Southpark Season 24 coming end of the month, how honest will they be?

Will they go all in calling out the current SJW nuclear meltdown and without a doubt get cancelled? Will they have a barely functional Biden?

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We will see.

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>>276095966you still watch south park?

>>276095966not honest at all. Did you see them cuck out in 2016 and 2017? Someone got to them.

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>>276095966South Park is made by a jew what do you think?

>>276095966SP has lost it with TDS.They never should have chosen a side.

South Park was good when it was about little kids swearing like plumbers and getting into trouble, not about recent political events.

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>>276095966I stopped watching like 2 or 3 seasons ago when it stopped being any good

>>276095966South Park is literally a Jewish show. Do you expect anything based from it?

>>276095966One of the creators is a kike so that should be all you need to know about the Jew season. Don't give those kikes your sheckles.

>>276096895This.It really got stale after season 10, but I kept watching for another 10 seasons but it was just torture. It's like you know.. When a loved one becomes addicted to drugs or something. You know you're never getting the old them back. But you stick with them as long as you can anyway.That's South Park after Season 10. But I just couldn't take it anymore at that point.

>>276096865Agreed. It was still funny but I preferred the apolitical South Park, or at least when it was only tangentially political. The recent seasons imo focus too much on being relevant to current events.

>>276095966Don't count on it. Southpark sold out years ago. You don't see anything from the first 10 seasons of Family Guy anywhere anymore. They would NEVER show that shit on tv again.Good thing most of us only use tv's for vidya.

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>>276096865Agreed. The gold episodes were when they were being naive kids (milking the dog, getting the sea monkeys etc). Now they are pretty much adults in the bodies of fourth graders.

>i learned something today, white people have an inherent racial bias and racism in Americ-

>>276095966What's your source? I don't see a release date anywhere. I hope you're right

If they had any balls they would make an episode where the boys would try to do something outside every day and it would get interrupted by BLM riots each day and the news stories would show a beligerent black resisting arrest gunned down by policeThen one of the riots would be incited due to a mutt that is 5 % black and Cartman would say "this asshole isn't even black!"

>hurr durr matt is a jewwho spent his career calling out jews, making fun of jews and stormfags at the same time, you realize comedy central fucks with people's creative liberties in general and made the most exemptions for these guys when they let them say "shit" remember? these guys were always hardcore lolberts who openly hated dems and nu-culture, the only time you will see this show become fully pozzed is if they stop being involved with it entirely

>>276095966I hope they straight-faced do an entire season without ANY politics or current events. Just a full season of classic South Park hijinks that spitefully ignore the insanity of the real world

>>276098689Wasn't that the whole point of one of the recent seasons? Said they were going to go back to old South Park and then immediately went back to modern politics the second episode.

>>276095966It's too political now. They should just pretend like nothing happened and go back to 2005. Just ignore all the trump stuff.

>>276095966not honest enough the hillary episodes were funny but waaay to nice they have to much of an importance on the idea that the people watching them find there shows to be a political guidestonemake trump look badfunny and true also extreememake hillary look badfunny and i guess trueeprobably the nicest roast of here possible can you even imagine southpark being this nice to anybody ever it is helarious but i mean cmon guys this will behelearious trump the devil shitmilqe toast bidens not that bad oh shit we already did that with hillary tier

I was a lifelong watcher but they lost me in 2016 when they start sucking Hilldawg dick.

>make an episode like the japaneses killing whales but with BLM instead>make the corona hoax like the day after tomorrow>make the "high superior moral" episode with the french getting killed in africathere, they have to make fun of them, not geting political

>>276099729it would be funny if they critisised themselfs because what they pretended hillary was biden actually is but makeing hillary seem like a biden means you have nowheare to go/she such a turd could she just get out of here own waylifelong suspected alleged murder drugs kingping with extreemly questionable ethics proven escapes from justice a complete lack of care for due process and litterly above the lawvs bidenalmost shit himself bled out of his eye is abit slow at speaking had a few minior criminal activitys "comparativly for presidential candidates" atleast lmao

>>276095966who cares?

>>276095966Matt Stone is jewish so I doubt it will be very honest. Just more ironybro centrism

>>276095966They've always been rather pozzed. They are theater fag Hollywood liberals after all.

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>>276095966Hard to tell. South Park really dropped the ball when Trump was elected, and they basically just adopted the mainstream media narrative.

