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I don’t have a picture but the guy who hates the military and told Americans to inject bleach to cure Covid-19

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>>276072661Imagine having to resurrect a news story from 2018 where Trump insults John McRino because you're so bereft of complaints


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The media is truly the enemy of the people

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>>276073192How the fuck can someone live with themself while doing this shit? Not even a week between the two.

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>>276073481not nearly as bad as this one

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>>276072534You got the one on the Washington post defending billionaires? I.e. bozo


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Every lamppost should be have a corporate propagandist hanging from it.


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Good thread OP.

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>>276074368God how does anyone who sees that not immediately recognize it as bullshit

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>>276074453I'm honestly begining to think that a lot of these people's minds are so fucked from Trump derangement syndrome that they'll excuse any lie as long as they think it will help get rid of Trump.

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Today’s philly inquirer

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>>276073481NPC meme, no self awareness.

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The media is controlled propaganda. Never forget this.

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Note the clever usage and clever absence of the word "allegedly"And then note which story had video evidence

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>>276072534This thread makes me rage. How the fuck do they get away with blatantly lying? Aren’t there any laws that punish journalists for slander or libel? What the FUCK?? Some burger please answer me because I am really fucking confused

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>opinon pieces Two people on the editors board may have opposing views you dumb incels

to the top

>>276075471Factually contradictory articles. Both can't be correct.

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reminder nyt sent an internal memo saying not to print negative stories about Biden, they are false by default.

>>276075471We cannot draw a conclusion from a small number of racist voices among the Daily Shoah staff. There are diverse opinions everywhere.


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>>276074107I hate these fucking people so much holy fuck


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>>276075470Obama reversed a law that had previously prohibited propaganda use against US citizens. 2012 I think. Now outright lies are ok unless you take them to civil court like Nick Sandmann


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>>276072534A webpage that has these listed would be useful for normies.

>>276074453Thanks, I trimmed it a bit.

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>>276076237true, was planning on taking this archive.Reminder after 2016, John Podesta took a job at WaPo.

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"""""Journalists""""" are the lowest form of life.

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Reality really is a simulation, isn't it?


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>>276073441this is probably the best one

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>>27607681895% of journalists are jewnalists.

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>>276073441Someone tweeted him this?


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>>276074000One of these things is not like the others.American football is really dangerous, just like boxing.Children cannot consent to the risk of repeated brain injury.It absolutely should not be allowed in schools, but if adults want to fuck themselves up, I don't think we should stop them.They should be aware of the risk, however. It's currently downplayed to a ridiculous degree by the NFL.

>>276077520Anyone who did probably got blocked

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>>276072534if it wasnt going up in 2017, it certainly is now user

>>276074368>bleachbit>acid washtrump is a moron. How can he not know that bleach is the opposite of a fucking acid. Drumpf BTFO'd

>>276073700Ooof that's bad

>>276076818had to watch a local journalist (south brazil) defend jacob blake and blm during yesterdays lunch. they blatantly lied and said blake was driving his car when the police pulled him out and shot him because he's black, lel. They benefit from the fact that most people here don't speak english nor have access to any news source other than kike-owned tv station and newspapers, so it's pretty ridiculous how far they go to push their narrative.

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>>276072534i want to credit some enterprising user who started mediahates. com which has most of the ones in this thread, plus others

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not exactly fake news, but it's fake news adjacent

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>>276076017Natural selection would dictate that this girl should be dead. But unfortunately, the brown knight keeps saving her defective survival genes.

>>276077532Thanks user, saving this for future use.

Someone make this into a thing and spread it pleaseBBC 2014bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-26520836BBC 2020bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-53353404>Fact checkThey need to all be hung

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I fucking hate the>Thing that happened. (Half-sentence telling you what to do/think).format of modern news articles more than anything else on the fucking planet.

Good thread, good content. Many don't have archive links unfortunately so normies can just claim 'lies'.

>>276072557The second one has to be bullshit. Has to be

>>276079776nope. this is the point. these people are the fucking enemy.

>>276078902This one also isn't bad.He's literally saying that he doesn't want to fuck kids, he just can't stop himself from thinking about it.What are we supposed to do with these people, shoot them?I know a lot of edgy teenagers are going to reply with "yes", but it doesn't make any sense.Making them afraid of revealing that they have these unwanted urges will increase the chance that they act on them, not decrease it.There will always be snakes in the world. I'd rather them be brightly colored and kept away from children by people who know how to handle snakes than have them be dully colored and in my garden.


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>>276072534For Philly, it's because our DA, the jew Krasner, absolutely refuse to prosecute any crime because putting people in prison is a COVID risk.

>>276079898>What are we supposed to do with these people, shoot them?Personally, I prefer hangings. Pedophiles should die the death of the common criminal, not the death of a soldier.

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YOU are literally Hitler.

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>>276080496based memeflaggot

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guys how do I archive this? This is too good material.

