/GBG/ Greek Borders general #185

Liveumap:migration.liveuamap.com/en Latest Updates-- 05/09The conversation that led NATO's Secretary General to make his very confusing and controversial statement that Turkey and Greece had agreed to dialogues when nothing of the sort had happened>archive.is/YijMJAddressing future commanders in officers, Erdogan made it clear Turkey will continue to militarize its foreign policy. Says military campaign in Libya, Syria, Iraq and East Med would continue, and signals to possible expansion to even South America and Africa (video on mediafire)>archive.is/y6cfmErdogan said provocatively again today "A century ago we either buried them (Greeks) in the ground or threw them into the sea. I hope they do not pay the same price">archive.is/b7Sw0Greek FM's meeting with UN's Secretary General had as topics the Turkish provocations, the agreement on the demarcation of the maritime zones of Greece and Egypt, while he also referred to the Cyprus issue, focusing on the new Turkish threats for the settlement of Varosha>archive.is/Y0ufY Documentary on Greek genocidevimeo.com/ondemand/lethalnationalism/ For this full list check the pastebinpastebin.com/MpfiJwPM Follow me on Twitter for faster updates, I cant always make threadstwitter.com/ANEMOI_1_ Poseidon's Wall (Shoutout to CzechBro)streamable.com/auu4x Previous Threadarchive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/275995926/

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>3rd world retard shitwho cares lmao

▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ >IMPORTANT>documentary on Greek genocide (2020)vimeo.com/ondemand/lethalnationalism/ >IMPORTANT>Ottoman/Turkish Genocides, Crimes & Violationspastebin.com/wD5ptCBA >IMPORTANT>!!!!!!!!! Support Greece, Buy Greek Products !!!!!!!!!!!!pastebin.com/iXcYhgqD list of all previous /GBG/ threadspastebin.com/UviaNwBz >IMPORTANT>For full list of updates check /GBG/ pastebinpastebin.com/MpfiJwPM ALL NGO FOUNDERS AND VALUES (Translated)>pastebin.com/cDYz4Te8ALL NGO FOUNDERS AND VALUES (Greek)>archive.is/8eEfC Follow me on Twitter for faster updates, I cant always make threadstwitter.com/ANEMOI_1_ wHy Do yOu CaRe? yOu aRe nOt fRoM gReEcEarchive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/255652481#p255655175

Peace treaty with surrender terms to Israel when?

>>276074221wow the speed tho>>276074246if its the turks surrendering then i wouldnt mind it happening even now

Nice missed the general in the morning. Any new info on what Greece does ?Have some Greek friends who want to go back once mobilization starts.

>>276074641the previous one was late at night i couldnt do one earlierthe new info is in the updates section though i would recommend checking thistwitter.com/ANEMOI_1_

Pic related inspires me.

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FUCK *reeksFUCK F*enchFUCK J*wsand FUCK the rangebanned LARPing fugitive *reek sitting in Brazil!

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>>276075756u were a bit late today

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>>276074641>Have some Greek friends who want to go back once mobilization starts.Fucking cringe

>>276075102Give something to Romania so they can relocate their gypsis

>>276076105roach doesnt understand patriotismim sure when and if shit hits the fan you will go running to mama merkel

>>276076299the sea

>>276076105Less cringe than turks living in Germany and larping as wolves before screaming 'im german' because turkey is a shithole they don't want to go back to

>GBG Gay Boy Gang

>>276076635u sure know alot about gays

>>276076370>Implying you can drown them



>>276077297>>276076635same id now a meme flagwanna be sprayed

>>276077297Post thigh highs femboy>>276077301Feces always float ontop

>>276076543Uhh, I literally am a German citizen living in Turkey lmao. Turkey is a better place to live than fucking bland Germany.

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>>276077875haahahah atleast they will wash themselves a bit>>276077990german living in turkeyok some people are masochists

>>276078249I'd even prefer living in Greece in favor of fucking Germany.

>>276077990Can't refute that, Germany is trash in its own regards. Also start a war with Greece you will be Greek citizen sooner than later

>>276078566Off topic but I kinda want to visit Wien lmao, I've only heard good stuff about Austria.

bumperino and gas the roaches

>>276078249Even if you use chemical cleaning they might still be dirty... At least the Austrian gypsis go to work and are valuable members of the society>>276078641With covid city is empty, perfect time to visit. Inner city is tourist trap, but nice, there are lots of gems hidden in the outskirts of Vienna

>>276079136>>276079136Over here gypsies are only good for gibs and stealing shit

>>276079622Their voting turnout is pretty solid too, if you pay their tribe leader enough mons, that is.

