LATINOS RESPOND. THEY HAVE HAD ENOUGH reponse to Kyle being hispanic. This guy is raging even harder than the black woman in the car screaming on tiktok.What is your opinion on hispanics, Holla Forums? Are they on Holla Forumss side?

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Other urls found in this thread:, which was once mostly,according to the 2010 census.It

>>275861867I remember this from June lol. Dude is based

>>275861867From what I've seen, growing up in a Mexican neighborhood, the pecking order is thus:Chicanos. Illegal aliens (hated by Chicanos)Blacks (hated even more by Chicanos). I had a Chica girl friend for two days. Friday night knife fight with the illegals and run over with your car every black in the neighborhood. She'd grab the steering wheel of my car to try to get me to run them down.

>>275862363Pretty much thist. US born spic

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>>275861867If Mexicans and Whites are okay with teaming up in the race war, we can discuss giving up some of the southern land

>>275863923I agree, but they have to help us retake Europe. They can have Spain


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can someone tranlate what he is saying


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i'm ashamed to be a fucking shitskin latino, how does it feel to be white?

>>275863923>>275864674sounds good to me but then again i live in the midwest and my state was never owned by mexico. Texans might not like this though

>>275863923I have a couple of spic friends, they would probably help


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>>275863923This. if you guys want cali, southern texas, arizona new mexico, take it bros. we fought an honorable and romanticized war 200 years ago and it seems only fair to return some of your lands.

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>>275863923Agreed and some of their women will become white men’s concubines as well

>>275861867Half hispanic, grew up in a poor hispanic neighborhood.Full on hispanics HATE blacks. The crime in my city was almost entirely drug crime or gang crime of hispanic gangs jumping blacks. They find blacks to be loud, obnoxious, rude, and entirely unmarried and disrespectful. Ended up meeting people from Puerto Rico who said they didn't want blacks in their city. Met immigrants from El Salvador and Guatamala who said they were proud that their country drove them out. Hispanics HATE blacks from everything I've experienced

>>275861867kek, whatever happened to this based Dominican

>>275861867I can barely understand what he's saying. Also, that's a lot of spit.




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>>275865430I propose we give them parts of western Canada to keep the panjees and Chang’s in check.

>>275865659i remember reading about mexicans basically ethnically cleansing blacks from cali block by block slowly many years ago. Surprised blacks dont protest about this

>>275861867>>275862054Yeah the link you shared is from a spic furious about latinx defending niggers. Dude is based AF. He knows how it’s like on the streets. I agree with him too. Don’t listen to any latinx or Latina with a shaved head. Latinos absolutely hate niggers. We’ve dealt with them forever. Niggers just steal and kill.

>>275863923>>275864674Sounds like a deal, but I can't stress this enough, traitors will have to go first on both sides to establish an unblemished alliance, commies and nigger lovers get the pinata rope.

Incoming posts about how great hispanics are because they engage in turf and drug wars with niggers in 3... 2...

>>275866226Media won't cover it because Mexicans won't care and the media already has Mexicans labeled as poor and oppressed

Spics are conservative and based.

>>275861867pretty sure thats a nigger larping as if everyone south of the border is exactly the same

>>275861867Lot of Hispanics despise Porto Ricans. since as US citizens the can legally enter the USA.

>> at the logic on this one

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>>275861867shitskin chimpout/s

a-yo what the fuck is that incoid saying? closed captions? subtitles anywhere?

>>275863923Fuck that and you. We gave them Mexico back after the Marines took it in 1847. That is all they get. We should take it back and push them south.

>>275866226They started it. Same thing in Chicago. Black gangs robbed cartels when they were getting well established a couple decades ago. Got cut off and now have to fight for crumbs. But black gangs joined the army and that’s their last stronghold. Aka fort hood. That’s were they operate out of. But still must be subservient to Mexicans.

>>275866459STFU faggot. Latinos always set their differences aside when the goal is mutual. Right now niggers are BLM are the main issue. We’ll go back to hating each other after the issue is dealt with.

>>275865659Can confirm...I worked at a place with fresh off the boat immigrants from El Salvador and Guatemala, they were some of the first people I've ever heard to be open about hating black people... they were literally like /pol speaking Spanish

>>275866367The based spics should take this advantage and kill niggers

>>275861867>Stop fucking clocking for these monkey peopleI can tell he's calling niggers monkeys, but what does he mean by "clocking"

>>275866226I lived in south LA when this began to take place, Hispanic people rallying behind Hispanic gangs pushed niggers out of their neighborhoods and the surrounding nigger strongholds, Compton, watts and parts of south la, the remaining niggers are quarantined to their projects with many streets having a shoot on sight boundary the can't cross, the Majority of niggers fled to either Lancaster,Ca or north Las Vegas, Hispanics again are starting to kick them out, last I heard niggers are making the exodus to Atlanta.

