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Cuz the last one was fake and gay and started by the tranny presented in this pic.

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More Garfield

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>>275850747Underrated title

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Friendly reminder that Jews want to legalize child fucking.

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>>275852484Did Romans even have the concept of zero yet when numerals were used? I know it started in India but did it get to them at Romes height?

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>>275852873They did not. It should be MMXV

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>>275852754That’s not a leftist meme


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>>275853122Feel like I'm missing some context here? Are these people ecelebs or something? Just that people are more willing to fuck after drinking?

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>>275853122>one shot laterfacebooklive.jpg

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>>275853456Ronnie Mcnutt killed himself over the girl in the top image

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>>275853456The other one on the Bottom is Unsafe Kate gun girl eceleb

>>275853800Who is Ronnie Mcnutt?

>>275849738Lmao you pathetic racists never fail to make me laugh with your "pol humor" threadsFace it, most poc will be infinitely more successful than any of you sad virgins ever will be. You are on the wrong side of history, get over it losers

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>>275853736LMAO is this real? >Gas the fuckers to death!>Oh this one fainted due to hunger>Send her to the hospital emergency room>Gas the rest that aren't closer to death

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>>275854044>American flagIt's just not the same

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>>275850893This... just this.

>>275853949Killed himself a couple nights ago on Facebook live. There was 5 threads on here about him last night.

>>275854449Better reason to kill yourself than losing your iPod

>>275850813care to explain? what is she doing wrong?

>>275854692She is pointing *two* guns at herself


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>>275854629I'd rather fuck an iPod than that, but great Mitchell Henderson joke oldfag.

>>275854415I'm absolutely not a holocaust denier, so the story was weird because it's obviously bullshit, I couldn't find any citation for it though. Pretty much just feels like white nationalist fan fiction to justify their hatred. "Well the Jews claim this ridiculous lie..." when really they never said that


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>>275854692you've got to French>meme flag>aaaaaand not denying it.


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>>275854354I lpve how tense the guy gets when trudeau sits next to him. You can see him thinking.>oh god not this faggot FUCK>oh god hes gonna say hiHey an->nope


Amazing boring and bland joke like the original Garfield cartoon

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>>275850728kyle was a furry! furries for 2nd amendment rights!

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>>275850785QRD on the suicidal painter?

>>275852650okay i don't get this one

>>275850429You see, the problem with this is not so much on the blacks but on the food stamp program. As a able-challenged latinx udon EBT is not conducive for acquiring fresh vegetables. This injustice makes us POC obese and leads to further stereotyping

>>275855561that wouldn't surprise anyone after it turned out a furry was the one who shot that fat fuck in Austin with the AK

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>>275855676>Axis>Showers>Final SolutionIt's all right there. Amusing because it's a real product.

>>275855133So genuinely curious, you think it's more likely all the allies who fought in the war are lying about things they saw? Occams razor would suggest it's more likely that there was a period where information about the holocaust was extremely profitable because it shaped an entire generation and some people lied and exaggerated to make some money


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>>275855379You have to go back

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>>275855921>you think it's more likely all the allies who fought in the war are lying about things they saw?100% of the death camps were in territory captured by the Soviets, and I don't believe Soviet propaganda. All the camps that the Western allies liberated were just detention centers, with none of the mass murder allegedy taking place there.


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>>275856069based Brazilians

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youtube.com/watch?v=pDUILizrj2o Not me, but still hilarious

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>>275849738Everything in that pic is disgusting, except for the dogs, 20% of white people fuck their dogs, it is known.

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>>275853611It's backwards because (((women))) are the jews of gender so the word order is Shebrew.

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>>275857163>20% of white people fuck their dogsWasn't that white women and only pitbull owners?

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>>275856183Stop posting canadian porn on /pol


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>>275856165Fun reminder that the guy who drew this comic eventually went on to work for Cartoon Network where he drew storyboards of himself getting engaged to a dog

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>>275853438Shill meme, anyone who hates the left and hates Donald Trump isn't real.

>>275849738So when did Jon start posting on Reddit?

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>>275856273Now that's at least an INTERESTING angle to research, why would German citizens not just say "yeah that ain't true" post war instead of going with it to this day and apologising so much?

