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It's hard bros. I've been giving in way too much lately. There's too much sex in every single aspect of media. The US is still on lockdown somewhat. Life is getting increasingly more uncomfortable for me as I am facing financial trouble. I'm sure some of you guys can relate.Post NoFap stories and positive reinforcement lads.

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So why do you keep consuming media? Take a break for a month

When you understand how pointless and counter-logic cooming is, you just stop doing it. There's no trick, no drug, no method, you just stop. It's retarded, it's nonsense, it's a waste of time and energy for nothing.What are you trying to achieve when cooming? What are your goals when you're squeezing your dick with your hand grooling like a retard to a computer screen?Can you imagine Christopher Columbus, Leonardo da Vinci, or Plato to spend time like you do? Indeed it's absolutely fucking impossible to achieve anything in life if you're a coomer.Just abstaining for masturbation is not sufficient for success, but it is necessary. There has not been a single example in the entire history of a person who was a coomer and also successful in anything.The cum is meant to be for insemination and that is the only function of it. If you're wasting it by cooming into a sock/tissue then you're worse than an animal, you are a complete fucking retard gorilla nigger.

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I did nofap and now I'm coming inside my Asian gf instead. I don't want to be with her, I don't like her family, I see no future with her but I need an outlet for cooms.

NoFap threads are literally bait threads, where shills post porn to fuck people up who are trying not to jerk off lol

>>276095787If there's a god in this world and if he still likes me in some kind of way, he will let you guys check out a five in this post.Dear lord, please.

>>276094939slide this shit

>>276094939I want to drop porn entirely and get down to only fapping once a week. For this, I realize that I need to invest in a really good sex doll that I can use in the place of porn.

>>276094939Thats a man.

>>276094939Also cringe picture.


>>276095725Thanks. I needed to read that...

drink one glass of good wine in the eveningkills the fapping urgesand will keep your arteries free of fatdo NOT get drunk! its not the point.

>>276095787Whoever scores anything other than 5 or 8 is fucking dead (not rolling).

Is there really anything wrong with fapping once or twice a week if you aren’t consooming porn in the process?


>>276095725imagine being so weak that your whole life and mindset revolves around abstaining from looking at naked ladies. Just bust a nut and be productive, fag




>>276097100ok re-roll


>>276096241>>276097163Hey that looks like Merkel; still better than 1

>>276097211ok re-roll again FFS

Turn off the computer and the TV. Read The Practice of Brahmacharya by Swami Sivananda.

>>276094939Go to Mass every day (it's max 30min during the week). Meditate on Jesus passion for at least 15 minutes a day.Over time shit that shit will not even be interesting anymore.

>>276095725I can't imagine Plato cooming, but Diogenes sure did. He was a bit of a degenerate in general. >>276094939I don't think there's anything morally wrong with jerking it. It should never be something you focus on. I'll yank it for five to ten minutes once every day or two before I go to sleep and I don't think about cooming at all throughout the rest of the day. If I go for like a week without cooming, then it becomes something I think about nigh-constantly cuz, you know, animal instincts.

>>276095787Rolla rolla da

>>276098363>>276095787Re-rolla rolla da

>>276098423>>276098363>>276095787Please kek, holy shit, let me re-rolla


>>276098504Still not great, but I'm cutting my losses.

>>276095725it helps me focus

>>276097087This, stop being mentally weak

>>276094939For the last time faggot OP, this is a porn board, fuck off and stop sliding my porn threads!

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>>276097045nosperm cells die after a few days which is why your body is in constant production modeif you don't empty the tank it will empty itself while you sleep

>>2760957875 for me

>>276094939You need to work on your habits one at a time.Fapping is a pretty hard habit to break so work on slightly easier ones first.For myself I worked on my bad habits in roughly this order (reminder only do one at a time):>start working out every day (this one takes a few months)>stop drinking soda>stop drinking sugary drinks like juice>read books every day at least 1-2 hours>stop drinking anything other than water>stop fappingif you do it one at a time like this it can be accomplished. also some of the books i read were ones with good information on breaking habits. it's written by a jew, sure, but I recommend Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.

>>276095787lets go 1 or 8

Anyone else only get sex dreams when they’re not NoFap? When I do NoFap I get “sex” dreams about jacking off.

