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new baker needed

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Imagine dying for Bernie’s lakehouses

>>275866935i don’t got it

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Make white babies!

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who /crackerjew/ here?

>14 yearsBros...

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>>275866888Maga digits in this thread

I have to bring it back for this

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>>275866888Post salt of the police shooting:

>>275867080I cant

>>275866970shouldn't have lied so muchbasic fairness goes a long, long way


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>>275866888Checked.Can President Trump order Soros arrested now?

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Well that knocks the Trump story off the headlines

>>275867119i miss him bros

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>Holla Forums investigators IDs the shooter>feds put him down

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>>275866888what? no antifa gunned down news in the OPwhich useless baker is this guy?anyway MAGA

Attached: FireShot Capture 1926 - Michael Forest Reinoehl, Suspect in Portland Shooting, Is Killed by _ - (974x1039, 206.81K)

Simpothy arrested again!

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I haven't felt this kind of energy in awhile, are we winning?

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>>275866888nice digits

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>>275867181Trump needs to be impeached for the crime of running of with my sides.


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>>275867162then make the highest quality mexican babies you can

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>>275867110You watching tucker right now to?

>>275867221Same :/

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>>275867295God says yes, we are winning.

>>275867341Fucking hysterical if true

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>>275867420Nah, not gonna bring boys to this matriarchall hell


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MAGA votes on ballot questions & Senate primariesAlways vote Republican! Donate spare money with WinRed! Sep. 8: NH: MessnerSep. 15: DE: WitzkeNov. 3:AL: Jud.R.: No; New Const.: No; Citizenship req.: YES; Jud. Vac.: noAK: Electoral reform: no; Tax Incs.: NoAR: TermLimits: Yes; Referenda: Yes; TP sales tax: No; Optometry: YesAZ: ALL NOCA: Crime sentencing: YES; Property tax refs.: No; Abolish bail: NO; Rent control: NO; App-based Drivers: No (Fuck SV); Dialysis: No; Stem Cell R.: NO; CCPA: No; Repeal 209: NO; Parolee&17YO voting: NO; also: 22W Abortion Ban: YES; Citizen Req.: YES; Gray wolves: No; NPVIC: No; Bingo&Raffles: Yes; Gallagher Repeal: No; Vote on Fees; Yes; Local Gaming: no; Decrease Income Tax: YES; Senpai. Leave: NOFL: YES, NO, NO, yes, Yes, YesGA: Rev. Ded.: Yes; Dec. Rel.: No; CollinsID: NE/yesIL: NOIA: NOKY: Marsy's law: YES; Offices: NE/noLA: No Right to Abortion: YES; Disaster Budget Stabilization: Yes; Payment in lieu of taxes: YES; Oil/gas in property value: Yes; Change spending limit: NO; Homestead Exemption: YES; UCP Trust Fund: Yes; Sports betting: No; MurphyMA: NOME: YESMD: NoMI: Park Funds: Yes; Data warrants: NoMS: I65/A65A: NO/65A; flag: NO; EV: NoMO: A1: NE/no; A3: YESMT: LR-130: YES; C-46/47: NE/no; weed: NONE: End Slavery: NO; TIF: No; 36% APR: No; Weed: NONV: NONJ: Weed: NO; Delayed Redis.: No; Vet. Ded.: YESNM: NO, YES, NO, NO, NOND: Electoral reform: NO; PassTwice: Yes; SCR4016: YesOK 814: YesOR: NORI: NOSD: NOUT: Mun. Water: Yes; Legis. Qual.: Yes; End Slavery as Punishment: NO; Gender-Neutral Lang.: NO; Legis. start date: No; Right to hunt: YES; Kid welfare: NOVA: Redr. Com.: Yes; Vet. Tax Ex.: YESWA: 90: NO; 8212: YesDC shrooms: NOPR Statehood: NO/boycottVI CC: NE/noDERECOGNIZE CHINA!

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>>275867181next tweet should be LAW & ORDER

Damn...what a night

>>275867197dont be a fucking idiot. The majority of these are because of unwanted pregnancy's. >Yes if it's black/black hybrid it's okay


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Vice deleted my "rest in piss" comment on their youtube video


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>>275867181Tomorrows news:>Did Trump signal to police to execute Reinnoehl as vengeance for murdering one of his supporters? We say yes.

