California moving towards legalising pedophilia

What the fuck is this bruv? Is California a pedo state now? Why are they doing this?

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>>276070991Paedophiles get the rope

>>276071350The article says otherwise.More like the USA gets the nukes sooner or later.

>willingwhat THE FUCK?!does statuory rape not exist as a concept in Merishartia?What a utter hellhole

>>276071577In a civil society, they do. The US is far from it, unfortunately.

>>276071616here is a (you). you sound lonely. i hope you have a better day.

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I haven't read into this but from the headline it says, oral and anal...Seems like another feminist loop hole promoting boys to be sodomised.I guess if all men were feminized faggots there was wouldn't be much resistance to (((those))) in power.


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>>276070892>breitbart newsits bullshit.No source to the actual legislature that was "passed" cos 1. OP is a faggot. 2 OP has never read it.

>>276070892Based, I love slutty 14 yo

>>276070892Nice link faggot

>>276070892>Why are they doing thisTPTB are sabbateans/frankists and they believe in redemption through sin, especially sexual sin. They are antinomians. Freemasonry sprang out of this zoharic jewish antinomian movement and that is why people in positions of influence, no matter if jew or gentile, are all on the same page. These people in power are either jews or freemasons or both. And they are pushing for total abrogation of sexual laws.


It's all part of the plan to flip the state red once all the libertarians move there

Can we convert the entire state into a nuclear test site?

>>276070892Are these threads IQ tests, to see if 4chin user know how to google and research?Are we doing better than the trannys on twitter, or the soccer moms on Facebook?


>>276073174I'm tempted to dump poison in their water to be honest. I got about 1,000 gallons of roundup that would like to meet their municipal water supplies.

>>276070991>cunnyWhy the fuck do you pedos use this fucking word? Its goddamn creepy.

>>276070991>Because everyone deep down knows that theres nothing evil about liking cunnyfuck off kike. we are not interested in worshipping Satan and raping children with you. Your meme flag doesn’t hide you’re evil here.

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>>276073389if you have to rely on headlines to understand the news, other peoples opinions to form your own, youre always going to be a simple bitch manipulated by (((them)))

>>276070892They SUPPOSEDLY believe that their messiah will only come when people are wholly good or wholly transgressive. The idea is SUPPOSEDLY that the chance of a wholly good population arising is less likely than that of a wholly transgressive population. And so they are attempting to immanentize the eschaton. But this could be couching the fact that a sexually transgressive population is easier to control in theological language. Attempting to give their agenda a theological basis.

>>276073753Spare me the preaching and read the article

>>276072052found the pedo!

>>276070892The SUPPOSED belief was that in the messianic time their messiah would unveil a new torah. And shabtai tsvi was chosen as the messiah and he announced that sexual sin was a commandment. He announced basically that do what though wilt shall be the whole of the law, but actually even worse. Doing transgressive acts is a commandment and holy.

>>276070892>center of jew porn industry legalizes sex with kidsI wonder whats happening

>>276072857>>The bill, SB 145, applies in cases where the victim is between the ages of 14 and 17 and aims to lift an existing registration requirement for oral and anal sex.>State Senator Scott Wiener, who introduced the bill, claims it is meant to treat LGBT offenders the same as heterosexual offenders, as there is already a similar exemption from mandatory registration for vaginal intercourse between partners of a similar age difference.>14 yrs old>child

>>276075336Found the pedo

>>276070892>Why are they doing this?jews

"Before SB-145, an 18-year-old male convicted of having oral or anal sex with a 17-year-old male would be required to register as a sex offender, while a 24-year-old male convicted of having penile-vaginal sex with a 15-year-old female would not be automatically required to register – it would be left up to the judge." Seems fair if that's actually the case unless they've twisted it somehow

>>276075655what is fair about? Just outlaw paedophilia, it's not that hard.

>>276075336You failed to understand the legislation.>be hetero 17 years old>fuck 14 year old>be convicted>no registration requirements>be homo 17 years old>fuck 14 year old>be convicted>registration requirementsIf homo = hetero, this is illogical and should be fixed.>"but homo =/= hetero"Lawyers follow the law, not your opinions.

>>276072052breitbart is a thousand times more reliable than any of the bullshit sources you trust.

>>276076472I failed to understand your post. Herp derp I'm a retard, flag related I guess.

