Why is Sweden so cucked?

Sweden doesn't really have a history of "muh oppression" of shistkins. They played a minor role in the triangular trade but that's it. Where does the establishment drive the propaganda material from to make Swedes feel guilty?

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>>276094587I heard Barbara Spectre was involved.

They don't need guilt they just force it.

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>>276094587The person responsible for censoring statistics on immigrants and crime is a Jew. his name is (((Jerzy Sarnecki)))

Swedish people are so fucking hypocrite, they love immigrants until they move in next door. Then they start to hate that immigrant but keep supporting immigration. Fuck swedish people, they are fucking retards.

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>>276094587Almost all the western world having mass migrations did some things one way or another, even swedenexcept france, we are doomed our millenials are just a bunch of commies

>>276096166>Almost all the western world having mass migrations did some things one way or another, even swedenI do not follow your meaning, Pierre. Please explain to me.

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>>276096166what did Swden did that France didn't regarding immigration (in restricting it of course), i'm just curious ?

>>276096736based and degeneratepilled

>>276096736Unironically seek help

>>276094587Because they want to be cucked

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>>276096166Your youth are always fucking commies.


>>276099547Latvia and Estonia aren't cucked though.

>>276099665But they're mostly Atheist/Agnostic.

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Sweden has a history of successful eugenics. Sweden is basically the country equivalent of the rich, good looking kid with money who pretends to be a super liberal marxist cus they feel baaaaaad.

>>276100351For centuries religion had no impact on the cuckedness of a country, in fact no (white) country was cucked until like 50 years ago.

>>276100614Yeah that's true. Pre-cucked Sweden was paradise. I fondly remember having visited Sweden back in the days before it started becoming pozzed. Gosh it was beautiful.

>>276100747> For centuries religion had no impact on the cuckedness of a countryI disagree. Christianity has always been a plague that never should have come to Europe in the first place. It is inherently Globalist as its motives are to convert everyone and make them all "children of Christ".


>>276094587this one is easy.Hitler liked blond / blue eyes, jews went to Sweden was the home of blonde hair and blue eyes.So (( they )) targeted the nation first to destroy the phenotypes with mass immigration of African people.youtube.com/watch?v=G45WthPTo24


>>276100981No Christian nation hated itself due to Christianity.

>>276101537You are a racist little cuck.

>>276094587Main reasons :- Atheism- Protestantism- Progressive ideologies- Low iq- Lack of compassion with others ( a very bastard and wicked people at the majority)- And many more..

>>276101323I honestly wonder why (((they))) would even want to destroy such beauty. Jews must have mental problems or something.

>>276094587But they were Romans and shit, of course they’re guilty. They destroyed Giudea and the temple.

>>276094587Sweden was talked about million times. The real question is why Spain is so cucked? They're the most leftist country in Europe actually.

>>276101857The core of progressive ideologies is guilt. Sweden has very little to drive any guilt from.

>>276098184Our boomers are also commies though

>>276101799> No Christian nation hated itself due to Christianity.I disagree. Wherever Christianity was introduced, it destroyed the native culture. Hence, when Christianity was introduced into any European nation, it persecuted anyone who would not convert and destroyed any paraphernalia corresponding to the folk religion that it replaced. The fact that heads of states did this in their countries implies that they disrespected their native culture enough in order to replace it with some foreign Middle Eastern culture.

>>276096736Why are you the way that you are

>>276096736Based and redpilled

>>276102193>why is Spain cuckedWell...

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>>276094587Swedes have been targeted because the Rus destroyed the Khazarian empire.

>>276094587Sweden is weak. That is justification enough. Everything in the world is just lies and fantasies that cover up the fact that weakness has set in and the predators see it. No one is going to save you but yourselves and you can only do that with violence.

>>276102378Being Christian didn't prevent our ancestors from being ready to give their lives for their nation and people.