>>275863923commies must hangwhat happens after is optional

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>>275862363>>275863617You may "hate" niggers, but you're still too fucking stupid and continue to ally yourself with them.

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One of the funniest stories never mentioned on CNN or MSNBC is that Chicanos have been ethnically cleansing niggers out of E. LA for at least 3 decades now, with total success. Niggers just can deal with this onslaught. >>Compton, which was once mostly white (former President George H.W. Bush lived there in 1949) and then became mostly black, is now mostly Hispanic. About 65 percent of the people in this city of fewer than 100,000 are Hispanic and only 35 percent are black, according to the 2010, which was once mostly,according to the 2010 census.It just goes block by block. Spics see a block full of niggers they want and they just do a couple drive bys and presto! the niggers flee for their lives. No more shitskins, beaners move right in, now it's beanertown.Straight Outta Compton? kek you bet! The spics drove the nigs straight outta

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>>275863923Lol what the fuck are you talking about it’s already been taken over. Stupid fucking spic.

>>275864674Stay the fuck out of here, you ruined things enough. The sooner you fags balkanize, the sooner Europe can heal.

>>275866843We didn’t want it because it’s too large of a population to feed. It is similar to nazis taking France. They realized the conquest was a net loss unless you genocide

>>275865305I don't even think about my race.

>>275865305It doesn’t feel like anything desu. Here’s a good example. That garage pull handle scandal in NASCAR. It was just a fucking handle some white mechanic made, and then a thousand other white mechanics saw it and used it and no one ever thought, this looks like a noose to hang a black man. They didn’t see a noose. They all saw a fucking handle. Because it’s a goddamn nascar race. It’s cars and beer and sun and redneck debuachery. People are there to fucking get down. Why would anyone there living their life, enjoying a car race, be thinking about niggers? It’s illogical. If niggers actually knew how little they occupied our minds, they would chimp out about that as well.

>>275866226They started systematically killing blacks in East LA because some nigger gangbangers killed una abuela. I don't know about anywhere else. I love mi raza

>>275867266In 1847 genocide was the first option in a new world land grab.

>>275865308This. Texas wasn’t stolen, they fought for independence all on their own (with US backing)

>>275862363Central americans are in there too between aliens and blacks

>>275865308>>275865411>>275865430>>275865658faggot cucks, white america should push all shitskins down past shitskin countries are successful

>>275867202Holy fuck you’re right. I didn’t really paid attention to it but every time I drove around East LA it was always spics everywhere. I don’t recall seeing a nigger anywhere lol

Here's a recent

>>275867238He means giving it back to the Mexican government

>>275867183bingo. mexicans are fucking retards, including you spics in my country. you midget faggots are the biggest reason TX is in play

>>275866572>drove hours away>barely 20 minutesGoogle maps is hard, yo.

>>275867406Texas and Mexican hierarchy very well established. I actually know a family defended from that conquest. Own the largest ranches in Mexico. Dual citizenships. Live in Texas.

>>275865212this edit is fucking funny af. god bless /pol

>>275865659when I moved into a new area, the plumber I hired to fix my plumbing was a mexican guy and he warned me not to go to a city that was nearby because there were too many niggers there. he described as "it's kinda dark" lol.He also liked to talk about conspiracy theories and I got him to admit he was a flat earther, he was alright and we kind of became buddies because I could talk conspiracy theories at length with him.

Everybody in this thread needs to off themselves

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>>275865305>>275867291>>275867333It feels like winning the lottery of life. I think about my ethnicity, and my race. I think about these things because I care about them and want to preserve them and my people, if all foreigners would FUCK OFF their pathetic lives would literally never enter my mind.

>>275862363Yeah. Cali fag here. Mexicans don’t like nogs.

>>275867469It pretty much cuts of at guat and Salvador. Honduras is a shithole with no historical culture beyond being an American plantation.

>>275861867That thing is nasty

>>275866941He said cucking

>>275865251Why did I laugh so hard at this wtf

>>275866325It's just amerimutt spics trying to convince people they are "based and redpilled" pay now attention to these animals.

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The other funny thing is that so many American nigs are fucking huge, just giants and lots of them are on steroids too. They're massive fuckers. And the spics tend to be tiny little fuckers, like tough little work mules, five feet tall 100 lbs, and they're just terrorizing the shit out of the big nigs, they're murderous psychos that regard a long prison term like a vacation in Club Med. The nigs simply cannot cope. It's hilarious.Sometimes I think that everything the Dems are doing with their pet niggers is really just an elaborate program to eradicate them while pretending to befriend them. The stupid nigs are getting lead down the garden path by the evil treacherous child fucking DNC.

