Why does Trump make leftoids so particularly mad more than any other neocon Republican...

Why does Trump make leftoids so particularly mad more than any other neocon Republican? How is Trump any different from the rest of them?

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>>268596923>Well he's not a neocon for one thing, moron

Because something something trump bad white bad and then they burn and sling shit everywhere

>>268597474Why are you greentexting and how is he not a neocon?

>>268596923He fires from the hip. Liberals hate how he doesn't have that controlled, owned, toned down Mitt Romney speech and thought. It just totally goes against the grain of normal PC libs. I think also a lot of Americans don't like to lose. Even the libs. And they'll go low...and just when you think they can't go any lower, they do. Then what you thought was the lowest they could go 4 weeks ago looks comical compared to where they are today. And so on and so forth.

>>268598600What about Bush? Lots of people didn't like him, but there wasn't this absolutely hysterical, insane, seething hatred against him like there is against Trump.

He is the only politician in recent times who has deviated from their long term plans of globalism. He is undoing decades of surreptitious conniving to sell the country out from under the citizens. They need to throw everything they have at him, even if it makes them look ridiculous, they have too much to lose.Trump is not a neo con. He is really a mix of classical liberal, and nationalists in my opinion.

>>268596923CNN say orange man bad. It was hillary's turn. Russia.

>>268599569If he isn't a neocon then why does he continue letting America be Israel's servant?

>>268599919Let me guess.Its an act? A distraction?

>>268596923Because he shits on the religion of liberalism with every breath.

>>268599366it's because bush was the establishment guy on the right; the media had some vitriol but it was in a "yeah two minutes hate against emmanuel goldstein :^)" way because he was otherwise /theirguy/. trump really pissed a lot of people the fuck off, a lot of people forget that even fox news was opposed to him until he more or less beat the republican party into such a submission that they knew openly opposing him would be too overt. remember that the RNC and "conservative" media was pushing hard for trump to step down after "grab her by the pussy."whatever your opinion about trump, the tldr is that at one point he made the entire establishment seethe. we can debate if he's actually accomplished anything he promised, but we did have the privilege to witness one of the biggest upsets in human history and the elite classes trying to grapple with a man whose biggest love is a big mac

>>268599919Neocon does not just mean 'loves Israel' It has to do with economics and foreign policy in many areas, not just Israel.

>>268596923this webm will never not be funny

>>268596923These are decent explanations but to me I don't think it's the real reason. The real, primary reason why they absolutely seethe with hate for Trump is...because they're constantly TOLD to.By their politicians, their media, and their elites. Did the left "Hate" the Bushes? Did they "hate" Romney? Sure. If you mean dislike about twice over. But even them, not to the extent they'd go burn fucking shit down across 100 cities, sheesh. Take the muh Russia shit. No one sane should still believe such idiocy. It's an entirely made up ass-pull. Yet he's been impeached and the shitlib sheep actually still believe such retardation. Romney voted to convict him.The only think the past 4 years have proven to me, is that leftists aren't honest people in any way. They're lesser, inferior men that only care about slimy gibs they can get. There's no noble aspect of their character in any way. Right wingers can be selfish faggots, some stuck up moral Francis, sheep to the state, corporate cock sucklers, Jew lovers, lots of negative things. But a leftist? They're orcs. They're imps. They're twisted NPC servants to their own masters.They do whatever they've been taught with a religious fanaticism, because in their mind a shower of gibs to wet their swine animal jowls is just over the big gay leftist rainbow. A utopia of slop, for them to shit into and gobble right up with glee, while niggers pat them on the head for being just so inclusive.

>>268596923leftoid here, I saw tv shows from teh bush era recently and it's really striking to see how nothing have changed since that time, same buzzwords ("the radical left"), same talking points. I just think people forget how terrible your past presidents were.that being said, Don is particularly repulsive due to his arrogance and crass stupidity. you guys are the laughing stock since you elected him

That is the best webm iv seen all week OPHave a Cookie

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It's called Trump derangement syndrome and it's an official illness according to the american psychiatric board

You don’t understand, it was her turn.