>>276079790Their only useful quality i guess

Rather low shill activity today

>>276081487Roach shills work only on weekdays not on the weekends

>>276081726then its gonna be a real slow dayhows austria

>>276081487Kinda disappointing.They'll just come screeching back as soon as Erdogan acts like a fool again.

UPDATEGreece warns turkey of more EU sanctionsekathimerini.com/256635/article/ekathimerini/news/greece-warns-turkey-of-more-eu-sanctions

>>276082213also those protothema.gr/world/article/1041368/nees-polemikes-apeiles-erdogan-an-den-to-katalavoun-politika-tha-to-viosoun-sto-pedio-tis-mahis/https://www.protothema.gr/politics/article/1041372/kourts-i-tourkia-hrisimopoiei-metanastes-os-oplo-kata-tis-europis-paraviazei-to-diethnes-dikaio-enadi-tis-elladas/

>>276081861Same old, media is dead silent on Greece. Covid runs 24/7.

>Turkey moves tanks from the syrian borders to *reece borderstr.sputniknews.com/turkiye/202009051042785221-tanklar-suriye-sinirindan-yunanistan-sinirina-kaydiriliyor/OH NO GREEKBROS THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING LMAO

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>>276074155>>276082537koulis must close borders with turkey

>>276082537tl;drthe first link is erdo threatening war (color me surprised)the second is the Austrian chancellor saying that turks have weaponized the immigrants and that they violate international laws and that they stand with us>>276082614i got sick hearing about covid on tv covid this covid that>>276082631turkish website

>>276082865Hang on, I'll find an english source

>>276082756economic warfare would send a clear message imotheir economy is already in a bad shape

>>2760829301st step-closing borders2nd step-veto e.u-turkey free tradebut most of greek exports to turkey is petrol,so you understand which good greek boys don`t want a veto to happen.it is 1 billion petrochemical exports

>>276082930>Their economyBoth of your economies are shit-tier. We fucking pay the salaries of your government workers, leech.

>>276083429fuck off turk,you pay shit,germany owns half of greek debt,hope france buys itand you are not a german roach

>>276083388a conflict of interests>>276083429ours is less shittier bcs of the euro

>>276081963erdo won`t stop acting like that.they head for bankrupty

>>276083643>OursYours is this away from bankruptcy. The only reason you're staying afloat is because of bailouts.

>>276074155>/garbage/The thread

>>276083801turkish foreign policy manualif economy is shit bully the neighbors>>276083863bailouts or not its still afloat

>>276083876>GBG More like Leeches and Roaches General.

Of topic but I love Koulis so much and Mr Michalis Chrysoho too. May they change the government into a monarchy. twitter.com/kinimatini/status/1302182543958192128

>>276083993>bailouts or not its still afloatAtleast you admit it, leech.

>>276083643ok,but greece can destroy economically turkey,a 1 billion exports interests can not stop that.

>>276084099Why don't you pay your government workers first instead of talking "economical superiority".

>>276083876gas yourself roach-in-a-memeflag>>276084007 >>276084075ah fuck off>>276084039if i type what i want to type i will be hated

>>276084237>>276084075>>276084007>>276083863>>276083429holy seething


>>276084039you also love islamisation?you can move to islamistan,this won`t happen in greece

>>276084237Why would he since you're already doing it for free lol

>>276084237dont worry german money pays for it

>>276084275>ah fuck offHit a nerve? What me annoys me more than roaches are you leeches who pretend to be superior. You guys are shit-tier, and the only difference between you leeches and roaches are that you leeches suck off the EU.

>>276084237turk,you are fucked for good now

>>276084387>turkYou're the roach here. Ever looked in the mirror?

>>276084483so,you are a germ?we will fuck you also,we fucked you twice,prostitute of turks

>>276084379not that roaches dont remember the blackmailing for gibs???>>276084483oh the projection

>>276084576>prostitute of turksI see you calling us "prostitutes" when you beg for money again, greech.

When are we taking Costantinople back?I would immidiately enlist if there was such a war.

