What does it feel like Holla Forums to be responsible for this mans death?


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>>275865015we got him boys!

Wish we were responsible, it would feel great. He was a murderer, you know. Even worse, a communist.

>>275865015Ladies and gentlemen, we got him

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>>275865310Didn't pol identify him?

>>275865015Play stupid commie games, win stupid commie prizes.

>>275865015Finally, he's a good communist.



>>275865310>Wish we were responsiblehe was doxed on here last week. the only reason they found him was because Holla Forums brought him out of hiding.


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dont you ever feel proud knowing that us losers living with our parents and having no gf are responsible for calling in drone strikes on the taliban. Finding shia lebuf in the middle of fucking nowhere norway by analyzing fucking clouds and stars and shit. and finding many criminals including this guy?

>>275865015>>275865440Vice literally interviewed him, it had nothing to do with Holla Forums.

>>275865015/pol/ probably feels Triumphant

>>275865015Feel good, man.

feels good man. Who is next?!

>>275865837/pol/ is the fastest and most accurate intelligence analysis on the planet, and the feds get our services for free.

>>275866209the rest will kill themselvesjust sit back & chillax


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>>275866228unironically. Makes this even funnier desu. Killing commie from the coach. The 21st century isn't all that bad boys.

This commie would have felt nothing if he knew you were a Holla Forums poster and you died. He would have felt nothing but joy.


>>275866228>Holla Forums "we are the jannies now."

>>275865931/pol/ literally identified him within hours of the shooting.

>>275865931pol id'd him long before anyone else. Journos just checked the info if anything

>>275865015/pol/ did it again.Glad to be among those responsible for this tiny slice of justice in the world.

>>275865015Why is my dick hard?


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>>275865015Leftist score 1Righties score 3

>>275865931>youtube.com/watch?v=GhlxT9OrBIE&ab_channel=VICENews Kek, you're right, I had no idea. But do you think he would have come forward if Holla Forums hadn't identified him first?

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>>275867010and that's just the right being defensive. if they were ever to be offensive it would not be pretty

>>275865015>police shoot criminal >Holla Forums did this

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>>275865837>Finding shia lebuf in the middle of fucking nowhere norway by analyzing fucking clouds and stars and shitTell me more about this beautiful shithole of a website.

>>275865015>What does it feel like Holla Forums to be responsible for this mans death?Ho Hum another dead commie.

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>>275867273/pol/ ID'd him an hour after the shooting you retard.

>>275867085He would have killed a friend of color. Lol

>>275867349Commies are not men



Feels good man-pepe, created by Matt Furie

>>275867409Now his color is grey

>>275865015Digits and day of the rope begins tomorrow.

Pretty good, actually. So, can we spam this faggot with the good news and general holiday cheer. Its almost labor day!mobile.twitter.com/DonovanFarley/status/1301629289029230592


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>>275865015Kek I hope Antifa is ready for extrajudicial killings because everyone knows the judicial system has failed. Cops know this, and that's why they're going to crack your skulls when they tackle you.

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Pic related is my literal reaction

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They had to kill him before this could go to trial. They want Rittenhouse to be the narrative, so they had to off this guy

>>275867360/po/ didnt pull the trigger

Wonder if that one Holla Forumsster that was SMSing him was larping or not.

>>275865015>What does it feel like Holla Forums to be responsible for this mans death?Pretty good desu.Though in all honesty the feds probably found him by monitoring Vice.

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>>275867826/po/ is nothing but a paper tiger.

>>275867210Based imageBased

>>275867273it took 8.5 threads but he was foundarchive.is/Sg3dU

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>>275865015Shows our real power as we are the most effective political thinktank and investigative collective ever made.

>>275865015Feels fantastic brother.Who's next?


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>>275865332I'll have a coke please.

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>>275865015Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Why would he get in to a firefight with the cops? I felt confident he could win a self-defense case.

>>275865015It’s all a big show. I’m not sure if “Jay” was even real to begin with. The entire video looked very similar to those shot by the CIA for Iraq & Afghanistan propaganda. Minus the chanting of ala akbar ala akbar ala akbar. WTF is happening?


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>>275867010Dont forget about all the niggers shot in CHAZ

>>275867409>>275868155Do you think he was ever actually in the service? Uncle Sam says they haven't heard of him Pic related. >>275868248Take your meds, schizo.