>>276099207>dreams about jacking off NGMI

I'll be honest, I haven't fapped in 4 months and honestly there is no difference. It is all made up shit by the nofappers, no super powers or anything like that will be given to you.The only thing is, I feel better about myself not being a gross porn ingesting coombrain and I will say I have clearer thoughts too. Although I'm not sure either of those things are from nofap because I have also gotten /fit/ and eat a have been eating a healthy diet since February. Something I can definitely attribute to nofap is that I have almost entirely lost my interest in women. I rarely have sexual thoughts or desires and women just piss me off these days. I find them absolutely disgusting creatures and their presence irritates the fuck out of me.

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>>276096241Do not worry, friend, I will gift you this 5

>>276094939Stay away from media as much as you can, if you are using the internet and see lewd pictures close the app, distract your mind by always being busy with something else and if you've gotten horny for some reason and want to masturbate remember what it leads to; these are some basic tips>>276097087You can not fap and not be obsessed about it too

Hour: 134Still sane.One day at a time.Alcohol consumption slightly increased, but I think I'm gonna make it.

>>276095725>Can you imagineYes I can and now I must coom>>276095787anything except 3

>>276094939im literally the coomermy personal record is somewhere over 20 cooms in a daymy balls seem to be shrinking because of all the cooming.. im a sex crazed nympho coomer

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>>276095725What on earth are you going on about? Schizo commie slav, speaking nonsense as usual.

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>>276094939I'm on day 5 of nofap after a relapse on Monday. Fapped 4 times in a row to two chicks in a gloryhole box. The resulting drop in focus and energy was clearly noticeable. Since I stopped fapping, I'm doing daily pushups and pullups, and I'm always eager to do more. After the relapse, that dropped for 2 days. Now I'm fully back and energetic. Getting nice results on upper body. Stay strong bro.

>>276095945K weeb, nobody cares what you have to say. You're undoubtedly some pimple faced retard who watches only anime. Disappear dweeb.


>>276095725the most creative people in the world have a huge sex drive, often even revolving their art/work around it.


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>>276095725Most of those people werent jerking off because they had slave women theyd just take whenever they got the urge no different to taking a shit.

>>276099520>no difference>feel better>think clearer>no longer dominated by lust

>>276095725Yoooo new anti-porn anti-coom pasta

>>276099520Kys Jew

>>276094939>I've been giving in way too much lately.same here OP, i hate for it! keep trying tho, you must keep struggling against your baser self

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>>276095725>>276095787Fap for 15 minutes without cooming, then do 15 minutes of work, repeat then finally coom at the end of the day before you go to sleep. If you do this correctly you will have fapped for 8 hours, but you will also have done 8 hours of work to improve your life, and that is priceless. This method made me from a retarded coombrain into a successful person doing many successful things.

>>276098798Not necessarily. I have went months without wet dreams while retaining. If you release while experiencing a sexual dream, this signifies a psychic vulnerability and lack of control. Some would even say those are beings feeding off of your energy because you are not able to defend yourself, but that's not everyone cup of tea. New level, new devil.

>>276094939>stay away from this website>stay away from social media>stop findind exuses>learn to read

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>>276101145Here's a useful technique: make a 90-day checklist. Put it up somewhere you'll see it every day. Check off every nofap day. Desire to see every single day checked off.Even if you mess up once in a while, continue, but do not check off the day. Leave it.Once the 90 days are up, look at your progress. See how much you were able to accomplish. From there, decide to continue with the checklist or to stop.

>>276095725>>276095787the duality of man

>>276106979Why 90 days? Well, it's said it takes around 20 days to break a habit, but chronic masturbation is said to create a neurological dependency, that your brain has become rewired in an atypical manner. 90 days is around the time it takes for rewiring to be effective.>t. a person on the Internet


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>>276095787Alright, let's play.

>>276095725>Can you imagine Christopher Columbus, Leonardo da Vinci, or Plato coomingYesBad news for you they all coomed

>>276095725>Can you imagine Christopher Columbus, Leonardo da Vinci, or Plato to spend time like you do?Great, now I have to coom again.

>>276095787Damn 5 looks hot as fuck


>>276100536How the fuck did you manage that? I coomed I think maybe 8 times a day once in high school and I never felt worse in my life.

>>276104186I used to scratch my head whenever I felt stressed, but stress for the brain is like pain for the muscle, you have to take it in and continue until you're so tired you can sleep with no issues.

