Boogaloo Bois at it again

>Solomon and Teeter, who are said to belong to a group known as “Boojahideen,” come these faggots think CW2 EB means they have to help it happen?the only pozzed thing about their incarceration is that no white gangs are going to protect them

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>SolomonJews every time

>>276093347That ain’t Kevin Steen? We sure about this?


>>276093511This, looks like a kike too.

>>276093511>>276093878that would explain this>The FBI was first alerted to the men through an informant, and they would later speak to an undercover agent they believed was a senior figure in Hamas, with whom they shared “ideas about destroying government monuments, raiding the headquarters of a white supremacist organization in North Carolina, and targeting politicians and members of the media.”

>>276093347>"Boojahideen"ngl, that's pretty good

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>>276093347>solomon>benjamin>how comebecause the kikes want it to happen. Think about the bullshit that can get pulled under fog of war. Now, think about how foggy a civil war could get.

>BoojahideenYou know as much as those faggots glow, that's a pretty good name.

>>276093347>boogaloo goys>aka falseflag gang

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>>276093979>Solomon >far-right extremist group>raiding the headquarters of a white supremacist organization in North CarolinaBig hmmmmmmm

>>276093347Looks like they finally roped a few dopes into their trap

>>276093347Imagine wasting your life trying to help sandniggers lol

Hamas is an Israel run group created to replace the secular PLO.Too many Americans were asking questions about us supporting the religious oppression based Jews over the Secular American Revolution style PLO.

>>276093347What a bunch of retards. It's sad because there isn't exactly anything in place to explain to retards like this why they are retarded, but all the same, if you are going to be an anti-government tard, you should probably understand how the world works pretty well before you agree to any strange deals with violent groups.

>>276093979>>276093347So wait a sec. They NEVER had a real contact with HAMAS.It was an FBI agent posing as a Hamas contact who busted them.Very different story.

How can I help the Palestinian people fight the zionists?

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>boogeyman boysDoes anyone beside braindead libs believe this nonsense? It's comically fake.

>>276093979>raiding the headquarters of a white supremacist organization in North CarolinaThese dangerous Right Wingers am i right goys ?

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>>276093347>HamasThe white man’s objective ally.

>>276096059The only gang I'm in is America and we fight for Israel!

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>>276093347The right one looks kind of sexy

>>276095552>memes run so deep we see a day when jews ironically start the fight and die to create a white ethnostate>on this day, ethnonationilists will throw open borders for optics

>>276093347>>276093560Couple of Jewgaloo Goys with jewish sounding names, nothing to see here goy. Wonder how many millions they spent taking down this elaborate terror network?

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>>276096028yeah, glowies are good at entrapping retards

>>276093347This may be the most blatant psyop ever. Every gun forum I frequent has called these faggots out for being fake as hell.

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>>276093347> (((Solomon)))> ((((((Benjamin))))))everyfuckingtime

>>276093347The one on the right was at Quantico with me. Small world.

>>276093347I thought Holla Forums spawned this group so how is it filled with jews with plans to attack white supremacists? did I jump timelines?



>>276093347The libertarians that fell for the Boog meme are so fucking stupid. Glow harder faggots.

>>276093347>Solomon>BenjaminOy vey shut it down

>>276095616Ya wtf is the media smoking crack.

>>276096644no, normie republicans or gun enthusiasts began adopting /k/ lexicon from /r/4chan or facebook/ig pages that repost /k/ memes, it's the quest for updoots yet again inflicting cancer on the world

>>276096644>Hamas>attacking whites>not attacking smelly shitskin jews>"I'm totally not a jew goys"

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>>276097089It was a spawn of cia seeing the gun community memes and saying “hey what if we just made a extremist group with this and see what we can catch.”