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>>276084995you made your point you are the roach working on weekends

>>276084995its nothing for france to buy the rest of debt from you.i want all german companies leave from greece,i`m working for that.you should be kicked out from e.u,to form your germanic chaliphate,slave of islam

>>276085257the way erdogan handles the situation i could say pretty soon

>>276085319>R-RoachYeah greech, you're the same shit like the roaches. I see your cockiness when you try to prostitute yourself infront of us for money.See>>276085324 he is proudly talking about getting sold by us to France.

>>276082865Pretty lame and nothing new each day >>276083429Take all the refugees in and implode pls.

>>276084995youtube.com/watch?v=UtQJhWa8Tiohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHFj8o2DGKQslave,ball-less slave

>>276085577>Take all the refugees in and implode pls.Don't you have a russian dick to suck?

>>276085560uber man cleaning ahmed`s ass daily.pussy

>>276085560we will fuck you together with the french,you and your turk masters

>>276085662he sucks no dick,you suck ahmedian dick daily,don`t project

Greece should get ass-raped by the Turks, I fucking hate Greece as we pay their fucking pensions.

>>276085577>>276085724i would suggest just stop replying to this shill it adds nothing to the thread

Turkey is moving soldiers from Kars and Syria straight to Edirne. Major shit is happening in Turkey right know.RIP in pieces, *reeks.

>>276086125im still waiting for the source ahmed

>>276085878>he sucks no dickOh he does, and soon you'll too again, greech.


>>276086125good,one step closeryoutube.com/watch?v=-SbZryP0mzw

>>276086264from whom?

>>276086349Don't you have any weapons on your own? All I ever see is F*ance dicksucking by *reeks.

>>276086443we have nothing.come

>>276086313call me when a reliable source says the same

>>276086590>call me*whistles* :^)

>>276086443Even with nothing we can kill a turkroach

>>276086313>twitter.com/bharat_builder/status/1302259576025182209One can only hope you guys are this stupid.

>>276086689>i`m not a roachkaltaka roach,you will be deported.everyone hates you

>>276086854>R-RoachYou keep repeating that phrase, greech. If telling the truths make me a roach then I am the filthiest roach on the planet, but you greeches and roaches are brothers since you both look and act the same.

Just start killing each other for fuck sake

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>>276087078It would be interesting to watch, since they both look the same.

>>276087184Similar to a German*

>>276087076its not telling the "truth" that makes you a roachits your attitude

>>276087076you are a good roachie,from vupertal.der kanaken manschaft.enjoy daily racismous,ya,ya.be carefull bayer factory has a lot of baygon inside

>>276087332>its your attitudeMy attitude? I am extremely pissed about your greeches attitudes, your presumptuous talks, your tough acting while glancing at the EU hoping to be backed, your constant manipulations and leeching off money from the EU. You are no different than the roaches, in both looks and attitude. Fuck you.>>276087349Hellas Hellas, now bring me that fish I've ordered 30 minutes ago.

>>276087757extremely pissed about our politicians playing politics and not cucking to germany this timeentitled asshat

>>276087757youtube.com/watch?v=9DsFLVr5Deoya ya,everybody loves you

>>276086125I wish, but we all know you are cowards roach

>>276087757You are acting like EU is still a thing cuck

>>276074155Dying trying to get back Constantinople for Christianity is tempting.

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>>276088534>You are acting like EU is still a thing cuckThe EU is the reason why you're not a third-world country, greech,


>>276088658Same for you, what has Germany ever done besides leeching?

>>276089149>greech calls me leechBailing you out countless times.

>>276087757YOU are the LEADER of these people. Germany is the leader of EU, isn't it? Where is your LEADERSHIP? If there are things that annoy you, how did you try to CHANGE them? What did you ACHIEVE?I swear, Krauts are Africa-tier leaders, and they blame everybody else for their ineptitude.>>276086443We are just sitting ducks over here. I would attack if I were you.

>>276088658>forbes.com/sites/timworstall/2015/08/11/despite-losing-tens-of-billions-of-e-germany-is-making-a-profit-out-of-the-greek-crisis/>https://www.ft.com/content/9b3d38a2-7574-11e8-aa31-31da4279a601Fucking delusional Kraut not only your multinational globalist excuse of a country makes money out of the Greek crisis but the only reason you have become one of the richest countries in the EU is exactly because you chose to turn your nation into an Islamic hellhole like good little globalist bitches.Then you tried to Islamize all of Europe but turns out you didn't have enough time to do so.Germany is objectively completely unable to lead Europe. Each and every time Krauts try, it results in Europe getting btfo.

bump for brazilbro and croatbro

Bump for the comfiest general in Holla Forums

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Exclusive video of amphibian heavy vehicle crossing Evros.Let's prepare our fishing rods.youtube.com/watch?v=muS7oq4wTeI

For real, what is Erdogan's master plan? Crossing Evros and invading with 40 tanks? Good luck with that. Your own vehicles we seized are waiting for you on the other side.

