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so how the FUCK we remove fluoride from drinking water?

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Fluoride is anti-Semitic.

>>276093201We need a reliable, easy and safe way to remove it from our drinking water before we drink it. Fluoride is bad, there's a mountain of evidence to support it.


>>276093096Why would they do this and tell other countries it's good for them

>>276093333there are brands without it, they cost the same as with it you can check the labeling

We have neither fluoride nor chlorine in our tap water because we are the master race. I have never tasted tap water as good as Dutch tap water.

>>276093441Most brands don't indicate fluoride in it, from the top of my head Dasani does not.

>>276093441They don't label it here. You can get distilled water and add minerals.

>>276093650>dasaniNigger that's coca-cola

>>276093441Additionally, tap filters don't remove fluoride from the water, so we're fucked either way.

>>276093096if you've already been drinking fluoride water for a significant portion of time then it doesn't matter the calcification of your pineal gland would have already taken placeif you haven't then you distil water and then add a tiny amount of ionized salt into the finished product

>>276093333Can you show me evidence I’ve always heard it was bad but never could find anything.

>>276093809>a significant portion of timeaprox?

>>276093096Reverse osmosis. You can get s brita style jug from zerowater for like $35. Well worth it to decalcify your pineal gland and become an indigo warrior n shiiiiiiiiieeeeettttttt


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>>276093441Carrying water is a massive hassle

>>276093393>other countriespretty sure it's only the USA that is stupid enough to accept neurotoxin directly added to water

>>276093096Bone filterApparently it bonds to the calcium?You can also distill it

>>276093812How about you take one fucking minute to research the history of it and see for yourself. Google "fluoridation history" and see where it came from. You shouldnt need anything more than that unless you're retarded, or rather, more retarded than asking such a simple question on 4chan

>>276093812HAHA fuck you faggot! Jew faggot trying to get people to drink your shitty tap. Hahaha how stupid do you think were are. We aren't drinking your flouride stupid nigger.

>>276093812I can.ehp.niehs.nih.gov/doi/10.1289/ehp.1104912Table one.>>276093809I moved to Singapore recently and I feel less creative, more light-headed, more pacific and overall more dazed.


>>276093809Just take iodine and iodide supplementsYou body can handle omega huge doses and it's used to cure some shit so any normal supplement will be fineAlso hydroxy chloroquine works as well apparently (very well, actually)

>>276093812industrial waste turned into profit at your expense

>>276094458Come die with us in this city of Pax Judaica.

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>>276093654How to add minerals? I always get distilled water in jugs at walmart because I dont want to drink tap water but I dont like the idea that Im stripping my body of minerals it needs.

>>276094458>moved to Singapore >more pacific

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>>276093809>>276094589>>276094458>>276093939actually maybe you might be able to decalcify the pineal glandhealthline.com/health/decalcify-pineal-gland#decalcification>A 2019 animal studyTrusted Source in rats found those who were placed on a fluoride-free diet for 4 to 8 weeks experienced a greater increase in the number of pineal gland cells compared with those who consumed fluoridated food and drinking water.

>>276094388I think I’d rather kill myself than be in Canada might be why you’re being such a bitch right now.

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>>276094732kek. Do you drink tap water? Is this a concern to you?

>>276094589I bought iodine but never took it, I dont think it has a dosage on the bottle. What is the right amount per day? Like 1 droplet?

>>276093096Wait, we had fluoride water? No wonder I'm so retarded.

>>276094759Bolshevisim isn't funny.

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>>276093096>Fluoridated salt is available in France,[49] and 3% of the population uses naturally fluoridated water,[23] but the water is not artificially fluoridated.[23][59]>en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fluoridation_by_countryfeels good man

>>276094458>children in high-floride environments had lower IQYeah but what were the rates of tooth decay???

>>276094968just boil it, typical in all change of environment,like how some village by can drink mudwater and be totally fine, yet 1 city folk will get dirrare from it

>>276093096Fluoride removal filters aren't expensive.

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>>276094968Tap water? It's New Water!pub.gov.sg/watersupply/fournationaltaps/newater

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>>276093597>we are the master race

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>tfw calcification of the pineal gland in minors can be directly linked to the unusual decrease in the age at which puberty occursReally makes you think.