>>275867181they will say he is stirring things up but at this point he has no choice

>>275867341lmao, got dabbed on by fucking Vice

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>>275867501i respect that. then just be the best person you can be.

Reinoehl is dead

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Just waiting on the LAW & ORDER tweet.

>>275867080That's really cool. If that's your work you should draw more, you're really good.

>>275867119Bro.. Right in the Feels Man...

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>>275867295Evil is still weaker then good in this world, we are winning.

>>275866888That guy is dead guys, they got him.

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Are they about to get gunned down?

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IT'S UP!!!!!!!!

>>275867261we should post methods to register to vote in these threadsmaybe the confederate flaggot can append such information to his posts

>>275867681Lol His party is likely happy too!

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>>275867295>Tucker drops Jew redpills>Trump shits on Israel>basically suggested a total takeover>commie killer gets blasted>Barr taking the gloves off>digits fucking everywhere

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>> is just bots convincing bots to convince humans

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>>275867663>then just be the best person you can be.Always


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>>275866888there have been lots of very good digits today along with very good news today

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>>275867341>>275867549He's fucking dead. Like a good little leftist should be.Dead dead dead.Screaming and crying and squealing like a pig.

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Did the Vice interview give away his location?


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>>275867782i wonder what tonight's shot felt like

>>275866888Holy checked

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>>275867626That will just give every Trump voter an erection.

>>275867713Genuninely a great man. The show his family has on TV right now is so cute, I bet he is proud :)

Cant Vice be charged with being an accessory after the fact?

>>275867788Like all terrorist filth should be.

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>>275867782It's war bros

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>>275867840>>Trump shits on IsraelYou have the transcript?

>>275867341More like Vice did it on purpose for more clicks.COME HEAR THE DEAD GUY SPEAK

>listening to Tucker>"the jews control the banks... the jews control everything"Did a double-take

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>>275867782Based reply to that tweet.



>>275867295Same. Been a good week

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less than 6 days from a blurry pic to him being killedIs Holla Forums the greatest death squad in history?

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>>2758679025.56x45mm probably

>>275867873Thats one of the greatest screenshots in chinz history

>>275867681He blowed up real good

Attached: blowed-up.jpg (480x360, 19.2K)

>>275868002you're fucking with me. you have to be fucking with me

>>275867497same tbqh

>mfw Holla Forums is happy about an extrajudicial killing by law enforcement>because now we wont get to interrogate him and find out who he was working with and for>he gets to die thinking he's a hero in an instant rather than rotting in prison for the rest of his life constantly contemplating if it was worth it all>but it's okay because haha dead commies

Attached: 1301425039609.jpg (400x330, 11.48K)

please tell me there is video of that leftist fuck getting killed by the Feds

>>275867889VICE SQUAD


>>275867181looks better with update, kek

Attached: FireShot Capture 1920 - (1) Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 on Twitter_ [email protected] @TheJusticeDept_ - (716x480, 94.84K)

I'm too wired to sleep now. It's going to be a great labor day weekend bros

>>275867295Yes. So many good things happened today.The MSM got so humiliated that they had to stop pushing a retarded lie about Trump.Jay's killer got what he fucking deserved, and by law enforcement.I love it, lads. I fucking feel the landslide coming. I feel it in my heart and soul.

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>>275867341why would you do an interview within a week in the same fucking localemeth head decisions boggle my mind

Whats the past tense of an antifa?

>>275868216Kys.Commies deserve death.


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lmao post the footage pls, I know one of you neckbeards will have it before the media will

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>>275867791S. A thousand times S.

>>275868216Yes. Kill all communists.

>>275867791is that a beak?

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Have an Asuka to celebrate the dead commie, /ptg/!

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>>275868216>>but it's okay because haha dead commiesyes. let them get pissed about it. guess what that leads to

>>275868058yes, now find the next target

>>275868114He was being critic of the father of the nog who got shot, he had a bunch of Farrarkhan style posts and so forth.