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>>276102378> Muh christians killed pagans n shit..Bro be honest with yourself and do your research. Pagans WERE wicked and savage, sacrificing their childreen to supposedly "gods" and killing each other with true brutality.Christianity teached europeans on how to be civilized and to have compassion with each other ( a thing that never existed in the pre-christianity period).Just look to the modern pagans, they are savage too, worshiping demons and doing sacrifices. Christianity protected and preserved the morality and morals, indeed protected Europe many times (crusades are a big example), if it not been your ancestors dying for Christ you would be a brown skinned mohammed speaking arabic now.

>>276103299I suppose.But it was sort of Civic Nationalist in some sense because in various European countries, they would allow non-Europeans to stay if they became Christian. That's why when Arabs invaded Spain, many of them got to stay when they converted to Christianity. That's why Spain (and various other Christian Southern European countries like Italy, Greece, Portugal, Georgia, etc.) have some people with noticeable Middle Eastern admixture.

Im a doctor and my wife a nurse, we are planning to move to Sweden next year for work, we are already studying the language every day. However I want to go to a region with few muslims, I really don't like Muslims, im considering Västerbotten or Norrbotten. Will i be safe? Should I learn arabic instead? I'm also worried muslims Will try to poison my dogs, I wouldn't hesitate to break the jaw of anyone who dares to touch my doggo. Also not a chink,just vpn

After WW2, their jew population trippled They were seen as ideal aryans by Hitler and they were also supplying us with steel in WW2Pretty easy to see why they're so cucked if you have a working brain

>>276103535You really don't seem to know much about Paganism at all.Also the Crusades did not save Europe from Arabs. They were a huge failure and they ended up killing Europeans more so than Arabs. The Mongols defeated the Arabs instead.

>>276103920best advice would be to stay away from shithole Swedistan until they figure out not voting for Social Democrat traitor party. in fact I wouldn't recommend any white people moving there until normie Swedes realize what they have done to their country and the implication of voting for Social Democrat traitors

>>276094778Edward Griffin did a good piece on non-violent Communist takeover by Social Democrats.nas.gov.sg/archivesonline/data/pdfdoc/lky19660427.pdf>Comrade Chairman, Comrades, I am sure I am expressing the sentiments of all delegates in thanking the Swedish Social Democratic Party for playing host to this conference.>Sweden is one of the few nations in Europe without a colonial past, yet inspite of that and without having exceptional wealth in natural resources in a rigorous climate, they have been able to establish very high standards of life.>We meet here as Democratic Socialists from many parts of the world,Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, to compare our various experiences and to find an answer to fit our own particular circumstances

>>276103920Yes just dont move into bigger cities. Also the situation is bad but its not like the memes so you'll be fine.

>>276103791Race mixing also existed in pagan times. In medieval times religion was considered way more important than race or ethnicity.

>>276104427I've heard many stories of Malmö being quite cucked, but what about Gothenburg or Stockholm? How are those cities faring?

>>276096736this is why stockholm should have been nuked instead of hiroshima

>>276104427situation is yet kinda unstable. Social Democratic government is in full damage control mode atm, especially following Quran burning and Solna graveyard crime. they deny deny deny in face of reality, bunch of shameless power hungry psychopaths desu. I wouldn't move to any country with this kind of leadership

>>276104427In big cities, how bad is it?

>>276104544> In medieval times religion was considered way more important than race or ethnicity.That is cuckery.> Race mixing also existed in pagan times.Perhaps, but very minimally. Definitely not enough to cause a noticeable change in the genetics of the European population.

>>276104792bad depending on area, commieblock areas are full with Muslim immigrants while expensive single house areas are generally clean. Sweden is ruled by literal psychopaths, nothing will happen until they vote SD or at least not leftist

>>276104597Gothenburg gangs have now roadblocks and controls part of the city, The police dont care and pretend they dont know about it. Stockholm and Malmö are famous for gangs and gangrapes.

>>276103920Haha holy shit you will NOT thrive up there, fucking gook you have no idea about the cold dark, but please try it out, your wifes dead body and your suicide corpse will be papernews after one year.

>>276104768the shameless powerhungry democratic socialists here want us to believe in equality, feminism, jewish conscription, multiculturalism, the holocaust and of course, deny and accuse at every turn. it's also expensive and crowded as fuck.