>>276095197Boiling water will not get fluoride out of it. It will however increase the concentration of fluoride since the H20 quantity is diminished by the boiling process.


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>>276095464Lee: Yes, we've got to go the way the world is going. China has already allowed and recognized gays, so have Hong Kong and Taiwan.nytimes.com/2007/08/29/world/asia/29iht-lee-excerpts.html?pagewanted=all&_r=2&;;;;;>"Tikkun Olam goy. NS by Jews is till not enough."moe.gov.sg/news/speeches/speech-by-second-minister-for-education-ms-indranee-rajah-at-the-tikkun-olam-makers-tom-makeatho>"Holohoax was real, oy vey we gotta have hate speech laws."mha.gov.sg/newsroom/in-parliament/parliamentary-speeches/news/ministerial-statement-on-restricting-hate-speech-to-maintain-racial-and-religious-harmony-in-singapore-speech-by-mr-k-shanmugam-minister-for-home-affairs-and-minister-for-law>"LGBT children"pap.org.sg/news/parliament-highlights-4-september-2019/>LKY. Democratic Socialist Comrades in Sweden,1966.nas.gov.sg/archivesonline/data/pdfdoc/lky19660427.pdf>King Nigger pushes feminism in Singaporetodayonline.com/singapore/world-would-be-far-better-if-women-led-all-nations-obama-tells-cheering-spore-audience

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>>276095514Boil it, catch the condense, done.

>>276093983This.I was looking at gravity water filters.Should I get the Propur, Alexapure, or Berkeley?

>>276095514Fluoride makes the adrenochrome healthier, goy!

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>fluoride in drinking waterNo such thing

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>>276095047that's just your devil blood kike fren

>>276093096They discovered that it's a goyem trick


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>>276095888alway wondered what she meant by>eat your headit's an ardenochrome harvesting hmyn ;-)

>>276093096Old news, they re-continued to put Fluoridation here

>It's da JoosThese /x/ threads need to stay on /x/

>>276096147firs day on Holla Forums retard?

>>276096108Those three aren't the only things they have. Bugs eat you here. Killed any mosquitos yet?

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>>276094755Search on Amazon. There are liquid and powder options

>>276094896ofcourse you can decalcify, thats why they need to put it in the water so you get your dose every single day. Also, the water is the least of your concerns when it comes to fluoride. it's just a secondary catch all. The main source is toothpaste and pretty much everything that isnt a raw natural food.

>>276093650Dasani fucking blows

>>276093096buy RO water and use glass contsiners for it. how have you not been doing this already?

>>276095703Still has fluor in it. You cant boil it off.

>>276096397I agree. Was just an example.>>276096341I know, user. Just venting.>>276096368>The main source is toothpasteSource for that brit?

>>276096132eresources.nlb.gov.sg/infopedia/articles/SIP_1410_2009-01-06.html>Oei’s most famous legacy is the Oei Tiong Ham Concern (OTHC). It was the largest conglomerate in the Dutch East Indies in the early 20th century.It began with Kian Gwan Kongsi, which Oei inherited from his father in 1890 and converted to a limited liability company in 1893. The firm’s main activity was trade in commodities, such as rubber and coffee. In addition, it operated pawnshops and postal services. It was also involved in logging and the highly lucrative opium trade. Between 1890 and 1904, Oei made a profit of 18 million guilders from the opium trade alone.eresources.nlb.gov.sg/infopedia/articles/SIP_1828_2011-08-04.htmlhttps://mothership.sg/2017/07/the-first-sex-change-surgery-in-spore-performed-in-1971-was-also-the-first-in-asia/https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/gay-father-adopt-surrogate-son-singapore-11039384You're occupied by Jew, we're occupied by Jew. This globohomo communist world needs to go.

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>>276095514I got a ClearlyFiltered water filter pitcher off a certain water filter merchant online; works well enough for me. Most of the water filters they sell in this country doesn't remove fluoride. Makes me wonder if it was by design. Alternatively, try this. berkeywatersingapore.comA bit pricier, but read good things about Berkey filters.

