Portland Stream #2 - Murder Hole Edition

youtu.be/y0rGOvx2Wn0https://youtu.be/y0rGOvx2Wn0 youtu.be/y0rGOvx2Wn0https://youtu.be/y0rGOvx2Wn0Previous thread>>268575199>What is the "Murder Hole"?youtu.be/4by7BxRslP8

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What would Jaffa do

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>>268596272Get your blm shit out of Toronto ffs

Made it oveerrrrr Thanks Fren!


this is so cringy why are they rapping(?)didnt the police already get defunded and the guy(actor) arrested? i am out of the loop with this dumb nigger shit

kek i love this damn webm, we need more commie scum to get beaten

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>>268596272Welp, the gang and I are becoming black face chads and heading into the T dot right, 45 mins to get there.

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>>268596272Thinking about grabbing a beer or two to get comfy. Should I break my alcohol refrainment?

why is Portland so pozzed?

>>268596568Good luck!

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>>268596684>Thinking about grabbing a beer or two to get comfy. Should I break my alcohol refrainment?don't do it. stay sober

>>268596763not enough niggers to have redpilled the white population

This is spiritual warfare first and foremost>>268595418

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>>26859654910/10 you love to see it

>>268596684Stay sober user I'm 3 days sober fuck alcohol stay in the stream and stay comfy

>>268596272LMAO that nigger ran like a little bitch

>>268597007now this is pod racing.

>>268596763It's the prime nexus of naive liberal white human garbage in America. Been that way for a long time, if all this 'white kids smashing up Targets in the name of niggers' was going to happen anywhere in the US it was going to be there first and foremost.

>>268596409Good question

>>268596975I unironically thought this a few secs ago. Almost everyone I see in the riots is white. Your media really fucked their brains

Black disabled? So all niggers?

Protect black salads


what is going on? i just woke up

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What fucking NPCs. We protect the looters.


I'm glad we're finally protecting those black salads, they've been oppressed for too long.

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this is an actual cult jesus christ

>>268596549Kill all commies. Fuck them.

feels like if this shit goes on long enough we're gonna see the cops start snapping like relatedyoutube.com/watch?v=xTmm0L2bd9I


there was this meme a while bakc about a nigger who called himself a cockroach or something on the run from the police on livestream.can someone jog my memory please?I will post anons' nudes from /int/ in return

>>268596974Cool! Flaxseed cereal it is!


>>268597481His name is Derrick Branch he's a fucking roach from Minneapolis bro

The more appropriate chant would be: My pussy’s not tight, I do it every night.

>>268597126Will do, thanks for the support user


>>268597584On dednem

>break fence just to sit on the ground

weird how sections of that fence came down so easily

>opens a hole in the fence that's the only thing saving them from getting snatched into the murderhole Fucking brilliant. YOU BOIS READY FOR SOME ACTION

>>268597273>Body posturingShe ded

Soon as those fences are touched they should be gassing them.

>>268596866>that picLiterally this

All this happened because of FloydNo wonder that lefty cities are blaming drumpf for the virus again, they are like kids and never take responsibility.Floyd was a drug addict who committed a lot of crimes and now they are protesting because he died from an OD. I seriously wonder what is happening in their brains but I assume its nothing. I think they just want to be angry because they cant pay back their gender study degree.Remember when you could legally shoot communists in the US? The world would be a better place if this law would still be enforced

Welp, so much for those heavy duty fences

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face it whit*es, you lost. watching this stream its clear the majority is against you

>>268597183I think it's misguided anger and frustration. These faggots are trying to justify their hate through "benevolence." They don't even know why they're doing what they're doing. In other words, (among other things) the media fucked them up.

>>268597273Not the most pleasant way to commit suicide but points for creativity.

God I hope they get rekt

The absolute state of US burgers

Been in the woods for a few days, redpill me on what’s been happening

>>268597885yes yes do you really want a race war white boy etc continue with your larp if you must

>>268596272Link of murder hole?

>>268597885Hahahahaha no man. Watch how fast all of these cowards run when the arrests start to go down.

>>268597696>>268597889Didn't he got in trouble for some reason. fucking time moves so fucking fast

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>>268597321It is religion for atheists

Voice of reason black white supremacist with American flag

lone Americanig trying to stop them.

