Heads Up! BLM Calling for Fighting, Burning & War in Virginia Tomorrow

youtube.com/watch?v=iKg1Ui2SjSQIt looks like Virginia's dem house majority speaker (((Eileen Filler-Corn))) got the order from George Soros and Susan Rosenberg today. They will be sending BLM communists to hunt down white conservatives and burn their property tomorrow.

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>>275829399>LAW AND ORDER!!

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>>275829399Interesting timing>>275784076

I'll never get tired of them fucking around and finding out

>>275829399Where at? I'm in NOVA, would love to meet these punks.

>Another dem city will burnI just don't get it chief, why won't they go to another small town like Kenosha? What are they afraid of?

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>>275829399Okay, where did the faggot on the left get a windowed mag for a VZ58?

>>275830294its in Fredericksburg.

>>275829399Who cares anymore?

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>>275830913quite a few confederate monuments they're going to smash up there i'd imagine.

>>275831350Bong, this isn't the UK, there's actually still hope for us. Go be black pilled somewhere else.

>>275831351If it starts moving any further north I will be removing all the stops in minecraft.

>>275829399Didn't someone running just do a 180 degree Jason Bourne drop on some armed nigger? I'd say they better think again but they don't think anyway.

>>275831578>Bong, this isn't the UK, there's actually still hope for us.>t. le 56% face who's half Judaised half niggerfied and is on the verge of a civil war

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>>275830706>Okay, where did the faggot on the left get a windowed mag for a VZ58?He has a BFA on the barrel (Blank Firing Adapter)Whoever is arming them doesn't trust them with real ammo.

>>275830913HOLD THAT WALL, MEN

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>>275832246CNC Warrior makes these muzzle breaks, it's a legit compensator, not a BFAcncwarrior.com/Knurled-Compensator-M14-X-1-RH-p/23263.htm

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>>275832246WTF? I might make a thread on /k/ about that thing. It doesn't make sense. I it an Airsoft?

>>275829399Fuck I’m so scared. Thanks for the heads up. This relates only to Minecraft.

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>>275832246But it is worth noting the retard with the hood and glasses has a .22lr, kinda funny

>>275829399HAHAHAHAHA VA is one of the heavily armed states in the nation. Good luck faggots.

>>275832179>t. beady eyed anglo with the cognitive dissonance to quote HitlerWe are better off. We have several shooting here everyweek you guys get arrested for trying to catch pedophiles.

every time they do this then end up accidentally shooting each other. If they keep this up and don't get into an actual confrontation they'll eventually run out of members.

>>275833740Somebody just needs to toss a few firecrackers at them and they will all shot each other again.

>>275833740I'd doubt they'd run out of members, this nigger of the blm militia groups already said that he and his followers get paid by Soros.


>>275829399Sheeit. Finna smash some statues. All hail niggers

Man, I'm so done with politics. The left and the right are both crazy. Political people are becoming increasingly violent and radical in America and it's leaking into Canada too. Black lives matter, and so do police lives, as well as all human lives, including unborn ones. I reject the false dichotomy of the left-right political spectrum. Miss me with that bullshit. I'm going to fuck outta politics and solely follow Jesus, who is the right way, the way, and the truth, and the life.

>>275833678Gosh, I wish our police were as based as yours.

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Somebody needs to get one of those giant slingshots and mount it on the back of a pickup truck, get to a covered artillery position and start lobbing watermelons over their formation. Just imagine the amount of rounds put into the air trying to catch a flying watermelon.

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>>275833142I feel like the suppressor and extended magazine defeat the compactness of the handgun, especially as a sexonu weapon, but whatever works for you.

>>275834389that wasn't the police that was the ATF, an illegitimate and unconstitutional organization that nobody likes.

>>275834206You won't be able to hide for long.

>>275834439Fat fingered that and hit post too soon... secondary* weapon

>>275829399i understand why the founding fathers didn't want the 2A to apply to niggers

Anyone have another source besides the YouTube video? Where did he get this info?