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I wish I was the one to pull the trigger. The officers get to have all the fun.

>>275867637What's amazing is this pos will 100% have to look out for his life from crazy lefties threatening to kill him

Hallelujah, fuck insurrectionists

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>>275865015Like this

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i am glad he is dead but goddamnit that was an execution and someone gave the order. killing that faggot didn't help the larger operation.

>>275867931/pol/ did amazing work but commie scum trashed himself



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>>275865015i didn't do anything but good for the people who did

>>275865015hopefully this gets Holla Forums closed


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>>275867491this. Thank u Matt "the Furry" Furie.

>>275865015He's responsible for his own death, bot.He's the one that shot at the cops as they came to arrest him for shooting and killing a guy that had differing opinions.He knew he was fucked, so he chose to go out in a gunfight.


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>>275865015>killed in Washingtonunfortunately it looks like Vice is responsible much to our chagrin

Feels good man

>>275866228That's the effect of distributed systems



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>>275865015Feels good. Dam good.

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>>275865931That vice reporter tipped off the feds.

I feel sorry for his fat daughter. I must be getting old and running out of testosterone. Everything just makes me sad.

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Does anyone have a list of Holla Forumss body count ?

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>>275865015feels grrrrrreat

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>>275865837We r legion

>>275868577He's white. This story will be gone by tomorrow. Only ANTIFA will remember it happened in a few hours, and even they won't bother rioting over it.

>>275869081or the feds came down on vice, and then management decided to keep their business open, and give rheinhold up.....i guess that’s the same..

>>275869081Absolutely 100 percent, Antifa needs to know that VICE NEWS gave one of their boys up to the feds for execution


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>>275869144You are correct sir.

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>>275865015Wow isn't that convenient how a CIA-backed instigator just so happened to be killed during his arrest before he was interrogated.

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He wasn't a Human, he was a Junkie and a Commie. This was Euthanizing an undesirable. Also he fucked up the Job so bad they were obviously going to him out.

>>275865015It feels really really good


>>275865332Whats this gif from? I find it strangely compelling....


>>275865931We have pol/acks embedded in Vice and other media outlets

>>275865015China next

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The fun has just begun!

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>>275869377Or they just tracked their phones.

>>275869587he hung himself

>>275869761Why are leftists such quitters?

>>275869135Nah. Sympathy, even for the enemy, is a good thing. But lift weights, it'll boost those T levels.

Vice got this dipshit killed, their phone data pinged a trail all the way to his location.

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Really really good. Like my inside has been woke. For reals. I want more!

>>275865015pretty good, wins are far between these days

>>275865015Haha Vice glowies got another one.Why do people still trust these Vice “journalists?”

>>275869434And if was portland pd I might be inclined to believe that, but it was fed marshals so he ded.

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>>275867325Go read about the HWNDU circus, I think we effectively broke the poor guy mind. Got trolled to no end when he was in the street to the point he got vanned for assaulting some guy, so he changed the cause so instead of dicking next to a wall it was only a livestream of a flag, whence autistic anons figured out the location from cloud direction, plane contrails in conjuction with publicly available flight tracking systems and some mad lad driving around honking as to pin point the exact location. Said mad lad then replaced the flag with a maga hat, which broke Shia even further and he moved the livestream to a indoor room with the flag hanging on a wall. Cant remember if they found out where it was, I think they actually did. Anyhow that how Shia became a lolcow

I have a raging erection right now.

>>275869135She knew she was going to have to wake up one day. She knows how terrible both her parents are just like we already figured out.

>>275865015In a way this is the first person I’ve killed and I’m happy that he got his comeuppance but I really don’t know how to feel about this.

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>>275870027>Vice got this dipshit killed, their phone data pinged a trail all the way to his location.donovans cell phonetwitter.com/DonovanFarley/status/1301629289029230592

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>>275867931jannies didn't help

>>275865440Yes we did and now I feel a little guilty I mean not that he didn’t deserve it but still

>>275870272its ok when you die your sky daddy will let you know how to feel about it.

>>275865015How does it feel? Like there is still justice in this world

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The weak should fear the strongyoutu.be/Fb9CgPEmIpI

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>>275867915Fucking kek, Hans

>>275870415Don’t believe in a sky daddy but hell one can hope


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>>275865837weaponized autism