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>>268597995portland riots, DHS send in US Marshalls and other feds.

>>268598022read op

these guys are plain clothes cops

whats going on at the murder hole?

>>268597929I think this is why unified religions were a thing.Most humans are too retarded to think for themselves, and don't, so they grab an ideology, no matter how destructive, and run with it. And these retards rolled subversive Communism.They could be at home with a family or making things, but no, just a bunch of chimps.


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>>268596272LOL the black guy is shutting down their entertainment for tonight. watch them ignore him lol

black guy currently telling white kids to fuck off on stream


>>268598125under cover cops protesting the protesters

The Chad Antifa vs the Virgin Black Man of Reason

>>268598162Post murderhole art

Blacks are telling the white cucks not to be violent and it's not about black lives lol



>>268596272>what is murderhole?Pic related

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the infighting is so predictable

their paid shills are now arguing with Geoge Soros paid shills hahahahha


>>268598116That was great

>>268598094Tell the ATF they have weird weapons and all of them will die. Waco 2.0 - communist die edition

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stream is heating up

Bro those niggers with the flags are obviously feds

>>268596272look how angry with the blacks these pasty white faggots are the moment they stop enabling their babyrage rioting. they don't give a fuck about black lives lol

>>268598405almost like a RED flag eh


>twitch.tv/teebsgamingplease minecraft

Forget tear gas, the Feds need to use Zyklon B.

>>268598514>need to use Zyklon B.do you think these retards have lice? probably they do but why do you care about this?

>>268598371>Tell the ATF they have weird weapons and all of them will die. Waco 2.0 - communist die editionOnly patriots and loyal americans suffer under the ATF boot for that. Commies get free reign.

>>268598125>>268598173>>268598182>>268598194God bless awakened black men. They have such a hard road against these white liberal faggots and a brainwashed community worse then white liberal women.Pic very fucking related.Now white antifa are trying to beatup the black man.These COMMIE COCKSUCKING FAGGOTS

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>blocking the doors againdon't they remember that they got btfo the last time they did this?

>>268598514Some of them might have lice, but I don't see the effectiveness beyond that

>>268598617Kek. Thanks, Fritz.

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they are all paid shills hahahahah the ones with the american flag is obviously undercover plain clothes cops, the ones that have masks on that are dismantling everything and instigating are Soros paid shills hahahhahahhaha this is like shillception.

>>268596568Remember to enjoy yourself, and whatever happens, keep smiling!

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>>268598405I don’t think they’re Feds. I’ve been reading forums where posters have overheard blacks saying this isn’t about them, it’s been hijacked. Some are waking up.

>>268596272Anyone have any good webms, of Portland, I need a hearty kek

What a beautiful community they've created we really should listen to them as leaders

>>268596549meh he barely got touched. Justice would've been if the other cop curb stomped him when he hit the ground.


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>>268598617We don't want our brave feds getting a rash when they detain them.

What actually is the murder hole, I'm totally out of the loops on whats going on desu, i haven't followed any portland stuff since I assumed it was all boring scrawny vegans

>>268598714I don't know who's jewing who

The feds need to send blackhawks in and start blackbagging all of these people. Carpet bomb the city too. Fuck this city and fuck everyone in it

>>268598722Checked, enjoy yourself, and whenever antifa swarms a patriot - even a black man (even though they are marching for BLM), the streamers turn away because they know the WHITE LIBERAL and JEW faggots will swarm them.

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>>268598151True. Maybe we need to put the fear of hell fire back into their souls.

>>268596974>>2685971266 months here bros and god rewards me with the comfiest time of my life

portland is such a trip lmao. Do they realize how much money all of these repairs will cost?

Wish we had some real lawmen. Fucking politicians ruin everything.

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>>268596272>Murderhole doesn't open up until 12:00 AM portland timeFuck, I can't be assed to wait that long

>>268598795People need to get bullhorns and give the protesters an education on the nature of the JEW

>>268598762Murder hole is the doors that will eventually open releasing the based feds.

>>268598762federal building, the other night the US marshals had an escort of Marshalls to serve warrants during the protests and that is their offices, dumb ass protesters thought they were regular cops, so they decided to try to intimidate them, they ended up fuckingwith that door all night, and the marshals just kept shooting them with gas cannisters all night, ended up shooting one guy in the face.