>>276100471Yeah but they did have some good ideas, like the goobacks episode would get them cancelled today. They've also called out trans fags

South Park was horrible for the last 2-3 years with that PC Principal plot that dragged on for a whole season and making Randy the typical retarded asshole dad character that plagues other shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy.

>>276099010They tried serialization, where they had a story across the entire season. They hated it and switched back to episodic.

Butters as Kyle RittenhouseScreencap it

>>276100871PC Principle is such a lame attempt at making fun of sjws too. I get the whole point of making him like a college frat guy, but there's so much to make fun of in actual sjws and democrats that they've been missing out on. Basically I chalk it up to them getting old and still watching the Daily Show like it's still cutting edge or something. They got Trump completely wrong though and pretty much base all their satire of Trump on the MSM neo-liberal point of view.


>>276095966I'm gonna watch SNEEDPARK

>>276095966Havent watched this shot show since the third season. Wont start now. Should be canceled by now

I stopped watching south park like 7 years ago because it got really boring, but saw this clip some months ago that found

>>276095966Arent Clyde and the nigger both unironic faggots now? I watched one episode of the new stuff and they were just fags, it wasn’t even a joke, they were just disgusting fags ss if it’s not an abominationSouth parks hole got pozzed afaik

>>276096908Yes. They have been incredibly based with regards to immigration, trannies, hate crime laws, etc. You must be criticizing something you have never watched, aren't you? They have actually attacked many of the most sacred cows of the left. They even made fun of jews. There was an episode where Cartman was proven right that not only do jews carry a bag of jew gold, but they also carry a REAL bag of jew gold for when they have to give up the fake one.

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>>276102916>They have been incredibly basedQuite true.

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>>276095966people still watch this?

>>276095966Low brow humor for incels is the target audience of South Park.

>>276097416>They would NEVER show that shit on tv again.They play like 10 hours of it a day on American basic cable. They play nothing but family goy on TBS and Cartoon network

>>276096765Jews or not, they have been undeniably based at times

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>>276095966Have they touched the blm stuff?

What about this?

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>>276107325>Have they touched the blm stuff?They did touch on the "Fuck the Police" stuff not long ago.

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>>276107636Its bretty gud. More crass than based tho. At least its not pozzed.

>>276095966South Park is an hegelian dialectics psyopThey always push in one direction, they almost seem based because they got you YES, THAT MAKES SENSE AND THIS SHOULDN'T HAPPENBut at the end there is a big OH SEE, THE OTHER SIDE IS ALSO WRONGSo you end with a MAYBE NOBODY IS RIGHT AND WE SHOULD TAKE A MIDDLE GROUNDDon't fall for it

>>276109083And this is basically the structure of all the episodes with some sort of "social commentary"

>>276096750Ghee I wonder (((whoo)))

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>>276109198That's how they stay employed. If they ever went full redpill, the (((executives))) who run Comedy Central would fire their asses. The pendulum always swings more to the side of truth, though.

oh hahaha funny cartoon stuff hahaha cool very funny cartoon hahahafuckout. i got manshit to do.

>>276109198>And this is basically the structure of all the episodes with some sort of "social commentary"It's still funny.

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>>276107636God damn this looks like that other show on netfilx, paradise PD. WHy the fuck do all these shows aspire to look the same and have the same family guy style shock humor?

>>276095966Kikepark have lost their edge since three seasons. It's been downhill for a long time. Holla Forums is your real Southpark replacement. Live with it.

>>276096765In this case, dare I say it, that has nothing to do with it. I think they got soft when they married.

>>276100471Lol so the poo can't be white and must be a black or an Indian? Those retards are uber racist even they don't realize

I love this show, even though It may not be as funny as it was, it still is.Also, bump.

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>>276096765Matt is half-Jew and is the one who writes all the jokes bagging on (((them))).

>>276110311Retard alert

>>276097586Perhaps a commentary on modern childhood when innocence is shed at a very young age

>>276097416sold out? they have always been giant fags i had south park season 1 on vhs and remember and there's this weird intro they had still have put out quality content though they dont dhave there faggotory down your throat all the time.

I'm actually watching SouthPark in it's eternity right now. I just started season 9. And season 8 was where it starts to get very political and left leaning.

>>276107636Art style looks like ((((((((((((((((Fish mouth)))))))))))))))))))))))

>>276107636It was okay. Not really funny. But it's tolerable.

>>276110810Read it again lol

>>276096861interestingly it became what it swore to destroy. they are jewish maybe we shouldnt be surprised at all.still the numbers dont liecartman episodes got the highest scores on avg and they got rid of cartman years ago...SP is ded.

