Should sex dolls be illegal? Are they going to ban body pillows next?

Should sex dolls be illegal? Are they going to ban body pillows next?

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>>276092635What a prude.

make dildos illegal then, equality demands it

>>276092635>white figure and hair>chinkoid faceRuined

There is nothing wrong with fucking a delicious loli doll.

I get, the jew that wanted to photograph the little was rejected by the mom, so now the jew encouraged a sex doll maker to use the little girls likeness. Its just kewish revenge is all.

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>posing your child like a sex doll picture for THINK OF THE CHILDREN points

Come now, there's no way her child looks like this. She's just trying to get a quick buck and literally asked her child to pose in the same way as this picture so that she can make the claim. The toy has a child's body and her child just happens to have a similar body. Dumb bitch is using her kid as a vehicle for lawsuit money. Fuck this gay earth.

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>>276092635>legal to make a firearm in your home>illegal to make a fuckdoll in your homeUSA! USA! USA! USA!

>>276092635looks like a coincidence to me.

>>276092635No. Also why does she care she is only drawing more attention to it, embarrassing her daughter in the process.

>>276092635Sex robots will force women to step up their game. So no, they should not be illegal.


>>276093737That's what I thought. Women just cannot resist attention whoring no matter what.

>>276093649ya think?>>276093737>drawing more attention to itshe's drawing attention to herself

>>276092635that's not exactly an uncommon position or hairstyle. Where is the proof they copied her daughter? And moreover, why are you posting pictures of your daughter publicly if you aren't okay with people seeing/saving them? You can't have your cake and eat it too.

>>276094531I think the worst part about cases like these is that despite everything you said being rational, they can easily hurl a pedo accusation at you and nobody will listen

>>276092635How did the sex doll makers get the daughter’s likeness?

Fuck pedos.But fuck karens too. The reason the face is blurred is not to protect the girl identity, but because that girl is white and not asian like the doll.

let's be honest. This story is completely fabricated. Also, aren't sex dolls less like pedophilia and more like necrophilia?

mother is jealous of daughter

>>276092635What percentage of men even buy these?

>>276093247Thats really what this looks like.

>>276095193first I need proof the picture of the kid wasn't staged and taken after the doll was made

>>276094752It's just hipocracy. You see all these moms making their daughters pose sexually in skimpy clothes on Instagram for likes, then going on angry rants about how awful pedophiles are. When the only reason the girl gets millions of views in the first place is because the content posted is purposely designed to appeal to pedophiles. It's just absurd.

>>276092635Why did they blur the face of the sex doll and not the child if they are identical? Shouldn't they have blurred both?

>>276095576Females often talk in doublespeak, you shouldn't take them being outraged at something as proof they are outraged by it

>>276092635How exactly does one "discover" a sex doll bears a resemblance to their daughter. How did this "discovery" make its way to her?

>>276092635the guy that made the sex doll needs to be publicly executed as does every pedophile in this thread.

>>276093079>>276092635>slippery slop rhetoricHow does it feel knowing your days are numbered your pedo scum? Both liberals and conservatives wish to see you hang or castrated. You know good and goddamn well sex dolls should be legal but those made in the likeness of little children should have the owners submitted into a registry just incase they try anything with an IRL child so they can be punished to an even further extent of the law.You are slime trying to tear down kinks and fetishes normal people have to your sick level. Get fucked and die slow.

>>276095931Of course. The whole point of virtue signalling against pedos is to avoid accusations that they're sexualizing their daughters, which clearly they are. But it's rather telling that it's socially acceptable to sexualize your daughter, but not acceptable to find it appealing. It's the natural consequence of feminism - females get the benefits of sexual liberation but do everything in their power to deprive males of any benefit.

>>276092635Why should it be illegal? I’m glad that you will never amount to anything or hold any real power or authority over anything or anyone. I’m glad you will always be a loser and will never write a law, rule or regulation on anything. You sound like a stupid crybaby bitch that wants to make anything that makes you uncomfortable illegal.

>>276092635No doubt Mom will be ecstatic when said daughter brings Tyrone up to her room in junior high?

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>>276096261She might be, just so she can virtue signal that her daughter isn't a racist and will date black men. Now if her daughter wants to marry Tyrone, or is teen pregnant by him, then she might object.

>>276096195>liberals hate pedophilesLmao

>it's another thinly disguised pedo thread hiding behind sex dolls>Holla Forums falls for it every timeThese fuck dolls have more brains than the lot of you.

>>276092635why was the photo of the daughter on social media in the first place?

>>276096195>muh day of the copeYou won't do shit you subhuman mutt. Burgers are literally standing by as kikes in commiefornia are actively taking steps to legalise pedofiliaEntire nation of cowards

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>>276096757This. Women have no agency and believe the world should pander to their safety.