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>>276094939The best way to do nofap is to find a wife and use her as a mana storage.

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Just do it in moderation idiots.

>>276095787Why are women like this? You'll never see men sitting around a table naked drinking tea and smiling like some sick fucks.

I made money and grinded the gym and I still can't get girls. Is it time to just fuck escorts?

>>276095787rollin rollin rollin

>>276106837>exuses>learn to readkek

>>276097945That's some hardcore spiritual stuff bro, heavy.

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>>276108735Dio cane, non ho voglia di scrivere nella vostra lingua di merda

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>>276108888thanks, goku!


>>276107197It takes 2 weeks for the brain to break host neurological rewirings.

>>276095787I WANT A MATURE WIFE NOW!!! lucky number 7


>>276109308The madman

>>276094939That’s okay. You should still knock one out every once in a while if there’s no action, for medical reasons. Every few months, a couple of times a year maybe? I basically started all the no fap from /pol about 5 years ago explaining how I keep myself focused on tomming and winning. I tommed and won myself into a rehab clinic last year. I had a coke fetish too though. Still do if I’m honest. It leads me to dating all the strippers and e-thots I’ve been seeing, I’ve calmed down in 2020, I have one I’m seeing apart from my regular gf (she’s a millionairess and my boss). I’ve gone through a good proportion of the hottest chicks in my region. There’s so many hot women though you never reach the end even in bongonia. Lord knows I sure have tried, really fucking hard. Good luck out there chaps. Keep winning.>>276099520>no difference Are you an adult male? that’s like saying gravity doesn’t exist.If you have no desire (the point of nodal is to build and harness your desire, focus and will to win) why would you wank? I can’t tell if you’re shilling or a total Patrick. You’re talking rubbish at any rate....ALSO why are people acting like as long is the norm for adult men because it should not be. It’s nasty little boy tier stuff. Porn is worse than heroin addiction too.

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>>2760957871 to 8 rolling

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>>276095787Y I K E S

>>276110888Why did it have to happen

>>276094939America is deadyou need to get ready for the future

>>276108133just like the Bible said> to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband. 3Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife unto the husband. 4The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife. 5Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayereventually you'll have so many kids to take care of you won't worry about sex

>>276109010oooo bestemmatore, va via che te spaco la testa ateo di merda

>>276109010Buongiorno, ho voglio degli spaghetti, allora del vino. GrazieGli italiani sono puzzolenti, ma il vostro cibo e bene

>>276094939So who is this broad? Might want to jerk off if her tits are good.>>276095787>Oh just jerk off. If you obsess whole day over jerking off it's the same or even worse if you rub one out.This

>>276094939What are you fuck brains talking aboutI'm a father of 2 genius children, homeowner, husband, and creative director at an entertainment company.I make myself coom every day, sometimes twice. The volume of coom I build up if I abstain for a day is absurd. My big heavy balls begin to audibly churn, and nearby women bite their lip without knowing why, when they hear it.When I fuck my wife I leave her exhausted and satisfied and basted with thick smelly jizz. Most days she can only cum twice. I allow myself to release the atom bomb in her once (once there's baby batter in her, I usually can't spooge inside again as I like a clean vag) But I need 2+ nuts to be satisfied. I boot up pixiv and start working on another fluid flood to blow on her face while she is convulsing. But sometimes it takes me too long and she just pretends to still be recovering and then she grabs the whole wad and slaps it into my hair because she thinks it's funny to something about Mary meLife is so good when your balls are Chad tier

>>276109010per favorerispondimiVorrei davvero degli spaghetti

>>276094939Nofap is a scam, it doesnt work and it wont give you any benefits.all you achieve is blueballing yourself and making your penis non functional.

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>>276109010rispondimi tu grasso bastardo italiano

>>276107991I dont feel to terrible after I coom so I can go again instantly.. It also sometimes goes in waves I might coom like once and feel content then suddenly some time later the lust overflows me and I go again and againI still remember once when I was around 12-14 I was watching porn and cooming so much that nothing came out but I still felt orgasm.. I must have actually done it over 20 times that one time and just stopped when the ecstasy became boring.. not sure my actual coom record its definitely over 17 i just stopped counting after that so I assume it was somewhere around 27 tops