>>275868278>I love it, lads. I fucking feel the landslide coming. I feel it in my heart and soul.MAKE IT HAPPEN

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>>275867984he said in the rally today, the only reason we're there in ME is due to israel. it's a subtle redpill

>>275868216to be fair better dead then red


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>>275867181>>275867281>>275867261>>275867341>>275867549>>275867743>>275867782>>275867788>>275867873>>275867884>>275867889>>275868274Not like this commiebros

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>>275868221Hunt it down, find it and report back

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>>275868333>just keep squashing the ants goy don't look deeper for the Queen


>>275868216>letting your grunts and useful idiots be on more than a need-to-know basis>everopsec 101; the odds that that faggot actually knew anything worthwhile approaches zero

>>275868274>allegedHe fucking admitted to shooting the guy. And now hes a good commie because he didn't have the balls to defend himself in court over it.


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>>275868058Yes.Yes it fucking is.

Attached: 4chan Anti-Terrorist Airstrike.jpg (2300x7537, 3.52M)

>>275868444Checked and This

>>275868322made goodperson of goodedfound out

>>275868450DELET THIS

Attached: akko2.gif (400x400, 761.91K)

>>275868322Antifed. He'll never eat government cheese again.

>>275868216>by law enforcementI still haven't seen that confirmed, the initial articles about it were all carefully worded like "killed as officers closed in on location"the subtext implication is that he was already dead


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How much of a hit to the USA economy would there be if say, some places in Europe such as one or more major European Union cities get hit and pulverized by several asteroids?!Serious question. I bet Russia would lose a few million customers for their natural gas and oil but what about USA. Would Apple or Microsoft stocks suffer serious drops?

Attached: E28DC7CE-266F-4D1A-AF87-1A98DE5FDC6A.jpg (236x419, 22.09K)

BROS I live in Ohio and this recent news is making me wanna arm up. What's a good pistol for beginners?

Attached: 1598579610457.png (900x1000, 321.06K)

>>275868216The only good communist is a dead communist.Cuck. Faggot. Nigger. lel.Kill yourself.

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Attached: 19F0EA03-185E-46DD-8FCA-6B0542339819.jpg (1213x721, 289.6K)

>>275867753>My brothers! I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me! A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship. But it is not this day. An hour of wolves and shattered shields when the age of Men comes crashing down! But it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you stand! Men of the West!

>>275868441I know he did it, but want see a transcript

>>275868450US Marshals just blasted him.Based cowboys.

>>275868450Damn, that's a start at least. I hope we get better shots and (best case scenario) an eventual body cam footage.

>>275868114It was a Jewish guy leading "Americans Against Antisemitism" quoting Blake Sr.

>>275867281Hold on, hes a bomber and they let him walk?

>>275868058Huh so this feeling is the rush of energy obama got when he droned people?

Attached: 58CA9E3C-2673-4832-8B06-44725C563B72.jpg (750x458, 241.34K)

>>275868487Gonna take a lot more to take down dnc, soros, Google, ccp, Isreal, cia ect ect.

>>275868641the one you got last year, dumb fuck


Attached: 1599024189332.jpg (679x516, 28.88K)

git gud, antifags.

Attached: 1414717425509.png (495x495, 202.59K)

>>275868529what in the god damn


Attached: 6ix9ine-trump.jpg (1280x1256, 266.01K)

>>275868216> Holla Forums is happy about an extrajudicial killing by law enforcementDas reich> because now we wont get to interrogate him and find out who he was working with and forWon’t happen> he gets to die thinking he's a hero in an instant rather than rotting in prison for the rest of his life constantly contemplating if it was worth it allWaste of money to keep him in prison >but it's okay because haha dead commiesAWOOOOO

Attached: 0A91DDC6-1D65-4695-B088-764A975428E2.jpg (1200x850, 155.13K)

>>275868610TRUMP 2020

Attached: !!!IMG_3011(M).jpg (590x792, 286.35K)

this Atlantic fake news about Trump and the military must have been saved up for desperate times, hence why they pulled it out now to deflect from the riots and Biden being a retardI don't think it will accomplish much, Trump's entire public persona goes against a bunch of anonymous sources. Unless they actually get Mattis or Kelly to confirm it publicly, it's nothing. But the fact they are pulling this at all is positive in my opinion, it shows how desperate they are to randomly drop a story based around quotes from fucking 2018>>275867782they got ratio'd hard on YTevery branch of the MSM is priming the public for civil war and challenging the election results. This is actually scary shit, legit deep state coup stuff

Attached: vice news portland ratio.jpg (901x818, 44.79K)

>>275868649he was definitely dead before the marshalls went in

Attached: F154097C-404A-4697-A519-BE7161A1652E.png (465x213, 28.74K)

>>275868748I DON'T HAVE ANY

Attached: 1593002986920.png (884x778, 238.86K)

>>275868529Trump shitposting.