>>276097089shut up retard it is obviously fed

>>276096419Its a shame because the tactical Hawaiian shirt is aesthetic as fuck

>>276093347Controlled opposition

>>276097853Yeah the “boogaloo boys” group was a fed op from the start the whole prepared patches and identification markers and synthetic symbolism that just stole shit from other groups yeah

>>276096644We (someone on /k/) joking coined the phrase Holocaust 2: the Electric Boogaloo years back, and when Ralph Northam tried banning guns in Virginia, incredibly suspicious namefag-tripfags came along calling themselves boogaloo boys, basically calling for the destruction of America and sounding like they were either Russians or feds LARPing as Russians. Well, some Russians got arrested, we assume those we the ones, but somehow or another their retarded faggotry continued to permeate through the internet- eventually spilling into the real world. Some are feds, most are likely just very low IQ and autistic

>>276098038It is but that was also the biggest tip off

>>276097054Boogaloos all seem to have jewish names.Stephen T. Parshall, aka “Kiwi,” 35, Andrew Lynam, 23, and William L. Loomis, 40, all of Las

>>276093347What the fuck kind of name is the "Boogaloo Bois?" It sounds like a doo wop gang from the 50's or some shitty break dancing squad from the 80's.

>>276093347ooops heres his twitter big thinks here

>>276098354>ParshallEnglish>LynamIrish>LoomisEnglishfuck you

>>276098562looks like this faggot is going to get a steady diet of tube-steaks now

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>>27609602899% sure that they were harmless larpers on the internet and some glownigger told them he was a powerful terrorist bro and suggested doing most of the shit that they were accused of wanting to do. then they will associate this with the protests to claim that white nationalist groups are planning violent attacks. it's so fucking gross.

Heheh okay Sal now go bomb a government building

>>276099109>boogaloo boys are far right look through this fools whole twitter something stinks about this

>>276099135It's the only way for the FBI to remain relevant. They aren't capable of stopping 99% of things from happening so they scour the internet for low IQ jack offs that talk a lot of shit on Facebook and then get in contact with them and set them up. I really fucking hate how Trump and Hannity say how it's only a few bad apples at the top of the FBI command that are bad people. They are all fucking worthless pieces of shit.


(((look i echo so they are jewish)))

>>276093347>far- right groupfuck around and find out

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>>276093878When the jews came over here they didn’t have societal restrictions like they did in Europe. They could marry gentiles and produce offspring that begins to blend in more. There are probably 30 million of these creatures here.

>>276099392Pretty much, it's to prevent their budget from being slashed and to keep the propaganda machine rolling. The thing is that they ARE able to stop a lot of these actual terrorist attacks from happening, but they just don't give a fuck. They need the attacks to go through every once in a while to push whatever awful scary narrative is in the public eye at the moment so they can trick people into giving up their rights.

>>276099801they imposed circumcision to make it easier.

>>276099786>meme flaggotlook through his twitter and you tell me

They were both members of antifa. Have a look through the catalogue.Remember you posted earlier and left the thread because you were bulied out of it?

Surname Solomon. Sounds like an Ashkenazi

>>276100052Yeah that was a big deal. I know two 1/4 jews. You would know one of them was a jew but the other blends in. They’re both of bad character.

>>276096243thick legged woman done spent my pay

>>276097089not sure about that boss

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>>276099344They're labeled "far right" because they're gun spergs and libruls are supposed to hate guns, but these are actually the people who have a reason to be Libertarian in 2020: drug users, perverts, and mutts. Of course they support niggers and AnComs.

>>276093347>far right>They hated "white supremacists"wot

>>276100607you ain't wrong

These two were LARPing as white supremacists to pass inside info to the enemy? Is that it?

>>276093347>giving money to subhuman sandnigger muzzdogsfucking retards

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>>276093347>Anyone on Holla Forums allying with sandmonkeys across the globeSo we were right about them being FEDs after all

>>276095616Yeah.... this doesn't make much sense at all. Far-right extremist group wants to raid far-right white supremacist group via using the help of Hamas..... What?

>>276100917Pretty sure the "boogaloo boys" were aiding antifa from the getgo.

>>276099392lmao you are a cuck, the only way to save america and stop the communist pedos is to take a damn rifle and start shooting homos and negros. That's how the nazis did it, and if you ask me they dod nothing wrong. Also, why aren't we murdering important or influential jews? just low tier kikes with no pull, I want something big. Just follow some kike celebrity, have a gun, shoot, reveal power level and spew some manifesto...etc you know the drill boys!