Look up his ancestry frens

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>>276070892>with willing children>bill introduced by a jew>voted in by democrats in unison

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>>276076275It is outlawed retard, they're just adjusting the punishments for anal and vaginal sex


>>276070892"Willing children"? These motherfuckers make me sick. A child CANT consent you fucking freaks

>>276070892Molestation is how faggots breed.

>>276076833My god you really deserve a helicopter ride.

>>276075336>"I keep telling you, the slippery slope isn't real, it's just a logical fallacy! Now if you'll excuse me, my newborn onahole just arrived and I want to use it right away."

>>276070892> PEDOWOOD (hahaha)

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>>276070991Please kill yourself asap, you little cretin

>>276070892>USA literally becoming Israelkek


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>>276077918Macedon user bringing the bantz

>>276073833And Zion shall be made whole again

>>276070892They literally had too many people on the sex offender list and it was becoming unmanageable.1 in 400 Californians is on their registery.

>>276070892Because LA is Sodom and we live in Mystery Babylon. This is why the USA was founded in the first place. Non believers can mock God all they want but his vengeance is coming.

>>276073721It appeared in some loli mango>>276077795>muh slippery slopeThen explain this

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>>276070892The story is fake news. The law passed gives judges leeway in cases where something like a 21 yo has sex with a 17 yo to not ruin their life forever over it where before they were put on a registry and treated like Epstein tier pedos.

>Move to California>Facefuck and assfuck pic related>Be wokeAnti-MAP's seethe.

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>>276070892Medically there can't be willing sex with children as they lack the concept of it, therfore this is a pro pedophilia law to make it easier to rape children

>>276079368No it doesn't.It puts time limits on how long they are kept on the list based on how severely they raped people or diddled kids.There are too many sex offenders in California and the registery was becoming very large (1 in 400 Californians).Rather than find better ways to manage the data they decided to reduce the size of the database.

>>276070892>if you dont _ your california politicians then you are just as evil and wicked as they are

>>276070991That doesn't exist in the 3D format memeflaggot.And the law is strictly talking about gay sex. It's so fags can fuck little boys.

>>276070892LLoLolLol. 14-16 yo isn't even a crime in most civilized countries. The agenda is to ever increase punishment for men. That's the agenda. This is just a small step back for them

>>276079368Also gives leeway to 18yos who diddle 8yos. Get raked bitch

>>276079616How come that 15-17yos lack the concept of willing sex in the US, but not over here where it is legal?

>>276070892>Why are they doing this?Because it's not fair that only faggots can intentionally spread AIDS without charge, kids need AIDS too.

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>>276070892>Why are they doing this?Jews

>>276070991Based, but this is for gays

>>276079758No, it doesn't. 14 up. And only mentions no requirement to register as an offender. In most of Europe 14 up can't even be punished. In Mexico 12 up. In Japan 13 up. In Korea 13 up. Regardless of the other partner's age.

>>276076555Then why are they lying about this bill?

>>276070991Are you trying to make a post so controversial so that it catches the attention of (((media)))???

>>276070892>nowDemocrats have always loved the sexuality depraved and California is as Democrat as you can get.

>>276070892they already legalized being an underage hookerthis is the other half of that>>276070991"anti-"feminist libertarians have always secretly wanted to legalize the behavior of the author of Alice in Wonderland

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>>276080061Why is any reporter lying about anything? For ad money.

>>276079792beBecause the children! Think of the children! The dope smoking, car driving, imprisonable "children" who reach puberty by 10-12 and dress like prostitutes by 15. Ogh and because feminists said so. Let's all listen to feminists and prohibit sex with women under 25. Let's make this a worldwide policy too!

>>276071935The biggest item of the bill is that the adult won’t be put on the sex offenders list if the child is within 10 years of their age. So if the pedo is 19 and rapes a 9 year old it is nothing. Pedos run the show.

>>276079704Really, that's not what it says in the bill? Essentially just makes the law equal for faggots and straight people. An 18 year old man having consensual sex with a 17 year old woman, wouldn't be automatically required to register as a sex offender. On the other band an 18 year old man who had consensual sex with a 17 year old man, would automatically be required to register. The bill just makes it so gay sex and straight sex is looked at equally.

>>276070892peddling hard to reduce politicians penalties when they get busted.they know their time is short.

>>276080495That's not in the bill at all, faggot. Quit lying

>>276071616It does when it’s convenient.

>>276070892This is step one towards abolishing the sex offender list then pedo laws altogether. Weiner is a pedo scumbag.

