I know this is a stupid place to ask but how do we solve the drug problem? How do we stop drug-related violence, crimes...

I know this is a stupid place to ask but how do we solve the drug problem? How do we stop drug-related violence, crimes, and objectively evil drug lords from ruling in countries deeply rooted in the illegal drug trade?

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>>276096632You kill all the drug dealers. It could be done easy but the government does not want to since they make money.

>>276096632by legalizing heroin, so that more ppl are addicted, and then controlled by their brain stems.

>>276096632Which one? The fact you think you didn't just ask 400 different questions tells me you aren't ready for this conversation.

>>276096632Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was based. He grew up up in wretched poverty during the Colombian civil war and he rose to become one of the wealthiest and most powerful men who ever lived. He declared open warfare against the Colombian government and he killed thousands of leftist guerilla commie faggots. They had to bring the fuckin' US military in to finally put him down.>objectively evil drug lordsShut your blowjob hole, nordcuck.

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>>276096632decriminalize possession of drugsif you're going to have your life ruined by having illegal drugs, might as well escalate and get something out of it

>>276096984bro if you stop people from buying they will stop selling. the cartels will move onto something else

>>276096632As long as misery and despair exist drugs will prevail.I don't know much about the specifics (what is planted, what is made artificially, etc) but supply is everything. If you cut the chinese supplying of chemicals in Latin america, used for synthetic drug manufacturing, while at the same time developing and spreading some kind of biological agent that can target the crops of natural drugs (actual bugs, genetically modified/selected) maybe it's possible to cause a large dent.

>>276097514just used pic of him to b8 most replies.not so based though. Being mostly responsible for the shitshow Colombia is in today is kinda cringe>inb4 B-BUT GUBMINT TOO!didn't say they were based either.

>>276097514Then he got shot on a roof and died.

>>276098183If you stop people from selling there will be nowhere to buy.

>>276098232how does decriminalizing work there? I don't know if Portugal can ever be compared to Mexico or so, as I doubt you ever had syndicates of that scale murdering tens of thousands a year

>>276097514He was a commie, one of his hitmen (Popeye) said it. In the end he only was moved with money, he fought far right, far left, was friend of far right and far left, etc. Colombia was a circus in the 80s

>>276098416It worked. Consumption has dropped massively since the 80's. Why exactly I can't say though.Maybe because the smaller the country is the easier it becomes to stop big operations.

>>276096632Send them all to China and pay China to take them.

Legalize it problem solves itself.

>>276096632Unironically legalize and tax. Criminals thrive because drugs are illegal and most of the violence is due to criminal involvement. Likewise, drug quality goes down which leads to more overdoses/poisonings.If people wanna drug themselves, they will, may as well tax that shit and keep criminals out of it.

the only way to stop drug cartels from becoming millionaires and killing people and draining millions and millions of dollars from USA every year the one and only way is to legalize drugs , just like when alcohol was legalized in USA all the criminals who trafficked alcohol went bankrupt or had to migrate to another bussinessyou can kill all the cartels but new people will take their place , the demand for drugs is what keeps the business going the only way to stop it is legalizing them

>>276096632you don't. you are an idiot.

>>276098784Escobar was not a communist. He spent his entire life fighting and killing the FARC guerillas.

>>276099043>>276099156>>276099210I worry how that would affect countries were drugs are supplied domestically, especially poor ones, say Philippines.It might kill the hydra, but how would these drug lords still face justice for their past crimes and prevent them from still benefiting in the now legal system?

>>276099692but yes, I feel like legalization might be the best solution to solve the crime associated with illegal drug trade, but as we see with the opiod crisis in the US, there might be more required than just outright legalizing it.

>>276096632Put fentanyl in everything, kill all the druggies, and with no customers the dealers will either reform or starve.

>>276096632The manual has already been written.

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>>276096632Legalization is the only realistic answer

>>276097514Just for the record, notice how it's always foreigners who idolize him, not us

Liberal option that would maybe reduce the problem and make drug producers/pushers less dangerous would be decriminalizing all drugs, but mandating rehabilitation for individuals caught with them. Radical solution is killing all drug dealers and users.

>>276099994kek, drop me some redpills that liberturdians won't tell about him

>>276097514>dated and married a lolibased

>>276099692The question was how to solve the drug problem, not how to bring the pushers to justice.

