BLM mural in NY

That black woman from earlier today just drove by with her friends and dumped even more paint on it.

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>>268598854Waste of paint. Dog shit should be used for that purpose.

Jesus matters.

>>268598854defending this stupid participation trophy mural

>>268598854they were driving around all NY and hitting different spots lol. here's in Harlem:


>>268598854can you imagine if a white person did this?

>you will never find a cute white woman this basedfuck this world.


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>>268598854sounds based to me

>>268598854I fucking love these women.


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>>268599655True but to be fair if a white woman did this the mob would beat her to death and the cops wouldn't even try to stop them

>>268599534I can, they would arrested with a hate crime and go to federal prison.

>>268598854We had some black woman haters on Holla Forums today. Glad we drove them off. The black woman is the mother of the world.

>>268600148ayo lemme hear it one time for the melaninated sistas

They need a GoFundMe to help finance their paint. I'll contribute.


>>268600045yeah did you see the absolute chimpout at an airport that they let happen? it was like feeding time as the zoo

I rebuke this demon!

I will pray for them. God bless black queens keepin' it real i the streets, god bless Donald Trump, and god bless America.

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>>268598854This are some niggers that I can call "black people"

>>268598854For once, blacks being based.God bless Them

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>>268600409Good idea, but you know how fast GoFoundMe would cancel that campaign.

>>268598854This is the difference between black people and niggers. I love black people.

we have the best peoplebest blacks

>>268598854Maybe we are wrong about blacks?Niggers could be learned behavior?

>>268600119I was sure she would have been charged with a hate crime and assault on an officer. Gotta love the revolving door prison system.

>>268600449This is why I wouldn't go anywhere with a high concentration of nogs that doesn't let me carry a gun. It's been made very clear that no one will stop them from beating you to death.

>>268599371man if she gets killed by niggers for painting the street black.


>>268598854They are doing all the boroughs and are very brave. So fucking dangerous

>>268598854I was wondering what their motivation was, now I see it's a religious one. They certainly have BLM's number, as religion would be the logical next target, particularly Christianity.

>>268600884There's two kinds of them. There's black people, and there's niggers. Black people have rational thought, nigs don't.

>>268600918They can definitely be alright. I think they deserve an honest chance at success, and should be given their own state once this is all over. From the moment they came to America until today, Jews have been actively and intentionally fucking them over in every way possible to keep them brainwashed and stupid. The list of crimes Jews have committed against blacks is long enough to fill a book. I don't like making excuses for bad behavior, but even whites are pretty fucking brainwashed right now thanks to kikes so I can hardly blame blacks for falling for the same tricks.

>>268600409They have one, it is in the comments of one of the videos, the Harlem one I think

>>268598854I don't care how racist you are, if either of these girls ever ask you for the BWC you have to give it up.

>>268600335Mi madre es una negra!

all that's needed are low riders with steel plates welded onto the bottom of their differentials.

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>>268600639One black man in the mob trying to talk sensibly, and 5 chimping out screaming bomboclaat, a Jamaican expletive similar to douchebag or motherfucker that roughly translates to "a used (bloody) tampon".

>> main woman in the video is in this vice debate they had between black convservatives and liberals. very worthwhile watch

Does this show up on a carfax report?

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>>268601615you're right....she's in the middle in the front. interesting...

>>268599371>> Bevelyn Beatty or to her website

lmao these women are based as fuck but the whole jesus thing is really making them look crazy. i know christians are really passionate and shiieeeet but it's not really helping their cause.


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>>268601615I want the sort version. They all shout over each other and start clapping the back of their hands on their palms too much to sit though more than 60 seconds at a time.

>>268598854What an absolute mess. People think this is based?

God bless them


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>>268601194>I think they deserve an honest chance at successYes.>and should be given their own state once this is all overNo.Send all of them back to Africa. in an unpopulated region. Provide food aid and basic supplies and building materials for the first 5 years only. Hard cut off. After that, trade only. Their european admixture should help them out quite alot compared to their native african bruders. Establishing a Black American ethnostate in africa would be the only way to help them out. You have to give them the tools to help them selves, Not give them everything. It's their job to swim.Teach a man to fish....

>>268602543>It's their job to swim.Then they've already failed.

>>268601422I was talking about the 2 black women an the guy recording, but yeah pretty ridiculous

>>268602543That's fine too, although China has been bullying Africa and stealing from them for a while now. Maybe Chinks need to be exterminated along with the kikes for there to be any peace.


>>268602543That was already tried several times. The problem is Muslims warlords keeping the region destabilized so Jews can keep mining diamonds as cheap as possible.

>>268598854She needs to use one of those fire extinguisher painting things

>>268602532You're supposed to ACCELERATE it not get your nigger pets to do your dirty work for you. Encourage De Blasio to put up those murals all over NYC, specifically "white" neighborhoods. Can you imagine the chaos that would cause? This...this doesn't do anything. These broads are getting paid to do this shit and it's sad as fuck.

>>268602328>> short version

>>268601918Find god

>>268598854Take no prisoners black queen


>>268598854fuckin based

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>>268598854>voluptuous Black women>Jesuspilled>anti BLM because she is JLMmuh dik getting a little hard, nigga!


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>>268602836> Can you imagine the chaos that would cause?larp fantasy loser

I notice they don't dare get out of the car in Niggerville

>>268603568Oyyyy vey fellow republican.

>>268598854Is that diamond and silk?They like trump and they’re Christians — I love these ballsy bitches

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