>>276076623cool it with the antisemitism

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Can states vote to remove a state from the nation in the US?Fuck it, just glass California and Portland.

>>276070892If you're a gay pedophile and successfully group a child, then that's cool in california.Until the father of that child cuts the pedo's head off.

>>276080644Read it for yourself

>>276080809* child = anyone under 30

>>276080384You're falling into the Jewish trap. This isn't a binary question of whether to allow sex between young, but fertile, girls and adult men. Rather, it is a push by Jews to encourage casual sex and ruin girls at younger and younger ages so they are less capable of pair bonding and thus having stable relationships with the father of their children.Marriage between a fertile young girl and adult men should be encouraged, as long as her father and/or older brother approves of the man. But casual sex should be outlawed. Women should either be chaste virgins until marriage, or prostitutes. There should be no in-between like we have now. That has led to the fall of the West and of the white race.

>>276080644Yes it is, kike faggot. kys or poltards will reineohl your entire family.


>>>the bill was pushed by law enforcement agencies, that argued that california’s sex offender registry is so large that officers and the public can’t determine who is at high risk for reoffending>the registry has 100,000 sex offenders — meaning 1 in 400 californians is on it

>>276080779Portland is not a state. But California should be removed. You have nothing in common with them.

>>276081045Yeah. This shit is the new gay. The new war on drugs. Them Americans will only wake up to reality when they'll all have a family member or friend in prison for having consensual intercourse with someone deemed a month too young.

>>276076623What did you find?

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>>276079283Because of the MESTIZOS

>>276070892>sex with willing children>'willing children'Could some American please explain the definition of that? I know I'm backward Polish Catholic lagging behind the Great Progress and all, but this is a brand new Americanism I have not encountered before.

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>>276081360Paedophilia is the "new gay". Americans will soon wake up to the reality.

>>276070892sounds like a nest of jews

>>276081931Pedos usually say the child came onto them which in their mind releases the pedos liability in fucking the kid. “Timmy wanted it”

>>276081931Ohh. Their definition of children is anyone under 18. In Poland it's 15. Hope that explains it

>>276070892It hasn't been passed into law yet. But the CA Legislature is definitely full of pedos.


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>>276081704Women on steroids are disgusting. Don't confuse this unnatural look with a fit, natural woman that lifts weights.


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>>276079792Americans don’t mature mentally till they’re 21 and some don’t at all.

>>276082419>Their definition of children is anyone under 18No, it isn't. Definition of a minor is anyone under age of consent, which varies by state. The most common age of consent in US states is 16, not 18. A minor is merely someone under legal age. It's not necessarily a child.

>>276070892you dipshits did this to yourselves

>>276083411It's not like Europe is any different.

>>276073753Read the article you dumb cunt. Its basically doing away with statutory rape, allowing the judge to determine whether or not they would have to register as a sex offender. It goes as low as 14 years old

>>276080986It only applies to minors between 14 and 17. Like I said. You faggots are lying. This is why no one takes us seriously.

>>276070991>all these american flags seethingyou do realize age of consent was made by feminists and for millenia before it was bleed=breed?>fuck the government muh rights>except when they force me to have sex only with used up old hags

>>276080853It only applies to 14 through 17 year olds.

>>276084340For now

>>276070892>Is California a pedo state now>now

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>>276079859Imagine the rich sense of satisfaction that would come from delivery a good dose of planetary bombardment


>>276080018AOC is like 12 or 13 in Japan


>>276082376I can guess what the reasoning is, what I cannot understand is how can it go into legislature. This is like the ghost of Alfred Kinsey and his inheritance haunting your society, forever.


>>276070892>willing children

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>>276073833Jesus will return and smite the heretics and degenerates

>>276070892>real news headline>triggering hate>instigatingSomeone pre heat the oven

Some boomer I follow commented on this a few days ago

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Both the left and the right are immoral. The left is sexually immoral, while the right is racist and full of hatred. Jesus is the only true way, and for that reason, both the far left and the far right hate him.

>>276083498This right here is why pedos need to be hung.Find anymore loopholes in the legal system for these pieces of shit?

>>276070892Gavin Newsoeme wont sign this pedo shit.

>>276079704It's easy to get on their registry. Public urination will get you there.>>276075655It's a stepping stone. Just wait another few years. I'm sure there will be some exception added later on about AOC or situations that make the law null n void like airplanes or boats. Fuck knows but its gonna get spun into something.