>>276097514He was a terrorist responsible for killing hundreds of innocent people with bombs you retard

>>276100127It's just that nobody wants to be associated to him in any way because believe it or not, people don't want to become drug lords and drugs here are not idolized. Also everybody moved on decades ago. He died in 1993 and his empire was at its height in the 80s.I'm an oldfag and even I don't remember him that much. Everybody moved on. Medellin is nothing like it used to be in 1990

its simple user. you legalize everything.

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>>276099488you are the idiot here. So many lives have been destroyed by drug addiction. They would sell their soul for a gram of crack. I know its their own problem, but I dont want more people's lives to be destroyed by drug addiction.

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>>276096632>how do we stop the drug problem?Defund the cia

>>276099623FARC wasn't the only guerrillas, search M-19 The Palace of Justice siege, Escobar give $1 Million (or maybe more) to make the siegeEscobar was a commie in all the ways he could, when the shitstorm begun, he was allied with the far right paramilitary and when he could be a politician, he was a lefty fighting the government, as I said, Colombia in the 80s was a circus, everyone was backstabbing everyone

>>276100583Isn't Medellin becoming a top tier city? Like these days the way London and Paris are, Medellin is a much better place

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>>276100462>Muh Morality!!

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>>276101602So edgy bruh

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Make an SS, start an underground nameless gang and start purging high status members and displaying their dismembered bodies. In Minecraft.

>>276096984This, but be sure to get the real dealers in the pharmaceutical industry.

>>276096632Death squads and mass executions of criminals, in Roblox.

>>276096632Legalize, less government involvement, allow large businesses to make and sell them in as clean of a form as possible. (The creation process can be a selling point of it like organic food etc. already is done with weed)Let degenerates consume it and ruin their own lives. No welfare for people that don’t pass drug tests. It’s super easy, this is what happened when we got rid of prohibition.

>>276097514>except for all the drugs his cartel created >except for the innocent people he killed when he blew up a plane to get one man

>>276101586It's good and has nice parts but still very Latin American tier

>>276099156i get what you're saying in theory but i disagree, hard drugs are illegal for a reason because once they get addicted young, their life ends in in the toilet.

>>276096632>I know this is a stupid place to ask but how do we solve the drug problem?We don't. Let people do all the fucking drugs they want.Make it legal and tax the fuck out of it.

>>276096632Legalize all drugs, move the manufacturing for them here while simultaneously closing the border. Not play pretend close the border, actually close the border. Watch the cartel empire fall apart within weeks.

>>276096632Police officer from the border here, part of an anti drug border task force, criminal justice degree, and lived a Mexico for a few years. So I been around this for a while now.You want the hard cold truth? You don't kill drug dealers like cuckservatives tell you. That only raises the price of drugs, and makes the cartels richer, and also makes it so that only the most violent get in the drug game. You don't legalize it either, it's too late for that. America has a huge drug culture. What you have to do is arrest, and lock up drug users. Have no fucking mercy on them. Yes lock up drug dealers too. But the junkies have to too. No rehab, straight prison, beta the fuck out of them too. You think it does not work? How do you think we got rid of the crack crisis with the black community. Have crack on you, prison, touched crack, prison, looks like you smoked crack, prison. If you smoked crack, you were seen as a threat because you were bringing the shit to your community and your people. It was not seen as a victimless crime, it was seen as hurting everyone around you, so you were going to pay for that hard. And it worked. Now with the opiate/heroin crisis, it is hitting middle class white americans, and they don;t want that same approach to drugs. They want rehab for their kids being caught up, they want to point their fingers at Mexicans. It is the sons and daughters of judges and doctors, politicians who are overdosing or getting caught with drugs, so now they want a nice approach. But the solution is to lock up the junkies. I am sorry if your son Billy is shooting heroin, he needs to be locked up and raped, because if not he will get my son to start shooting heroin, and other kids in the area. One person starts doing drugs, eliminate him or her from the community. If you give him rehab and then allow him to come back, he will consume again, and drug users love company, they will bring others down with them as well. Junkies are a fucking disease.

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>>276096632You can’t and never will stop it because the #1 profiteer in the entire drug trade is the gubbment. Specifically the glowing agencies.

>>276096984kill the users too

>>276104835That also sounds about right

>>276096632Shoot casual users.Problem solved.

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>>276100823Who gives a fuck? Fuck them they did it cause they wanted to, and they get what they asked for.