>>276110918It’s the only way they are able to get away with it. If it were white people making fun and pointing out Jewish behavior it would never be produced

>>276111186>I'm actually watching SouthParkNice.

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>>276095966About as deranged as they have been since trump got elected. Comedy gets worse the more they become political. Same thing happened to rick and morty the dr. who spinoff anime style. The moment they went political they lost all appeal, it's just like.>wahh trump got elected why is everything nazi nowWhen was it ever? People you call nazi's aren't nazi's or fascists faggots.>>276096750>not honest at all. Did you see them cuck out in 2016 and 2017? Someone got to them.That's just jews making fun of jews. OH YOU DIDN'T KNOW that's precious. Both matt stone and trey parker has jewish lineage on their mothers side.They made such things as the on you picked and the openly anti jewish character a fat white kid cartman, to perpetuate how jews are victims of false allegations.

>>276095966It will be more Orange Garrison bad and a new round of social justice bullshit.

The one where randy says nigger on live TV is pure gold. Everyone starts calling him nigger guy. Trey Parker is one of the few white guys who can get away with saying niggers on tv. You anti south park cucks will never, and I mean never, reach this level of basedom. >token its okay, everything's cool my dad apologized to Jesse Jackson>"Jesse Jackson is not the emperor of black people!"Sexy action school news is also great. PC principal was retarded at first but super fucking accurate.

>>276100471You do know this isn't real, right? I've done a google search on this and the only matching results come from iFunny.

itt people who didn't realize trey and matt both have jewish lineage on their mothers side, this is cute.. it's like a flashback of 10 years ago where americans were like.>oh south park is how every american feels. made by jews. You just keep getting fooled it's not even funny. South park was big cause of television and lack of other shows, but it was only funny when it DID NOT TAKE POLITICAL SIDES and make fun of everything.. The moment trump got elected it took political sides and became total crap.

>>276112029That's literally what the thread says, dumbass

i'll give trey and matt points in that how this show has had so many seasons, how long are these kids in middle school? :DIf you want to be funny stop taking political sides.. It's that simple.

>>276112029Ok, but why does them just being related to jews, matter more than the content they put out? They're against hate crime laws. That's not very jewwy

I remember the first episode I watched was when the jew kid shat out the talking christmas poo I was like 10 and laughed three hours straight. My mom beat the shit out of me because she couldn't sleep but I kept laughing so I had to sleep in the barn

>>276112235>That's literally what the thread says, dumbassWell is it though, that guy i responded to fx thought south park sold out after 16 and pointed that episode which i remember cause i got an insane good memory, of yandex and how earth is a tv show and some jew like aliens snort coke and fuck eachother, and then they got a picture of them compromised and so they let earth the tv show stay alive and don't destroy earth..Anyways that's ofcourse derogatory of fat jewish executive running earth. So he thought south park writers were anti jewish, they both have jewish ancestry.. It's just another way to make the jewish victimhood going, same what they did with cartman.. he's there to make sure that kyle a jew is blamed falsely all the time and harassed by cartman a fat stupid white kid.. who is also a nazi.. Kyles parents are even named sort of after what is it matt stones grandparents or something like this. THEY WERE NEVER ANTI JEWISH, it's very jewish to make jews look like victims and create anti jewish characters who then look like idiots. He's a skinhead except no real nazi's are skinheads.. What is american history x?

>>276112249Have sex mahmut

>>276112386>Ok, but why does them just being related to jews, matter more than the content they put out? They're against hate crime laws. That's not very jewwyOfcourse it is, jews love free speech, it allows them to agitate endlessly. They just develope anti semitic for themselves so it's only hate when it's against them, but people like tim wise can say pic related all day long.The only thing jews hate about hate crime laws is that if you make them, it is unidirectional so nobody then can say anything negative about any other race, including white folks. Where jews have otherwise set it up so it's only them and niggers in USA that are excempt from being hated. So ofcourse they don't like hatecrime laws :D cause then any critique say against germans, would be under the same paradigm as antisemitic would be for them. So then you couldn't say what you say about germans either. You are so naive you don't think about why they are for those things. Jews were also for affirmative action, think about that, why? cause jews are a minority it allows them to push 'white' americans aside and install themselves and then put non whites last in the list and put everyone else in front. And then excuse it with fairness and egalitarianism. Why the fuck how you think the 2% of jews which is what USA is, 2% jews, manage to control almost all your media? :D

>>276112854>Have sex mahmutWrong guy faggot.also forgot the pic.