>>275868529What the

>>275868441israelis should be watching what's happening to our country closely and ask themselves whether or not they want to be the subject of an international anti-apartheid campaigni suspect that's why they support trump and also why so much jewish d&c is pushed here

reposting from last threadAnyone else see this yesterday? Apparently somebody recorded Joe Biden walking around in nothing but a diaper somewhere in Delaware and posted it to twitter but it was quickly scrubbed and any mention of it now gets you banned

Attached: Screen_Shot_2020-09-03_at_5.42.52_PM.png (480x771, 340.06K)


S, Michael Reinoehl.

Attached: Reinoehl.jpg (1536x2048, 418.21K)

>>275868216If he went to prison he would just get released in a couple of weeks.

>>275868803Speaking of 6ix9ine...SCUMMMMMM GANGGGGGGGG

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Attached: BT_6406470886269911040_n(M101).jpg (792x792, 580.36K)

>Racial Justice Protester

Attached: image.jpg (1125x1576, 646.45K)

>>275868216>extrajudicial killingis it extrajudicial when cops kill a violent nigger waving a gun around?

>>275868674I would like to thank Vice, specifically Aaron Rupar, even though he works for some other faggot outlet, for their service to this country.Thank you, Vice. A little less red in our flag's colors wouldn't have been possible without you.

Attached: 1445473662406.png (600x500, 131.39K)

>>275868674>accidentallyVice snitched would be a shame if pantifa burns their offices.

>>275868674These comments will get VICE reporters shot in the future by their subjects.

Attached: Grinch.jpg (1252x1252, 134.07K)

>>275868908well good fucking luck getting anything now that everything is 300% more expensiveget a rifle, dummy


>>275868908Glock 32, but glocks are impossible to find now.

>>275868974Biden is pasty white. Obviously not real.

>>2758682161.Commies don’t deserve to live2.Keeping commies alive is a waste of space, air, and tax money3.All commies go straight to hell4.kys commie faggot

>>275868216>>but it's okay because haha dead commies

Attached: ABCB813C-03B8-47F1-A3AF-E697117E9642.jpg (584x683, 81.77K)

>>275868720you have to understand, they were mostly peaceful bombs

Well, the Trump military garbage story lasted a day

>>275868674haha thanks vice.

just got here, what happened?

>>275868216>>but it's okay because haha dead commiesA dead Communist is its own reward.

>>275868216>because now we wont get to interrogate him and find out who he was working with and forJews. He's working for jews and chinks by proxy. No need to interrogate some degen burnout when we know who he works for.

Attached: 1595298489534.jpg (819x1024, 68.48K)


Attached: !IMG_5980(M10).jpg (792x792, 475.67K)

>>275868428i was watching that and the first words out of my mouth were "blake sr is fucking based and redpilled"


>>275868649Maybe he was a glowie who knew too much

>>275868649>shot multiple times at policeThese retard actually thought he was some kind of hero of the revolution.


>>275868999Looks bald.



Attached: 53B7F0EB-9685-4A09-9CED-5FE27853AB48.jpg (1218x967, 389.81K)

4chan solved the murder of aaron jay danielsonthank you 4channo one else was going to do itthank you alphawolf13 or whatever on youtube for finding the bloomberg video after browsing Holla Forums

Attached: file.png (749x830, 1.37M)

>>275868674If that's true why reveal this, except to make Vice scared of doing anything like this again?

>>275869122In this case it's a good thing


>>275868855They already bandied about that the military were more supportive of Biden than Trump. Of course that is BS but clearly they want to see that the mail in votes of military are impacted by this pathetic attempt with ZERO evidence to back it up.

Attached: file.png (551x341, 37.08K)

>>275869122Yes.The murderer of Aaron "Jay" Danielson has been killed by law enforcement. In other words, he became the only good kind of communist: a dead one.I'm so fucking happy.