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>>276081375>>276081376holy shit



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>>276080496It's a thought-crime. If you seriously think we should kill people for having certain thoughts, maybe you should start with yourself.I do think they shouldn't be so public about it.Telling kids that you want to fuck them is bad too.

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>>276072534We did one of these yesterday, you shouldn't have missed it.

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The media like banks and war profiteers play both sides of every conflict; all these industries are owned by the same people so it isn't difficult to figure out why doublespeak, omitting facts, removing context and pilpul are the norm.

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>>276081710I'm old enough to remember the 90s when faggots said that faggotry was just a "thought crime". Now there are faggot parades in the streets every year and faggots go into primary schools and encourage toddlers to sodomise each other.Pedo-apologists like you are no different to the faggot apologists of the 1990s. Hang yourself you pedo.


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Fascinating, how every-year occurences got a whole new meaning in the eye of the press since Trump is president.

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>>276082164link it

>>276082164I didn't see it, so I'm thankful to OP for the new material. We should have one of these daily.

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>>276082453E. F. T.

It's ironic that now the Judeo-Communists have near total control over the media establishment that they're failing like never before, Disney hasn't had a successful new IP in decades, all of their projects are reboots/retellings of classic fairytales or comic books, it's like they've become intellectually and creatively bankrupt.But I was told that these people were the creative ones?

>>276072661>I don’t have a picture Because it didn't happen.

>>276083235It's almost as if competition drives innovation, but the communists hate competition.

>>276073422these all are lugenpresse, just see it isn't quite the same comparing editorials to opinion pieces, if you would


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>>276072975That is not so inconsistent

>>276082606I also remember way, way back to the year 2004 when the argument was "It's not like they're going to come into your children's classroom and tell them to be gay."We live in a clown world, but the proper response is not to mandate "correct" thought.Who gets to decide what thoughts are acceptable? It's extremely dangerous.Since you seem to be a fan of the slippery slope argument, consider what would happen if the leftists currently making policy got the ability to declare your thoughts illegal.

>>276077768Yeah same here

>>276083743then you dont understand what inconsistency encapsulates. also, stfu.

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>>276083743kys retard

>>276083833>I also remember way, way back to the year 2004 >2004 is "waaaaay" back for this zoomer fag.kek other poster was right... kill yourself.

>>276083235It's demoralizing for sure but if you look at how bizarre and brazen it's become its clear that most people are waking up to their tricks. The riots in the USA and madness in other countries like the UK and Australia are opening people's eyes. People being arrested for supporting lockdown protests via faceberg posts and wanting grooming gangs prosecuted while the media and government defends these ridiculous things only wake more and more people up. First they're silent and seek out more truth and then they see what's really been happening and they start to tell others and the process repeats. We're winning slowly, bit by bit, and the desperate actions of the media and pozzed governments show this.

>>276084277Sorry, I should have flagged my sarcasm with "/s".I deserve your downvote, kind sir.

>>276081957I like the GNR eagle....

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Somewhat old by now, but still.

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>>276079898I don't know in US, but brazil has banned psychological threatment to "change sexual orientation" for gay people who don't want to be gayAnd you know (((they))) are pushing pedo to be a sexual orientation...

>>276083226>>276082453Muh six gorillion fake photos.... an old trick of (((theirs)))

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>>276075815Do Jews segregate?

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>>276072534This thread is a fucking public service.

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>>276077620its because of the padding. without "save clothing" you can't bash your body in that violent manner, which saves the brain from concussion. boxing without gloves and american football without those suits would be far less dangerous. so in essence, savety concerned mothers are to blame for brain rott in those sports.

>>276084283Indeed, they times, they are a changing.


>>276072800>>276072793((( )))

>>276072534I'm just going to save all these, none to share myself but keep it up

>>276084018>>276084261Can you explain how that journalist is inconsistent?


Though this is more about the Chimp in Chief back then.

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>>276086390There is a claim that is compatible with both statements."We should pull the troops out of Syria, but not too quickly or it will destabilize the country."Those headlines don't contain that level of nuance.


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>>276073441The fuck is he and why should I care about some dipshit on twitter?

>>276086843Nevermind, I am a retard. I read the first headline wrongly.

>rent free

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>>276084283based leaf

>>276077532Read up on it. It allows media made to tell foreigners how great America is to be shown to Americans. So yes technically propaganda but it ultimately means nothing.It's not like Obama flipped a switch and all of a sudden the news media and their grifting was activated like some sleeper agent. The news has literally always been used by corrupt and ideologue shitstains to try to control the people.>The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers. -Thomas Jefferson.

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This thread is worthy.

>>276079776slate.com/news-and-politics/2019/03/christchurch-shootings-white-australian-guilt-new-zealand.htmlyou know nothing, goyim.

>>276072793>Goldberg ((((Every time))))

Holy shieeeet!!! Clown world indeed.