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>>275834530Such people are loud minorities anyway. I doubt you will be having a civil war anytime soon. Best to stay neutral.

>>275833142I am erect

>>275830454Fuckin saved

>>275834764I wish more whites did too, especially these boomer libertarians, let alone be redpilled on the JQ and these marxist Jews that weaponizing the blacks against America.

Niggers provoke conservatives, conservatives fight back, media highlight conservatives only, painting them out as aggressive terrorists, Virgina goes blue.

>>275829399imagine thinking property is more important than someones life.

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>>275835231Two wrongs don't make a right.

better federally deputize the national guard and load up the FEMA camps, CC has just crashed , you'll have foaming at the outh desperate zoomers who just lost everything in chainlink , so they'll be double pissed

>>275835231Imagine being a huge faggot, like yourself.

>>275835231OMG it all makes sense now, well i guess there's only one thing to do, remember my white privilege and tuck my dick in...

>>275829399If only there was an effective solution to all this.>pic unrelated

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>>275835231Destroying peoples' livelihoods and homes will not bring the dead back to life, but only cause more harm and suffering.

>>275834938khorne is the reddest pill

>>275830294Me too, give me a ride down there

>>275834765Nvm he said it was a flyer. I wonder how many are going to be there

>>275834389You pussies would have just taken it like you do now.

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>>275830006>>275829691Yeah he is deputizing state police by the bus load and considering holding back gov find to cities that do nothing to prosecute rioters.

that dude looks like yet another zionist troglodytetotally real you guys

>>275830454Kyle is rotting in jail while this guy is out there dancing

you know these fags attacked elvis, wow,, just wow,elvis...

>>275835231You can have both. you dont burn someones property and you dont get killed.

>>275833594This city is left leaning. They probably approved. Surrounding areas are more pro2a but the city is fucked

>>275829399Honestly bro, Virginian's deserve it. Virginian "men" have been LARPing for the last year about muh freedumbz yet have done absolutely nothing. They kept promising retribution and walked around in their LARP gear but allowed themselves to get dunked on continuously and still do nothing about it. If anyone in the entire country deserves to get blacked, it's Virginians.

>>275835079i don't know of a single constitutionalist black militia


>>275836169Elvis was apart of the little hat tribe and a total degenerate. Look at his race mixing daughter too.

>>275832949You gunfags are really impressive the shit you know off the top of your head. I hope you're not a commie.

if they go too far south they are going to start the civil war.

>>275836311It’s glownigger central too

>>275836169>>275836484Elvis was a wealthy Republican. Guessing they know that.


BUT BUT ELVIS ...fucking nigger lover worked for the jews,,,but still elvis? kek

>>275836342Yeah tell that to the white boomer libertarian autists.

>>275829399Do-rag guy has a $49 UTG assault vest, best used by teenagers with airsoft guns.

>>275836545Legit plants confirmed. And a lot of retarded libertarians cucks.

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>>275836311Checked.Water the tree already, va fags!

>>275835231You are ruining someone's life and doing nothing to help your cause by burning down someone's store and or assaulting them.Literally attacking the proloes while crying about exploitation

>>275834562a "sex on you" weapon sounds more romantic though

>>275830006>posting reddit meme imagesgo back

communist china and soros via the central bankers are funding a rag tag militaru, if trump does not wake up and do something asap {which may be part of the plan if hes NWO} there will be all out killing fields soon.

>>275836114singing and dancing to be accurate.

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>>275835231Unironically is.

>>275834206Taking the smug third poztion is always great until there is a racewar. Civil conflict ect and you suddenly have no beliefs or community beyond a bunch of unprepared people saying "p-peace and love r-right?"It's pure mental cope. Same with lolbertarians protecting communist thugs because muh rights.

