“Michael Reinoehl has been killed by law enforcement.“

“Michael Reinoehl has been killed by law enforcement.“

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>>275862566Fuck it's a real tweet.S

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>>275862566based and good

>>275862566>It's realFUCK YEAH!!! Bout time cops started slottin commies

>>275862566oh hell yeah

>>275862566This gook better not be trolling.

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>>275862566WTF I love pigs now

>>275862566I'm guessing he suicided by cop. Shame cops aren't cool enough to hunt and slaughter him like the LAPD did to Dorner.

>>275862566So did he resist arrest like a nigger?

>>275862566Hopefully the first of many.


>>275863389Dude fuck off with this

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>>275862566>the shot heard around Twitter

>>275863513That would be my guess. I wonder if the niggers are gonna march for him?

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wouldn't surprise me if it's true, that faggot's goose was cooked and he knew it was only a matter of time.

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>>275862566Thank you glowies,Very cool

(((law enforcement)))


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>>275862566Sounds like the US Marshals went and turned this commie into a good one.

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So there IS justice


Nice! S

rip aids deadmau5

>>275863813>marshalls came to arrest himHe knew Portlands anitfa DA couldn't protect him, suicide by cop.

>>275862566Based Marshalls "DEAD OR ALIVE"

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>>275863813Fox news just broke it. Its real



>>275862566damn all those threads about him earlier worked it appears.

>>275863380you're back. hope you enjoyed your time off. it's usually my most productive periods in life.


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Shouldn't have went to Vice.

Well that was quick. Killed before anyone could set up a bounty.


Does anyone know what happened? Did he chimp at the cops? Did they just kill him for being a faggot?Talk to me Ameribros. I’m having a beer now.


Wonder if his kids think it was worth it

>>275864626Do marshals also have bodycams? Will I get to see that faggot dying?

>>275865217No details yet but I'm sure they will report he chimped but the cops are sick of commies and probably just whacked him

>>275862566Press S to spit on his grave


>>275865788godlike digits to celebrate the death of this commie S

>>275862566This goes for that scumbag. Not killed but got found out.

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>>275862566too sweet

Lol ex military contractor shoots white guy to "defend black friend". Doesent get arrested. Now mysteriously "shot by cops". Yall fall for anything. He inside agent not ciivilian.

>>275866608You type like a nigger.

>>275866608There's no evidence he was a military contractor. The NYT noted that he claimed to be a disgruntled Army vet but there's no record of his service, any more than his claims of being a "former professional snowborder."


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>>275867112I'm not gonna lie, I'm a former Army Snowboarder with the Special Snow Force and I've never heard of the guy.

>>275862566T-minus 5 minutes to a dozen gofundme’s set up by people that loosely knew him to aid in their lifelong journey to recovering.

>>275862566This guy was (is?) a fed 100%Either that or Trump sent an actual RWDS (doubt it) or the Deep state glowies killed him so he won't talk

>>275865217Federal marshals. It could go either way.


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>>275862566here's a pic of the cop that killed him

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>>275867906Maybe we should jump on that first.

>>275867204It took the traitorous faggots in Portland until today to issue the warrant

This worthless meth addict is now rotting in hell. Sometimes justice does prevail.

>>275867906set one up yourself and get some easy money, just use wording like "donate in honor of" instead of "donate to".

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Glowboys knew he'd talk and greased his ass.

>>275862566stop advertising your twitter,andy faggot


Vice tipped the marshals off with their poor opsec.

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>>275869369haha going to be tough to get those interviews now.