>>276092717>For real, what is Erdogan's master plan?Diversion from pic related

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>>276092717>what is Erdogan's master planHe hopes that our NATO ""allies"" will force us to give up everything because "turkey is so vital". This has been the roach strategy for decades.

>>276091878>>276086443I am gonna bang you both

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>>276092717Probably this is for internal consumption.Turkish citizens don't want a war Greece and as far as loyalty to the army goes you can see these cowardly diaspora roaches >>276076105My guess is that with the lira dump continuing, tensions rising with Greece/France, and general state of the Turkish economy Turks citizens are starting to get afraid of a possible war.As with most news given by the Turkish faggots in these threads this is another one directed mainly to Turks rather than the international community. They are the only ones that could believe that 40 tanks mean anything in modern warfare.

>>276093820>Turkish citizens don't want a warlul

>>276075637Based. It's all Greek names anyway. Just gotta watch out for the Reapahs

I hope you screen caped my posts queersChina is literally in the mediterranean now

>>276082631Nice more tanks for the mud and river to consume

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Guys did you see this?Son of Mitsotakis is going to serve in the military in Evros!protothema.gr/greece/article/1041340/fadaros-ston-evro-parousiazetai-o-gios-tou-kuriakou-mitsotaki/

>>276095455>inb4 he puts visma with the turks and turks lose eastern thracesuch is life of snakes.

>>276095332China already has one of the biggest ports in the Med for years now, nigger.


>Turkish Electromagnetic and disruption Technology is so alien that every intelligence agency and country are going ape shit over now Goddman based Turkish engineering

>>276096545Got a source for that claim or are we making things up now?

>>276096678In your dreamsI am not revealing my sources niggaBut the new technology is making a big ruckus and there is a high bid right now between IT companies around the world to figure wtf is going on.

>>276096992Then I will tell you that the US military uses literal Alien technology and UFOs that the world can't compete with.

>>276097117Yet the US military can't take on some barefoot Afghanis Lmao

>>276097326We save our good shit for when a real concern is at hand. Afghans got killed in large swaths, our government decided it had more to gain from making the war last instead of winning it because economics is retarded.

>>276074155good to have you helping us user, solid threads

>>276097559I hope to see that good shitBut not on some poor Arab unarmed Civilians Fucking pathetic is the US Military

>>276098127thanks :)

>>276098145Maybe some day when somebody poses a real threat. By the by, I would like some Fattah, fren.

>>276085560>try to prostitute yourself infront of us for moneyAt least we don't do it for free, you let the muslims come to your country and assrape your women while you watch like the cucks you are

Turns out the tanks(apcs) were not in Evros after all.kek

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>Question from Brazilbro"Any Greek user can tell me what was the Greek name of the city that today is called 'Edirne'?"


Do you guys even know why Turkey was put into NATO in the first place? Do you even know what is the point of NATO?I will spoon feed you It is to block the russians from Europe and Turkey is the south gate to Russia and is the Key to the med. Now guess what happened thanks to Gayreeks? Russia is literally int the Med The NATO and all of EU is on AlertThey can't let go of Turkey for how important it's position is more than greec. And Greece is getting kicked out of EU for it real soon. That's what you get Gayreeks for being a good kike tool.

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>>276099191>>276099329thanks anons, he's making his archives I think, I'll soon post more updates here

>>276098830TANKS IN 30 MINUTES

>>276098523>FattahI haven't eat it for quite some timeEgypt is becoming like Somalia thanks to Sisi

>>276099314What if I told you, the USSR is long dead and Russia playing a role in Europe isn't much of a concern for the US anymore, I would even say the US should try to make a friend of Russia.>>276099548Tragic, government working against its people is the modern standard sadly.

>>276099764Its not a concern to the US for sure But the EU is shittinf it's pantsSince both Russia and US want to break down the EUI consider them on the same page thanks to Trump The US is friends with Russians.