>>275829399funny, since Virginia has been in the hot seat for issuing a mandatory vaccine orderand trump said that he would use soldiers to give out the vaccineand martial law would give them more power to issue and enforce that mandatory vaccine orderand massachusetts has already called in the national guardand Oregon is talking about extending their state of emergency or whatever

>>275836311lol.... wait

>>275829399Dead niggies incoming

My brainwashed aunt lives there. The ideal result is her being super redpilled and unscathed. Roll for comfy happening.

>>275829399>Black Lives Matter organizing a chimpout on the very site where 12000 white men were maimed and killed while charging uphill at a stone wall, all in the name of black livesIt's like pottery

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>>275836975Kyle had a cheap $400 AR with $50 red dot and one loaded mag,And it's safe to say the kid had a lot of practice and was good with what he had.Minimalists are practical, you don't need 100lbs of gear and the best shit like a $300 1000d cordura nylon chest rig like you are going on year long deployment to actual shit weathered environments in the sticks and rocks where that would actually be useful and durable. Blend in, use what works best for you and be light. Best advice. And be cautious of these niggers, make no mistake they will kill just like the do in their neighborhoods everyday.

>>275834206It isn't a left vs right dichotomy. Its a trichotomy. Look up political trichotomy when you have time.

>>275834439>sexonu weaponThat's what I call my penis

>>275829399There’s a head shop right near that park. Hope they move their expensive glass out of the shop

>>275834982Problem with staying neutral is eventually both waring sides decide that if you're not with them, you're against them, and will treat you as an enemy for not siding with them. Eventually you have to pick a side or get shot as a traitor to both.

Best bet is to leave Virginia. The fucking niggers already took over, and the white people walk around with nigger cocks spreading open their liberal assholes open. Lived in Richmond the last 5 years but I think it's time to go back to Florida.

>>275838252Yeah these boomers will get redpilled at some point. Unfortunately for the most of them its not until the end of their lives when they are really old and get their shit kicked in by niggers that work in the nursing homes.

>>275834206The only thing all of us burgers can agree upon is that Leaf Lives Don't Matter

>>275829399they are hired actor by trump to cause unrest and get the race tighter

>>275834419Even better: frozen watermelons

>>275839015Yeah FL is nice if you like cannibals, Haitians floating on makeshift rafts up to your house...


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>>275839015Fuck that, I'm gonna get a shack and bum it out in george washington national forest, some real grade A hicks live out there.

>>275835231Blacks are just abandoned property and obsolete farm equipment.

>>275835208Virginia already is blue and we have a retard in charge

>>275832179Lost his country without oppositionKek got that grooming gang report or stoped NGOs buying boats for invaders??

>>275829399Oh great, are these niggers gonna shoot themselves again before the fighting even starts?

>>275836114Kyle will walk.

>>275829399These faggots need to come to middle TN.

theyre going to shoot themselfAGAIN

>>275830706need vz58 gf...

>>275830454Someone needs to send this gif to the faggot in it.

>>275834419You're onto something.

>>275829399good, lets get this shit started. Tired of fucking around with you communist faggots.

>>275829399Their trigger discipline is too good to be real BLM.Their nigger discipline, too. I wonder where Soros trains his mercs.

>>275830454this kikes doing the no arm shuffle.

>>275829399Remember the flyers of Antifa burning the American flag at Gettysburg on July 4? This is going to be another nothing burger.

>>275829399VA ? There won't be any glowies there..the rabbi said so.

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>>275838564Niggers scatter like cockroaches when the shots ring out. Real operators take cover, assess and return with suppressing fire as their friends flank and attack.

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lads what do the different shotguns ammo colours mean? i thought there was only red.

>>275835385>>275835479>>275835574>>275835678>>275836228>>275837430>>275837835>>275839808YOU FAGGOTS GOT PLAYED!

>>275841400>LOL LOSERS, I was only pretending to be retarded

>>275833142jealous of those cansnot looking forward to being fucking deaf if i ever have to shoot a home invader

>>275841392Some companies use different colors to sort different lengths and gauges, but there's no real rhyme or reason or standard answer.

