There is no worse in American media than this guy

>Has a rabbi come onto fox news to say how much we need to stop hate and free speech>Tucker nods in agreement>Rabbi tells tucker that the left are the real anti-semites and that the Nazis put his grandparents in gas chambers.>Tucker looks at him with sadness>Rabbi says that being a nazi has no place in america and that it should be illegal>Tucker nods in agreement.Can we finally all agree that Tucker is a massive leftist shill and inside the deep state?He directs calls for race war into calls for class war, and yet he is a self described libertarian.This guy is literally a communist shill that just exists to placate white anger.Stop posting him here like he is based. He is one of our many enemies.FUCK TUCK THE KEK

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>>275856456>He won't praise Hitler and lose his job of denouncing BLM? FUCKING CUCCCCCCCCCCCCCK

>>275856792>Actively doing the job of Jews to domesticate white people and deflect criticism of Jews onto the leftist boogeyman means asking him to praise HitlerNice strawman brainlet

>"Noooooooooo! bad man on the tv box doesn't agree with my fringe beliefs!!1!1!"Cry harder you America-hating propagandist. You actually expect some guy on national tv to -not- pay lip service to the heebs? Guy wants to keep his job, not lose it calling out some yid just so you can sleep at night.

>>275857038>He should keep being a harm to white people so he can keep his job when he is already filthy rich and couldnt spend as much money as he has.God tucker simps are actual real life cuckolds.

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>>275857607>(((Tuckike Carlsemite))) is anti-white because he doesn't do a roman salute in front of a Jew


Carlson is a populist, not a nazi

>>275856456Nodding can just mean that you heard what they are saying, not that you necessarily agree with it.

>>275856456Tucker truly is the worst. I would much rather he act like the neocon he is than pretend to be some sort of ally to white people



>>275856456Agreed. We can't support ANYONE who doesn't explicitly say "gas all kikes". That means voting democrat if we have to

>>275860157Nice strawman rabbi. We all know I am talking about Tucker doing more harm than good diverting white anger into globo homo beliefs

>>275858033It's okay I get it. You were born retarded and can only speak in strawman. Typical anarchist, nothing going on in that head.

>>275856456its called plausible deniability, retard. without it, its a lot harder to oust him as an antisemite and get him taken off the air. strategic move

I am glad to hear anons waking up to the false hope that is Tucker Carlson.

>>275856792>>275857038>>275858033>>275860157>>275858804You're all fucking idiots. He brought a goddamn Kahanist on, do you know what those fucking people believe? Death to all gentiles, Kahanists are actually the epitome of what they lampoon White supremacists as. Kahanists are Jewish Supremacists pure and simple, and he brought this disgusting kike on to boohoo about some niggers dad being a Black Israelite. Fuck Tucker for that, actually just gargling on Jewish cock. White people do not give a flying fuck about Jews little pitty party and boohooo they're mean to Jews. WHITE people specifically WHITE people, not kikes are the ones being openly discriminated and attacked souly for their race. I could give a shit less what some fucking rat faced kike has to say.No Tucker doesn't need to go full 1488, but he shouldn't be a fucking pathetic sniveling bitch either and bring on a literal Jewish Supremacist and pretend like he's fighting against supremacy.

>>275856456red pills must be given in small doses numbnutswhy dont you run through your town square screaming NAZIS DID NOTHING WRONG while wearing a German helmet? great optics

>>275860451Not sure if you are sarcastic or just dumb.

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>>275860265>globo homo>spacing Read your manual again newfag shill

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>leftist larping as a wignatFuck off faggot. Still voting Trump and watching Tucker. >>275858804Exactly. So is Trump.

Remember that left wingers purposely try to demonize anyone that Holla Forums likes with threads like these. OP is likely from an antifa discord. They've been trying to do the same thing with Kyle.If OP isn't a leftist (unlikely), then ask yourself if you really expect the man to get fully redpilled about the Jews during a primetime show, and what would be the end result of that. Oh yeah he'd be immediately fired, barred from ever getting a job again, and leftists would benefit yugely in terms of optics.