Attached: 1337202766366.gif (196x230, 2.43M)

>>275868216we know who the enemy is. they have a flag and masters.

>>275869122BAHAHAHAHAHA The Feds trailed them to him. Waited for the interview to get over, then moved in.

Attached: 1480643812074.jpg (259x194, 6.89K)

>>275868999checked. Can someone draw on this to tell me wtf I'm looking at? Looks like a giant popped tick or a flesh colored garbage bag

>>275867791>I'm 100% antifascist but i'm not a member of antifa>I feel like that shot was the beginning of a civil warThis dude was an egomaniacal antifag. Good riddance.

>>275869335Answered your own question


Attached: 1442707637990.jpg (786x715, 155.25K)

>>275869298holy shit

>>275869195The Portland shooter is dead.

>>275868216dude seems like a glow nigger or Chinese asseteither he was willing to die for the cause and suicided by cop to accelerate things or the Feds were taking him out to keep him quiet. The fact he magically did an interview right before dying is sketchy as fuck. Whole thing reeks

Attached: csm bloodborne.png (1031x1465, 393.63K)

>>275869195>just got here, what happened?Pumrt did a high energy rally dabbed on everyone and had US marshals kill a red oh crypto collapsed, buy the dip with your unemployment

>>275869189It's in the bin where it deserves to be.


Attached: HAT(M11).jpg (720x720, 252.51K)

So you're telling me Trump has had the ability to put communists on blast ten minutes before Marshalls roll up on them and he hasn't been using this the entire term?

>>275869415Trump tweeted an arrest order 60 seconds prior to the shooting too

>>275869449She cute


Attached: HAT_4907(M1A) copy.jpg (669x864, 417.58K)

>>275868450>hi this is donovan with vice, was in the neighborhood and wondered if we could do that followup interview this afternoon? great, i'm parked outside

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Attached: Screenshot_20200903_231949.jpg (787x260, 31.6K)

>>275869325Duuuude, marijuana makes you peaceful and chill bruhhhh.

Original AWOOposter from 2015 hereIs Trump gonna win against Bidet?

Attached: 1455810419373.png (550x562, 248.2K)

>>275869499The Dems are letting their pawns get killed. They’re no longer useful

>>275869441redbox me on the crypto fampai, i want to learn the cyber

>>275869441>oh crypto collapsed, buy the dip with your unemploymentwtf user, no poors allowed, only chad essential nuclear engineers

>>275868216>believing the mediaWhole thread of children.

>>275869122>MANNo, just a communist.

>>275869392Turns out he’s the next Gavrilo Princip

>>275869647el peruANO furro....


Attached: HAT_5023(M).jpg (556x720, 254.16K)

>>275869355>white supremacists kill white man for killing a jew

Attached: 1574803366685.jpg (419x610, 68.6K)


Holla Forums CONFIRMED DID THIS>>275865840

Attached: A33AAFBA-30FF-4991-95C3-87302877591D.jpg (1207x1011, 195.37K)

>>275867591classic australia


>>275869122Yeah, by boosting is ego. Probably martyred himself


Attached: Untitled.png (601x128, 15.18K)

>>275869518Trump has permanently raised the minimum expected level of transparency for a President. That's probably part of why they hate him.

>>275869706This phenotype is my weakness

>>275869748>believing your own hype

>>275868053Yes,And Biden has a brown note

>>275869355>they want to see that the mail in votes of military are impacted by this pathetic attempt with ZERO evidence to back it up.exactly this

>>275869647I mean he's gonna win either way at this point


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>>275867341>>275867006Didn't VICE do this to John McAfee a few years back?

>>275866888Patriot pro-Trump ride in all 50 states on Sep 5, organized by the same people who did the Portland rally which was full of hilarious commie seething Sign up at to find where in your state people are meeting on Sep 5. Generally these rallys are a mix of rednecks, boomers, qtards, based country chicks and various other patriot groups. You normally cruise highways and tangle with a few antifa wannabes, sometimes (like in Portland) some patriots may head into downtown areas to troll bolshevik LARPers but shit may be too heated to do so right now no doubt glowies are everywhere. Lot's of different people show up to these>MAGA>MAGA the usual Proud Goys and whatever other so-called 'far right' groups are in your state so it is your chance to meet some other patriots and troll some commie scumbags. Here is the official promo from this pleasant Georgia patriot chick at 2:36>PUT THIS IN THE GENERAL!