>>275835231Marxists are ACTUALLY fucking retard.Why do they exist?

>>275835231Do not risk your life for property then niggerino

>>275829399It's like a Mario van Peebles "panther" cosplay convention.

>>275837047Explain this image for me.Why do those guys have guns and american flags yet are with blm?

>>275841935ahhh ok ty user.

>>275829399This prime movers will be flying in, and staying in local hotels. Find them and get to them before the rally. They will be very easy to spot. Call local hotels and ask them to notify you if weird people check in. Let them know these people will be using drugs in their hotel. Give them a number to call. Most managers/owners will be there at 10 to 11 am to do the night receipts.

>>275839015Honestly it's not that bad. Governor Blackface and the other dems only won last election because fucking Mike Jewoomberg spent like a billion dollars to steal the election and push his gun control faggotry and caught everyone off guard. Even in bluest parts of NoVa there are plenty of redpilled people around, they just don't reveal their power level in public. Just try to find the ex-mil guys and contractors and glowies. If they're white and not obviously a Bidenfaggot they're probably based as fuck.

>>275830706>>275840247I will never not be pissed off at Canada for having cheap and easily available VZs.

>>275829399Figures. What else would they have to do on a working weekday?

We will see about dat boi

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>>275836311Born in Chicago, grew up in Virginia, left there as soon as possible, now in Wyoming.Can confirm. Don't date women from NOVA, they've all been BLACKED at some point.

>>27584139212 gauge is usually red, 20 is usually yellow. Can't remember the less common sizes. And it's not 100% standardized, I've seen black and pink 12 gauge shells.

>>275842358>Why do those guys have guns and american flags yet are with blm?Young people get confused, its because the brain chemicals haven't quite normalized yet so they tend to do stupid shit.

>>275829399Don't these silly bastards get hot wearing all that black in the Summer time?

>>275841392The only significant part of shotgun shells is whether it is low or high brass. Low brass bases are basically weak bird shot, high brass have bigger powder loads in them and can be buckshot, slugs or steel shot.I've seen all sorts of colors, its just marketing/advertising. There are blue, green, yellow, red, gold, black and clear shotgun shells and I'm sure others I've not seen yet.

>>275839015i honestly think virginia is the most pozzed state lmao

>>275835231Imagine thinking I value your life more than My property....

>>275843737It’s half & half. Libs in NOVA, innawoods boogs in the south. It’s a powder keg waiting to explode.

Well this is the group of the original flyer

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>>275837047Those are the same type of fag that got made good in Austin.

>>275843221>>275843727i learned something new today, thanks lads.

>>275829399Oh yeah. What does the governor and mayor say about it?

>>275829399who is this ugly retarded faggot


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>>275829399Good this help Donald Duck become president again. 4 more years! God emperor,

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BLM protest in Prescott AZ too. My dads going so look for the guy with a Maga hat and an AK-47 with a bayonet.

>>275844227Lots of dc and Maryland transplants, plenty of conservatives even in NOVA

>>275829399Sounds like assassinations are back on the menu boys!!!


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>>275829399Fucking niggers.

>>275845057lol the same people who fund terror in the middle east now fund it at home and this user says yaaaayyy

>>275830706I think zahal has them but it's a jew company.

>>275842358they are paid agent provocateurs. They were unsuccessful in honeypotting so they had to go to blm to keep getting paid.

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>>275834206>so do police lives>as well as all lives>including unborn ones>religiouswelcome to the rightwe're the ones that don't want to murder you for saying that

>>275833142do what Kyle did

>>275830454>>275836114Still in jail for self defense? How long does it take them to look at a fucking video?

>>275829399Don't care about blue states or cities built by white people I only care about my cardboard suburban house.

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>>275829399Do you think there will be streams? If so would it be fucked up for me as a black person to make a drinking game over how many niggers get their heads blown off?