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>>268596866>this includes a peak-autism thread in which American anons plotted how to hijack a NASA rocket, fly to the Moon, and rake Moon dust into the shape of text reading "It's Okay To Be White"fuckk I must've missed that one

>>268598739They were there earlier putting up the flag they were waiting for them idk where they came from maybe from inside the murderhole. I feel like they were sent to deescalate

Look a line of whores.

>>268598151Whenever you see an atheist trying to talk to whites and convert them punch that dude in the face

>>268597321Kinda looks like the art club from middle school

>>268598908I would coom so hard if someone got a loudass megaphone on the top of the court house and just start reciting FBI crime statistics etc. The reeing would be glorious.


Tonight the mask comes off and they reveal themselves as true communists

>>268596272So that's what the murder hole is. Why do they call it that? No one died did they?

Hope that fat fuck in the pumpkin shirt gets murder holed

>>268599097kek, that dude is hard core trying to get laid.

feds are gonna just go around the side of the building and take them out

>>268599132>A murder hole or meurtrière is a hole in the ceiling of a gateway or passageway in a fortification through which the defenders could fire, throw or pour harmful substances or objects

>that faggot that failed to kickflip lel

desu, trap door would have made more sense then murder hole

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>>268598889They pay for it, over and over again

>>268598762another murder hole happening:youtube.com/watch?v=qd9hBPfEd9c

>>268599097Is this considered biological warfare?

What did someone write fuck Chad on the floor? What has Chad done? Isn't it full of black people?

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They've had weeks to try and figure out how to block those feds from coming out, just fucking can't do it.

paying $1000 for someone to go there and stand across the street with this

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anyone else hate black civnats and normies trying to shut down riots talking down to antifa sois.idk why they just make me so angry the sanctimonious cuntshonestly give me a criminal any day of the week

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>>268596974good man. dulling the senses can't help our people.

I like this idea.Watching dumbass race traitors get rekted.

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>>268599317>Gently kicked a smoke canister>Gently

idk bros. seems fake. and gay. bunch of alphabet news stations in town right in time for them to tear down the super well constructed fence of fascism? idk bros.

>>268599276Sounds more lamer

>>268599351I just want the feds to rappel down the sides a fuck them up from behind

>>268599344Hahahahah did they really write that lolol.Notice it's a few black bloc faggots fucking it up. I'm ready for them to set it on fire

Is that girl with her fist in the air holding a cup of piss?

>>268599254Ah i see now. Thank you ameribro

>>268596549black umbrella at the start

>>268599097holy fuck this is peak degeneracy

It's soo weird knowing I live ten minutes away up here in Multnomah Village and this shit is brewing downtown. I drove by there two weeks ago and had some shirtless black guy try and open my passenger side door and smash my window. This city fucking sucks

>>268599276Stop being gay

>>268596272Drummers get the rope first

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>>268599317Nobody cares vice. You marxist faggots get biblical treatment.Exodus 222 If a thief is found breaking in, and is struck so that he dies, there shall be no bloodguilt for him; 3 but if the sun has risen upon him, there shall be bloodguilt for him.Theft and breaking Gods command after darkness falls is retributions no pity for those who perish unto death

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>>268599276sneaky jap

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>>268596409Based and trialpilled. He'd call, ofc

spotted our man with the mask "patch and plate carrier"

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>>268599554He got fucked up last night at the end of the night

>>268597401Military will be retaking the liberal shit holes starting this week

>All cops are bastardsThat is the most unenthusiastic chant I've ever heard.

>>268599535Did you apologize?

>>268599669I saw that lol

Why do they want all the cops to lose their jobs? It kinda seems like you're gonna have a bunch of people who are angry at you that have nothing to lose now.

Proud Boys in 30min(dont tell antifa)

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>Feds place heavy duty gates to protect a FEDERAL BUILDING>antifa knock down a gate>Based Black Patriots tries to reason with them >Antifa tells him to fuck off >knock down all the gates and try to block the murder holes>Feds and Portland PD will come out and gas them>they'll act like victims>the media will portray the police in a negative way>"Peaceful Protesters" were ATTACKED by the policeFFFUUUUUUUCK THIS CLOWN WORLD AAAAAAAAAHHHHH

I honestly haven't seen any black people since the counter protestors lmao, this is a fucking joke.