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>>275856792>memeflaggot FUCK TUCK THE KEK confirmed good

>>275860664>capitalizing kikes>kahanists

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>>275856456“Racism is real and bad, mkay. We must protect democracy.”He is insufferable.

>>275860737Yeah he's a shill for pointing something out that anyone with half a brain can see. Tuckers diverting the anger Whites righteously at that Anti White nigger and saying "YOU KNOW HIS DAD WAS HATED JEWS! HE WAS A HORRID ANTI SEMITE!" no one gives a flying fuck. No one gives a shit that the nigger hates Jews, if White people knew about Jews they'd hate them too. They dislike niggers for being Anti-White, they do not dislike niggers for being Anti-Jewish; it's disgusting finklethink thrown on dumb goyim >>275860876Are you fucking stupid? No one is saying he has to go full 1488 and call Jews kikes openly. But bringing a Kahanist on? They're not Pro White, they hate White people on the same level they hate Palestinians and other desert people

>>275860685>spacing >memeflaggot Hello my fellow POLICK

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ITT, autistic fucktards with zero appreciation for subtlety

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>>275856456Right now I don't care if he sucks jew cocks. He's the only one reporting the insanity the left is doing.

>>275860664this guy gets it, as does OP

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>>275856456Joe biden said a black invented the light bulb today.The jew on tuckers show didn't say that jews DON'T control all the things he listed, just mad the black outted them.

The dude only exists to keep MIGABoomers happy. You can tell who is controlled by kikes by who is allowed a platform. Anyone that doesn't know this by know is unreachable.


>>275861280I hate these fucking midwit takes. "OH WHAT YA WANT TUCKER TO GET FIRED?" You know, if he's sucking up to Kahanists and telling people antisemitism is on the rise; fuck him. His little 5 minute rants about Black crime and big capitalism aren't worth capitulating and groveling on your knees like a slave to the Jews for. Tucker could very well pull an Alex Jones and have his own radio station/podcast that boomers would actually tune into.

>>275861246>Right now I don't care if he sucks jew cocks. He's the only one reporting the insanity the left is doing.How pathetic are you? Turn off your TV and turn on any of the livestreams from the protests like everyone else

Tucker is a jew or something idk I don't watch real news stations

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>>275860398Oh is this that 4D chess just like Drumpf?>>275860664The moderates (idiots) here try to pretend like Tucker is just being subversive about his real beliefs but he is making very unneccessary decisions revealing that he is actually a leftist in disguise.Oh the irony.>>275860876Read my other comments you fucking idiot. Tucker is doing more harm than good. If he was on our side he would keep his fucking mouth shut and not make our situation worse.

>>275861663>ignore everything.t joe biden

>>275860728One can be both sarcastic and dumb. Like you for example.

This glows like fucking hell. Tucker is the most-watched person in America. He'd be a fucking moron to jeopardize that position.

>>275856456sup Kurt

>>275856456People here need to understand Jews aren't monolithic. And believe it or not, there are actually some decent jews out there. This kind of media segment is designed to help jews to stop being leftists. That's all it is. The goal of this is to get jews, and Jewish money, out of the left and into the right. Is Tucker simping for a kike annoying? Of course, but he's on Fox News. He has that same annoying doctor on his shows that also goes on hannity and ingram and every other Fox show. Point being it's also possible that Fox tells him he has to have a certain number of guests picked by corporate and agree with them

>>275861211Checked and I don’t disagree with your point, but no one in a prominent position is doing more to expose cognitive dissonance than Tucker. He is having a positive effect in waking people from their stupor. Thus sending them looking for answers to the questions he’s not answering.

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>>275861782This isn't al jazeera tv, tucker can't just gtk rwn, but he really divided the narrative from blm and kikes tonight.

>>275856456This was all a ruse to trick the left into thinking that he is not an anti Semite. Media is all a game. Tucker has to hide his power level once in a while to survive, much like a squid squirts black ink to escape. Diversion tactics to avoid blowback. Any good CIA agent knows this. Tucker knows this.