>>276096434People talk about black men sexually too much here. It's not funny to do.

>>276096195You unironucally want more kids to he abused. In Japan where childlike dolls are legal child abuse has gone down since their introduction.Stop wasting people's time and money morality policing victimless shit. It's too expensive and it will always be too expensive.

>>276097335good point

>>276096195show me a picture of a kid in your family so i can make one in their likeness and fuck it in the ass

>>276097406I'm just really worried that this shit will lead to 65cm dolls being outlawed. I just want to fuck my tiny doll to her throat while watching monster hentai man.

>>276097335>mfw saw someone on kikebook who said sex dolls can be a victimsToy Story was a mistake

i seriously doubt anyone took her likeness those companies making such controversial items wouldnt risk it

>>276092635Here they can ban sex dolls, I dont have one or need one, but also dildos and if women come out REEEEEE-ING that will speam volumes.

>>276093247This was the first think I thought of aswell. How are they so shameless, and why do they hate fuckdolls so much?

>>276092635If it truly is in her likeness isn't it stupid not to censor the dolls face too?Oh wait, she's just lying to fucking get free money from a lawsuit.

>>276097683There's a movie or a show where a guy has a gf and a sex doll and the sex doll ends up being a feminist and independent. They're really trying to police our sexual freedom.

>>276092635Robowaifus and artificial wombs will become the new bastion of civilization.Meanwhile, sex dolls and surrogacy.

What the fuck was that woman browsing to find the doll in the first place? she is a degenerate herself.

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>>276097654characters in shows have life in the platonic realm of ideas, 2d girls are real

>>276093079Based cunnybro

>>276093543yeah, they should be like lego, you buy parts and assemble doll you like.

Not defending fuck dolls that look like children, but how does she know her specific child was used as the model for this doll? What proof does she have? There's only so many different ways a child can look. If a manufacturer makes a doll based entirely on an image conjured in a designers head, it's bound to look like some real child somewhere in the world. I feel like she's just a hysterical bitch looking for attention.

>>276096167You will do nothing but seethe impotently as based cunnyseurs buy this cute doll.

>puts pictures of own child on the internet>a place riddled with pedos>kid likeness ends up a sex doll>y'alld've violated my child's privacy Anons...


>>276092635Gonna play the devil's advocate here, but:There is nothing wrong with loli dolls as long as it keeps pedoniggers in their homes. satisfied with their delusions and faggotry.

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>>276092635What? No link to the doll in question?Some user has to know.

>>276099247>The events depicted in this movie are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.

>>276099601she staged the pic after seeing the doll pic

>bodypillowGET THE FUCK OUT NORMAN REEmy dakimakura has a first name, its o s c a r

>>276092635Prove it's her daughter

>>276097335>Durr just keep the pedis happy so they won't take your kids>It's expensive to get me ;)A bullet costs less than a dollar. I'm sure I could find someone willing to execute peodphiles for $50 a body if not cheaper. You scum don't need funeral services or anything either, an unmarked grave is more than sufficient.

>>276092635no but they should ban all porn and sex work

>>276092635>OK honey that's great. Sit like that a sec *SNAP*>LOOK AT THIS! THEY SEXULISED MY DAUGHTER!Next day>Come on honey lets go to the store and get you some new booty shortsYou just know she's that type of parent.

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>>276101658to ban you makes much more sense.

>>276092635looks more like a japanese or south korean doll

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>>276096617They hate straight men wanting to marry little girls.They are pro homo pedophilia.

>>276092635Fucking disgusting and everyone in this thread supporting kid sex dolls are demoralized degenerates and are well past being in hell.

>>276093737>hey everyone who likes fucking this child doll, my daughter is the real deal!What could go wrong

>>276092635Haha I'd like to use the actual child instead of a lifeless doll..PRAISE MOLOCH.

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>>276092635>Fighting backI'm sure that the Chinese will listen to her.

>>276092635>censor the kid's face>but the doll is an exact likeness!uh

>>276104099You can fuck off with your premarital bullshit. Fucking kid dolls is definitely better for society than fucking whores outside of marriage you fucking degenerate.

>>276104167next generation marketing

>>276092635She is upset she is not getting paid royalties.......

>>276092635The doll isn't a real kid, but I don't see what so attractive about people close to their 10s...


>>276092635Why the hell are the kids legs to long?What the fuck?

>>276092635no. women should just stop being shit. simple as

>>276092635There are probably hundreds of thousands of pictures of kids in that exact same pose with that exact same haircut. What a fucking retard.