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>>276104816In medieval times they didn't give a shit about race because they didn't have to. They viewed the Arabs for example just as another hostile nation and as disbelievers. Arabs didn't threaten to physically replace the native European population. They occupied Spain for 800 years and didn't outbreed them. Nowadays the big crisis we are facing is being bread out by other races in our own homelands. Back then nobody would have dreamed about this.

>>276096736>fantasy about the Axis winning WW2>not dreaming of the world where the Confederacy won the American Civil War and grew to dominate the world, enforcing slavery of all non-americans (europeans being enslaved as well)Oh, the beautiful blonde twinks I would buy... you'd be imported like a luxury item and flaunted around in your fine clothes and gilded chains, to the jealous remarks of poorfags who can only afford niggers and other such coloreds.

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>>276104597>>276104792Yeah Malmö/Göteborg is pretty bad in general from what iv heard. Stockholm is fine in certain areas (rich white neighbourhoods) but sandniggers thend to gather during the weekend in the cities from the slums.

>>276105313That's too bad. I really admire you Swedes, so I hope something can be done about the current situation in Sweden. It would be a shame if you completely lost your country.

>>276105663This is you, except food is AIDS-covered dildos.

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>>276105504The Arabs might not have outbred the Europeans back then, but the Arabs but the with the Europeans in the South and now there are some Southern Europeans who have noticeable non-European admixture like pic related.

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>>276105861>It would be a shame if you completely lost your countrylel won't happen, it's just a slow descent into turd world status. every institution gets more dysfunctional>>276105477yea dunno what happened to this ideology, Danish social democrats also went full globohomo for decades until a few years ago because they smelt votes in anti-immigrant stance. Swedish social democrats are yet selling out their country to Muslims, only nationalists can save them now

>>276106313Stop drinking and step away from the computer!

>>276106313>>276105504> but the Arabs but the with the Europeans in the SouthI'm fucking autistic. I meant to say "but the Arabs did mix with the Europeans in the South"

>>276106442>>276106454Yeah, I know. I fucked up my typing.

>>276094587Who runs Sweden? Is it a roastie or a Chad Swede?

>>276106313Looks italian

>>276106422> turd world statusTo me that essentially is losing your country. If Europeans in Sweden get replaced with non-Europeans then the nation that we think of as Sweden no longer exists.

>>276104768Thing with this is; its the perfect storm here. The old boomers sympathy-vote left beacuse they are living in the past where that was fine. This leads to immigrants moving here who will carry on the left voting for gibs into the future when they (boomers) die off. Pic related is voting graph in Rinkeby, a gettho in Stockholm.

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>>276106689Nope. Native Italians look like pic related.

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>>276106836Boomercide now!!

>>276106836it's also that of the Nordic countries, your social democrats have been ruling for the longest. even your cityscapes are infested with social democratic ideology, you have so many commieblocks compared to Norway and Denmark. Swedish people are pussies too scared to leave their comfort zone to vote for something else than social democratic traitors

>>276102378>destroyed the native culturethat's marxism

>>276106313Of course Southern Europeans are darker than Central Europeans and some have admixture but back then they didn't care about race because it was just a small number, also your original point was Protestantism and they were catholic.

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>>276105663based. thats why im keeping my twink physic so I can get adopted by a big buff nazi daddy lol

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>>276095087Oh wow, read about this guy.REMEMBER: Jews who fled Poland in 1968 were largely communist and/or either directly participating in the Stalinist oppression system (why else would they stay in Poland as opposed to moving to Israel?), they're basically the worst in terms of politics.

>>276102479cause men are superior to women and gay men are hot af and love my twink bubble butt

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>>276107800>>276107434Snälla bara ta ditt liv snarast..

>>276094587Swedes are for the most part autistic and jews take advantage of it

>>276107232> also your original point was Protestantism and they were catholic.Just because my original point was about Protestantism being cucked, doesn't mean I don't think the other sects of Christianity are uncucked. > Of course Southern Europeans are darker than Central Europeans and some have admixture but back then they didn't care about race because it was just a small numberBut then those admixed people bred and now there is a significant portion of admixed people. Albeit, they are a minority. But pretending those people are full native Europeans will help reduce the biological heritage of Europe.