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>>276099764>Russia playing a role in Europe isn't much of a concern for the US anymore, I would even say the US should try to make a friend of Russia.Tell that to your deep state, your Anglo friends and the rest of your natonigger officials.

UPDATES>UPDATESUPDATES>UPDATESUnidentified airplane (or drone) probably departed from Sigonella (?) orbiting over Turkish Oric Reis research vessel. (FL250, speed between 196 and 395 kt, no callsign, invalid transponder mode )? Maybe a USNavy Boeing P-8A?>archive.is/9lRrgErdoğan provokes war rhetoric and says no power can stand against Turkey>archive.is/MYZRCTurkey will conduct joint military exercises with the Illegally Occupied part of Cyprus>archive.is/NqcJBIMPORTANT: New war threats Erdogan: If they do not understand it politically, they will experience it on the battlefield>archive.is/49rVoAustrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz "Turkey uses migrants as a weapon against Europe and Violates international law" - "If we accept everything, if we are not in solidarity with Greece, then this will allow someone like Erdogan to continue and constantly exceed the limits, and this is dangerous in the medium term" >archive.is/81mTOBREAKING: Turkish Anadolu Agency "40 tanks to be transported from Syria to Adrianople" ("Edirne" as the Turks call it)>archive.is/mzX2PRussia recognizes the rights of Greece to demarcate its territorial waters up to 12 Nautical Miles and says Russia also signed the international treaty that recognizes it as legal and that Russia has no interests or problems with the decision>archive.is/D0uag

>>276100150Thats a good thing, also the EU is gay, I would rather see the Med dominate Western European politics than Germany. I also think Europe should be fine with fitting their military bill on their own now, we should be pulling out of most of Western Europe. American geopolitics is always about economy and destruction of commies.>>276100687We have so many retarded boomers who think Russia is the biggest scary boogeyman int he world, I hate them and can't wait till they die out so the next generation can make an official friendship with Russia.

Hey gayreeks why won't the Russians help you against the Turks? Since you are both orthodox or whatever the fuck that is

>>276101279Geopolitics, Russia won't step in for either side. It has more to gain from being neutral.

>>276101279The Orthodox brotherhood is a meme that only Greeks believe in. It's like asking why you and UAE don't help the Turks since your're all Muslims.

>>276093215hey I can kind of read that after studying cyrillic for a while

>>276101518>>276101553Seems to me that siding with with Turkey has lots of benefits While siding with Greece is just gross

>>276100890>I hate them and can't wait till they die out so the next generation can make an official friendship with RussiaBased, but I don't think this will happen. Here is the thing, nothing would make me happier than to see NATO dying off like the rotten relic it is. But that will never happen from the US side since your "freedom fighters" live and die by it. And even if there is will from the US to disband the damn thing, the UK will seethe and scream and stop you from doing so anyway. And before you say that they are irrelevant, don't forget that they made you participate in two world wars and they were the ones who had the idea of NATO in the first place, and then call you to participate in it.The best thing is to make it seem more and more irrelevant and unreliable. Brexit happening the first step since the biggest supporter of NATO in Europe is finally fucking off and Merkel, who is a transatlanticist is also retiring in 2021. The second biggest step is getting Trump re-elected simply because ever since he took office, the image and reputation of NATO has been tarnished. Biden is running on the promise that nothing will ever change and that everyone can pretend the last 4 years never happened which is a very bad scenario for us. That's literally the only reason I want Trump to win, I don't personally care about anything else nor do I have a strong opinion about him either way.

>>276101728Siding with Greece gets rid of an arms buyer. Siding with Turkey gets anger from Europe at large and from all the Christians in Russia, the Russians are better off in the grand scheme just letting whatever happens happen.

>>276101879The international community is finding its influence in American policy is nill with Trump and is having a shit fit, it isn't a huge jump to see that in a generation or two the US makes an ally out of Russia.

>>276074155>Greek Borders general #185> #185the pinnacle of not happeningand people said CVG was a nothingburger

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>>276102432It's greech and roach circlejerking general.

>>276102593I mostly come here for memes, same with the retarded Nord vs Med threads.

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to everyone saying make friends with russiarussia is playing realpolitik they look to further their own fucking interestsso does everybodythose interests quite often conflictthere can be no friendship between states

>>276103133Friendship with Russia or not, NATO needs to be disbanded ASAP.