>>275829399So many leftists are going to die in the next 180 days. I hope everyone is ready. Not Holla Forums, I know you cheeky fucks will have webms ready of leftist faggots dying, but the general populace, normies, they are going to have their world shattered.

>>275845813Not at all. Everyone hates niggers, even black people who don't act like niggers.

>>275845955is the NFAC? last time I checked they've killed more of their own than they have anyone else

>>275834206I agree with you but there are no neutral parties on a moving train

>>275836114Luckily he will never play piano again

>>275835993You know how many small kids died? You calling this guy a Saint? He almost killed more kids than Koresh & Clinton.

>>275839015Literally this I’m in the process of GTFO of this god forsaken state I loved you Virginia but you are a shadow of your former self.

>>275829399Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson confirmed Danielson "was a good friend and supporter of Patriot Prayer," a right-wing group based in Vancouver, Washington. Many of its members, including Gibson, frequent Portland for political rallies and protests.According to Vice News, Reinoehl is an Army veteran and father of two who has been "providing security" at Portland Black Lives Matter protests.Police said no arrests have been made in the shooting. They have not publicly released a suspect name and they don't know whether the incident was politically motivated. Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to contact Detective Rico Beniga at 503dash823dash0457 or Sgt. Joe Santos at 503dash823dash0406.

Attached: Screenshot_2020-09-03 Man linked to fatal downtown Portland shooting tells Vice News it was self-defense.png (757x525, 294.98K)

>>275834562no, sexonu works too. you pull it out if the enemy is close enough to fuck.

>>275844865>>275844243>29 likes>666 membersIt's fucking nothing

>>275831578>Bong, this isn't the UK, there's actually still hope for us. Go be black pilled somewhere else.>48 million niggers >52 million spics and rising

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>>275829399Didn't Holla Forums also said the other day that NFAC was going to show up in Lafayette, Louisiana?Literally nothing happened. Nothing ever happens and Holla Forums always lies.

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>>275847172They also threatened to burn down Louisville if their demands weren't met, I know they said 4 weeks but I forgot when they marched.

>>275846700Move to a swing state

>>275842416I hate to break it to you guy but>Let them know they'll be using drugsHotel staff dont give 2 fucks what goes on in their hotels as long as you're not wrecking the place.>Notify you of weird people.Do you honestly fucking think that's going to work?You're either 80 or 12 you think some random guy calling up a hotel is going to get someone to keep tabs on every fucking person there and report activity to some faceless stranger on shaky hearsay. And either way it's time for your pills.

>>275847364I believe it was mid august when he made that threat. Someone on another thread said something would go down on sept. 5 so i'd just wait and see

>>275843333Damn, CHECKED

>>275847172Any day now the race war is going to happen trust the plan!

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>>275847001150,000,000 "Americans" need to die. Every single nigger. Every single spic. Every single jew. Every single white race traitor .

>>275835231>murderthat's a stretch

>>275847530>"Four weeks from today, we gonna come back here, and we should have an answer,">July 25thApparently there are articles today of him tripping over his words about how he was being allegorical with "burn this motherfucka down." He's still coming with his niggers to the Kentucky Derby, but the violence he hyped won't be there.

>>275847707And how would that be accomplished?

>>275847806Gotta love threatening violence, he knows he'll get his entire militia killed. I admire white people to be honest, they are showing a lot of restraint.

>>275829399The vans have been waiting for this. We'll bag their "organizers" as they move out. Hilariously easy. Remember: This group is literal children with some monetary backing. They aren't smart. >>275835208It's already red, no ones buying their shit anymore>>275839015>Just leaveThis is what traitors and liberals say. Stand and fight.

>>275848175I looked at the articles and its going to be a nigger jamboree. NFAC aren't going to be the only ones there, a bunch of "social justice groups" are going to be there as well for their own demonstrations. All of it in the afternoon, biggest at 4:30pm. Don't think they'll last to nightfall.


>>275829399Bring it on niggerlovers. Virginia ain’t what you think.