>>276108205sorry mannen. kommer inte för jag är för snygg för det ;)

>>276106922>Native Italians look like pic relatedHave you ever been to Italy or any European country so far? Every European ethnicity has much diversity in phenotypes. Of course the further South you go darker phenotypes will get more common but picking one person and saying that "this is how people from this region look like" is very naive. There are tanned, dark-haired, dark-eyed Scandinavians and there are blonde-haired, blue-eyed Mediterraneans who get sunburned after 30 minutes. It's all a matter of averages. Things just aren't as simple as they often seem.

>>276106313There are native Irish people who look like pic related, no one knows where they came from

>>276094587Because gay jews wanna bum blonde dude's


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>>276108469> It's all a matter of averages.That's my point. I am saying the typical Italian phenotype is Claudio Marchisio. (albeit green and hazel eyes are also common like blue eyes).And yes, I understand that Southern Europe is obviously less nordic looking. And that's fine. However, there is a big difference between being non-Nordic and having considerable non-European admixture. And what I am saying is that we should call out those who have considerable non-European admixture and classify them as such people.

>>276108584They're probably mixed aswell.

>>276109257What percentage do you classify as considerable? Should we do a DNA test on anyone who looks a bit more swarthy and say "well you're 10% Arab, you're not white."? Remember if that person had kids with someone who is 100% European those kids will be only 5% white and after some generations the non-white amount will be undetectable.

>>276109877I mean 5% Arab.

>>276109877That's a fair point. I would say that if they are beyond 20-25% admixed then they are mixed race.I guess my main concern is that if we allow admixed Europeans to breed with nonmixed Europeans, then that might dilute less common and recessive traits like blue eyes and blond hair. Not to be too much of a nordicist, but I think we should preserve those traits (along with green and hazel eyes and red and light brown hair) and so I think that if anyone has less common traits like those then they shouldn't breed with admixed people.

>>276109342Mixed with what?

>>276110915Non Europeans. Probably Middle Eastern people or South Asians.

>>276111153How'd they get here?

>>276111570No clue. Frankly I don't even know which people you are talking about. Who are they?

>>276111733The so-called "Black Irish"They have native surnames but olive skin, dark hair and dark eyes

>>276094587every swede I know is does one of 3 things. 1.Make shitty soundcloud rap music2. Is an "art" faggot with mediocre skills3. is antifa They deserve to be raped and pillaged in the name of Allah.

>>276103535>NS Flag>Anti-PaganKek.

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>>276095619no, he's just swedish, they write like the flamboyants

We imported it from the USA. I think we are more americanized than the larger European countries.

>>276105716Göteborg has rich white parts just like Stockholm

>>276094587What guilt are you talking about?

>>276112101No i am to drunk for this shit.

>>276094587Trained. It started with bowing down to Christianity.

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>>276094682and her cousins

>>276111828I looked up the term and most of the phenotypes of the Black Irish resemble pic related. Upon further revision I don't actually think they are heavily admixed with non-Europeans. To me it seems like they're just Europeans with black hair. I'm not sure if black hair is native to Ireland, but if it isn't, then perhaps they have some admixture from Southern Europe or something.

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We need more christianity guys. Remember the good old days? Fucking third reich man, they were always arresting priests and they didnt let the Waffen-SS have chaplains! Just worship the son of a jewish whore! Then you win and the Jews crumble! Real Christianity has never been tried!

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>>276112582In Western European countries that are experiencing mass non-white immigration we're usually meant to believe that we have to repent for our history of oppression against non-whites and that is why we have to accept it. In the UK, France, the Netherlands etc it is about colonialism. In Germany it's mainly the Holocaust. Ask any white leftist. They will tell you that they feel guilty simply for being white. I can assure you that. Why otherwise would they behave the way they do? Why would they dare others to "check their white privilege" and do other garbage like this?