>>275867668At least someone left on Holla Forums has principles they won't give up on. Allying with Mestizos to "save the West"? How fucking retarded can someone be.>TX is in playAZ is blue now as well because of beaners, and TX will be by 2024.

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Uh this is about 3 months old and has nothing to do with Kyle. Huh, I can't find his kiketube channel.

>>275866572>"yall want war lets do this shit" LMAO

You guys are fucking IDIOTS. I went through the foster system in L.A. so I (White) grew up with Mexicans. Mexicans overwhelmingly vote Democrat and do so much tax fraud and welfare scams that it has to be astronomical at this point. And the pozzed Latinas are on BLM's dick. Even in the most browned out cities they marched for BLM. The old school cholo's hated niggers but they're a dead breed.... basically Mexican boomers at this point. Blacks are such an insignificant percent meanwhile Mexicans turned this country nonwhite majority in 60 years and will flip all of the West in 10-15. Based my ass, I'm 95% sure it's sharblu cock guzzlers posting this.

>>275867183based oklahoma featherniggers

>>275865658So hawt. I wish that was me.

>>275866572Fuck niggers

I worked in Compton for several years, sadly a Mexcian kid told me that Compton stands for City Of Mexicans Pulling Triggers On Naggers. Sad.

>>275865305Faggot. Be proud of your race, there's nothing more spineless than an apologist.

>>275866121I made it

How are there only 2 anons from at least 3 months ago? Ffs, anyone here before 2010, at least? Candy ass roodypoos, the lot of you.


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>>275864674You fucking what mate?

>>275866226holy shit these responses... starting to think those threads a few months back talking about Holla Forums being filled wit mexican gang bangers was not a joke. some of you talk about this tactically like some warfare shit.>>275866367I would think blacks would be high on the oppression Olympics, but yeah white people probably dont want to say anything negative about non whites and think only whites are racist.>>275866847>They started it. Same thing in Chicagono doubt. i grew up around blacks and they have little if any self control. You guys are justified.>>275867123at first i think this is based, but sadly they will be fleeing to white areas next to ruin them. Im not from cali but this makes me think thats why dereck talked about the black gangs migrating to their area in the movie american history x. atlantas pretty much always been an african territory.>>275867383Thats fucked up what they did. respect for sticking up for your folks. wish my people did the same.

>>275864674Dude the Spainish in Spain aren't interesting in a bunch of mestizos flooding their country. When we incorporate and fix Canada to produce the largest country on the planet, dropping part of the southwest will be fine, although we don't owe spics shit. Back when we took Texas and other states virtually nobody lived there to take them from. The Mexicans had just claimed a bunch of totally empty land and done practically nothing with it for hundreds of years.

>>275868454yup got to watch my rural town of less than 30k get overrun over the course of 20 the minds of whites everywhere you fucking wetbacks are lumped in with the niggers, I hope you know that. in the event of a disaster the cities will burn while the rest of us out here know exactly what you are, and you're not welcome. and it's a fact that the percentage of whites hostile to nonwhite presence is increasing right alongside the mass exoduses from cities across the country

>>275863923Hahaha, yeah ok commie. It's called real estate. If people want land they can buy it. My southern land isn't for sale. Same goes for you Aztlan larpers.

>>275861867I follow this guy on Twitter, he's profoundly based

>>275869636kek. was talking to my cousin the other day and we joked about how ironic it would be if america actually colonized england in the future

>>275868647>>spics and welfareNo shit. I worked with this one little beaner from the southernmost province of Mexico and he had four wives, each wife with 5 kids, all on welfare. Three wives were mexicans one was a Hindu. He'd work like a sweat hog all day long then after work he'd drive down to the Superstore in his 20 year old Chev Suburban rust box to pick up 25 lb sacks of rice and beans and old out of date freezer chickens then cruise over to one of his wives homes to eat dinner, drink beer and fuck.He was just chuckling all the time over the cash life he was living at Canadian taxpayer expense and thought that Canadian men were faggots for not doing the same thing. It's like this cockroach'll never end once then get into the cracks and crevices between the walls.


>>275867607atleast link this channel.

>>275870039his channel is back up on youtube>>275870300

>>275861867The Spaniards are definitely allies. They work hard and share similar values. Also they fucking owe us. Germany saved their asses during the Reconquista, and also from commies prior to WWII. Hopefully they pay what they owe cause we've been pretty damn good to Spain.