>>275856712cringe as fuck

>>275854415That really happened


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>>275857623They were more or less forced into compliance by the occupation

>>275855521ALMOST didn't get it. Fucking beautiful.

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>>275849738Well did Garfield end up fucking him or what? Don’t leave us hanging.

>>275857597When he discovered his love for pozzed nigger dicks and the destruction of the family unit.

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>>275857623They get thrown in jail in Germany for questioning it..

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>>275857283only a matter of time b4 fixed

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>>275857935nice cropping skills, retard

>>275857403Also based white males who fuck their bitches while they're in heat. Although I'd admit there's way too many furfags that get fucked by their dogs.

>>275855225I want a nigress

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>>275857868No, he whipped him back into his cuck cage for speaking before the lasagna was served.


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>>275856494wgar tje actual fuck my heart skipped a beat when i saw that

>>275858353oh god its true


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>>275858152>you were born too late to be a wealthy southern land owner with a harem of black maidsYou guys have no idea how sad this makes me.

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>>275857579who is it?


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>>275854233Yes and in Treblinka they disguised the gas chambers as a hair salon, then after cutting the Jews' hair, the nazis used diesel engines to fill up the hair salon's back rooms with gas until the jews died of carbon monoxide poisoning (even though diesel engines don't produce carbon monoxide). They did this 24/7 for years, all while auchwitz efficiently used zyklon B. Then, after burying over 500,000 Jewish bodies in a field, which sonar has proven to be undisturbed for thousands of years, they then dug up all 500,000 Jewish bodies that they had buried, and decided to burn them all in firepits and ovens, effectively destroying all evidence of any jewish extermination in the camp, even though bodies don't burn. >This is the official story.

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>>275857930This one doesn't hold up with me because the statutes that prosecute people based on holocaust denial were added in 1985 according to a cursory Google search>>275857800I could believe that, but why would a country that's willing to risk so much just sit down and shut up if they had enough resolve in their morals?

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>>275853892this is a bizarre set of circumstances

>>275858260I wish >>275858387isnt that image fictional?

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>>275854958>>275856273Yep it's all a communist lie still is. They are hiding it in plain sight. 20 million people were killed in the soviet union for being enemies of the state. They still control us, just can't commit open genocide

>>275849738Kraut tranny where are you

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>>275859153Holy fuck that's pretty

>>275853611This is a great example of woman's egocentricity. From their perspective it is in the correct order and they presume others see it the same as they do.

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>>275851313I've only heard my dad say #2

>>275849738Does anyone have the webm of the chad conquest of judea with hava nagilla in the background?

>>275850893based and redpilled.


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>>275859229Yeah, unironically one of the most beautiful girls of seen, black or otherwise.>>275858676I'm pretty sure that's not how they brain works, and your pic is cherry picking anways, even if africans do tend to have protruding jaws, their foreheads are ofren not small. Just look at somalis

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>>275854692Girl on the right does not know how to gun safety, guy on left is good example, gun is not pointed at anyone, more so at themselves. unless it was bait then I took it

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>>275856494wtf is wrong with him

>>275856273Put the Jew killing camps where the Jews are densest: Poland.


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>>275859719Nothing. He's simply a gift from God


>>275850785Kek>>275855572Blew his fucking head off with a shotgun on livestream, literally 45 seconds before the cops arrived. Lost his job, lost his woman and was going to be evicted. Called his ex who basically said she was too busy to talk to him, said “well, thanks it then’ and kerblooey. Apparently there were 200 people watching including his mother.I’ve been here too long because I thought it was funny as fuck.

>>275852754Thats a right wing meme you fucking migatard shitskin.



>>275854828...the fuck?!

>>275860251have another one

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>>275860144It always amazes me how few people actually go through with suicide. People in general must really want to live

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>>275855561>a mentally ill tranny was also a furryhmm, what a coincidence.

>>275857930Because Jesus was blessing the bread, just as with the loaves and fishes.Jesus wants 6 million loaves. Best start baking sooner than later.

>>275859475you cant post webm with audio on Holla Forums.

>>275858474the fact that garfield looks like my cousin here is deeply worrying.


