Vice posted a clip of a video interview with killer Michael Reinoehl. We're gonna find that location.1st thread >>2758446302nd thread>>275855022

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Other urls found in this thread: of the Lower Columbia River Pile Dike Study ... Kassebaum.pdf's>I

>>275863455Location: Hell

>>275863455>We're gonna find that location.already dead

he's dead

>>275863455Are we sure this wasn’t in Washington? Reports say that’s where he died


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They should drop his dead body, from a helicopter, in memory of Pinochet.

feds executed him like the terrorist faggot he was.

Information:Reese, his associate, was on the Columbia river.It is believed there is a fence behind him, and the location of the interview is believed by some to be in Happy Valley area.Other areas might be Sauvie Island and Forest Park.

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>>275863455Did the interview already air?

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You're all saying no sauce. Here you lazy faggots


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The fag has been captured and is now worm food. Anybody got a link for the interview?

>>275863455What's it matter? He's fucking dead. Cops killed him

>>275863455too late he's dead,

>>275863759>>275863772>>275863800>>275863816>>275863842I believe nothing until I see it with my eyes, and I believe about half of that.Telling me he's dead doesn't tell me shit. For all I know someone was panicked that we are this close to him.

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>>275863692FPBPHe's fucking dead. Feds did the heavy lifting for us.

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Would be interesting to find out the identities of his accomplices (felony murder rule & conspiracy charges, ftw).


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>>275863455>Haha the left wins again you'll never get our boy he walks free :^)>He's already deadLMAO WHAT A BUNCH OF FAGS, THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF THE LEFT!

>>275863772lol I just saw that on TVwew



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>>275864044Based and reasonpilled.

>>275864187Bullshit, link!

Guys, this was a glow op. Think I'm memeing? Funeral will be closed casket

>>275864248just human garbage who shot the cock off of some retarded pede-bullythen got gunned down police shortly after doing an interview for viceRIP subhuman cuckold

Well I be damned, the fed actually took him

One possible interview location.

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>>275864257>Tarrant still lives and will be freed>Antifa wigger is deadTHE ABSOLUTE STATE

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>>275864044dead or not, no reason not to find out location

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>>275863455No point anymore.

>>275864737Why do you like the scenery?


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Weaponized Autism has struck again. Hey glowies, """"leak""" a death picture so I can shop on a dabbing Pepe over his corpse

>>275864086kek, +1 internets fren


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>>275863455he is already dead.

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>>275864720The Marshalls will make a statement if so. The NYTimes may be trying to jump on the narrative.Also, not clicking that shit.>>275864726Another likely location in Happy Valley area.

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>>275864720> if true but ny times isnt reliable.

>>275864875even the feds are embracing the medic meme


>>275864875That's Michael's victim.

>>275864044Nah bro. He is dead. It's all over the news right now. Multiple sources.

>>275865118kek that is a lot of fucking medics

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>>275863455ok look at how the light is coming through the trees. That will tell us what time this interview occurred and we can triangulate the location using the time and the type of trees in the area.

>>275865258oh okfucking NYT giving me misleading pics shit to fap to

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>>275863759I bet the police found him from this video and went to arrest him and killed him

>>275863877If you're still looking for this, those wooden stakes are apparently called pile dikes. There's a map of their locations along the lower Columbia river on page 5 of this document: > of the Lower Columbia River Pile Dike Study ... Kassebaum.pdf

the only thing that sucks about this is that he wont be going to prison, he would have been raped to death in there for having that neck tattoo.

>>275865626Objective has changed, now we need to find the morgue they took him to and parade his corpse through the streets

he died in lacey washington

With him dying in WA the shills will shut the fuck up about Kyle going to IL.

lmfao antifags GUTTED

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>>275865376That's right. National news outlets would never coordinate stories to push certain narratives.

>>275864119We helped them, they helped us.

I want to know where they found him. How far off were we? What were the key clues from the footage? We need an AAR dammit.

>>275865626It looks like late early morning, maybe 8am? I think the heaviest moss is on the right side of the tree at the path in, perhaps marking north. If the moss we're seeing is the north side, then the sun is already way further south than I would expect, or the tree is much thinner up top, and the time would be noon.

>>275866089wew lad. Well at least now the world gets to see that people a little off their rockers come in all shades.

>>275863455>FINDFIND>FINDThere is a weird texture in the background, could be a wall or something.

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>>275863455Vice turned him in.Think about it, they agreed to meet and they made a deal with the feds to let them get the interview before they moved in.

>>275866415I don't think so, unless the cops/feds blackmailed them to turn them in or else face aiding and abetting charges

>>275866414Fence, for sure.>>275866415Doubtful, but it doesn't look good for vice.More likely Reese, who seems to wear an upside down cross, if anyone wants to check his instagram, was posting images from his Iphone.

>>275863455we did it /po/!

>>275866414Right behind the Vice Logo,

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>>275866655Great, I'm going back to making turtles, it's been amazing doing these...

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>>275866414Chain link fence?

>>275863455what a waste of time, Law Enforcement obviously tracked the vice peoples phones

>>275866691that's called a fence

>>275866089off-topic but what exactly is the origin of that symbol in that twitter profile? There's a guy at work who has that tatoo and looks like your typical antifa fag

>>275866691Yup, if you max resolution on Youtube and open full screen, you can see a chainlink fence back there

>>275866415shit you're right. Even if they didn't do it antifa is gonna go apeshit on them. Couldn't be better

>>275866864it's a symbol of a germany commie party

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>>275863455Marshalls took a faggy reporter into a dark site and performed cock and ball torture to get his location.