>>276102432Interdasting digits polandbro

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>>276103252i agree on thatthe very concept of such a large alliance is retardedhow do you put together so many conflicting interests

>>276103133Yes Russia is playing to their interest, American interests would be better met by making an ally of the only near competitor to us, the US traditionally only cares that commies are not around.

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UPDATES>UPDATESUPDATES>UPDATESToday's speech from Erdogan: "Turkey's opponents are in panic & fear, Turks are ready to sacrifice lives, pay all costs, Enemies live in false prosperity, fake democracy, No power can challenge Turkey" (video on mediafire)>archive.is/LKj66Video of Turkey deploying tanks to the city of Adrianople ("edirne") right next to the Evros border (video on mediafire)>archive.is/Xl42mIMPORTANT: The 202nd Air Defense Radar Station of the Turkish Air Force in Antifello (Kaş) Antalya, which is co-located with a Naval Observatory. Coordinates: 36 ° 15'22 "N 29 ° 35'58" E Altitude: 4534ft>archive.is/hL6ofImages from the "closed" camp of Malakasa (Near Athens) with its fences full of holes made by the illegal immigrants who want to leave the camp>archive.is/QuEPuVideo from Chios, where the population cant even baptize their children due to the quarantine, meanwhile muslims have "protests" and gatherings without any repercussion (video on mediafire)>archive.is/BI9o3

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>>276103442With the unity of hatred of Communism, now that the USSR is dead and Communism as a specter in Europe is pretty much dead NATO is now obsolete.

>>276074155Slide thread. Hope Brazil bro knows his only purpose in life is disappearing as no one cares what subhuman. Shitskins do. I pray everyday for a war so I can see 2 subhumans killing each other

>>276103852no common enemy to unite those interests>Today's speech from Erdogan.... Enemies live in false prosperity, fake democracyHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH erdogan speaking about fake democracy >>276103928a slide thread persistent since marchgtfo roach

>>276102136>the Russians are better off in the grand scheme just letting whatever happens happen.LmaoGood thing you are not in chargeRussians KNOW that if Turkey falls its Moscow next

Daily reminder in the hogue they will give some water to keep shit calm down and gayreeks will cry about it like 100 years.

>>276074155This General will end with a whimperLike some hilarious tragic story of how dumb a country can be The ending is getting kicked of the EUJust remember me

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>>276104331>Moscow nextAfter that poisoning of Navalny, people try to sabotage Nordstream 2.

>>276103928You literally live in a country founded by some gibberish inbreds

>>276104331Sounds like a lot of paranoia to me. Moscow is under no direct threat, its status quo all day every day.

>>276104868>Moscow is under no direct threatLmao Wtf is eastMEDwtf is getting blocked from the Med via the posphore channel

>>276104868i dont think the americans or any other great power in general would be ok with allowing a powerful russia to existbetter safe than sorry

>>276082614>614interdasting digits

Attached: 868233b6e49ccca17e005bdb4cf29cde2c9f736a7e375c270a823bc2111f1e1e.png (746x286, 177.52K)

>>276103442>>276103852Exactly! Expanded alliances need common enemies to survive. Funny how the EU has not figured this out yet.

>>2760741555:5 greekbro

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>>276104573>The ending is getting kicked of the EUYou seriously think that this scares the common folk here?

>>276105666What about loosing hundreds of Islands?

>>276078249"german" living in turkey

>>276105046Based off this >>276099314 Russia is under no threat of losing its ability to move around the Mediterranean no matter who wins out. Paranoia gets you nowhere.

somewhat unrelated and idk if croatbro mentionedbut the greek prime minister's son will do his mandatory military service in EVROS. not in athens like every other politician's son.even if i didnt like mitsotakis now i respect him>>276105444lol thanks its me OP its just i had to restart my router i had to move it bcs of wifi that explains the different id>>276105261sometimes i wonder if we are ruled by idiots or smart people playing idiot

>>276105818but if Turkey falls the channel gets shut off from Russians and they could kiss their presence goodbye

>>276105772The only thing that scares based Greeks is losing rightful land or sea without being allowed to fight for it.

>>276105244 checked burger user, digits never lie and guide us in these dark times>>276105972I'd more say cowards who are afraid to face reality. Or are stuck in their world

>>276106300If Turkey falls apparently the Greeks are more than willing to play ball with Russia in their stead. What you claims is a literal non-issue.