>>275861663That's the state of this braindead society. "Oh wow he reports on things somewhat accurately, his shuck and jiving for kikes is totally worth it". It is not, and it should be openly called out for what it is. Cooning for kikes. Tucker is a coon for Jewish producers and Jewish think-tanks. He's the golden goy who gives gentiles that little steam valve and them corrals them back into the kosher sandwich>>275861760He's not a leftist, he's just impartial to this neo liberal Jewish order like most conservatives are. They don't care about the neo liberalism and Anti-white tirades; just keep it to yourself and be nice! That's their motto. >>275862030He'd do more damage and would red-pill more people openly having a disagreement and getting fired for political reasons; then starting his own podcast. It might actually make boomers look at something besides their T.V sets

>>275861639Yep, people need a hero and aren't able to admit the truth when confronted with it about their hero.Tucker's been sold out for YEARS

>>275861410lol I laughed at that actuallyI expected him to say it wasn't true

i guarantee that nigger has said some incredibly violent and disparaging things about whites. he probably says them every day. but we're supposed to be mad about his antisemitism and also denounce all forms of racial solidarity, despite never experiencing white solidarity.i've tried to explain this to people close to me, but i never get anywhere. it's sickening and tiresome as fuck.

>>275861280>this guy gets it >kahanistsWat do words mean

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>>275861825Nope kike you are wrong.If Tucker was actually an ally he would leave fox news to start his own news station that is free of Jewish influence. He would bring a lot of fox watchers with him. He is pretty much the only reason why fox can even compete with cnn right now.But instead he keeps his position and makes millions while saying how bad racism and anti-semitism is.Why? Because he is a communist and not the guy you think he is.

>>275861943Fuck you faggotkike

>>275861639>capitalizing kikes>kahanists

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>>275856456he needs a new writer, his last one was betternow his show has been mainly slacking, hannity tier levels nowsome shows are good still tho, I just get tired of the Boomer "OHHH BUT THE NAZZZIIIS" rhetoric give it up boomers, its not the 1930s anymore, the nazis are obsolete, the JEWS are the main enemies of Freedom now

>>275856456>Can we finally all agree that Tucker is a massive leftist shill and inside the deep state?Who owns Fox?What is his world view?Would he permit an employee to say what he wants on air?

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Anyone who actually believes he isn't just another puppet is fooling themselves

>>275861943>We need to get Jews on our side.>Nevermind that Jews have only been on 1 side for thousands of years

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>>275862204Tucker has the potential to be a hero. He's not a bad guy at heart from what I can see; he's just politically in the mud and doesn't want to give up his news spot. I wouldn't hold the 9/11 bit against him too hard, everyone pre 2010 thought the 9/11 conspiracy crowds were nuts for the no planes and nukes in the pentagon conspiracies. Open use of the internet and diving into deep shit was a niche thing, most people just didn't think to do it and stuck to normie things; even if they were in positons of influence/power. That being said Tuckers a neo liberal reactionary, "classically liberal conservative">>275862583you got me, i'm a kike for my uppercasing and calling out Tuckers cooning to the Hebrew mafia

>>275862398>an allyTo who? Richard Spencer type wignats who are ridin wit biden?>>275862780He's too successful now. If they fired him they'd lose most of their prime time viewership.

>>275862182>getting fired >capitalizing kikeismThat’s still a possible outcome

>>275856456You're not fooling anybody retard. Not everyone on here is a full blown anti semite

>>275862398>an ally>capitalizing kikeHello my fellow POLICK

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>>275861943If Jews don't have the common sense to not be leftists then that's on them. They know what they're doing, they've done it for thousands of years. For Christ sake Antifa is the same organization that was assaulting the Freikorps and SS in the streets. They know what they're doing, and a segment on Tucker Carlson isn't changing their minds. Do people really think this dumb shit is going to work? "Please Mr rich Jew, your golem you paid to genocide us are gonna turn on you; we're your only hope! pls join our side"

>>275862881>capitalizing kike>pretending kikes don’t play all sides

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>>275862956What is a kahanists?