>>276092635/b/ already proved that this doll model (The Molly 128CM from Dollhouse168) is five years old. This woman wants to make dolls illegal for whatever reason but needed more ammo to get people on her side. So she dressed her daughter up like a sex doll and posed her like the one in the picture to create a scandal.

>>276092635How the fuck did she "discover" that?

>>276109000It was apparently an ad on Amazon. The doll was on sale for $549 (which is about 3 times lower than normal for that particular doll).

>>276092635>sex dollsThat's what modern women are. What other value do they provide?

>>276109209Does it come with prime shipping?

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>>276107454Based user with facts, have your you good sir.

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>>276107454>Holla Forums already proved that this doll model (The Molly 128CM from Dollhouse168) is five years old. This woman wants to make dolls illegal for whatever reason but needed more ammo to get people on her side. So she dressed her daughter up like a sex doll and posed her like the one in the picture to create a scandal.That's kinda hot.

>>276109369I think some of the people in the thread even sent the info to the writer of the news article to let them know this woman was basically manipulating her child like that.

>>276097946Yeah? Well I jacked off to a hentai where the dude's sexdoll turned into a real girl. Good fap.

>>276101530>pedos can't get guns.>pedos can't gun me down

>>276106740No it isn't.Men need to be out sexually conquering their women or a new group of men will come and take them.Having sex before marriage for men is okay, women should be married before 12 as virgins and if they are 12+ and unmarried they get sent to the local brothel to live their days as a prostitute and working in the feilds.

>>276110499Kill yourself pedo.

>>276110816Yes I know you want little girls to become whores and not be groomed by a responsible adult male who can start a family.You hate patriarchy and functional families.

She could have respected her daughters privacy by not posting her photo to facebook groups.

>>276098777must recognize these numeralsThe UN fears the 2D the imaginary sex larpers instead of dying niggers...oh the horror!

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In 20 years pederasty will be legal in California but they'll be trying to ban little girl dolls. Mark my words.

>>276092635Holy shit that mom is a fucking attention-whoring cunt. Literally nobody would have connected some random loli sexdoll with kinda resembling one particular photo of her daughter. But now her daughter gets to grow up with freely available archived public media for everyone to look at, literally showing her as a fucktoy. All because her cunt of a mom wanted those sweet virtue points of 5mins Twitter fame being some hero of muh children. It makes me want to order that doll just so I can send the mom an anonymous video of me fucking it balls-deep while sucking on its feet. In Minecraft.

>>276110995Terrible bait

>>276110499Sex before marriage is degenerate period. Your age ranges are something I disagree with and you're painting a utopian world where your shit could work as opposed to solutions for our current problems.

>be me>be attracted to children, but also attracted to people my age and even older>just ignore it most of the time>sometimes jack it to loliI was sad about it growing up thinking i'd turn into a monster at some point but nah i'm just a normal guy, pretty easy to ignore that part of me its kinda like having a secret fetish u dont tell anyone.>worried about urges coming over me and making you molest a kid?are you worried about possibly raping a woman one day if u get too horny? It's the same with my own kids I was kinda worried i'd want to fuck them but its the same as not wanting to fuck your mom.all in all being a "pedo" aint that bad. And i've got reason to believe my case is not uncommon, some of your best friends are probably the same as me anons.

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>>276111825Ok boomer, go back to faceberg you feminist cuck. Holla Forums is an ephebophile within marriage board.

>>276111974What do you even find attractive about children?

>>276111775How is it bait you fucking faggot?That is how the world functioned for thousands of years because men knew how to be men back then.You are just a feminist, men had child brides for ages.>>276111869>Sex before marriage is degenerate periodFuck off you retard.Enjoy your enemies conquering you because they don't think sex before marriage is degenerate. Never try to be better than your enemies you will lose.>Your age ranges are something I disagreeWhy is that?>you're painting a utopian world where your shit could work as opposed to solutions for our current problems.I'm just letting you know how the world and men functioned for thousands of years before feminism.Nothing about it is utopian, it was a sexual model that was in place for ages/

>>276107381more like retarded seeth

>>276111974This, and your case is actually pretty common as most other lolicons/pedo's you can talk to are that way.

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>>276097841Right. Should she even be dressed? What a joke.

>>276092635>whats wrong with enabling degeneracy??? omfg.... kikes will all hang and all pedos will burn.

>>276112174Same shit as normal women. But I think I am this way because I was molested as a kid. A therapist once said my attraction could be because of the idea of taking away innocence, akin to what happened to me at a young age.

>>276112174Flat chest, small bodies, look delicate, cute butts, small shoulders/arms/legs, small feet, small, hairless cunny, small girl long hair, innocence, purity, naive, curious, small, puffy cunny, small.Little girls are peak femininity.

>>276112739and cuteness

>>276092635How much does it cost?