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>>276093347I don't understands this. A couple of far right jews attempting to help palestinians so they can get a training camp to train for an attack on a white supremacist headquarters? Is this a real item? "boojahideen?"Can we chalk this one up as a win for the Judeo/Islamic relationship and get back to fighting ancoms?


>>276096059It was a boomer tier meme on that spread to a few boomer hotspots like kikebook. Everything else is 100% invented by the media

Jews always accuse gentiles of what the jews are

>>276095616>>276096028The media and everyone backpedaled hard when the Boogaloo bois weren't actually the racist white supremacist they told everyone. So, now, the Boogaloo bois are a libertarian extremist group.

>>276096243>Knee length shorts on the boysngmi

>>276093347>far-rightWait, boogaloo boys join blm in protests, are filled with lolbert style libtertarians, and they were raising money for hamas.What does right and left have meaning anymore?

>>276095008kek, I thought that too.

>>276103411who knows

>>276096028Every big case busted by the FBI for the past few decades has been a dirty tricks program.

>>276093979>The FBI was first alerted to the men through an informant, and they would later speak to an undercover agent they believed was a senior figure in HamasLiterally>hey kids, ever consider blowing up a federal building?

>>276101353shut the fuck up fedget a real jobpic related

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>>276093347Wait, wtf would real boogaloos want support from sand niggers? Something smells fucky here.

>>276099392>They aren't capable of stopping 99% of things from happeningEven when it is handed to them on a silver platter, like with the twentieth hijacker. They are a corrupt organization that occasionally does some good things.

>>276102189Well I think that answers it. They were running a scam or a hustle and got caught up. Years ago the FBI busted a black terrorism ring in Florida and when the details finally came out it was a couple of black guys looking to take money off of dupes except the dupes were counter-terrorism agents.


>>276093347what did those retards even think they had that they could offer hamas?>t. didn't read the article

>>276105416Nigerian princes

>>276098354God I fucking hate this fake narrative. Anybody who uses the term to refer to future possible society and law and order civil war collapse is an extremist? They git these guys for having a cocktail and supposed plans yet thousands of actual rioters get away.

>>276093878Those are Hutterite/Mennonite names.

>>276093347I swear I saw those fucktards on one of the riot streams.

>>276098038it works if you're a real operator

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>>276102189This has nothing to do with the right. Libertarians are anarchists.

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Five bucks those guys don't even exist beyond fake records, fake social media, and some Gimped Artbreeder portraits for headshots.

>>276104628Presumably they believe Israel is a white supremacist state.

>>276093347So does this mean confirmed glowies then?

>>>in early June, the FBI received information about Solomon, Teeter, and other members of the Boogaloo Bois and the Boojahideen through a confidential human source (“CHS”), whom the defendants believed to be a member of Hamas. In audio-recorded conversations, Solomon and Teeter expressed that Hamas shares anti-U.S. government views that align with their own views. Solomon and Teeter also expressed their desire to employ themselves as “mercenaries” for Hamas as a means to generate cash for the Boogaloo Bois/Boojahideen movement, including funding for recruitment and purchasing land for a training compound.>According to the allegations in the criminal complaint and law enforcement affidavit, Solomon and Teeter shared with the CHS, and another individual whom they believed to be a more senior member of Hamas (and who was actually an undercover employee of the FBI), their ideas about destroying government monuments, raiding the headquarters of a white supremacist organization in North Carolina, and targeting politicians and members of the media. >Solomon and Teeter also expressed their ability to manufacture unmarked parts for guns and create unregistered and untraceable weapons, including suppressors. On July 30, Solomon and Teeter delivered to the individual they believed to be a senior member of Hamas five suppressors and expressed their desire to manufacture additional suppressors and fully-automatic weapons for Hamas. Solomon and Teeter later negotiated with the individual a price of $1,800 for five additional suppressors. Solomon and Teeter also delivered to the individual a “drop in auto sear” (“DIAS”), a part designed and intended for use in converting a weapon to shoot automatically. Solomon and Teeter believed the suppressors and the DIAS would be used by Hamas overseas to attack Israeli and U.S soldiers.

