Thats his nose flying


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>>275866042it kinda looks like he's screaming


>>275866291crazy how his face was imprinted on the red mist for a microsecondwhat a fucking fag, too bad he didnt suffer more

>>275866042capitalism did it

>>275866042Whenever the timeline shifts for the better someone posts one of these to Holla Forums. I don’t wanna look forward to them, you know?

>>275866042Full video?

>>>click play/pause very fast

>>275866042who is this?

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>>275866705the best goddamn manager best buy ever had

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first time you kids seen a guys head get shot off? for me it was kennedys head exploding when i was a kid.

>>275866042lol this guy's life was total shit, so he killed himself. Now his exploding head is the hottest meme.

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>>275867028Either that or R. Bud.

Blacked framed glasses are a warning sign. Never once.

>>275867038This is one way in which we must come to admit to god and to ourselves that this time, the left did successfully meme.


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>>275866042The parasite left its host..

>>275867028>>275867149shh, don't let the normies know about dwyer and jfk. they think this is the first person to get shot.

Why? Who was he on the phone with?

>>275867890gf or mom

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>>275866827>>275866906On pictures it looks like bloomed flower, I would call it antifa bloom

>>275867627show me where their noses fly off you faggot, you least I am useful in seeing never seen before frames

Quick rundown?

>>275866042>i wonder who's behind this blood stain


>>275866827Looks like the stranger things monster

>>275867038I don't know the story behind this guy can i get a QRD please?

He was a cruel traitor to the only women who ever truly loved him.

>>275868234fag leftard soiboy did one manly thing in his life, and his kike nose is seen being ejected at the speed of fucking sound

>>275867890>Why? Who was he on the phone with?

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>>275868363Ok, why is this Holla Forums worthy?

>>275868410how'd he betray her lmao

>>275868234He took the Bogpill, he answered the call

>>275868234> I guess that's it

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>>275868135His beardo go boom.

>>275868559looks like something from John Carpenter's The Thing.

>>275868483His girlfriend. Talk about mic drop.

he killed himself because ronald mcdonald broke up with him typical amerimutt. kek

>>275868149It's the DSA rose, he's a soc dem.



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>>275868234he lost his job, gf, house then heroed

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Holla Forums is full of fucking edgy psychopaths, simple as

>>275868135I don't get why more libs don't do this?

>>275868135Im more sad about the poor puppo walking in.That little fella wouldn't know whats happening, the wanker he has unconditional love for has killed himself instead of spending time with him, throwing a ball or getting pets. Poor dog.


>>275866042Did he die?

>>275869498a little

>>275869430Puppo enjoyed it, schlopped up all that blood

>>275866827He looked like Beardson.

>>275869297>Holla Forums is full of fucking edgy psychopaths, simple as

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>>275869430Poor doggo indeed.

Do we know this guy was a leftist or are we just assuming

>>275869498he's in emergency care, but they're saying he'll pull through.

>>275869498Nah he'll be right

Can someone please advise who this is?


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>>275869432Bitch left him, faggot lost his job. So he went on facebook live and told people he was about to blow his head up. People (among them his mother) called him and tried to talk him down. Nigger was to decided though. So when police came knocking on the door (they had been alerted) and the rest is this>>275868135

>>275869297Newfag btfo


>>275869297Why are you upset about libs getting pwned? Are you one? He got his face blown off with facts and logic. Typical libtard always on the wrong side of the gun debate.


>>275866827>>275866906>>275868559>making fun of a suicide victimY'all are bunch of psychopaths, I swearSeriously, just stay in your basements and never come out, we don't need more mass shooters roaming our streets

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>>275869760>>275866042This, why should I care if he blew off his head?It's cool and all but what's the significance?

>>275869316The joke is that this will happen en masse on Nov. 3rd

>>275869870Based. Not many have the courage to do it.

>>275869760These dickheads won't tell, vid is brutal though.

>>275869712He was pro-BLM at least, just your run of the mill cuck though, no evidence of being a serious antifa or anything

>>275866042can you imagine spending your life force and wealth raising a child for decades only to have them thank you by blowing their brains out because of some woman? what a selfish piece of shit

>>275869987Don't worry the cops just killed one earlier tonight


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>>275869987Why don’t you stream your suicide in mine craft and we’ll see if we feel a flicker of emotion? Let’s just double check if you’re right

>>275870026You shouldn't care, it's just interesting that he livestreamed it.

>>275869760see>>275869009>>275869712>beard>glasses>jacketno need to check instagram but go ahead and confirm>>275869718EMS used pic related

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>>275866042I guess thats it.

>>275869987Well good thing this guy splattered them brains out then, Antifa and other lefties have been extra violent lately. Thank God we're -2 tonight, keeps our streets safe. Another less faggot to burn people's houses down over niggers and then murder people for getting mad about it.


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>>275870124>having the ultimate hissyfit is based

>>275869297hello new friend

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>>275866042This is nothing to make light of, suicide is a temporary solution to a permanent problem.

>>275866906lol, a old timer

>>275866042who is this and why should i care

>>275868486Meme format