>>276106507>RightfulWhat is rightful about an island thousands of Miles away from your mainland and 2 km away from Turkey?>>276106695LmaoSorry but you are delusional This whole conflict is about Russia

>>276106695thats true most people here like russiain fact theres even a "prophecy" that the russians will give us constantinople back

>>276106821WTH does "away from mainland" even mean? Kastellorizo is Greek land itself, it is literally 0 miles away from Greek land.

>>276107014It's only logical that if the west wants to survive they need to turn to Russia. Get Russia to join the EU and you will be the most powerful UNION on this planet. It's only in USA's and China's best interest to keep the EU and Russia from becoming friends

>>276107072>From Brazilbrothey think that islands are not part of the mainland but according to international law there is no distinction between the two and every single country except Turkey recognizes that, the same way that Embassies, Boats and Planes are seen as an extension of a country's mainland

>>276107072>WTH does "away from mainland" even mean? HURRRRRRDURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR>>276107014You think the US will let you? lmao

>>276107072he prob means the majority of greek land the more continental 1being dependent in another power wont make us powerfultho the way germany acts i think thats the direction we heading

>>276105972>but the greek prime minister's son will do his mandatory military service in EVROSIs he going to be sent to Athens after the first training month is over or will he spend the minimum 5 months there? Don't let yourself be tricked by nd propaganda.

>>276107406the US is becoming more and more irrelevantalso >>276107168check this >>276107409 also i believe with mainland the user used it in a purely geographical way

>>276107586i dont know desuremains to be seen

>>276076105kek if matters come to the head I'll be volunteering on the Greek side

reminder to check these and follow Brazilbro on Twitter if you want to see faster things and maybe talk to him (his DMs are open)He has been banned until September 29th if I'm not mistaken and his IP range has also been blocked▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼>IMPORTANT>documentary on Greek genocide (2020)vimeo.com/ondemand/lethalnationalism/>IMPORTANT>Ottoman/Turkish Genocides, Crimes & Violationspastebin.com/wD5ptCBA>IMPORTANT>!!!!!!!!! Support Greece, Buy Greek Products !!!!!!!!!!!!pastebin.com/iXcYhgqDlist of all previous /GBG/ threadspastebin.com/UviaNwBz>IMPORTANT>For full list of updates check /GBG/ pastebinpastebin.com/MpfiJwPMALL NGO FOUNDERS AND VALUES (Translated)>pastebin.com/cDYz4Te8ALL NGO FOUNDERS AND VALUES (Greek)>archive.is/8eEfCFollow me on Twitter for faster updates, I cant always make threadstwitter.com/ANEMOI_1_wHy Do yOu CaRe? yOu aRe nOt fRoM gReEcEarchive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/255652481#p255655175

>>276107907do it and souvlaki is on meto greek anons: τυροκαυτερη με ψωμι γαμαει change my mind

>>276105666Saturnian trips doesn't afraid of nuthin yall

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italian here, I want to join based greekbros in war, will I get accepted? so i can plan about leaving my current job

Spiegel posted an article today: spiegel.de/politik/ausland/tuerkisch-griechischer-streit-im-mittelmeer-die-rechtslage-a-d357d041-bc4b-4725-8a35-fd6d048fc60btl;dr: *reece is right according to UNCLOS (Turkey never signed it), Turkey is right according to Lausanne. Only way to solve the dispute is to communicate, but *reeks won't do it.

>>276108554you roaches need to fucking understand we wont negotiate while having your ships and planes roaming around we dont negotiate with terrorists

>>276108777You're mom is a terroristNice triples btw.

>>276108777Damn those are some digits.

Egyptian here I want to join based Gayreeks side what must I do?

>>276108827lol thanksand shhhhh

>>276108554Didn't expect anything else from spiegel.

>>276108870You have to find a tall, muscular man and let him fuck you in your ass for 24 hours straight. Not many people know this, but that's how every new soldier gets "sworn into" the *reek army.

>>276108870step 1 take forkstep 2 stick it in wall outletstep 3 success>>276108537as for you realistically speaking if things get THAT heated then probably yes. if it was up to me a truckload of pizza would help

>>276109095you fucking idiot you gave away the state secretread turkish army

>>276108537Can you purge the cucktianity from the vatican, Italianon?

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>>276109151Greek freedom corps full with EU volunteers would be pog and EU would fund the shit out of that pr stunt.


