I used my corona time to learn how to farm in the city.What have you done to prepare yourself during that silent time...

I used my corona time to learn how to farm in the city.What have you done to prepare yourself during that silent time? After November it will be all over. Was that time wasted on video games and drugs? Such opportunity to better yourself won't come again during your short lifetime, you know?youtube.com/watch?v=nqDeF5sjtyo&feature=youtu.be

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>>276087141You should had a lighter soil to get larger carrots you pale nigger.

>>276087573I was learning, ok? Next year will have better soil and larger containers.

>>276087764Don't wait until next year to fix your soil. Even if you don't plan to grow anything in winter, seed the soil with cover crops or just cover it with mulch. Next year your soil will be full of beneficial bacteria and you'll produce better crops.

>>276087141whats for supper?

>>276088277First I will harvest and clean everything that is left next weekend and then replace a couple of containers. By the winter I should be ready.

is this Polish food guy who was banned for posting only about food?

>>276088611Carrot pulp with potato pulp. All city grown.

>>276088629Bigger containers are a good idea, but try not to disturb the soil when you transplant it. Make sure that when you start your next season you are seeding soil that has an established colony of biology in it. You already have this, but it takes 3 months to reestablish if you till the soil.

>>276088724What's the soil like?

>>276089406I have new 145L containers. Can't get any larger. I'm a big boy but I won't be able to lift more at this point of my life.

>>276089539Some containers keep water and some let water go right through. I collect all water drained from plant containers. Don't know why this happens. I have a lot of rainwater stored right now.

>>276089545If you do add new soil, premix it with 20% twigs and leaves.

>>276088724very nice, checking out your soap video now

>>276087141Built a quantum tunnel to Narnia.

>>276089685Just watched your video, nice set up. I assume you are going to reuse the soil you have to fill your new containers. Think of your existing blocks of soil as bricks and stack them undisturbed in your new containers. Try to leave as many plants as possible alive when you do this. You want as much organic matter in your soil as you can get for the bacteria to feed on. This will also help retain water and reduce runoff.

>>276087141>he cant into hydroponicspaleolithic revolution called they want their agricultural method back

>>276087141I learned worked through the solos on revocation's latest album and added a few of their riffs to my repertoire, really solid album and a complete divergence from their earlier worl that was more "thrash metal"

>>276090796What's the point of hydro meme when I have space outside in the Sun? I'm a simple man.

>>276087141wtf are those orange things they look dirty

>>276087141The jew fears the city farmer.

>>276091036They are called carrots you fat fucking burger.

>>276087141Wow. 12 carrots.


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>>276091759Versus your 0 carrots. I haven't picked all of them.

>>276091759Every carrot is a sustainable "fuck the jew".

>>276087141Start collecting polystyrene and buy boxes and mealworms. Feed the mealworms 10% wet vegetables for water 90% polystyrene. Feed them their shit until it's not white anymore but kinda brownish. It is now fertilizer, very potent. Also you could eat the bugs but I'd rather not, because plastic and shit.

>>276089406Pots are different when it comes to soil biology. It a container. The bacteria will explode and die out real quick with nothing migrating. A good compost/dirt mix will definitely help. Maybe some compost tea once in a while.

>>276087141Here in the first- world we have grocery stores for that.

>>276092079I used to farm mealworms and eat them. Chill man. I got this.


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>>276092114Yeah, the bigger the better and of course no container will match actual soil on the ground. My point is our polish friend should make soil biology his priority and have his crops growing in the best possible environment.

>>276087141What can I plant for winter???

>>276092246Based Polish mealworm farmer. I plan on starting recycling polystyrene this way to get sweet government money

>>276087141Worked hard on clearing the backlog of movies shows vidya and animu I can't enjoy regularly. Two months off work and you spend it toiling like a peasant lol.

>>276092719Brotip : just feed your scraps to mealworms. They will eat any organic matter.

>>276092903I know that fren, I just want to spin it as a plastic recycling initiative to get investment money.

I worked.Only thing that changed from Feb to now is I have to bring a mask with me.

>>276087460Having an Anti-Zog Garden is Holla Forums tradition. Fuck off newfag. youtube.com/watch?v=md5PnLLO0gg

>>276092980EU no longer gives money for bug farmers. Fuvking commies.

>>276087141>>276093399The cabal will make their move after the last US election maybeyoutube.com/watch?v=4xHJsASSOKM&ab_channel=TheDOmane

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>>276093796France does though.

>>276093399>Last video 6 years old Damn, they got him.

>>276087141>growing food on a tiny plot of land for months for a week's worth of food.>thinking this is sustainable Also slide thread and fuck communism

>>276094125Fucking commies.

>>276094143Smiley is mentally ill.

>>276094143>arrested for having a garden

>>276095237Name one person in 2020 that isn't according to current standards and practices.

>>276095237And so says a (((doctor))).

>>276087141You mean when corna hoax is over all human self development stops.And you didn't learn to grow food in such a short period of time you dumb polack it takes years to become a good gardener.