>>275846580He didnt know about the kids. It was the ATF however that killed the kids at Waco. Hes a fucking hero.

>>275832179He’s right and you are wrong.

Vertical foregrip on that shotgun is an NFA violation if he doesn't have AOW paperwork.

>>275834389There is something I learned recently than I'm pretty sure the vast majority of the American people even know. The first black mayor of philadelphia a dem literally had a helicopter drop a bomb on some sort of black commune shit very similar to the CHAZ thing we saw this year in Seattle. LMFAO this was in the 80s though. No chance any mayor of either party would have the balls and to do with that now

>>275829399I'm tiwed. So sick and tiwedof these verdammt schwartzeWed woses. How womantic!

Attached: https___i.pinimg.com_originals_09_75_2e_09752ef02325bb0662fc44aa727b4def.jpg (500x385, 41.15K)

>>275848605>Bring it on niggerlovers.*sits on a dildo and does nothing*

>>275848813kek. The seattle mayor is a pussy. Should have dropped some bombs like a boss to clear out that trash.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MOVE#1985_bombing

>>275848376I feel sadistic and like a race traitor but honestly fuck niggers, I want to see this jamboree get countered to shit.

>>275848813Wait he dropped a bomb on them? HAHAAHHHAH that's fucking hilarious

>>275849528Yeah he did. I can't remember the story but that shit left a helicopter and it was an explosion that people died from.

>>275829399Good, I hope they start killing every white. Let's get it started in here, let's get it hot in here.

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>>275849656That's ruthless and based.

>>275849528en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1985_MOVE_bombingit happened in philly. either way it happened

>>275829399Kek good luck. Literally everyone outside the city here is heavily armed.

>>275845221Definitely, saw some of that in Richmond too. So glad I didn’t go to VCU, everyone I know that spent 4 years there came out a commie freak.

>>275849898I thought your liberal govenor cucked you?

>>275829399Taking bets on how many BLM hurt or kill themselves.

>>275830294Just take out Soros, stop focusing on pwns


>>275835231you can make more people, but you can't make more property. so yes.

>>275850151Just cause a law is made banning some kind of gun is made. That those guns will be confiscated. Look at NY safe act. It banned crazy amounts of shit but nobody turned in their AK or AR.

These cops who can't make clean kills without alerting the media need to don plastic spit socks. They're ruining the country.

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>>275833142Get optic for riefl

>>275850151AhhahahaLike I'd give up my guns if some fucking retarded Democrat politician told me to give them up.>Horrific boating accidents

>>275834206If you refuse to pick a side, one or both sides will eat you. Life isn't fair, especially not to a LEAF.>Black lives matter, and so do police lives, as well as all human lives, including unborn ones.No lives matter. Embrace KEK.

>>275829399It's all fun & games until you prevent the common man from enjoying his grill.

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>tfw live in Fredericksburg Am I fucked bros?

>>275831578>hope Your cities are burningYour youth is deludedYou will shortly choose between a failed casino owner and a senile sex offender.Worst of all you have lost your sense of humourThe only hope you have is that we allow you back into our commonwealth, you kiss the queen's ring and you pay us those back taxes.

>>275851651get your spiderhole ready

>>275829399Thank god it's not fucking Charlottesville again. Leave us alone.

>>275840091If only


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>>275851694Can we please revive the empire?


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>>275833142>Suppressor and no opticGuess how I know you go to the range once a year :^)

Read the chapter “Nightmare” in George Lincoln Rockwell’s book “White Power” archive.org/details/WhitePower_189/page/n1/mode/2up

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>>275845057Let's pray & hope he goes full nuclear on these commie niggers & the swamp is not only drained but all rooted corruption is removed.

>>275834938Be careful not to cut yourself on that edge

I wonder who would win: all the niggers in Virginia versus whites in West Virginia. WV seems based

>>275852526Reviving the empire is the only way to remove the Jewish influence in the West. WW1 & WW2 & Holodomor were a direct result in destroying those empires. I'd rather live under an monarch ethnostate than a multicultural republic.

