 until now....

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>>276103141Fuck off Johnny Reb. This is our country.

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>>276107554HeY weiiird coincidence

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>>276107389>republican>citypick one

>>276098697I don’t even know what I’m looking at. A few people on a roof?

>>276107955Random antifa/BLM whatever the fuck, on someone's roof, yes. Wouldn't make me very comfy. What do you do, push them off, then get rocks and firecrackers thrown through your windows?

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>>276104821literal porch monkeys

>>276102244>It's all Trump's fault leftists are rioting!Retard tier

americans are still falling for the same old propaganda

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>>276105991>(the federal government is limited to what it can do without the invitation of or approval by each state).unless the left is in power, then they do whatever they want.

>>276108424I know these niggers are trying to present arguments like these as "see, they said the same stuff about us back then too!" in order to make me sympathize with their movement, but in reality all it's making me do is think that maybe we were lied to about MLK.

>>276107879Never has been, never will be loser lol

>>276098697Personally, it's good to see the rich get a taste as they've got the clout to stop this nonsense. Alternatively, niggers tongue my anus.

>>276109074same herei know what im seeing, the evidence is literally on video fuck mlk and fuck the education system that lied about the past

>>276099242this the retards are doing it because they dont get their will like they were able to overrule their parents letting them become the spoiled brats they are nowparents obeying their kids is the cause and the symptoms of a generation of weak faggots always getting what they cry for can be seen in the streets of the states at night during those riotes for the last 100 something days


>>276109282I'd like to believe that normies are waking up to this too. MLK was a grifter that utilized violence just like any of the faggot black "preachers" out on the streets today.


>>276109124Has been for 400 years. Suck it, rednecks.

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>>276109780Imagine thinking Christian conservatives were liberals... fucking tard lmao

>>276100402>listening to a Ukrainian about politics.We know, you'd be demanding a new unelected leader despite voting being mere weeks away. I'll give you a tip; they only push for that shit when their approved candidate has no chance. Do you wish to see others suffer because you were stupid or are you simply too stupid to understand what happened to your shit hole?

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>>276099242In minecraft?

>>276098993>Its your parents fault that you trashed your own room.

>>276098697wuh them climbing out their own window?

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>>276100546Dallas isn't too terrible (yet). Flagstaff Arizona is still pretty redpilled from what I've heard, and there are more medium sized cities throughout the Southwest and deep South of the US that have retained some semblance of sanity, but they're diminishing year by year. That said, most of the biggest 50 cities in the US are Demoshit run, no doubt about it. Makes sense though, those cities are filled with immigrants (both legal and illegal) and Dems offer them """free""" shit (white people's tax dollars) in exchange for votes. It's no wonder that the cities that have the most room for economic expansion have the most migrants, and those cities vote for third world tier policies.Quarantine is changing this, I think, because many value producers are beginning to fall in love with working from home. If whitey decides to demand that companies should accommodate more people working remotely, then there won't be nearly as much of an incentive to keep people in big cities and the Demoshits will lose a substantial portion of their voting population. This is why the Dems are trying to bring the entire population of Latin America (and eventually Africa) into the US, regardless of the feasibility of those people's ability to produce value in a modern capitalist society. They want voters (ostensibly serfs) who will move into their cities and keep their population numbers up, thus sustaining their political power.

>>276099377Is base-line information for making a thread, you fucking retard. Just put the link in the OP, faggot

>>276098993"vote for my candidate and we'll stop the rioting"you're the first to try the new gas chambers

>>276098993Everyone in the non-left is waiting until after the election to avoid bad optics, despite the left's desperate attempts to shill and glow them into doing something.Trump in for another 4 years is a green light to start wrecking progs.

>>276104340HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Next, you should all kill yourselves, since you're all so good at taking directions from autistic shit posters. Please, KYS. Livestream?

>>276110092Puritans were utopians. Read John Winthrop's City on a Hill address on the Arbella. They started Harvard 6 years after they landed. You don't know the first thing about Yankees. Then again, reading never was a southern strong suit.

>>276110950Middle cat: white peopleDog: niggersTiny cat: jews

>>276101100no one destroys their own shit especially for online good goy points>>276101100

>>276113180You mean this utopia?

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>>276098993>You understand that the only reason this violence is happening is because Trump is President, right? And all you have to do to make it go away it put the people committing violence into power.You people are legitimately evil.

>>276098697it put new york into play

>>276099654cuomos love you

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>>276108424we have livestreams these days though, we can see it with our own eyes and decide for ourselves

>>276099278No they live in lesser countries.

>>276104340Things aren't nearly bad enough yet, retard. We'd need a repeat of what happened in Portland but all over the US, every day and for days on end. In other words, if it becomes apparent to anyone who isn't just a fucking evil bastard/complete oblivious boomer that:a) law and order has completely collapsed throughout the country and antifa/BLM can murder with impunity,b) any person who isn't an outspoken communist is in grave danger,c) a huge portion of the population knows someone who has been assaulted, threatened or killed,d) (optional) antifa or BLM supporters have made examples of detractors by invading their homes and brutally killing them,and you will begin to see a tacit acceptance from the majority population of the US that law and order must be upheld exclusively by the citizenry against what is obviously a murderous insurrection.Things have to get bad enough that normies who orient their entire lives around Game of Thrones, browsing reddit and watching Netflix are scared that they could be killed by mobs of BLM/Antifa anytime they go outside into a public area, and maybe even in their homes if they say the wrong thing on Twitter. Then, THEN, you will see surgical assassinations carried out by RWDS. "Surgical" is a key word here, because right wing violence is usually directed towards violent insurrectionists and not towards the general population (this is what makes us the good guys). Contrary to the hardcore white nationalist revolutionaries Holla Forums thinks will fill the ranks of RWDS, the vast majority of RWDS members are going to be constitutionalists, civnats and good ol' boy deep south republicucks, many of whom will have military or LEO experience. In other words, they will consist of what commies call "reactionaries" and will be more concerned with restoring order by excising hostile agents than waging some kind of revolution oriented around the institution of a new paradigm (ethnonationalism or natsoc or something whatever).

>>276099654Enjoy your PM faggot.

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>>276114595They know, and they either like it or try to rationalize it away by stating that all morals are spooks or Truth is relative or some stupid shit like that. They've chose their side, so just prepare for the worst.

>>276099377>Hurr durr>Look at me posting things without a link>I'm so cool and totally not a Faggot

>>276098993Even though I think you're joking around, I find the fact that many make this actual argument hilarious.It means that if Biden wins, the right will have all the right to wreak havoc upon society for 4 years. They can do WHATEVER THEY WANT. Because it would be Joe Bidens america.