>>276096034I still know more about farming than you at this point. I win.

fuck the citiesworked all summertake some days now to prepare more firewood for winter in the woods

>>276096442You won't find best hospitals in the forest, mate. Gotta make that money.

>>276087141I'm going to use my Call of Duty skills to raid your farm and take your carrots.

>>276087141proud to say i haven't been wasting time on video games OR drugs.i've been masturbating.

>>276096687With what? A pointy stick?

>>276087141So you got 1 euro's worth of carrots and how much did you spend on soil and everything else?

>>276097263Knowledge is priceless.

>>276087141Bit small but looks tasty.:) good on you

>>276097582That's true. But farming in actual land plot is somewhat different. You plan to buy land?

>>276097875Did you know that baby carrots are actually just small regular carrots?

>>276098960When polish economy crushes under current communism, yes.

>>276087141Learn to code instead, you need to be employable and have money to have any influence on society.

>>276099111I already know how to code. Python and bash are my friends.

>>276087573I literally bough gardening soil at Lidl because it was cheap.


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>>276101230Don't judge my babies.youtu.be/eAfyFTzZDMM

>>276087141Great job growing maybe enough to feed one person for three days faggotIf you want to instill real fear look into indoor fish farm operations

>>276102340>dude does something on 1st try, not large scale or anything massive or impressive>instant kvetching and insultwhy are ameroaches like this?

>>276102340Ye, keeping servers and fish tanks in one flat is def a smart idea.

Ok, it's time to prepare potato-carrot dinner. Stay tuned?

>>276087141>Was that time wasted on video games and drugs?yes


>>276091887Wow, 24 carrots.You'll survive SHTF no problem dude.

Great. Now spend the next 2 months figuring out how to store that produce. Won't do you shit if it's rotted.But more usefully, spend the next two months making friends with your neighbors, so they don't shoot you while you're trying to dig potatoes from you porch.

>>276087141I kept working because I'm not a pussy and don't need days off to learn shit.

>>276105237that's literally food for 10 days. he's down to about 138 days for the time mid November to mid April when crops aren't growing, from one bucket, if he stores them properly. And if he's smart enough to plant any winter crops in those same buckets (not the same plant) he can cut days off that too.

>>276087141I had sex with my wife. We're having a white child. It's great.Thanks for asking, Polish Carrot Man.

>>276087141i quit drinking and lost 70 pounds


>>276092079Get chickens, feed them mealworms and compost their shitLeave no loose threads, it is the ecofascist way

>>276106598get chicken droppings, grow maggots. feed maggots to fish.get fish scales, bones, and tails, and feed to hogs. get hog droppings, apply to gain fields in November.

>>276087141I got a lot of exercise. And video games and drugs.

>>276107468You could use the fish tanks to grow somw sort of crop via aquaculture tooPlant roots clean the fish water, absorbing their shit as nutritionI like the way you think

>>276102531That user probably was raised by a bitter, hateful, single mother.

>>276087141You should have used it to move OUT of the city.

my babies

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>>276107468You missed the most important step:get grain fields, bury jews in them.

>>276087141Proud of you.

>>276087141>Such opportunity to better yourself won't come again during your short lifetime, you know?im taking back my country starting on monday. relax. november is going to be hilarious

>>276110333>im taking back my country starting on mondayFucking terrorists...

Totally worth it.

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>>276111703Feeding babies, are we?

>>276087141COOMilize negro pussy

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>>276087141I learned how to shoot a rifle with a shitty scope. On target up to 150 yards, Still working to buy more guns/food/vidya, and prepping bugout bags.

>>276112278Why? She will leave you and take all your stuff.

>>276112761>>276112761Pump and DumpFuck then TruckWe must employ certain niggerly tactics if wish to proliferate our raceAlso I figured out how to permanently ban evade, Fuck jannys btw

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>>276113269Hpw about you fuck off to your own thread? Is banning another slavic village a good price for spamming niggers?

>>276087141inspiring slav brother.i grew strawberries in a local park forest, guerilla style.

>>276087460you are seriously one of the niggerest niggers

>>276092631looks like its 99% last days for planting potatoes and spinach these days.i picked these.otherwise you can plant some salads, garlic, onions.

>>276087141>learn how to farm in the city.congrats your food has asbestos from brake pad linings in it

>>276114678Asbestos was banned in Poland decades ago my inner city friend.

>>276113697disregard the haters. Today you only have your balcony, tomorrow you will have your own plot of land.something called "guerilla gardening" you can find places far from humans and plant crops, for free, no taxes.Potatoes are easy to grow, and even though they are cheap, its great to know that you can grow them again and again from the same potatoes.And in the usual harvest from 2 large buckets you can get like 30 potatoes. Thats a hefty amount of potatoes you can freeze or keep stores in a bag.Developing the ability to care for the soil and grow food on your own is amazing. Tomorrow you can survive while others cant.And best of all you know what you are planting and eating. No pesticides, real non hybrid food.