>>276112316If we had a wonderful marriage system with teen brides then we wouldn't have men coming in to fuck our women. Premarital sex leads to abortions and not children so it's pointless anyway.I would think that 12 is a good age to start marrying off. Brothels are more of a 20-22 year old thing. How things were aren't how they are now. We should try to move back to some of these traditions but we're in 2020 at the moment so we have a lot of work to do. Honestly were probably just going to do artificial wombs.

>>276092635Horse shit, stop posting bartshit. It's not better than the sun or daily mail. This the oasty just wants attention you fucking idiots.

>>276111974> also attracted to people my age and even olderYou're not a pedo then, as far as medical definitions go

>>276092635yes>>276092742shut it faggot>>276092791good idea, but while no one trusts a man with a sex doll, no one really expects anything of women

>>276107454Based sex doll expert.

>>276092635How the fuck would she even find out? Was he just walking around carrying the thing and she saw it? Sounds like more false accusations for attention whoring.

>>276112868Men should have multiple wives and they can fuck prostitutes if they wish.Only women should be sexually repressed.If they aren't married by 12 shes doomed. Shes in the middle of puberty if she isn't married by then it is too late the only option for her is to become a prostitute unless she get's really lucky if a man wants to marry her if shes still virgin.Artificial wombs and sex dolls are to make men docile even more it is the worse thing that can happen.All the elites will get the women and breed them naturally while the average man gets a sex dolls, porn and artificial wombs controlled by the elite so your kid is programmed by them.

>>276092635Why is she posting photos of her daughter online and making them public?

>>276112849Normal model is 1500, but there are tons of extras you can get on it apparently like gel breasts, warming feature, moaning feature, different hair styles, vampire teeth, etc. which can push it to above 2k. The lady seems to have found an amazon model on sale for 600ish bucks though.

>>276112831Yes something about little girls cuteness warms my heart and I always feel great around them but adult and teen women don't give me that feeling at all, usually just feel disgusting around them and get pretty angry when teen girls be slutty around little girls.

>>276092635>Should sex dolls be illegal? Are they going to ban body pillows next?If *THEY* get their way, YES.This is your government ON SOCIALISMKILL THEM NOW, before THEY kill YOUR FREEDOM!!!and DARE them to STOP YOU!

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>>276092742Castrate, hang, quarter, and burn all perverts.

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>>276112849>How much does it cost?a chance for me to post THIS...

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>>276114019>Castrate, hang, quarter, and burn all perverts.starting with YOU/ g'head, cast that first stone!

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>>276114194Bible calls for stoning young girls to death for throwing away their virginity.

>>276096261nice Haruhi screenshot. now I'm trying to remember what she was doing for that scene... probably telling Kyon to make the web site. heh.pic unrelated of course. sex dolls aren't humans, and so people should be able to do whatever the fuck they want. I mean, what IS this, the DARK ages? Spanish Inquisition much?"Purely Coincidental" resemblance (in reference to O.P.'s post)

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>>276106740Just fucking listen to yourself.>Kiddy sex dolls are okay because people have premarital sexThe world would undoubtedly be better off with you dead.

>>276114556yeah you missed the point didn't you. nothing like a side-tracking side-stepping detail to derail a topic and thereby avoid admitting to something embarassing or being forced to agree with logic and common sense (or else look like a bozo by hanging onto something that's untenable)typical lefty tactic.

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>>276115230There's absolutely nothing wrong with them.

>>276092635Ok let’s be Holla Forums for a second. What’s the over/under on the article talking about a single mom who sold pics of her daughter only to turn around and try to sue for more money?

>>276092635they shouldn't use someone's appearance without their consent

I love how they pixelated the picture of the daughter but not the sex doll supposedly made in her likeness.

>>276115673"There's nothing wrong with playing out pedophilic fantasies"It must be so weird to live in a world psychology doesn't exist. Do you believe cognitive structure is a myth? That people's brains are just blank slates they can make into whatever reality they want? You're ignorant to a dangerous extent.

>>276115562>leftyUh oh it's a boomer.So are you against stoning young girls throwing away their virginity or what?

>>276106740to make a point, a guy in Japan actually started a company that makes literal child sex dolls specifically for people who have pedophilia issues [being an admitted pedo himself] and does so for the purpose of pedo's being able to release their tension with something of their preference, without actually victimizing a child...something to think about. I forget the name of the company, but it shouldn't be hard to find.So, to sum up for people who lack brains: if you let pedos use sex dolls freely, they're LESS likely to victimize ACTUAL CHILDREN.But, take that option away, and you'll see MORE CHILDREN victimized!That's the theory anyway. I tend to agree with the principle, being libertarian.