>>276096367Trace Minerals drops have flouride though

>>276093096my doctor says i should give my baby son (6 month old) vitamin d but in those pills is also fluoride (because it's good for the teeth they say), why is it in everything and what's so bad about it

>>276096684todayonline.com/big-read/big-read-facing-job-uncertainty-and-online-vitriol-expats-spore-share-their-worries-and>The stay-at-home mother of two told TODAY that she and her 47-year-old husband, a European, had multiple emotional meltdowns, complete with episodes of shouting and crying, due to the long wait for his new EP application to be approved.Hope you're not here by means of a Kalergi engagement.

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>>276094388Why do you people always say educate yourself as a deflection when someone questions what you say? Even if you are 100% correct, no one will believe you because you are backing up what you've said. I was under the impression that leaves were required to take english/writing classes from elementary to high school like US, but I guess not. EDGEYOUK8 URCELLF faggot

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>>276093333Reverse osmosis is pretty cheap.

>>276093597Water in British Columbia is amazing, no fluoride either.

>>276094966>I'd rather DIE than not be surrounded by smelly niggers and mestizostypical american tbqh

>>276093333Find it on amazon. EZPZ.

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>>276093096Why would Jews want to be reminded of the holocaust by consuming Fuhrer-ide you fUCKING NAZI ANTI-SEMITE.

>>276096753Thanks user, I'll check it out. The one you got removes the fluoride?

I get my water in the big jugs in front of the grocery store, is that okay? Sorry I'm learning about all this right now

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>>276093201You mean NOT drinking fluoridated water is anti-semitic. Drink the flouride and be a good goy now.

>>276097261If sunlight hits those jugs you are fucked.

>>276093096Why do "we" hate Israel as a whole againThey have superb technology and is a major economic potential partnerShouldn't the hate be directed only toward a certain tribe of jews and the people that sides/aligns with them

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>>276096135>Old news, they re-continued to put Fluoridation hereSo the Arabs and jewish Arabs get their daily dose again and everyone with a room temperature IQ drinks bottled water.

>>276093096>so how the FUCK we remove fluoride from drinking water?the true question is: how the FUCK we remove the JEW from the West?

>>276097198ClearlyFiltered does. Haven't heard bad things about them making fraudulent claims either.

>>276093096buy a water filter from Alex Jones

>>276093096It’s basically in everything for all time at this point.

>>276093096No fluoride in water where I live. I also have a filter.

>>276093333The main evidence is quality of murican posting

>>276093096By spring water or get a berkey filter. My town has no fluoride in water thank good. I’ve been fluoride free for years, calcifies your pineal gland.

S O Y fags here will violently fight to keep the water fluoridated because Dr. Schlomo still claims its good, and right wing extremists are the only ones that want it removed.

>>276093096Reverse osmosis is the only thing that works.

>>276097660Based. Thanks again. I'll use it.

>>276097261Check to make sure they are "reverse osmosis filtered".

>>276095997Jewish after-life: Wait, why is it so hot here? WHERE IS HITLER?!

>>276093096>so how the FUCK we remove fluoride from drinking water?By redoing the infrastructure or by risking disease.

>>276097660>>276097831One more thing, you bought it from Lazada, correct? Where do you get the filters?

Stop drinking tap water poorfag.

>>276093983This. Not cheap though.

>>276093096Just don't add it in the first place durrr

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>>276097831No problem, fren. Hope you enjoy the weather.

>>276096924It's not an issue when retards don't believe you. He showed you the road and yo chose to whine like an ignorant bitch instead of walk it.

>>276097261Get distilled water if you go that route it will be nothing but water and avoid letting your plastic bottles sit in the sun for any amount of time.


>>276098149>naturally occuringnaturally sprayed on crops and washed away into the water table


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>>276093096At this point, I think most reddit-type normies are against removing fluoride from water just to be contrarians against the most fringe conspiracy theorists, just TO NOT CONCEDE.Fluoride is completely unnecesary for life and can badly affect your teeth and bones. It also competes with iodine for absorption which is terrible in itself. The calcification of the pineal gland is probably a meme but who knows.

>>276096897>my doctor says i should give my baby son (6 month old) vitamin d but in those pills is also fluoride (because it's good for the teeth they say), why is it in everything and what's so bad about itThat's just fucking evil. Not enough to put it in water, but put it in some supplements specifically aimed at infants ... the most vulnerable.Fluoride is a no safe dose developmental poison. Just put a cot outside in the shade and let him get some indirect UV as long as the weather's nice.