What the fuck is happening? I've been working a lot last few days.

Begun, the clown wars have


>>268599849White guilt faggots marching in the streets of Portland.

>>268599698You would think they would see the irony in making a blanket statement about a group of people based on their occupation

Make them cry homeland.... make them cry.

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>>268599833Seems like the blacks bailed after juneteeth to be honest


>>268599870Ready we are.

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lets see>>268600000

>>268599814Most Americans don't take the media seriously these days. Unless you're the 5% who have terminal socialism, the videos clips coming out of Portland will only nudge you farther right on the political spectrum.


>>268599958Has there been anything juicy?

>>268598759Okay, but what if I put the foregrip on top and hold it sideways? Will it be classified as AOW?

>>268600052>man so retarded he rejected genetics and starved his country to death because of it>genius

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>the guy that started rappingi've never been more embarassed in my life holy shit actual physical cringe

>>268599969>Thinking they understand their own cognitive dissonanceCome on now user...

>>268599799really please tell me this is real.

THEY'RE COMING BOYStwitter.com/portlandpolice/status/1284720601064599552?s=21

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Yea fuck the mayor that is covering for you

That should be our motto once people start bagging commies. "Didn't see shit."

>>268600169>starved his country to death because of itthis is the price of communism

>>268600097disgusting commie wasting digits, may kek kill him in his sleep tonight.

>>268600233It wouldn't be an antifa protest if it wasnt made up of drug addicts and mentally ill hobos

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>>268596272As long as the burning and looting of cities is restricted to blue liberal ones, I'm okay with this.

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>T. Keezy>B. Reezy

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>>268600420Nah man, liberal cesspools aside its still American soil and they should pay with their lives for this insurrection.

>>268600420You're such a retard

>>268600434Frens are recognized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>268599969Take the npc pill user. They dont have the ability to recognize their own cognitive disonance, and i doubt they can think at all. These "people" are literal golems. I dont mean any of this metaphorically, i mean all of this literally.

>>268600506Just let it simmer for a bit longer. I like watching them squirm

>I didn't see shitlol these people are brainwashed to the max. But I guess to be fair if RWDS rolled up and killed them all right now that would be my answer too.


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Somebody is getting culturally enrirched

>people chasing a man and beating him with peace signsFucking hell you can't make this shit up

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Can’t wait to see some lefties get BTFO

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>>268600553>>268600506All the US Government has to do is Arrest Soros and son on some trumped up fake charges, take his company and cut off all payments to the Communist ANTIFA cells, and this would end.Problem is, we have COMMUNISTS in the US government who are good friends of Soros, in both parties.

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IRL Chad just spotted in the livestream

Attached: irlchad.png (316x229, 154.75K)

I see they have 'peacefully' removed the American flag BLACK man waving for his rights.This is white supremacy.>First wake up second Anyone you see in your community trying burn it down or pay ppl to burn it down is an Illuminati, NWO, DeepState plant. We are a go on Antifa period! You see them you remove them from our community ASAP!twitter.com/montaga/status/1267098213334388736https://archive.vn/5hHg2Antifa and all you rioters! Don’t go to Alabama, you get your neck broke you r teeth kicked in. Don't be thinking you starting a revolution burning down our local businesses we use every daytwitter.com/Squill_whispers/status/1266933289870376960https://archive.vn/6U7kJHuntington Beach kicks out antifaggotstwitter.com/itsmeinthelbc/status/1267195157310394368https://archive.vn/5fZhA

>>268600728Just another day in the USA!

>You Ain't Seen Shit>YASS

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Feds won’t do shit to the protesters I want it to be true but I think too many are desperate for a white pill

What the fuck are they burning?


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>>268600606>and i doubt they can think at allthey really cant. I had to deal with NPCs a lot. They simply cant understand. They just live but never think about anything. Its very scary when I imagine how they live

They should double time rebuilding the fence, then when these faggots come back they'll have to tear it down again

gas time

Anyone else getting hard from the screams? I know I am.... uhhhh uhhh umgh omg.... I came.