>>276070892it was only a matter of timeslippery slope is not a logical fallacy

>>276070892>Is California a pedo state now?>now?

>>276083211They have to wax like a motherfucker. Hair grows from everywhere, thick and black. Also their endocrine system gets fucked and their clits grow into small dicks.On the plus side I dont think they get emotional.

>>276087325If you’ve seen his header on Twitter you know he will

>>276084340Cap where it says that

>>276085722The senator and cronies are pedo faggots

Scott weiner is a gross jew

>>276070892>Is California a pedo state now?>nowwew lad

>>276070892But are you also no longer required to tell the child about your HIV status? this is important

>>276070892one small step for pedophiles, giant step toward Sharia law. Muslims are coming for your women and children.

>>276087325Newsom was the first to legalize gay marriage in the united states, he’ll sign it, unless there’s a huge backlash

>>276070892Nice link, faggot

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>>276070892Legalize BeastialityLegalize NecrophilliaLegalize PedoPhilliaTime for a new hashtagLegalizeBNP

>>276091865For maximum lulz add LoveisLove right next to it.


>>276070892>oral, anal sex with willing children

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>>276071616Isn't the AoC in Germany 14 and literally whatever age you want if you're Muslim?

>>276092488Say no to hate

>>276088103The estrogen is not going everywhere.They're like black men, who have the same testosterone as whites but more estrogen.You basically have a woman with the hormonal profile of a negro.

>>276076472Or how about better yet, they both get registered and treated equally dogshit?

>>276093226I meant anywhere not everywhere.I think I'm going insane.

>>276072857>>276075336Children can't consent. 14 is still a dummy child being indoctrinated with faggot LGBT and 'age is just a number'. While we must forgive our enemies, one is called to protect the innocent as well.The angry puritans who conquered the known world are coming back moshe.

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>>276091865Necrophilia is already legal

>>276072232Sai do pc zé

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>>27607161614 is legal in your country..why are you acting like you’re any different. There was a story of an uncle sleeping with his 15 year old niece and he couldn’t be pressed with any charges

>>276070892>oral, analwhat about the vadge? this must be a fag bill

>>276095795>this must be a fag billIt is

>>276070892Looks like I’m moving to Cali then

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Penis in vagina underage-sex cases are left to the discretion of the judge if the age difference is 10 years or less. This law ONLY includes other forms of sex to the judge's discretion as well.So you can feel free to call out pedo judges that take advantage of either exception. The real worry is this law will be applied unevenly.

>>276073424Fucking commie jew glowie peddle your wares somewhere else

>>276070892Califag here. I don't agree with this bill in any way, but it isn't as bad as you think. It's still illegal to fuck kids, so you still do the time if you're caught. What the bill proposes is that pedos picked up for oral/ anal acts with minors aren't put of the sex offender registry if they are within 10 years of the age of the victim. Apparently the bill was written to reduce discrimination of fags, and I find that amusing because it is basically a tacit admission that homos prey on underage victims. It was written by a gay Jew, incidentally.

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>>276081931Fellow Catholic here. This is a california pedo jew phenomenon. This is not yet accepted in my state. These fucking scumbags would be hanged by the neck until dead in my state.

>>276073174In Minecraft

>>276073174If you can make a bomb big enough to hit a state that big. Got plenty of city sized bombs which should be enough.

>>276070892both of these people need to be shot.


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>>276083349> comments are pretty funny

>>276071754The rape doesn't end there...

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>>276074713It's always been okay for them, just so you know...

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>>276078281Are you surprised?

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>>276085543Even God is guilty just so you know...

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>>276070892Wow, slippery slope was right. Boo hoo, fuck California.

>>276095599most 15yo females have gone thorugh puberty and are perfectly fertile mates

Nothing new under the sun

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>>276095599>>276092656>14 is a child.I owned a gun and shot animals at 14, I also worked side gig jobs for spare cash.Get out you fucking suburbanites.

>When you're too focused on black people to pay attention to the real threat within your own raceBabylon MUST burn

>>276070892Boys Beware (Colorized Version)

>>276088019Just like in the old days of


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>>276095028Wait what?! I thought it was really dangerous considering the risk that one might spread disease...

The Great Fag Purge of 2021 is almost upon us...

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>>276105847I guess it's payback for the mistreatment of your people.

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>>276106027Could never stand West Side Story, when I found out (from a gay guy incidentally) that Leonard was a gay pedo it all made sense.