>>276093597keep up the good work

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>>276093096Israel is now funding an operation where they mix tap water with african sperm and give to their women. They claim it boosts their intelligence levels.

>>276096824Good point, i didn't think about this. I wonder if it's in smaller amounts than you would get in tap water

>>276097825Is this true? How does it compare to distilled?

>>276098033Like I said, good water filters had to be imported. I had a hard time finding one locally that meets my requirement of removing fluoride. Most commercially available ones here don't do that, or at least they don't indicate anywhere if they did. Could be a coincidence, could be that I didn't try hard enough. I got mine off that one particular water filter merchant, Alex Jones. On a side note, Reverse Osmosis should remove fluoride as well.

>>276093333>distilled water

>>276093096Get your own water intakeI'm not connected to municipal water, I have a well on my property.

>>276093809I dunno, just changing from flouride toothpaste to baking soda toothpaste already did wonders for me.If only i could get fucking filtered water, i still drink water from the fridge/tap.

>>276093096luckily we don't have to

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>>276100074Literally just google why you shouldnt leave plastic water bottles/jugs in the sun.

>>276100211i'd rather have you tell met. fluroide brain

not politics. kys

>>276100428Fine. Leaving plastic water bottles in the sun causes the plastic and other chemicals from it to leech into the water and nothing in that is good for your body.

>>276099936This. So long as you use toothpaste without fluoride, and refrain from drinking tap water like a sub-human retard, then you'll be fine. If you drink from the tap then your entire bloodline deserves to be eradicated.

>>276097411>>276097879>>276098501Thanks frens. So distilled or reverse osmosis are OK and also make sure to avoid sun exposure. Realistically how long will it take to clean my pineal gland?

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>>276094175Apparently Mexico does it too. Along with high levels of chloride. Yea that would explain a couple of things. Been searching for a decent house filter for two years already.

>>276093096Distillation, there's a reason owning stills is illegal almost worldwide. Just remember to add some salt back when you're done

>>276100877Checked and water supremacist pilled

>>276100877i'm 31 and drank from tap my whole life and i mean a lot too, i drink like 8 glasses a day plus coffee and my piss is clear, am i fuckedthat other guy up the thread said the biggest fluoride problem was our food sources so you two seem to be in disagreementhow would you even begin fixing all of your food from fluoride

>>276100877I never understood why not to use fluoride toothpaste. I understand not drinking fluoride but using it in toothpaste is good for your teeth isn't it?

>>276100603This IS politics. Fluoride is a fucking neurotoxin. Why do you think it's in our water?

>>276101500The toothpaste may be a reasonable idea. Try not to swallow any.

>>276093650Dasani is tap water with minerals added. So in America it has fluoride. Idk what your shithole does.

>>276093096that decision was reverted in 2015, by a different minister of healthisraelhayom.co.il/article/365353>so how the FUCK we remove fluoride from drinking water?reverse osmosis

>>276101500The inside of your mouth, under your tongue etc. are super absorbent. That's why there are many medicines dissolved under your tongue.So when you use fluoride toothpaste, even if you don't swallow it, your body is still getting fucked by it absorbing through your mouth.

>>276093333checked and clean water pilled

>>276093333>>276093096just go to your nearest water filter merchant

You can't escape it. Costs too much to filter the water and I rather poison myself and live a decade less than not have more money.

>>276101500What this guy said >>276101811I use pic related toothpaste. Tom's of Maine is another decent option.

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Attention USA anons. If you live in a community that has water fluoridation, all you have to do is vote if out. There is no law state or federal requiring the fluoridation of water. Every Community gets to choose on their own. If your community does so is because they chose to do so at some time in the past..

>>276097127based, love me zerowater filter.

So the stuff about fluoride being added to protect your teeth is all bullshit?You guys who went no fluoride are your teeth rotting out?

>>276102313Anything you recommend for sensitive teeth?

>>276093096>so how the FUCK we remove fluoride from drinking water?You know how to distill water?

Should you not shower in fluoride water?Also what if you boil pasta or something? Gotta filter a whole pot?

>>276101425Best starting point would be to learn how to flush out your system of all toxins, heavy metals, etc. Find a cleanse regimen that takes at least 1 month. By the way your pee should be yellow, not clear.