>>275832179They all look perfectly fine besides the two land whales in the middle

>>275833594>wasGet it right faggot. You pussies cucked to your state government you fucking pussy. The only confederate flag you faggots should fly is a white flag of surrender. Don't look north to Pennsylvania to bail your asses out.

>>275831351God I hope so. 10 years each for anyone touching a monument.

>>275851651Yeah, time to either find a nice deep hole to hide in, or go out blasting. When the commies put those social media adverts out calling for looting and such, it usually fucking happens. Oh and by the way, they're right about one thing: This IS war. They've spent years probing and weakening us. Getting us used to social unrest, "protests", riots, destruction of government property, destruction of private businesses, destruction of vehicles, flat-out murdering us in the streets and getting away with it.And now they're probing and prepping us for the final push; Our homes. They've repeatedly called for the "taking" of the "white subburbs", they regularly march through the "good" neighborhoods, getting people used to their presence AND effectively casing these neighborhoods in the process.It may not happen this riot, or even the next, but it's the final goal. One day they're going to start burning houses, and the cops aren't going to stop them. But if you defend your home, they sure as shit will do something about -you-.T. Kenosha user.

>>275829399>How to turn every Trump supporter against Israel without hurting Trump:archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/225743652http://archive.vn/sWQWi >Operation Dark Storm - Redpilling Black Twitter on the JQ:pastebin.com/7AcJj3Pnhttps://archive.vn/p6m3B >"WHEN VICTIMS RULE: An Examination of Jewish Pre-eminence in America And Its Historical Origins"whenvictimsrule.blogspot.com/search/label/01_Introductionhttps://archive.vn/8rBlF

Attached: Screenshot_2020-09-01 Over 600 Jewish Groups Declare Their Support for Black Lives Matter T….jpg (1506x7000, 1.68M)

>>275848824Classic. She was hot in her day and brilliantly funny.

>>275829399Well, if they come down here, they are fucked. My neighborhood glows too hard for them. And I doubt they do it up north because ghat is just crackdens and glow.

>>275829399just gonna be another protest followed by a riot Nice try attempting to associate the guys in the pic with BLMthey consider BLM to be a bunch of fags and trannies.

>>275853639That's why you always have a plan to deal with whatever kike bullshit the system throws at you, no matter where it comes from.Remember, at the end of the day, everyone wants to go home to their families, and there are a lot of ways to make sure not all of them who might try to fuck you for defending yourself get to go home to said families.

>>275854007PS: always follow the law.

JEWS WANT A RACE WARbitchute.com/video/CPYRXw57pvN2/

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This is what has been circulating on the fb groupsSend help Anons

Attached: 6988DF71-6D69-499E-AA61-4D17C8863D86.png (750x1334, 725.38K)

>>275829399If you fire with right hand and reload with left, then why are all of the shotgun shells backwards?

>>275848824Care for another schnitzengruben?

>>275842358boogboy libertarian memes are and always have been glowfags.

>>275854095Schizo civic nationalism is cancer. Please kill yourself.

>>275854180Of course, bunch of Mary Washington fags.

>>275835231Because why wouldn't I shoot you dead for trying to burn my property? Because why would I let you destroy things on my property for any reason at all let alone some lowlife I didn't know died?

>>275854305or else they'd fall out of the bandolier


Attached: 33.jpg (1125x1366, 404.09K)

>>275852671>suppressors >no optic>Stock A2 furnitureMore like airshit

>>275854305Also you take action requiring more dexterity with your dominant hand. Either you were born without a whole bunch of joints and you're more of a nogun faggot than these actors.

>>275832179Do you shills ever get tired of posting the same few pics over and over?


im so fucking bored of this reality god damn it

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>>275853429>don't look north for aidNorth, NoVa, is where the tumor is coming from.Do the true sons of Virginia stand alone or not?