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I don't think the US Materials have jurisdiction in hell or of they are even allowed to kill him a second time

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>>275866415This event has destroyed Vice's credibility with criminals, which makes up a large portion of their reporting from what I remember.I wouldn't be surprised if there was an undercover /ourguy/ who found out and reported it, but there's no way Vice wanted this to happen.

>>2758670553 arrows was anti communist


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>>275867055While we're on symbology, this faggot wears a satanic cross?

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>>275867099They're shitting bricks right about now.

>>275867230they just said that to make subvert people who hated communism into communism. The same thing is happening in America

The hotel in pic in pt.2 is prob where these guys were >>275541940 and they've been tailing him since Tuesday.

>>275863455>black lives matter neck tattoo, effeminate colors >on his jack, brainwashed expression in his eyeswe should pitty that dead cuck

>>275867436they love a bit of satanic symbolism

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>>275866813With the genius these faggots showed? They probably went out to buy pizza and have beers in the Charger.

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Now that he is dead, can we spam this other faggot with the good news and general holiday cheer. Its almost labor day!

>>275863943>'s a trustworthy source(You) guys weren't supposed to find himhe's witness protection programmed or something now

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>>275863913Yup, nobody seems to have a subscription to Vice Online, so we haven't seen it. But I haven't looked either.


>>275863692The timing of all of this is fucking impeccable

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>>275867933>jewyork times>trustworthy

>>275866173It looks like 11am or so. He probably wasn't far from Portland by the looks of the foliage. >>275865882I think he got shot on purpose in order to escalate things and get his useless ass into the history books.

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>>275867687Thanks fren>>275868072Here>>275867687

IMAGES OF WHERE HE>I can't check my mail now cause of him

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>>275866759He’s not dead.

>>275867687We’re famous

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>>275864044And what, US marshals conspired with him to fake his death? Only if he had something to give him, in which case whatever.

>>275863455Lmao that nigga dead

sighthings could have gone so differently

>>275863455put me in the history books for posting in epic thread, nigger historians

>>275868335WE DID IT R3DDITupboats for everyone


>>275863455We already killed himt.US Marshall

>>275869008post proofs


>>275866142>I want to know where they found him.probably Vice news gave away his position after using him for interview

>>275869008Post a photo of one of the cars visible in Waddell's images.


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>>275868247holy kekwhat a fucking haute bourgeoisie area lmfaowho's have thought a commie would be a hypocrite?

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>>275869008Pics or it didn't happen.

>>275869190Actually find the VICE cucks who interviewed him and kill them

A clearer picture of the fence, there seems to be a cyan building too

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>>275869252Vice makes their name off of interviewing extremists/criminals, if people think they exposed someone no one will talk to them ever again. That's a good thing, but still, not what they wanted surely.

>>275863455did Trump send in the feds?

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>>275869425>Vice cucks>Anyone who sheltered him>Grave>Judge who didn't immediately arrest himAnyone else?

>>275869463On the left, there seems to be a trekking path

>>275869008thank you for your service o7

>>275867838any twitter fags on here are contractually obliged to do this tbqhwy

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>>275869317See >>275869313

Convenient timing wouldn’t you say


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>>275867687This reaks of glow. They knew to release the video right after he died.

>>275863455his pronouns are now were/was

>>275863692Is it okay to believe Andy's sources? My instincts are telling me this is a lie to get him away safely.

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>>275865376>Multiple sourcesDoesn't matter at all.

>>275863842just like OBL, right?

>>275869008If true, based and redpilled.Are Marshals cucked or is it a comfy place?

>>275863964tranny discord gets the report

>>275868827why are you celebrating, his accomplice that picked up the shell casings is still out

>>275865191You tried

>>275863759It’s an exercise to show the left faggots how easy it is to find them. Vice literally tipped off the Feds and we do it’s to convince them they did. The goal is to get ANTIFA to attack Vice.

>>275869645everyone forgets he had an accomplice that stayed picking up the cases off the street after he ran

>>275864983Most r*ddit post I've ever seen

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>>275869901why would the police protect someone who shot a guy who supported the police? I believe they went in and killed him

>>275869999quads of truth

>>275869606>Why didn’t you just arrest him?>Look>Look what I had to do>His blood is on your hands>From now on it’s open seasons on criminalsInteresting subtexts

>>275870104This, keep working folks. This shit is VICE's bread and butter and if this gets spun properly no one will want to talk to them ever again.

fucking GLOWS

>>275867687lol I was in a patriot prayer group a few years ago. I dont know why they say far right. Its a bunch of Christian Protestants and normal guys that work upper-middle class jobs. 90% of every chapter is like a 55 year old boomer

>>275869901Antifa tries to kill Andy, why would he cover for them?

>>275870232The US police is pozzed to shit, and the source of all these headlines are that "four officers" claimed he died after police went for him.This is a fucking lie.

>>275869313In the US those are working class apartments. Everyone in the lower class who wants to stay there, buys a car that is too pricey, but they love it.

>>275866414Bassed on the vegetation, I believe this would be somewhere in the pacific northwest

Marshall had a Colt M4 Commando and it looks like a headshot, house guy has a pic of his body.

>>275870497The problem would lie in his source, not on Andy.