>>276093096>tfw you don't get added fluoride in your water since your national water sources are already sufficiently rich in it

>>276102405Yeah I live directly on lake michigan where the water is pumped from it and we STILL add flouride. Its retarded. Q. What is the fluoride level of the drinking water?A. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has established the “optimal level” for fluoride content in drinking water to be in the range of 0.7 mg/L to 1.2 mg/L. The fluoride level in the Authority’s drinking water is maintained at the minimum recommended level of 0.7 mg/L.

>>276101999>>276101999>Costs too much to filter the water and I rather poison myself and live a decade less than not have more money.This is what happens when you're overly-occupied with being a greedy, greasy rat fuck subversive Jew and don't know how to distill water.It's literally a heat source and water, Jew.Fucking 150 IQ galaxy brains my fat ass...

>>276102493I haven't used fluoride toothpaste for nearly 4 years. My teeth are healthy, clean, straight, and fairly white with no stains at all.

I've bought my water from the chinks down the street that have huge machines to filter fluoride and other shit out of the water. Never had to worry about getting dumbed down more except when i shower.

>>276101196>Apparently Mexico does it too. Along with high levels of chlorideSame here

>>276095767One or the other, they both work. Just be ready for what happens when you take the fluoride out.

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>>276102498Not off the top of my head. Sensitive teeth is often an indication of a deficiency in one or more micronutrients. Make sure you get plenty of sunlight, vitamin C and calcium

>>276102890alex jones has shower head filters on his websitedunno if it's bullshit or not>>276102951what happens

>>276094175a lot of countries do it, there is the list on jewkipedia, italy seems to be based

>>276093096>how the FUCK we remove fluoride from drinking waterdon't drink tap water?

>>276093333>>276093096Why is it bad? The whole it makes frogs gay? I thought it was a meme.

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>>276095464thats BSWe all dress like that in San Diego

>>276101006Start taking chlorella and drinking apple cider vinegar every day to speed up the decalcification process. I take a course of chlorella every year to flush out heavy metals in my body and fix up my pineal gland

Water Utility worker fag here. None of our systems use fluoride and its slowly being phased out. Although, I believe a study I saw in 2018 from CDC says about 70% or systems still use it. Depends on where you live, I'm lucky and don't have it. Its really just standard bleach used in tiny doses that's the main chemical infused in the water to kill bacteria cheaply and easily. IDK how much that affects our body's if it does, but its damn near necessary or you'd have green and black water when you turn on the sink and itd clog up you shit quickly. Not to mention all the bacteria you could get sick from.

>>276103150>shower head filters >alex jonesIf you're going to buy shit, don't buy shit from that fucking retard of a snake oil salesman. You're just helping him with his retarded conspiracy theories and misdirection from the main group who's the primary agitator and cause of all the bullshit, filthy rich jews. Also, shower head filters don't really work in the sense of truly filtering the water. For that you would need an expensive filtration system hooked up to the water pipe before it even hits any of the faucets or showers. Shower head filters definitely do not filter out the fluoride, I guarantee that much. I'm sure they greatly reduce a bunch of other contaminants though so it's not like they do nothing. Not too sure about the health improvements of using a shower head filter as opposed to no filter. But I kind of doubt it would be significant outside of marginal improvement in skin health and perhaps hair thinning?

By boiling and distilling

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>>276103947the frogs gay thing was from estrogen products (like birth control) being flushed down the toilets by either urine or just touching the pills for whatever reason and being released back out the sewer lines into nature. Frogs hang around where its disposed (cause water) and they absorb the estrogen through a thin membrane outside their bodies which alters their sex trough some natural process (can't remember name), but its doing it through unnatural means and with much higher doses than normal. The frog can then literally change sexes. Alex Joes was being entertaining when he said that, so they're not really "gay", but there's truth to them changing sex from chemicals in our water

>>276102313Desert essence also has an excellent coconut oil dual phase pulling rinse that I recommend you check out, for overall oral health.

>>276100877>refrain from drinking tap water like a sub-human retard>your pee should be yellow>having such shitty infrastructure that you can't trust the tap water to stay properly hydrated>the delusion of mutts

>>276102498Check out Squiggle tooth builder toothpaste (the fluoride free one). It's on amazon. I've tried it and it seems to be very effective.