Attached: file.png (929x402, 80.64K)

>>276109564eu funding this with germany calling the shots is sadly pretty unlikely

>>276109697Package it well and funding will flow easily, could even get public funding from different countries. Also it should be clear it's only a political stunt to help promote a unity agenda

>>276108870You must tell 4chan faggotmods and cuckadmins to quit labelling my posts as spam.

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>>276109663yeah what about pic related?>>276109985and have the turks reeee about a 5th crusade


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>>276110159call me a star wars faggot but every time i see aldebaran i read alderaan

>>276108870Huh wow, they didnt label my last post as spam. Lemme try again, egyptanon.

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>>276110175They can Ree and shout but what can they do. Once it's clear the EU is "United" turkey will stop bitching and calm down

>>276110294lelel>>276110471use germany to pressure usUnrelatedevery time i see erdogan claiming they are pro democracy pro freedom pro peace pic related comes to my mind

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>>276108554>Turkey violating the Lausanne Treaty for literally decades with their pogroms against greeks>Sultan Roach bitches about Lausanne for years>Roaches unironically now standing by the treatyYou are all such two faced cowards. Honestly, I was indifferent towards Turks, but how pathetic you all are made me hate you. No better than jews.

>>2760741554,5 billion,the cost of 3 months turkish army abroad operations.1,5 per month.wish you spectacular hunger games turks

>>276110314>314>piInterdasting that i always hear maria orsic pronounced maria ortish.

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>>276110917Which pogroms did we do since Lausanne? Cyprus doesn't count.

>>276111343Google the Istanbul Pogrom. You have no right claiming the Lausanne Treaty for anything.

>>276111343constantinople 1955.

>>276111604>>276111740Well, sorry about that lmao

>>276104573Hey terrorist. In the Pharaoh's sex dungeon yet?

>>276111892don`t have to,you are fucked for good now

>>276111911muslim sisterhood boy still has 4 fingers to type

>>276111911DubsCzech 'em

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>>276110906Germany is sucking turkeys cock because they are to scared to be called racist for when their roaches chimp out and they need to get rid of em.

>>276080777>>276108777Trips of truth

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>>276074155need your help brosI heard from a greek guy a week ago that Greece's parliament voted to extend it's nautical miles to 12 and that Erdogan said this is an act of warare there any related news like this in the greek media?

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>>276112617if there was news about it it would probably be posted in the updatestheres a rumor that erdo started moving troops to evros from syria so he might actually do it We will see

>>276074221Sup rabbi

>>276113328hello тoвapищ

>>276112617We extended them to 12 miles for our western seas (facing Italy). The roaches apparently did not declare a war, but warned us against doing the same for our eastern seas (facing roachland). The Greek government is currently considering doing the extension for our southern seas (below Crete). Our western seas may or may not be next.

>>276113446>Our western seas may or may not be next.Our EASTERN seas may or may not be next.

>>276112140>>276112237The half decent terrorists are all in Sisi's sex dungeon, all that's left are faggot anime posters like >>276104573. They serve the purpose of telling the tale.

>>276112617This Erdo dudes says the craziest shit and never backs it up

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What is Russia's position on this conflict?

>>276113838He actually wants to make it mandatory that you'll not be able to access any social network without registering your turkish national ID number. Textbook chinkshit lmao

>>276114220this is ridiculous

>>276114220damn can you explain this one?

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>>276108537Jannnnniesss let me post reeeeee

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>>276114176Russia is standing by, but fundamentally a Greco-roach war will disband (or at the very least significantly hurt) NATO, which is in Russia's best interests.There is more to consider: Every time the West denies to sell weapons to the roaches, Russia sell their weapons to the roaches instead. On the other hand, the Greek and Russian people like each other and have religious ties. It is a fucking messed up situation.

>>276114912Doh, I forgot something very important: The natural gas pipe agreed among Israel, Greece, Italy (and Egypt, I think) competes against the Russian pipe.Messy, MESSY situation.

>>276103602 Έχασα ρε μλκ

>>276115335ιτς οκευ συνεχιζουμε δυναμικα

>>276114220>Textbook chinkshit lmaosouth korea had it years before...plus you cant even play any mmo there without your id cause they exchange game money to real money too

>>276115176it doesnt compete at all i wont even reach the northern europe to begin with this pipeline its basicly a big fuck you to turkey

>>276099314Remove Kebab Add Bigger ArmeniaAdd Greater KurdistanProblem solvedBrown virgin with anime fictation screeching

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>>276099314Based redpilled sphinxbro