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>>276087208Not saying you should care about him or not. But he's big in the "social justice", race baiting scene and a lot of our more mentally challenged, I mean left leaning, friends in the USA listen to his pasty black ass and take his word as gospel. He's a race hustler and a grifter, but unfortunately a lot of people listen to him, so even though what he says *shouldn't* matter at all, it does.


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Here’s SOMETHING BIG that /pol is missing and someone has to OP with it, I have to go.

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Person who wrote the article is now a writer for The Ringer and is a confirmed Chapo tankie

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when can we place tnt at journalists bases in minecraft?

>>276074107Lgbt are scum for this


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>>276072534Yknow I never see these posted anywhere but here. It's like people collect them but never use them. And nobody else has access to the collection.

Someone on here was making a website for this stuff>dielugenpresse.com/Hasn't been updated in awhile. Would be useful for redpilling norms if had more examples.

I’m turning this thread into an email and sending it to my boomer dad. It’s going fucking everywhere. We’re at war.

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>>276074368>he used bleachBased.

>>276087214have a (You) for being man enough to admit you made a mistake.it's quite rare these days.

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>>276072661Nothing he said about Vietnam was wrong and is right to speak out against it

This thread is gold

>>276077025Ffs , I cant wait till the day I'm suprised by something

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>>276074908FUCKIN THIS!files.catbox.moe/h59qk5.webm

>>276075470Obama repealed Smith-Mundt act, in reality this was the last nail in the coffin. Journalism has been dead in America since the days of Hearst.

>>276073238USA Today does pretty alright balancing, unless I’m thinking of another blue dot

>>276087208>not knowing Talcum XProbably a good thing

>>276097483“There is no such a thing in America as an independent press, unless it is out in country towns. You are all slaves. You know it, and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to express an honest opinion. If you expressed it, you would know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid $150 for keeping honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for doing similar things. If I should allow honest opinions to be printed in one issue of my paper, I would be like Othello before twenty-four hours: my occupation would be gone. The man who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the street hunting for another job. The business of a New York journalist is to distort the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to villify (sic!), to fawn at the feet of Mammons, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread, or for what is about the same – his salary. You know this, and I know it; and what foolery to be toasting an ‘Independent Press’! We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping-jacks. They pull the string and we dance. Our time, our talents, our lives, our possibilities, are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.” t. john swinton, 1883

>>276087208he is a brave transnigger, bigot

>>276077399no i dont. help me out

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Attached: Muslim nigger somali Ohio CNN.png (1200x2126, 1.76M)

>>276100061They distorted the slope of the graph to make it seem as if there's a population growth crisis, thus paving the way for taking in migrants and refugees

>>276103418That's really ruined by the horrible editing and the "clinton news network."So cringe, boomer-tier. It should be presented in the most obvious and quick to understand way, that normies just have to glance at with no extraneous details.

Shit, good collection, OP.

>>276073481Anon, that's what makes them the lying press. They KNOW they are telling lies, and they don't care. They are making these stories only to play off anything and everything Trump says to stir up anger and clicks.

I want to say thanks for these image drops

>>276072651Seems plumb to me

>>276074095Jesus, and this is in the same article just two paragraphs apart. Its not even buried in the paragraph either, with each sentence leading their respective paragraphs.

>>276100061Both images have a very obvious graph, one is fake.

Outstanding thread OP.

>>276072661i hate the miliar too :)

>>276083235>>276084283Its because they did it too often and too much, and started to crack down on people who spoke out. It became obvious to everyone, even those on the left (who were typically blindly supportive of the media) that the media is full of liars and agitators. Trust of the media is at an all time low so nobody believes anything the media says without aggregating a dozen different news sources (which leftists like to do, thinking it will help even things out, but often all of those news sources are pushing the same lies so they still end up believing lies). Many of those on the right blindly follow a single news source, which is also bad. Its only normies who don't follow the news at all for reasons of mistrust, and those on the far edges who have their own ways to gather legitimate news who aren't as affected by the medias lies.

>>276087648>(((Zimmerman)))Why is it always so predictable?

>>276073192>>276072975has anyone sent the people who wrote these articles these photos, I wonder how they would react

>>276072923Tbh it was a surprise visit

Many people in this thread are focusing on the apparent "hypocrisy", but it is incorrect.These people are NOT being hypocritical, they are antiwhites whose primary goal is to harm whites. They would only be hypocrites had they different intentions.

>>276093728Well, print the best of them and put them up in public places. Don't even need much of a message. It will trigger some thought processes in some normies.


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>>276108770that excuses them how?


good fucking thread

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>>276091989Haha, yood

>>276107265This I have noticed as well

>>276082453Big F to those Kiddos

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>>276073481sociopaths. They have no moral compass. otoh, the benefit of the doubt would be to just declare them as so unbelievably stupid that it reflects poorly on the news agencies for hiring them in the first place

>>276078664Well, muslims need to fuck something

>>276072534there should be a thread like this up at all times desu

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>>276082502This one is one of if not the most disturbing

>>276115043Fucking Politifact. Owned by the Tampa Bay Times. Picture related.

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