Speaking of flouride free toothpaste, Whats the deal with Apagard or whatever its called. Anyone know whats up with it?

>>276094589>You body can handle omega huge dosesthis runs counter to what ive heard, which makes sense because there is no 1 natural source of concentrated iodine; only trace amounts

>>276105598huh, I learned something useful and non-blac pilled in pol, I'm shocked, thank you user. But still, why is fluorine bad? Cancer?

>>276093333it's called distillation, genius

>>276093096get a reverse osmosis filtration system, it fits under your sink and takes less than an hour to install yourself

>>276106492It's bad for you in too many ways to list. It's posion to numerous systems in your body. It will negatively impact your health long before you ever get cancer.

>>276102498fluoride is what makes your teeth sensitive in some cases. vitamin k2-mk7 helps too (liver, raw milk, cheese)


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>>276106341Take the mHAp pill, it's good shit. Genuinely feel it rebuilt some sharp edges and hairline cracks on my front teeth. Proper technique and 2+ minutes twice or more daily matters the most though

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>>276093096Stop adding it, replace it with iodine. It's that simple. >>276093809Eating tamarind and iodine will decalify it


>>276093441tell me one single brand of water without fluoride in it, and i will buy it. im assuming walmarts Great Value water is fluoridated?

>>276093096>drinking tap waterdo people do this out of necessity or whati literally only did it once and i was literally stranded and had to beg to a shop owner and it was cringe

>>276107045If you are getting walmart water just get distilled water in big jugs there. They legally cant put anything in distilled water because people need to use it for breathing machines and shit.

>>276107194Just how we were raised I guess.I've always drank tap water, use it to make coffee and tea, use it for cooking, bathe in it, et cetera. I mean that's supposed to be what it's for.

>>276106859Can this be ordered in the US? Last time I checked because of the corrupt American dental association there were some toothpastes not sold here.

BASED LONG ISLAND doesnt fluoridate : )WOOH wooh WOOH wooh WOOH wooh WOOH wooh WOOH wooh WOOH wooh

>>276101999wasted on a dumb kike

>>276093096this. if anyone knows of any filters hopefully less than $200 cad please let me know.

>>276106497im pretty sure distillation doesnt remove flouride

>>276093809boron + iodine

>>276108054Do you not understand what distillation is?

>>276107662You can always import from Japan although it's a little pricey, that's what I do. I heard there were other brands maybe some specific sensodyne version with mHAp and no fluoride that maybe cheaper to get.

>>276093096>so how the FUCK we remove fluoride from drinking water?alumina filter

>>276108271do you understand that any fluid can be distilled? If the temp at which flouride is able to separate is lower that that of water....

>>276095192studies have shown that as long as you're using flouridated toothpaste there is no additional benefit to the water

>>276106076you dont think it's a little suspicious that the same people who put fluoride in the water are the ones telling you to drink 8 glasses a day?

>>276093333No there isn't you fucking retard. Enjoy your rotten teeth, or as we call it in Portland: "Multnomah mouth". See, Portland doesn't flouridate its water either, which is why people start to look British here.

>>276108417Thank you fren. When I looked before it was actually the specific fluoride free sensodyne that was legally not allowed to be sold in the US.Can you share how you're importing from Japan please? I don't mind paying extra for my teeth.

>>2761092621 tea has more fluoride than a weeks worth of water... London water table also has the highest (((natural fluoride))) in the world.

>>276093096Fluoride for thee, but not for me

>>276094896To decalify the pineal gland you have to avoid chlorine, fluoride, and bromine.You must consume iodineYou must HYDRATE and get plenty of electrolytes, especially calcium, to help remove the tainted onesYou must eat citrus and vinegar to aid in the removal of the tainted calcium Tamarind is a major benefit too, it quadruples your excretion of Fluoride per day and can almost entirely counteract fluoridated waterI am certain there is more you can do but this is what i know so far. It's not actually expensive or difficult to remove fluoride from your body. Bromine is a bit harder because it's in every grain product in the US, so for poor people that might be tough. Iodine supplements are extremely important for the impoverished.

>>276093096is there a problem w/ pure well water? I get it from some ~30 mmoreover, my 2nd water supply is forest water coming from springsam I gonna get the ded if I just drink from those?