>>268600262>>268600871Have you noticed that some of the most hysterical, white guilt ridden, cucked, Trump hating people are former Republicans who loved Reagan and Bush? Why is this?

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>>268600320jesus even the upside down kangaroo bois are styling on you, get it together zoomers

>>268600871okay chang. Don't you have a dam to fix?

>>268601154back in the oven, abraham

>>268596923>Why does Trump make (((leftoids))) so particularly mad

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>>268601152Trump ain't part of their crew. Some say obama was the same. Wrong they groomed him and put him in the senate first to vet him. That's why

>>268601684>(((leftoids)))Jews are just 1.4% of the US population and 0.0025% of the world population, yet… >Nancy Pelosi at AIPAC 2019: "My Father Was a Shabbos Goy"youtube.com/watch?v=JeZkvEwE_jI>Bernie Sanders on jew loyalty: youtube.com/watch?v=Hl_qwINlopA>Chuck Schumer on jew loyalty: youtube.com/watch?v=Qh8rpFTVBuM>Joe Biden encouraging white genocide: youtube.com/watch?v=KaCBYrVsic4Senate (9% jewish, 650% US over-representation) Michael Bennet (D-CO)Richard Blumenthal (D-CT)Benjamin Cardin (D-MD)Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)Jacky Rosen (D-NV)Brian Schatz (D-HI)Bernie Sanders (I-VT)Chuck Schumer (D-NY)Ron Wyden (D-OR)House (8% jewish, 600% US over-representation) David Cicilline (D-RI)Stephen Cohen (D-TN)Susan Davis (D-CA)Ted Deutch (D-FL)Eliot Engel (D-NY)Lois Frankel (D-FL)Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ)David Kutsoff (R-TN)Andy Levin (D-MI)Mike Levin (D-CA)Alan Lowenthal (D-CA)Nita Lowey (D-NY)Elaine Luria (D-VA)Jerry Nadler (D-NY)Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)Dean Phillips (D-MN)Jamie Raskin (D-MD)Max Rose (D-NY)Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)Adam Schiff (D-CA)Kim Schrier (D-WA)Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL)Brad Sherman (D-CA)Brad Schneider (D-IL)Elissa Slotkin (D-MI)Susan Wild (D-PA)John Yarmuth (D-KY)Lee Zeldin (R-NY)Supreme Court (33.3% jewish, 2,400% US over-representation):Ruth Bader Ginsburg (D)Stephen Breyer (D)Elena Kagan (D)forward.com/news/breaking-news/350531/jewish-donors-shun-donald-trump-95-of-contributions-go-to-hillary-clinton/https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-gops-jewish-donors-are-abandoning-trump/https://www.jpost.com/Diaspora/Jewish-Americans-are-now-the-face-of-Trump-resistance-571399

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>>268600871I know a lot of lily white lefty boomers voting for Trump lol. I get texted by 20-something women about which gun to buy when two years ago they were posting anti-gun rhetoric. I hated Bush Jr but will vote for Trump because I quite like 90’s liberals. Perhaps the strength of your echo chamber has tinted your view?

>>268600560This is what I think too but why does the media hate him so much?

All white demos... college educated, non-ce, white women… went Trump... something the media and shills try to bury. "Muh suburban retards" is a shill myth. Urban areas went Hillary ONLY due to their black and hispanic populations. The college educated vote demographics Hillary won was ONLY from jews, blacks and hispanics. See pic related.Hillary also only got 37% of the overall white vote.-----> 37%

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>>268596923they think they're higher class, higher intelligence etc, but are continually proven to be otherwise by dumb loser low class etc tRumpm.youtube.com/watch?v=XaGwxIl4KKo

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>>268596923He fights back and calls out their bullshit. He breaks their propaganda and that is the ultimate sin to communists.