>>275829399Chek’d. Thankfully I’m in Kalifornia. God speed Virginians.

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>>275829399The funniest thing about this group is that it's a GlowOp and blacks are falling for it hook line and sinker. They really haven't learned shit since the black panthers got infiltrated by glow-in-the-darks baka.

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Pretty sure there are a lot of pissed off angry rednecks in the surrounding Fredericksburg area.Civil War is still very much a part of the culture of the area.It's almost if the Antifa/BLM pawns are being directed to go where they will be martyred in the face.Bunch of dummies.

>>275833892Pic related.

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>>275852740Thanks for sharing user. I was right to believe that this has been going on much longer than some of us realize. Very interesting read.

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>>275856492b-b-b-b-b-b-b-but they're outside (packed in tighter than sardines and fucking screaming into eachother's mouths for hours at a time)

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>>275842567Not anymorequora.com/Will-Canadas-new-gun-ban-apply-to-all-VZ58-rifles-or-only-the-CZ858-variants

>>275836342>don't know of a single constitutionalist black militiaBecause they don’t want the Constitution and Freedom. They want blacks to rule the enslaved white people. Obligatory pic

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>>275836975>$49 UTG assault vestSo will that stop a rifle round?

>>275850151no guns have been banned. VA remains. And no one is gonna comply anyway

>>275856631They aren't even trying to hide it anymore. They know if they just repeat a lie over and over again, it will become fact amongst the public. Their time will come soon, they are so busy manipulating half the population, that they don't even see the other half gladly embracing the the resurgence of white supremacy

Attached: Communist Takeover 2.jpg (1024x816, 136.21K)

>>275837047Only larping retards wear tactical vests in the city. Don’t be stupid. Wear undercover tac vests. gkpro.fr/en/product/hidden-vest-undercover-tactical-vest/https://www.streichers.com/5-11-tactical-covert-low-profile-vest

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>>275839244They’re paid by the Russians to help get Trump elected!

Attached: C09D953F-916E-4C99-91E2-DEC425C75D8D.jpg (600x808, 119.52K)

>>275843221That’s only Federal brand shells. There no color uniformity across manufacturers.

>>275846709According to Vice Jews, prayer is "right wing".

>>275845813As a black person, you should celebrate niggers getting killed. It makes your race better.

>>275848704He was a patsy. Hillary had the Oklahoma building blown up.

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>>275836114yep, >Free Healthcare>free food>free housingsounds like your dream Commie so why dontcha step on up?

>>275854095stfu. if you want to change anything you need to start a country wide conflict. a race war is as good as any method. the sooner we start, the better our chances.

>>275849444Chek’d. It’s not race traitor to wish the trash of your race to be removed. I wish white junkie trash would die out.


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>Reports of two cops shot in #Cleveland Ohio. One has died the other in critical condition.


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>>275839015Hampton Roads were always nice. Very conservative and going to switch its politicians soon who sucked cocks to blacksomethingmatter

>>275848727Those rules are for white simps, not wakandans.

>>275851694brits are the biggest niggers of them all and your queen is a cunt bitch who would suck the mcshits out of my asshole if I told her there was gold in there. you're completely irrelevant and your faggy little island has already been conquered.

>>275850251Soros & Susan Rosenberg are the heads of this entire Communist "revolution".

>>275862812I told you you'd lost your sense of humour.

>>275836004What a faggot. Just arrest the governor's who are supporting rioters by ordering stand downs. They are criminals just arrest them for sedition or treason depending on if you think the riots are foreign organized or domestic.

>>275830454Put him next to Hitler doing his Munich jig.

>>275861164>Hampton Roads were always niceYou must've forgot Newport "bad" News

>>275853429I still have my guns so clearly aint cucked. Sit down and shut up or fight for the cause, otherwise go be Jewish elsewhere with that DnC

Accelerate. I’ve been stock piling my amps and rounds. I’m ready.