>>276106480What disease do you get from a decade old corpse?

>>276107185You tell me, attraction to something like that wouldn't even occur to

>>276106668fucking based cube? wtf, i love niggers now!

>>276071846what kind of copeposting is this ? we live in a satanic hellscape and this law being passed proves it. are you actually ignorant or just coping ?

>>276104982How this is somehow a controversial issue never ceases to amaze me. People will believe fucking anything.

>>276071577it's just the cities, bro, wipe LA & SF off the map, with all their little suburbs, and california probably wouldn't be doing shit like this

>>276108457Pretty much...

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>>276108182>wouldn't even occur to meHow old are you that you don't know about necrophilia?

>>276108232Too bad that many of them are not aware of this issue...

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>>276070892Think about the object and adjective of that phrase. Says everything about how fucking degenerate these cunning, sick, evil pieces of shit are>WILLING CHILDREN

>>276108741I mean that if I saw a corpse, it wouldn't make me want to have sex with it.

>>276087449pissing in public will not get you on the registry, silly thats kike hollywood myth.

Sounds fine to me. The idea of a sex offender registry is totalitarian anyway. If you don't have confidence he won't reoffend, why are you even letting him out of prison? The blurring of the lines between liberty and captivity is terrifying.

>>276070892You know how Jews control and own both the music and movie industry which is essentially all California is? This just goes to show what kind of people are in power.

>>276070892Unregistered Hispanic children are California's most precious resource.

>>276108947Oh they are willing, just look at their face on how happy they are...

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>>276108959Me neither, but that doesn't mean that I can't imagine what could arouse people about it.

>>276108959Also your video is wrong, animals do necrophilia sometimes. Ducks are infamous for it.

Win the battle, lose the war.

>>276110567It's not natural since animals have sex in order to breed.

>>276111783>animals have sex in order to breed.Well they clearly aren't just that, since they're also shagging corpses and shit lmao.

>>276071935>feministWorse, it's by a faggot, for faggots, to create more faggots. It's basically child grooming for fags: the bill.

>>276112185Sounds extremely unlikely since I have never heard or seen it happen.

>>276070892Someone should nuke all of us from existence. Allowing this, we have forfeited our right to live on this planet. Once the children aren't valued treasures of a nation, it is doomed. We already were doomed, but this seals it. Have a fun slide to the bottom, everybody

>>276111783They also have sex because they’re bored, horny, and don’t have vidya.

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>>276113007Sounds like you don't hang out around animals much, Bjorn

>>276113218I have seen them rape however when they get desperate...

>>276113452How do you know it was rape?Did the female scream "no please stop"?

>>276079360>So the little girl was groomed by a adult to think her marriage was normal. Jesus user I bet you think the world is still flat too.


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>>276113658There was a case where a Bengal tiger raped and killed a zookeeper, can't find the article though since its over a decade ago.

>>276114389He just did what Yahweh did to Virgin Mary...

Why is Holla Forums so homophobic? The law already has special exceptions for a 17 year old who sleeps with his or her 14 year old girlfriend. Why shouldn't that same standard be applied to a 17 year old who sleeps with his 14 year old boyfriend?

>>276070892>brain development 23-25 years of ageFrom what age is one not a child anymore by muttland standards?

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>>276114389That wasn't even my point, retard.>>276114430Did he do that for the purposes of breeding as well?

>>276114552Marry was of legal age you faggot.

>>276105462>>276071616>REEEEE AMERICANS>Oh, well actually, she's a perfectly viable matelmao, get fucked and raped to death by muslims you germanicuck

>>276095599Jewmerica raised the age people can legally get into stable relationships while reducing the punishment for fornication with children. AOC being low in a country with virtuous sexual morals based around stable marriage isn’t a bad thing. Raising AOC while relaxing the punishment for actual sexual deviancy is simply a way to popularize sexual deviancy.

Seems the homosexuals are pedophiles, after all. Rape a boy, no vagina - no problem.

>>276114950If your only case for fucking little girls is bexause you want to use them for only breeding purposes you have failed as a human and have become nothing more than a absolute animal. Plesse neck your self jew.

>>276070892They're doing if "for the children".

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>>276070892Please nuke my state.

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>>276114984According to modern standards, she wasn't. Back in the day it was normal to marry and have sex with teenagers. Even as recent as a couple of hundred years ago it wasn't too uncommon. Not saying that this should be encouraged.

>>276115696This guy has those dead eyes and children eating smile.

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