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>>268600560Anon, why exactly is the 'muh Russia' bullshit? The left maybe emphasized it too much (and isn't that something you can say about, well, anything the left ever focuses on, or media in general). But... the president of the United States having unrecorded conversations with a foreign country, said foreign country interfering with the election (and I don't care if it's hacking or just social manipulation, the end results are similar), he's currently suing to hold back bank records tying him to Russian properties, and several of his associates during the campaign have been tied to Ruasian oligarchs.Now, whether or not you support Trump, Putin, Russia, the US, the left or the right: how is it acceptable for the supposed leader of the US to have such ties to any foreign country, particularly one that's frequently opposed to US foreign interests? And honestly, personally speaking, isn't it even worse that the White House has tried to cover most of it up, impede hearings, refuse testimony, etc?I'm just saying, imagine if Biden or Obama had this level of connection to Russia (cue the whatabautists with other Obama scandals). Fox News would lose their shit.

>>268596923>Trump>neoconPick one you fucking retard

>>268600320>>268602357In what sense is he not a neocon?


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>>268596923Well, I'm not really a leftist. On the contary I can't fucking stand about 80% of modern leftists because they are all so blind and OBSESSED with identity politics to the point where I think they are delusional. Most of my family came to Canada from the Eastern Bloc so growing up I knew the horrors of what happens when a "communist" government is in control. Horrible persecution, oppression, atrocities...you name it. Most of the moronic middle class communists have no idea what they are getting themselves into because they have had life too easy in the West. And yet despite my general distaste for the modern left, I dislike Trump. But I don't hate him. Like he does not make me seethe. My honest opinion is that he's a relatively cunning man (not necessarily intelligent but he's definitely got some Machiavellian traits) who does an amazing job at acting like a fucking retard. I am convinced he's pretending to be a completely ignorant shit. He has also contributed to the decline of the USA on the world stage, he has been linked to Epstein and I suspect he has probably diddled little girls, not to mention he is responsible for the deaths of 140,000 Americans and counting (and let's be honest we all want the fatties to die from the Covid). So really, great job voting for an entertaining (arguably borderline retard) accelerationist who likes to take photos of himself with canned beans in the oval office. America is a clown nation and it's beautiful. You guys have provided me with so much free entertainment I don't even need netflix anymore.

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>>268597474I can prove you wrong in one image

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>>268596923because he isn't one of them you retard.

>>268601850They're paid to. He campaigned against China. To do business in China you must work with the CCP. The media wants access to billions of Chinese to make money.They are also tranny faggotsThe ones who aren't trannies are just actors reading whatever is put in front of them.

>>268599919By that logic, half the Democrats are neocons lmaoYou DO realize neocon ideology goes beyond Israel-worship, right. Most neocons also support free market capitalism and “exporting democracy” by force (which usually takes the form of toppling governments and invading countries the neocons don’t like).Another key characteristic of the neocons is their lack of a stance on social issues. They won’t speak out against immigration, abortion, or all sorts of globohomo degeneracy, they just kind of tolerate it.

Because he doesn't play well with others. He calls people out. Makes nicknames. Doesn't talk in politician speak.My mom considers him a big troll. He is always trolling people for their reaction and to fuck with them.Oh the nigs at her work call him Daddy T...

>>268597474But he is a moron with a cult who will obey his every whim even if it destroys america.

>>268596923>Julius Maddox.That stick is lucky he isn't dead. That nigger can bench close to 800 and holds the world record bench press. Whites dominate strong man but Maddox is no joke.

>>268598600This. It's true of the resistance® liberals, hillarybots, and MSNBC faggots of the world. The bernie left doesn't care about that shit though.>>268596923Berniebots mostly were saying that W. Bush was worse until the rona hit. They probably would have rated Trump as one of the better GOP presidents. He didn't seem to do much to really piss them off until he started that war in Yemen and wouldn't stop. But between the economy going to shit and the rona and his reaction to it, they all think he's Satan now.