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>McSally down 17 fucking points to her Demshit opponent in AZ according to latest Fox News pollWhat a fucking loser cunt...she deserves to be completely fucking embarrassed, though...didn't do a goddamn thing to earn than seat other than lose to a fucking dykeBlimpf has probably disowned her for weeks now

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What an incredibly fun week it's been.

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>>275869666>They’re no longer usefulSatan confirms.

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>>275869728>people still break rules 1 and 2

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>>27586774315 minutes of fame.

275869892This sure isnt a botpost


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>>275868216>rather than rotting in prison for the rest of his life constantly contemplating if it was worth it allum who pays for that

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>>275868999more like michael fullaholes

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Holla Forums found his identify and now he is deaddont fuck with the chan mannn

>>275869647Easily, the left are more demoralized than they were with Hillary

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>>275869728Um based dept...

>>275866935i got it

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>>275868450E N H A N C E

>>275869000Not if it was a federal charge.

>al-Baghdadi>Solemeini>ReinoehlNothing better than dead terrorists

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>>275869892I dont believe that poll for a minute, but she is certainly down.

>>275867788Absolutely based.Did he use the quote marks?

>>275869748Yeah... his ego is huge right now....


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>>275869518>Trump tweeted an arrest order 60 seconds prior to the shooting tooThat's not an 'arrest order' lmao

>>275870172one of those isn’t a terrorist

>>275868999they caught him outside and fucked his shit up

>>275869892Well she did tell poor people to skip a meal to donate to her

>>275869668>redbox me on the crypto fampai, i want to learn the cyberyoutube defi, buy some ETH on coinbase,go to biz you will have either lambos or nothing>>275869685>wtf user, no poors allowed, only chad essential nuclear engineersI'm an engineer and I'm unemployed

>>275869728>breaking the rules

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>>275869967He's a niggerfaggot troll.

hey marshals, if you want actionable stuff, watch the people at his funeral service

>>275870227can you prove it isn’t faggot?

So how long until antifa starts screaming bloody murder about .gov and Holla Forums working together to kill innocent murderers?

>>275869728>How do they keep getting away with this?We know the feds are always watching. Surprise! Sometimes they listen.

>>275869392He also lied about his military service, no shock there

>>275868058>>275868531I was part of both. Pretty proud of myself

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>>275869728>posting this on twitterWhat in the damn hell.

>>275870172Soleimani was based you retard


Isnt it amazing how when the media try a bad story on trump, something always happens that takes it out of the headlines?

>>275870297They’re shitting bricks in their discord

>>275870172damn right

>>275870242>>275870365seethe and cope iranimutts

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>>275868216>mfw Holla Forums is happy about an extrajudicial killing by law enforcementDude apparently shot at police as they came to arrest his murderous ass.

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>>275870444CheckedThey know Discord is compromised right?

>>275870306>We know the feds are always watching.>you may or may not have a personal FBI handler tasked to watch your every post just in case you do/say something useful or actionable>he has to make a threat matrix for every post you make>including the pee pee poo poo ones>ESPECIALLY the pee pee poo poo ones>mfw

Attached: 1520625414852.jpg (583x481, 33.43K) IS UP

>>275870176Mcsally won’t go on rush cause she’s not “that kind” of a republican

>>275870264eth still has potential? i saw biz buy on the launch bump and dump it right after like every other coin that comes out. good tip, papa wants some ammo money

get to the new thread, bakerI GOT SALT

>>275870290>prove tweet #6000000 saying "why won't x do y?" isn't a legal order

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He is looking up at us right now punching the air

I am a lefty. I will now play these 30 year old Public Enemy and Rage Against The Machine songs to prove how against the system I am.

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>>275870212Lol black dude laughing at him getting wasted, perfect irony

>>275870549Based poo


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>>275870277Seriously just set up some parabolic mics and have fun

>>275870520sorry about calling you a spook you glownigger faggot

>>275870599With McTumor

>>275870408I remember a couple of years ago they were calling Trump desperate after inviting Kim Jong Un to a meeting. The next week they were at the Korean border.