>>276093333Didn't nazis use to give lots of fluoride to the jews in order to keep them numbed?

>>276109382Try earthpaste. It actually remineralized a cavity i had forming and costs less than Sensodyne. Great stuff

>>276093096>fluoride is an ebil jewish conspiracy to poison the goyim>jews waited 66 years before banning it in their countrythis is your brain on anti-semitism

>>276093096>Not having a well

>>276109637are the chlorine byproducts in water still chlorine?

>>276109748no, stop asking questions

>>276097127Drinking some right now. It's so tasty.

>>276093096Get a Berkey filter system with the fluoride / arsenic filters in addition to the black filters

Jews can afford Bottled Water now from Golem Tax Payers. Excellent, no more flouride.

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>>276109822I will look up earthpaste, always interested in checking out new options. Thank you

>>276093096>so how the FUCK we remove fluoride from drinking water?basil absorbs it, so filter what you can the soak the water with basil, throw out the basil

>>276093096MUH FLUIDS!!!!

>>276093597I was working on an engine with Dutch scientists visiting America and they dove to the ground to collect spilled motor oil with their hands, very environmentally friendly in their practices

>>276093096boron in the form of boric acid, borax or sodium borate.>>276109934israel has very high levels of boron (in the form of boric acid or borate) in their water, while most european nations as well as many parts of the US don't have it.boron has a very high affinity towards fluoride, forming fluoroborates which are simply pissed out, so it's a natural fluoride remover.your little country has both the poison and the remedy, while most others don't.

under sink reverse osmosis filter with remineralizer unfortunately I don't think anything removes it 100% besides distillation

>>276110835I wasn't aware of that. Time to look into it, i might start drinking a bit of borax every day

>>276109934i don't think the zionist government cares about it's individual citizens that much

>>276098398>literally ask for the road>FIND IT YOURSELF

>>276102493Did your ancestors use flouride to brush their teeth? Those Africans with pearly whites use sticks.

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>>276111078read 'the boron conspiracy' and search for borax on 4plebs. really interesting topic. if you're into nutrition, look also into iodine/iodide and selenium.

>>276096897Vitamin d-3. Was recommended for my kids as well, ended up just taking them outside for 2 min at a time every hour to get some sun

>>276093333nice numerals just buy a water distiller goy stainless steel or copper

>>276111586Hmm. I take vitamin D-3 every day but the bottle doesnt say it has flouride. It just has vitamin D3 in it.


>>276095123How can I become a head Rabbi?

>>276111858he;s in germany they put fluoride in all sorts of weird shit there. their table salt is fluoridated for example.

>>276112030Oh that's weird.

>>276112030Is all this just for "oral health?"Why is it in literally everything if it's just for oral health?Surely they have some other excuse as well? Like what other benefits do they say it has?

Nonstick coatings are flourine based

>>276112448I never understood people who use that, it instinctively seemed weird to me.Geez just put some olive oil in the pan

>>276094458Hot climates are for weak faggots.

>>276109262No, Portland has some of the highest rates of teen homeless, vagabonds, in the entire country. San Francisco has similar horrible dental health. It's shit hygiene. Fluoridealert.org used to have archives of literally thousands of peer-reviewed studies from around the world showing two major things: 1) fluoridated water was ineffective, as the water doesn't come in contact with teeth for long enough, and 2) all forms of fluoridation were strongly associated with disease, and dysfunction in literally every part of the body the fluoride compounds came in contact with. Full spectrum, every organ sustains damage.

>>276095956based quebec, as usual. Esti que j'aime ma province.

>>276112580It's important to make it as easy as possible for you to be a lazy consoomer poisoning yourself with product.

>>276093441>brandsWe're talking about tap water, thirdie. Nobody buys bottles in the first world.

>>276093096Can someone redpill me on this? What does fluoride do?

>>276112853makes you dumb

>>276112853makes your teeth strong and healthy, you wouldnt want british teeth would you?

>>276112853It calcifies your pineal gland which means you can no longer receive revelation from the astral plane.

so close...Yet so far

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>>276102653It never ends.

>>276093096Are you sure you have fluoride in water? Because not all countries have. We don't.

>>276113100This pretty much.