>>276113440No rational thinker would allow this what we are experiencing these days. Only a guilt-poisoned cuck would. Our lives don't matter in our own countries. Shitskins can do whatever they want. The establishment doesn't care, but how dare you expose the anti-white racism, you're a potential terrorist. Sick times we are living in.

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>>276113440In Sweden they say we have to show solidarity and help the ones fleeing from war. It's not very much about guilt from the past.

>>276094587Why does 4chan hate Sweden so much? I unironically think that the migration policies that we have are great. We need more workers, it helps the economy and bringing in people from different cultures gives us a wider selection of restaurants to eat from and it makes the streets, the plazas and the nightlife a lot more living and vibrant. Of course, we're not like the hypocrites who vote for migration and then suddenly move out as soon as migrants move into their neighborhoods. As a matter of fact, in 2016 we took in two Afghanis who needed somewhere to stay and it was a great experience overall. I can only lament the fact that they moved out after a year and half, my wife was even so invested in their wellbeing and development that she quit her job to stay home full time to make sure that they were alright and doing well in school. We have discussed having a baby and we're not sure that we want to have one now but once the time comes we will make sure that our child goes to a school that is not fully Swedish so that he/she learns to interact properly with people who are of different experiences in life. Sure, it all felt odd in the beginning but once you learn to go out and meet new people, you'll eventually come to love them.

>>276094587>Why is Sweden so cucked?Because our culture is formed around living in small villages where everyone has to work together in order not to starve to death, meaning that Swedes are ingrained with the mentality that everyone has to sacrifice a bit of his own well-being for the greater good. Small villages also means social control, leading to conformism. This leads to strong farmer communities, who naturally hate any elites trying to tax them. However, with the advent of socialism, the politicians managed to "hack" the Swedish mentality - "you're not paying taxes to an elite, you're paying taxes to the village." And Swedes never say no to the needs of the village. After decades of modernity destroying ties between people, and socialism finding third-worlders to take care off now that the working class no longer "needs" it, Swedes still act on the instinct of doing what's good for the village, but the instinct is broken, because we can't see that there is actually an elite and not just the wise village elders spending our money (we don't even think of the money as our own), and we can't see that the people getting the money aren't part of the village.tl;dr: farmer's conformism + modernity + socialism + liberalism

>>276094587Sweden never had borders, like any monarchy country. Socialistic countries had borders. Monarchies used to be absolute and there were no cars. Show me laws where Sweden was even protective.

>>276114667Remember what happened a few days ago in Malmö? Do you really think these were poor traumatized war refugees and not just some welfare seekers? Why are so many of them such ungratefull brutes?

>>276114801You aren't Socialistic. Stop blaming people who never had migration. Socialistic countries never had migration, they had deportation. Why don't you mention capitalism? You sell houses in private market, you have many private banks, you sell to everybody. That's not Socialism.

>>276115358>Do you really think these were poor traumatized war refugeesI wasn't giving my own opinion. I meant what kind of arguments the politicians are using to rationalize this shit.

Unironically because of the loss of finland in 1809

>>276096736Based & redpilled i guess

>>276114748>We need more workersMake babies and your problem will be solved in 20 years.

>>276115508The only time Sweden didn't had migration in last 200 years was during Hitler's Socialism, those couple few years. We have cars and airplanes and globally connected world nowadays. Monarchies never had any fucking borders. Monarchies had absolute power and could kill anybody, once that was gone literally nothing happened with protection, since it was all in hands of monarchy, you never upgraded countrywide anything relating to borders.

>>276115457they never had immigration? then why are there so many vietnamese in prague?

>>276096736holy fuck, swedes need to be killed along with their sandnigger pets

>>276113440In our case it was probably a mix of "we have it good so we can afford to share" kind of thinking and some economist figuring it would be good for the country with some more people in it.I don't think we had guilt angle.


>>276115508Politicians should know better. The only reason they are still doing this to their own people is because they hate their own people.

>>276115976The Vietnamese population in Czechia is less than 1 percent. That's barely anything.