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>>268598350He said "no more stupid wars" in his state of the union address. That was a savage indictment of neocon foreign policy.

>>268596923what the fuck is the dude's problem in the .webm

>>268602825wonder if he tried to have sex with that one.

>>268596923He has small hands and speaks bluntly

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>>268598350>>268597474He's green texting because he's a newfag reddit refugee trying to blend in but hasn't quite figured board culture yet. Someone should remind his faggot ass to lurk 2 years before posting

>>268596923>Why does Trump make leftoids so particularly mad.WhiteMaleAlphaSelf made billionaire Icon of capitalism Embodiment of the American dream Literally represents everything commies want to destroy Doesn't give a fuck what they thinkKeeps out smarting them, usually by doing very little and letting them fuck themselves Hes willing and they know it

>>268596923>Why does Trump make leftoids so particularly mad more than any other neocon Republican? How is Trump any different from the rest of them?i don't see "leftoids" posting daily coping threads dedicated to sucking on jew cocks. only you sad faggots.cope, communist pedophile.

>>268602412The first thing you need to understand about the neocons is than they are not nationalists. They are not patriots. They hold no allegiance to the American people or its Constitution, only to the “ideals” it supposedly represents. They consider THEIR OWN COUNTRYMEN no more important than third worldwide from across the globe.If 50 million working class Americans lose their factory jobs because of outsourcing to the Chinks, neocons will applaud because 50 million chinks gained new jobs.In contrast, Trump (although he is woefully incompetent and not nearly culturally right-wing enough) is willing to stand up for OUR collective interests as a NATION, even if it would harm some other shithole 10000km away.In other words, neocons scoff at the mere notion of patriotism, nationalism, or loyalty to ones own people. They don’t even think of the world in terms of groups with shared interests (races, religions, etc) - only in terms of money and GDP. To them, humans are merely interchangeable economic units. According to them, an Englishman is exactly the same as a Chinaman, who in turn is exactly the same as a Mexican.You don’t need me to tell you why that’s fucking stupid.

>>268602723He's a huge fucking puss. I could take im, easy peasy.

>>268602723I say Maddox is a homo, now what

>>268602446>>268603361If you want to write essays got to college

>>268603517Anon, go to Holla Forums and get out. This is the area of the image board where people usey thinky, not be tardy stupy fucky. Mental children should commit suicide.

>>268596923Because, he panders to Whites and their interests.

>>268602721>muh cultDoesn't work when you idiots actually are a cult.

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>>268603678Another reddit refugee

>>268603751Sorry little faggotfuck, not a 12 year old brainlet. Take your high school bullshit and shove it up your ass.

>>268603160This one was getting old at the time, so probably.

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>>268603751You know even though are too fucking stupid to goddamn breathe, you were somehow right about the greentext before so I will grant you that. Now blow your brains out your whore mother failed you.

>>268600871And you've been a laughing stock ever since you entered the thread with a meme flag

>>268603517>got to college

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>>268603875an unabashed reddit using faggot lol. its wild how easy it is to spot you fucking clowns

>>268602271You seem to be conveniently ignoring the fact that Biden actually embezzled money through Ukraine, and Hillary Sold Uranium reserves to Russia. But I can tell you thought you were smart posting that so I'll let you have your play-pretend worldview in peace.

>>268596923Because he's not a neocon, he's a populist, and he took a big orange dump in their retarded Indiana Jones/Harry Potter comfort zone.

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>>268603517Brainlet. Can your pea-sized Paki brain not understand a simple paragraph about political ideology?You can’t get anywhere in politics without understanding politics.You can’t convince people your ideas are the right ones if you can’t even elaborate why exactly the other guy is wrong.And you can’t work against the system (whether violently or nonviolently) without understanding the system and its strengths and weaknesses.