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>>275859229>>275859612>flat nose>prognathous mandible>short philtrum>blubbery lips>dull, cow-like intellect evident through eyes>almost certainly has herpes, kids, or both>you can’t smell her through a .jpg2/10 wouldn’t fuck her even as a joke


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>>275860150>/ptg/ shill seething

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>>275850094keep trying, maybe something will be original some day...

>>275859612pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/1862181/That's just how race works muzzie.

>>275851103lol, ty

>>275859612somalis are...nt black? ish

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>>275854415I really hope that this is a real quote.

>>275851103>personification of nature

>>275853949Oopsie doopsie!hoodsite.com/facebook-live-suicide-video-man-shoots-himself-head-shotgun/

>>275860144I literally went through all of those things this year. Lost girl i was completely in love with (this turned out to be a very good thing), lost job, and got kicked out of apartment because my beautiful dog is apparently too large. I am currently homeless and unemployed living in an airbnb hosted by two gay guys i can hear sodomizing each other every night. Never even considered an-heroing. The thing that pisses me off the most is that his mom was watching. What kind of self-centered monster do you have to be to kill yourself in front of your mother?

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>>275859612>I'm pretty sure that's not how they brain worksCranial Capacity (cm^3)>Black 1,267 (94.1%)>White 1,347 (100%)>Asian 1,364 (101.3%)>Cortical Neurons (millions)>Black 13,185 (96.7%)>White 13,665 (100%)>Asian 13,767 (100.7%)user, I...

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>>275849738AYO! Wait a minute. Stonetoss literally ripped off his style form Garfield.

>>275854044I learned it from YOU dad.

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>>275855561Imagine if he was wearing a fursuit when all that went down.

>>275862526Whoever made this meme needs to be skinned alive and then thrown into a vat of cleaning vinegar until they die. I dont even want to begin with what the creator of the song/dance deserves.

>>275862388incoming garfield memes

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>>275854265fuck i always lose hard to this one

>>275853122Women once again proving that looks matter, and they hate shaming not because it’s unfair, but because it makes them feel bad. A straight male certainly did not make this

>>275856591That's just rude and mean. There are plenty of nice black people.


>>275856183>The dog ain't nutered>White girlYou just know

>>275862613Is he actually a furry?

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>>275851103Nowhere in the Bible does it say that God will reward you if you do good. >muh JobJob was an Old Testament parable

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>>275863231Idk, but a lotta white zoomers are becoming furries

>>275856494Ease up homie!

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>>275863526Jesus was a new testament parable.

>>275862791But is it real?

>>275863572The zoomer influx has caused the community to collapse in on itself recently because the puritan nufurs are clashing with the zoophile oldfurs, especially over porn

Does anyone else Brapsterbate? Ever since Covid19 I’ve had so much free time on my hands that I’ve tried new ways of masturbation. Gays on Holla Forums told me that touching my prostate will give me godly orgasm but thats gay, I’m not touching my pooper. Shit dildoing is also weird and one time I got constipated while doing it. I figure the in between would be brapsterbating.>get lots of food that makes you gassy>hold in farts so gas swells up inside butthole>pressure presses down on prostate>gives transcendental orgasms>soon as i coom my pent up gas is released>neigbhours thought something fell the first time I did itThe downside is I frequently have to wash my sheets as I have shotgun skidmarks.

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>>275856591Voice sounds like based Gavin McInnes

>>275861161>opposite world!!!!!ok

>>275864239a fucking leaf


>>275850429foo stayms

>>275858803Still best political compass

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>>275853275Is that really what they do...?

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>>275857586Oh man. A fucking classic.

>>275859612>how they brain works

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>>275861091>prognathous mandibleThe more you know.

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>>275864065>the puritan nufurs are clashing with the zoophile oldfurs, especially over pornhas a new sentance just been created over furry porn?

>>275849738Fuck, Garfield has really become degenerate these days

>>275858152Yes yes and the wigs

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>>275856712this is awesome

>>275861161thats literally what you are, muppet.

>>275857289why did the dad kill.him

>>275857589you're a fuckimg idiot


>>275864724No you fool Jews don’t try to fool God thats a joke made on 4chan