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>>276111920read it nigger

>>276113146Sorry they put themselves first, then any non white above white americans and then white americans last, this is why jews love affirmative action cause they are technically a minority in USA, it allows for MASS NEPOTISM OF UNPARALLELED scope.. cause they can say jews are minority whites are majority just push out white people out of certain things and install themselves :D

>>276111692I thought only Matt Stone was half

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>>276112509>I remember the first episode I watched was when the jew kid shat out the talking christmas poo I was like 10 and laughed three hours straight. My mom beat the shit out of me because she couldn't sleep but I kept laughing so I had to sleep in the barnYeah it's jews making fun of christmas. childhood memory ruined i don't care. How you could ever think south park was not a yid production.. What's a more jewish thing than shitting on christians and anything they like..

>>276113765nope, look it up. >Born Randolph Severn 'Trey' Parker was born on 19 October 1969, in Conifer, Colorado, the son of a geologist and an insurance representative. Matthew Richard Stone was born on 26 May 1971, in Texas, but later moved to Littleton, Colorado. His father, Gerald, was a Catholic and his mother, Sheila, was Jewish

>>276102204no cares, split tail.

>>276113765>In a September 2006 edition of the ABC News program Nightline, Parker expressed his views on religion, stating that he believes in "a God" and that "there is knowledge that humanity does not yet possess" while cautioning that it would take a long time to explain exactly what he meant by his belief in God. Parker believes all religions are "silly". He states that "All the religions are superfunny to me... The story of Jesus makes no sense to me. God sent his only son. Why could God only have one son and why would he have to die? It's just bad writing, really. And it's really terrible in about the second act." Parker further remarked,Maybe when i look at it he wasn't jew and i make mistake, stone is though, but he think jesus is a joke so him and his fellow yid sure had a hell of a time.The point is if you think they are anti jewish you're joking yourself.

>>276095966They will have the police constantly beating peaceful niggers just like their second video game/thread

>>276111692The best comedy is political, the reason what you say kind of seems true is because the politics of every show on the electric jew is pozzed as fuck. If southpark went full based it would be the funniest shit on TV. Holla Forums memes are the funniest shit in decades because it’s political humor that isn’t faggy leftist shit, done by right-wingers that aren’t tryhard moralfag christcucks

>>276114282>The best comedy is political, the reason what you say kind of seems true is because the politics of every show on the electric jew is pozzed as fuck. If southpark went full based it would be the funniest shit on TV. Holla Forums memes are the funniest shit in decades because it’s political humor that isn’t faggy leftist shit, done by right-wingers that aren’t tryhard moralfag christcucksThe point is when they take a partisan side it becomes horrible, both south park and what is it that dr. who thing. rick and morty they both took a total nosedive when they became partisan.. It's not funny anymore if you don't lay down on all sides equally. So maybe it's wrong to say when it becomes political, but it's right to say when it becomes partisan it's like. What am i watching is it even comedy or just propaganda?It's same with all these unfunny comedians like john oliver and the leiboiwtz replacement the south african half jew trevor noah.. It's not comedy it's just partisan propaganda and a lot of people have noticed that over the years like.. >they used to be so funny what happenedPartisan propaganda instead of political comedy..

>>276095966Wtf this thread bashing south parkTheir latest seasons since 2016 have been golden!PC Principal and PC Babies, "Woman" in women sports, they have some of the relentless demolishing of absurdities of our day.They're probably partly responsible for the defeat and ridiculing of "trigger warnings" and much of the PC ideas that failed and fell away


>>276096865It was funny when I was asleep. Now I see how degenerate it is, the shitty effect it's had on my sense of humor. Killing children is funny! Yeah noSame goes for all the adult cartoons -- Family Guy, Rick n Morty, Simpsons.. degenerate (((filth))).

>>276095966Just watch there is NO WAY they dont capitalize on creepy joe, the comedy potential is one of the greatest in a long time

>>276102916They have to build their target audience. Then they deliver the payload when the time is right.


>>276101473It's too perfect

see pic-

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>>276113918>Littleton, Coloradonice place. i've done some work over there

>>276100471They admitted to being Republicans a decade ago stupid nigger

>>276115445Her hairline is disturbing. Also that freak in the middle is gross.

>>276115658So anti-white Israel-firsters? Fantastic!

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>>276115689Also dudes name on her shoulder. Fucking disgraceful.

>>276115893Put the pussy ass glock in your mouth and squeeze the trigger.