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>>276108900Their social media is highly embarrassing though because it's obvious they strongly sympathize with BLM and antifa.

>>276109572Full auto and silencers. The kikes fell for an ancient trick designed to catch sandniggers. Remember that next time somebody touts Ashkenazi

>>276096126Wait... Amerimutts REALLY think fucking a virgin cure hiv?

>>276093347Boogaloo boys are BLM and Antifa allies and larp as us to false flag. They are DEMOCRAT PARTY MEMBERS and we’re celebrated in the media last year as the Yang Gang supporting Chinese Democrat candidate Andrew Yang who wanted to give basic income.They are stupid to not realise that means the government taking money off you and giving it back with strings attached, where else does the money come from. They were catfished by us and reported to the feds as they are violent, they were planning false flag attacks that /pol averted.

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>>276093347>muh fuggin based Islam>muh white shariahGood riddance.

>>276104628There are no real boogaloos

>>276093347Just remember, you can't overthrow the government. They can shoot the tip of your dick with masers from space.

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>>276111262srsly>hey can you help me dodge a tax stampshould be met with cutting off communication at minimum. It's on the same level as>hey I'm 12, show me your cock

>>276104628No one listened when people said it was just tards larping.

>>276093347My fucking ass. That's CIA shit right there. That's shit they do. Not random civilians. How the fuck do you even get into contact with Hamas to provide material support? What fucking material support? Bubbas pick up truck? Please. This is the CIA getting busted.

>>276112321Good thing mirrors exist

>>276093878You're really going to act like everyone named Ben is a Jew?


>>276112678I don't think a mirror is going to protect you.

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a better title is>FBI Entraps Militia Idiots Into Bogus 'Hamas'

>>276102947Thats actually just what they're called when any Antifa that are arrested or caught being too public. There is no difference between their ideologies.

>> wasn't actually hamas they were talking to, big brain

>>276093979>right wing terrorists>attacks the right wingBig think

>linked toby whom, and how?

>>276093347It's like downies write they gayops for the glowies now. When Jews get bad at lying and propaganda, be ready. The end is nigh.

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>>276112527>How the fuck do you even get into contact with Hamas to provide material support?These dorks advertised their intent to wage an insurrection on facebook but their real trouble started when they went home with someone they met at a riot (Witness 1, W-1) and told them about>For example, SOLOMON and TEETER discussed attacking a National Guard Armory to steal weapons and "bombs" for the Boojahideen. W-1 stated that TEETER claimed to have a connection within the National Guard who would support the Boojahideen if a siege occurred. SOLOMON and TEETER also discussed seeking out and killing white supremacists. In reference to targeting members of a white supremacist organization for assassination, TEETER stated, "[INDIVIDUAL 1] will be recording when I kill them." In addition to discussing the theft of explosives from a National Guard Armory, SOLOMON asked W-1 if W-1 knew someone who could provide him with "C-4". Later an informant contacted them on facebook and talked them into meeting in person, where they talked at length about killing cops.>The CHS is a middle-eastern male with a heavy accentThey expressed many retarded beliefs and lofty goals, like >I'd be fine with going after the media after that. I'm not necessarily talking about the journalists on the street. Yeah, they lie. I'm more talking, I just want to take out the top 20% people at each company." and>In an effort to convince the UCE that they would have value to Hamas, SOLOMON stated, "I'm also a redneck, nobody notices a redneck

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>>276113840They posted faggy anarchist memes on twitter and facebook to the effect that they would support a Libertarian uprising against the fascist police state. According to the complaint they involved two other non-informants, not identified. They appear to have been interested in networking but not particularly active at it, and the really illegal shit didn't start until a "middle-eastern male" started egging them on.

>>276093347Gee, "far-right" FBI still trying to support more mudslimes.