>>275863227>>275862983>>275862583Yes hello fellow Holla Forums goyim, my capitalization of words and not the actual arguments i'm making which are pro white should be disregarded. These people telling you Tucker cooning to kikes are actually correct, because bending over for a fucking Jewish Supremacist is tactically a good thing for you White man! After all how else would Grandpa and your Uncle know niggers are burning everything down?>>275863675brief kikepedia definition. but basically jewish supremacist who think all gentiles should be ethnically cleansed and also be their

>>275863332>still capitalizing kikeHello my fellow POLICK

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>>275856456tucker is just a puppet with a jewish fist up his butthole controlling him. that's why he always has that, "there's a jewish fist up my butthole" look on his face.

>>275860685In the guise of speaking against anti-semitic leftists the dude literally said "Jews control the media and run education" on the Tucker Carlson show, only the biggest news show around. Not everyone is aware that there's even buzz around that situation. And the need for glowies thread make this to make the reaction for you.>Pic unrelated, makes me angry. Like OP does.

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>>275863960do you get paid for this you miserable little cock sucker or are you doing it for fun? because anyone with half a brain is going to be agreeing with me here and not your dumbass.

>>275856456You wanna know how I became J woke? Working on presidential campaign in the 90s, there was an old kike who was working on the same project. He was one of those self haters and he told me shit about Jews constantly. Up until that point I don't think I'd ever met a Jew. They're rare, but the self loathers can really tell you shut like no WN can.

>>275863876>kikepedia Thank you for teaching me a new word for loxism. You are using a very rare term that would be better understood by kike studiers if it was spelled khan like khazarian or khaganite. Ultimately sabatean frankism, may help you understand better. Capitalization is very important to kikes, notice it.Listen to this kike, half of what he says is a lie

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>>275856456He’s using that kike to show how blacks are racist

>>275864129>imagine unironically replying to a my fellow POLICK post What do anons on this board call themselves?

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>>275856456No. No we can’t agree to that, rabbi

>>275860876Relax. You don't need to be this attached to a media personality.

>>275856456still better than any other TV news show.

Lol white "people"

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>>275865049I'll watch it, thank you for that. I've heard Sabetean Frankism brought a lot by E Michael, only heard loxism talked about mostly by vnn readers. You'd think the term would of took off more, Linder did good on that term. Unique to the jewish people and original>>275865284Thought you were coming off like a shill my bad bub.

>>275856456Go watch Rachet Madcow then, faggot!

>>275856456Death to Israel and the jewish people.

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>>275856456Every celeb is controlled dumbass.


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>>275866242Haha, that's funny. See that video of the nigger bathing in cow piss?

>>275866309You seem either new to Holla Forums, or like you were not here for the exodus to cripplechan. You seem to understand what is going on in general, but you don’t completely understand board culture. To be fair to you, most of the board cultures rules are dead across all Holla Forumss except to those who have been around a while or who are receptive. Are you new, what is your purpose here?

>>275868812I casually browse off and on, I get the shot but i'm basically a normie

>>275856456Give him a break, he's got to collect his goodgoy shekels somehow to keep his show on the air.

>>275856456>An American should be a German National Socialist.Being a Nazi should be illegal, so should being a Commie. You're an American, you're an American Nationalist.

>>275856456>>275860664>He brought a goddamn Kahanist on, do you know what those fucking people believe? Death to all gentiles, Kahanists are actually the epitome of what they lampoon White supremacists as. Kahanists are Jewish Supremacists pure and simple, and he brought this disgusting kike on to boohoo about some niggers dad being a Black Israelite.user, doesn't that conversely mean he just put a Kahanist onto television to boohoo about some niggers' dad being a Black Israelite while he nods along for the cameras, meaning that anyone with a hint of curiosity can found out he just watched a mega turbo kill-all-goyim Jew kvetch about nonsense when he's an avid Protocols of Zion reader, by deciding to look up the guest?

>>275869173>normieIf you were a actual POLICK(this is literally a bait term to entrap newfags), you would say you’re a normalfag. A lot of rules and traps were wired into this place and other Holla Forumss to make paid tourists be obvious as shills. If you want to become an honest Holla Forumsack you must read Mein Kampf, and lurk moar.

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