Vatican Vault Coding

fidele is the password

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from another thread

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>>275859124Alright I'm bored, what is it?

>>275860006The Vatican Vaultgosh I'm so sleepy, are you sleepy?

>>275860224Um this is your thread fren, I was just curious to what you are talking about.

>>275860502Fidele is the password to the vatican vaultdon't tell anyone. I'm counting on you.

>>275860623gay nigger stfu

>>275860623What can I expect to find in there

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hm. im midly intrigued. keep me posted

World Trade Center

>>275860834nothing that would interest you in all would send you to sleep.

Is this a website or am I supposed to knock on a secret door in the Vatican and confess the passphrase fidele.

>>275859124Steganography? Is there stuff embedded in these picrels?

>>275861054Sir I'm about to accuse you of making a slide thread and declare to all anons that they need to sage. I expect results of some kind to satiate my bored curiosity. This is my final warning.

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>>275861145that's a good question

>>275859124Is your vatican vault pic from ASS-ASS-ins Creed? 2/Brotherhood, to be specific? It looks kind of familiar.

No more Psyops. We are finished with this shit.

>>275860834Jesus’ foreskin i.e. his DNA used to seed virgins around the world; the Holy Grail!

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>>275861549I gave you the code, didn't I?it's not in the 4th dimension

>>275861723you mean the saturn?


>>275861617that's news to me

>>275861763Where is this vault, links are my next demand!

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>>275862411you demand the missing linkokay

>>275859124the SCHUMANN resonance code? lmao what?

>*clicks Enter*>I'm in


>>275862634I have no desire for riddles, spoon feed me the infotainment I crave!

>>275863200No desire for riddles?no stela? no tesla? no tales?

>>275863200how stale!it elates me not, this news


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>>275863587That is it, I did not want it to come to this. I now call a janny to come and destroy this thread!

>>275862485Star map with electric magnetic field lines. This is a galactic roadmap if you had one of their spacecraft (very difficult to maneuver because you must know where the field lines are, or else you can't control where you are going, kind of like surfing). To the ayyys this is like seeing a Google maps link. The circles are stars, and the wavy lines are their electromagnetic relationships. They've organised it in a grid pattern (dots), the dots being null areas.

>>275864015then I wish to say goodbye to you and wish you well for the future

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>>275859269What a coincidence, just enough glyphs to make a-z

That is a fucking video game numb nuts

>>275862313>that's news to meI'm sorry, but I think that's bullshit. The pic you used is literally of a secret vault underneath the vatican - specifically the Sistine Chapel iirc - in the ASS-ASS-in's Creed universe. And the topic at hand here is about a vatican vault. What are the odds that both the topic and (if we are to believe you) a random internet pic would line up perfectly? You are not being honest with us OP. I smell deception, manipulation, scheming...

>>275864134it's me

is it happening so soon?

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>>275864604Let me see another one.


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Fidele was a great night and a good day to be with you and you guys too bro I wanna is a time long day to go home alone and I have a nice dinner tonight so I gotta was the night you want me you to go get over it I love y’all and I’m not gonna wanna was the way you got to go I see y’all I got a couple minutes to go get over there I got a lot going on and I’m gonna was a nice night I love y’all and I’m sorry to miss y’all I love you too I wanna see y’all tonight I love you so I gotta is a time long day I love y’all so I can do you see more I love you


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>>275859124listen up you spooky fuck give me a link or fuck off

>>275865923Nice, some highways

>>275861212seems so. It’s been dropped in pieces all day- this has to do with an event last night that changed the hum of the universe/ Schumann resonance - apparently it is both a language and encodes data. Some anons warn to shield yourself lest the symbology fuck with you

You cryptic /x/ roleplaying spergs are really acting up lately, what gives?


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>>275860224is coffee good for you?


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>>275859124well now they're just gonna change it. good going op.

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Assasins creed brotherhood might be a fun game but it's not entertaining politically.


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>>275867665I am correct. This was foreshadowed, the secrets are being revealed.I've prayed for this day for a long long time.It will herald in the new days of a Columbus tier paradigm shift.Remember the paintings with UFOs? That might happen soon.Our solar system crossed the galactic plane which puts us in a different electromagnetic field line, opening the gates.Earth will be going through changes too.Things are going to get.... Weird...


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>>275870491shame they ruined that lion monument with some narcissists faceLeo