Unironically - legalize itXIX century societes had access to many drugs we know today. And what did they suffered?I don't remember about opioid epidemy in Britain of USA back in 1880s

>>276096632We can't, why ? Jews are behind the drug market.Pablo escobar was a jew, every other famous latin-american drug dealer was a jew. There's nothing you and me can do about it, you can try to go to the politic and try your best against these people, in the end you will end up killed and life goes on.. there's no hope in this world, no man can do anything against Satan and his childreen, only God Himself can solve all the problem. If you think otherwise, go ahead. Try it..

>>276105167This is the answer.You fucking authoritarians are no better than leftist faggots. You all think you're so fucking smart and know how to control other human beings. They aren't as smart as you so you'll save them with your governmental policy. Literally just as retarded as Marxists.You don't solve the drug problem. You leave other people the fuck alone and worry about your own family and friends. If one of them has a problem with rugs, you help them on a personal level. No one wants to talk about that because it doesn't include larping spec ops talking about how much tougher you are than drug addicts and how you'll beat them in 'the war on drugs.'Brainwashed fucking retards. Boomers invent invisible enemies and wars against the intangible and you eat it up like fucking trannies getting told to cut their dicks off. What do you think liberty and freedom mean you smooth brain faggots?

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>>276096632Censor all drug content in media. Also censor all crime news. The world will forget about drugs within a month so no one will have the idea of using or selling them because its not a thing.

>>276106082Hey a jew that wants to control information people have access too. Who could have seen that coming?

>>276098276Colombia was shit before Pablo, Pablo was a consequence of a previous problem that still exists

>>276105167Of course there were addicts in the 19th century. Lots respectable people used drugs, it was like smoking. They all had early deaths reported like all deaths were reportef until the 1950s "he got sick and died". No one had cancer, everyone "got sick and died".

>>276096632By doing nothing. In 1980s Russia was a nation of drunkards. There were 'fallen soldiers' everywhere. After two decades of ultra-cheap alcohol all those who wanted to drink themselves to death did it. True, the population decreased but now Russia is healthy and sober as never. I haven't seen a drunk person perhaps for several months.

>>276106183Can you refute my argument? I decided not to memeflag, pay me back the courtesy by refuting without ad hominem. Yes i literally called for censorship, i think it would solve the drug problem

>>276096632you legalize all drugs and allow free market to act accordingly

>>276106444But none Western state collapsed because of drugs



>>276096632End welfare and all other social safety nets.

>>276106677I learned about drugs first in school, from teachers teaching us not to use them. I was exposed a lot to "say no to drugs" mensajes. I then saw then in the news, in movies. I had no clue where i could buy them. I could have lived my life not knowing what pot was without the endless glamourization and simultaneous campaign not to use it. All day pot news. I turn on the TV and its "Pablo was caught with 5 tons of cocaine news at 11". The slimy underworld in my school and living room.

>>276105673>Pablo escobar was a jewSauce?

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>>276107030No state ever has from the drugs alone. Good people dont use them.

>>276096632I'm not sure you do without undoing a lot of social precedents that most people are not going to want undone.

>>276106654LolThey raised prices for alcohol Automobilization and stricter work regulations killed mass alcoholism,

>>276107402This is my suspicion as well that drug-Ed and DARE were actually about marketing drugs. Otherwise ppl wouldn’t even know what they are used for and have interest in them.

>>276107491There was one, actually

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>>276099156Having seen what happened in canada, what this actually means is major businesses move in, impose restrictions via government fiat on average people so they STILL can't produce the drugs themselves, and then HIKE prices.This is exactly what happened with weed "legalization" here in Canada. Average person didn't benefit from it. Major corporations benefit from it.

>>276107788Yeah i think that was only the chinese lumpen and the war with Britain.

>>276107952>weed "legalization" here in Canada.Can you redpill me about this?Because I 'm hearing only anti/pro-weed propaganda here

Lock women up in convents the minute they enter puberty. It's the only way to keep them from the drug vice.90% of cocaine is for seducing drug hungry bitches. I went by Chalmer's United Church in Vancouver one summer evening as the sun was setting and suddenly the basement doors of the church disgorged what seemed to be every last hot white young woman in Vancouver with a handful of young faggots. They all looked sort of unhappy about something. I said to my friend who lived nearby; "what is this"? and he though for a moment then replied; "oh, it's the monthly meeting of Cocaine Anonymous". I know the president of Cocaine Anonymous; she was the absolutely hottest woman in my HS graduating class, way hotter than Natalie Wood.