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>>276096135wrong, pal. they didn'thealth.gov.il/Subjects/Dental_health/information/Pages/flouride-2015.aspx

>>276112030>>276112327It depends. Some countries put iodine in salt some selen whatever is perceived as definincy.

>>276093096I have well water. I get my flouride the natural way- through toothpaste.

>>276093597They've already achieved what fluoridation would provide with mass consumption of anti-depressants and birth control pillsTrace amounts of these are in tap water and make the population docile

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>>276096897>>276111586>>276111858Boron regulates sexual hormone balance (increases testosterone in men [can personally confirm this], increases estrogen in women) and also can raise vitamin d3 (it's chemical structure is closely related to test and estrogen, all of them are steroids). moreover, boron balances mineral distribution in the body. some people believe that instead of taking calcium + vitamin d3 you should just take boron. also, boron levels in drinking water are closely related to levels of arthritis in the population. maybe, but this is just my guess, fluoride is not completely poisonous in itself, but it actually acts as a poison through the removal of boron from the body (see >>276110835).i am shilling hard for boron here, but do your own research.>>276112030i noticed that too. shit's weird and pointless. also, everyone i know got fluoride tablets for teeth development as a kid, including myself. maybe this is/was just people trying to make money from waste (sodium fluoride). my mother told me that since there was no internet, they just did what doctors recommended and what everyone else did.

>>276108879Sodium fluoride upon distillation is a salt, you absolute retard

>>276093096>2014They brought it back

>>276093096why can't ameritards just install a reverse osmosis filter? that shit is cheap as hell and it removes practically all minerals, even the good ones kek

>>276113527>make the population docileMakes the population retarded. It's why this generation doesn't know what gender it is. It's why we have a problem with active shooters.

>>276113527the antidepressant prozac is literally fluoride

>>276113638why are you trying to turn the world into a low-resonance technophiliac saturnian hellhole

>>276113908this anti-depressants are poison NEVER INGEST ANY

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>>276095018I've taken 50mg iodoral per day for a couple months at some point. At dosages that high you might get some nervousness and shit like that. if you're just taking drops, I wouldn't worry too much. You can also take it transdermally, just rub a bunch of it on your stomach.

>>276093096NYC water has fluoride and chlorine in it. NYC is famous for their soft water. I used to drink it from the tap. My teeth are still shit.

>>276093096used to live in a large us city that did not floridatemoved to a floridate cityno more mood swings but 10 point IQ dropI prefer the flouride quite honestly. keeps the population calmer, less dynamic

>>276114414Oops my bad. Fluoridation did not come back. Its supposed to be they didn'thealth.gov.il/English/Topics/Dental_Health/information/Pages/flouride-2015.aspx

If I stop drinking fluoride will all of my problems be solved?

>>276107045as far as i know this bulgarian brand doesn't have it "anions: F(loride)

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>>276114862no. the danger of it is mostly regarding development and we all injested it growing up. and to say it's a "danger" is an overstatement. it's not good but it's not like it will kill you. it just dulls your perception to life.

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>>276093096Fluoride is naturally occuring in drinking water, don't worry about it.


>>276093096You get a well.

>>276112580women are lazy. if they think it will make them have to do less work, theyll buy it.I also, instinctively didnt trust the flaky cracked pans my mom used. I asked her one day -"is this shit safe?", she replied "o course it is -they wouldnt sell it if it werent!"...wish I hd listened to my instincts....

>>276112801maybe you should start iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/these-everyday-products-can-make-boys-grow-sizeable-breasts-study-finds/https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/sperm-count-west-men-health-drop-60-cent-years-modern-life-a7859491.html

>>276115601I guess you could call it laziness but I more think it is the result of increasing complexity in our world.People have busy lives and no one can know everything, it's unreasonable to expect people to know every little aspect of the production and chemicals used in every product and material that they come into contact with.A better solution would be if we didn't have incompetent scientists and corrupt leadership that are willfully negligent at best and malicious and treasonous at worst.The common people like regular moms are at the bottom of the list of blame as far as I'm concerned.

>>276113613not all of it is ionic...retard

>>276114862Thats a negative -youll still be gay

>>276115657>maybe you should start buying the things that cause that in the first placebased brainlet

>>276113100Astral plane?

>>276093096Are they allowed to drink Israeli tap water? Jews can't drink New York tap water because it isn't kosher.