>>276107952Sure, but that just puts drugs into the same shitty category of regulatory capture as everything else. That's how controlled capitalism works. It sucks, but going from 'the war on drugs' where armed zogbots are locking up and killing people over having a joint on them to legal but oligarch controlled is still a big step in the right direction. Legalizing it doesn't mean that there can't still be a black market. It just removes a huge onus of gov. authority walking into our lives. Imagine if "smell of weed" didn't mean shit, or cops couldn't just have their trained dog "alert" and then trample your rights,

>>276108355this is the smart take.

Stop letting the jews turn everything into a cesspit of ugliness, superficiality and transactional relationships. Then people won't want to forget reality until their next shift.

>>276107419The red pill goes deep

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>>276108177The Sassoon family were given the monopoly on opium distribution in China by the British.The Chinese solved it by killing all the addicts.

>>276096632Do what Portugal did, Decriminalise, not legalise, drugs

>>276096632Make them legal.

>>276096632You can't, there's more money in crime existing than in it not, your mistake is to think the axis this world turns on is fair or moral, it's not.

>>276109025My point is that it was the drug war and not the drugs what destroyed China.

>>276107645>t. zoomerfor more than a decade price for a bottle of vodka was strictly 1 dollar

>>276097514This. >B-but didnt CIA operative Barry Seal work for Medeline and not the cali cartel? You said CIA was against Medelline cartel.Yes, Barry Seal worked for Medelline cartel. He took the photos and leaked intentionally them to the US press so the US congress would approve military action in columbia against Medelline cartel and work douple time to root them out. >b-but how do you know that mossad was involved? Tape Shows Israelis Training Cartels’ Killers BY KENNETH FREED AUG. 30, 1989latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1989-08-30-mn-1305-story.html>b-but that just doesnt prove that Mossad worked with Cali cartel.Yes, it does not, but this does. Israeli Suspected of Aiding Cali Cartel February 4, 1996 jta.org/1996/02/04/archive/israeli-suspected-of-aiding-cali-cartel/>b-but that does not prove that the drug trade was cordinated by the mossadWhen then one of the main ports of cocaine was Nigaragua? And why was high ranking general Noriuega's right hand man? Why was Noriuegas children going to jewish school?The Mossad Agent Who Was Second Fiddle to Panama's Dictatorhaaretz.com/amp/world-news/americas/the-mossad-agent-behind-panama-s-dictator-1.5479170Former Panama dictator's secret ties to Israelynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4970068,00.html

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>>276096632You just need to legalize every drug out there, I repeat EVERY drug and that's it. Imagine you walking into the store and buying a pack of smokes, a six-pack and a heroin or meth for like $2 each. No more cartels, drug dealers, niggers...

>>276109579Screenshot this for a degenerate I know called China. Might put it on a T-shirt.

>>276098784If popeye really did kill those people he claimed why he is alive and free? Have you thought that his testimony is not true? They framed Pablo Escobar because he was a political enemy. Lot of the so called civilian hits were falsely contributed to Pablo Escobar and the Medelline cartel without any actual evidence. Just like they found one of the 911 hijacker's passport on the streets of new york and half hour later they were prodcasting it on press conferences to the entire world that Osama Bin Laden was a terrorist responsible of the attacks. The same thing happened with Pablo Escobar. This illusion was made by the Columbian media and sold to the rest of the world by USA's MSM most likely because the USA media is just a front for CIA. Most of those stories were printed by the Columbian news the very next day accusing Pablo even thou no real police investigation was ever done. There were no internet, no cellphone data, no security cameras, no real way to track and find anonymous terrorist and yet the media had it all figured out the next day. Isnt that weird?Much much later after Pablo was assasinated one of Pablos generals and "sicarios" John "popeye" Vásquez confessed to all the bombings and killings. He alledgedly killed 150 people personally, bombed over 40 targets and even an airplane killing over 200 passangers. His victims were alledgedly hardened criminals with connections like the Cali cartel members or rich and powerful elite of columbia, but also normal people and yet nobody killed Popeye. He spend his entire time in general population and even spend his time in the same prison yard as his mortal enemies from the Cali cartel. He even came friends with them. Popeye only served 30 years in prison for killing for alledgedly killing hundreds of people and yet he was never extradited to USA like many of his friends. Why is that?Could it be that his confessions of all those attrocities are the real reason he is allowed to live.

>>276108355Or, you know, you could just not smoke weed, you stupid nigger.

>>276112351lol how do you even know about these things?

>>276096632Don't do drugs? Don't support people who do drugs?

>>276106287won't deny that but he did heavily influence Colombian politics and stability which is still noticeable today

>>276112462>Or, you know, you could just not smoke weed, you stupid nigger.Look at his flag; he's a freewheeling hedonist but probably deep down inside an old tyme bible thumper too.youtu.be/61l7gdxeGDUCocaine is as American as...as...Coca Cola which had cocaine in it.

>>276101113No, he was national socialist.Charlos Lehter started National Latin Mobvement which was national socialist political party.historica.fandom.com/wiki/National_Latin_Movementhttps://youtube.com/watch?v=5uYuvArXdJw>"the main ideas of our political program is public spirit, nationalism abd social programs" - pablo escobaryoutube.com/watch?v=xBpsYWS3ofY

>>276112754Because i study.Read >>276111507

>>276096632When I was a lolbert I thought straight up legalization would do the trick...It clearly won't because people are fucked up, and drugs drive people insane.So I propose a third alternative - legalized AND monitored. If you want to do drugs you can go to a government facility, sign in, fill out how much you want, purchase it and do it there while being loosely monitored (not watched by cameras or anything just your activity is loosely recorded). It will basically be like a government run crackhouse. In this manner the government gets to monitor your drug intake and overall health, will warn you when you are deteriorating or showing signs of addiction and gets access to lots of useful medical data. If you decide to "microdose" you get to leave and go about your day but are forbidden to operate heavy machinery until it is proven safe.But on the flipside - getting caught with drugs outside this program means forced labor. Getting caught with drugs in quantity means public execution. Also once the drugs drive you insane you get put in an institution.The end.

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>>276099156Was tried in commiefornia with weed, they legalized and taxed it but prices are so high people would rather buy off the black market since it’s cheaper.

>>276096632Speaking with lefties I know, they say the way to solve the drug problem is to legalize and have the government subsidize it, basically a "free heroin" program for existing addicts.Reasons are that it makes the black market fold almost immediately because it's free for existing junkies (thus no sales), stops crime because it's free and there's no need to "steal to score" anymore, and locks potential new addicts from being created because the black market folds and the government program prevents those seeking from acquiring unless you're a proven addict.What are your thoughts on that Holla Forums? Do you want your tax dollars going to subsidize free heroin for junkies?



There were never any real trials against Pablo Escobar just kangaroo courts and years of heavy smear in the media.All the bad stuff were put on the shoulders of Pablo even thou there were no actual evidence, just accusations by the media. Only later came the "confessions" which sealed the deal in our history books.So how did this happen?The columbian government, cali cartel, mossad and USA (cia/dea) were all working all together to destroy Meddelin cartel. Mossad did the intelligence. They sold weapons, intelligent services, surveilance, information, political favours and connections to drug cartels across the entire world. They were the middle men and they eagerly helped politicians and drug cartels to meet each other. Thats how they got their leverage over the politicians. They offered both military training, and weapons to Medelline cartel, but snitched about their involvement to both to the CIA, USA Media, Columbian government, and to the Cali cartel. These dealings were the way they mapped Medelline cartels ranks, and eventually helped them to hunt and destroy the Medelline cartel.To Cali cartel Mossad helped to smuggle drugs, sold surveillance technology, sold weapons, political favours, and even help them to get a deal with the goverment which ment they could wash their already earned money by spending couple of years behind bars just for show. Many of the Cali cartel members were jews and thats how they had their connection Mossad.>b-but can you prove nossad connections?Yes. Read >>276111507>276114559>b-but cia did not sell drugsYes it did read statemilitiaintel.files.wordpress.com/2019/04/dark-alliance.pdf


>>276096632People should stop using drugsBut they never willFighting druglords isnt about justice or 'getting the evil drugs of the streets'Its about preventing certain figures becoming too powerful and mighty, they always have to make room for new blood (ea when they get too stronk, they either get shot or arrested while before they were 'untouchables', funny right?)Its the circle of criminal life