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>>268601001>google search>0 resultsI apreciate your effort post friend


HAHAHAHA that FAG skipped so hard when they popped him

this get confirms some death

>>268596272They should coat the fences with poison ivy

>>268601222great job

>>268601222YES YES YES

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holy shit, its fucking super chad in real life

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>>268601036I remember reading a twitter thread here a while back asking people what their voice sounds like in their head and nearly 80% of the people that responded didn't know what the person was talking about.Most of them said they don't have an inner voice while thinking, they just do.If anyone has that sauce I kind of want it, it astonished me.


OK this is obviously fake.This is stagedno one is getting arrestedthis is for msm to get pictures and video.

>>268601201Yeah, he caught a baton round in the back after kicking the canister

>>268600959They have a fire in the fountain where the elk statue used to be.

>>268601036They cant think. I mean this in a very literal sense. Look up the term philosophical zombies. These are lifeless husks that only do as they are programmed to do.


>>268601295schizo detected

>>268601222Oh FUCK

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>>268601265WTF that chin.

>>268601259I like that Idea

>>268601222checked! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

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>>268601141Thank you fren here is slightly better one

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Attached: nice.jpg (232x217, 9.66K)

mmmmmm fresh meat

Attached: ovens.jpg (480x582, 116.41K)


Attached: Check Strandem.jpg (941x713, 653.99K)

>>268601222so it begins

Attached: 1542347186978.jpg (396x385, 77.79K)

>>268601265lmao hair is shopped


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>>268596272The Portland taxpayer will enjoy this fiscal year's bill..

Why the fuck are fags in Portland still rioting? Everyone else got bored of it after a week.


Isn’t it considered federal property until the middle of the road? These faggots really are retarded. They just destroyed federal property on live stream, and barricaded the doors with the fence. The Feds are going to charge them all with attempted murder of a federal agent if they try to set that building on fire like they have every other night. These Antifa faggots really really are brain dead.

Did someguy just said "You wana burn down a house too?"

>>268601403I'm looking it up now and it is "clone war has", not clone wars have

>>268596272If the cops would just let residents use their own guns in the residential area, this protest would stop pretty quickly.

We have fire in the building

>>268601222Stop, i can only get so erect.

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>>268601536Commie vegan city, they'll protest just for the fun of it I guess

>>268601563think he was warning them the fire might spread to some house nearby

>>268596549Oh my. That really is comfy.

>>268601514Looks like they have dumpster fires too. AND HOLY FUCK someone threw a road flare into the police union building.


You see that faggot block the camera to hide whoever's did it

>>268601550They don't think they are commiting crimes dude


Attached: clown wars3.png (268x185, 75.11K)

>>268601610For real.

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Attached: you get what you fucking deserve.jpg (2048x1335, 746.24K)

Portlanders are worse than niggers and that’s saying something

what are they protesting for again?


Attached: 1505765968698.png (670x441, 388.22K)

>>268596272Ever wonder why jihadists haven't ever attacked any of these mass gatherings?Its almost like foreign governments pay their bills too.

Maybe these pussies shouldn’t be rioting if they don’t wanna be tear gassed

Oh shit, lineup.HERE WE GO

Cut off the drugs going into Portland!

>>268601808>what are they protesting for again?A Soros paycheck. Best job you can get when you're an unemployed 19 year old living in mom's spare room.

Attached: 1591043073190.jpg (958x775, 661.2K)

>>268601715yea but they scared them off pretty fast so they will probably be able to put it out sadly

>>268601808black trans lives

>>268601856We need some trucks of peace to show up.

I wish they would give the rioters 3 months in prison. Sadly we all know this won't happen.God... I hate these communist retards In a perfect world these people would get bullet but this world is far from perfect

>>268601856Why would they stop a country from killing itself?

>>268601982Rioters deserve a lead and a ditch


Attached: 1594179394207.jpg (773x585, 47.65K)

oh shit they joggin

>>268601972>We need some trucks of peace to show up.Like I'm saying....its almost like jews pay jihadists bills too. Dont' want them attacking their own "people" do they.

>>268597481>jog my memorykek



Attached: Black racist thing.png (799x2000, 391.31K)

>>268601856YupLots of infidels in large groups; it's one of the suspicious things about all of this. Unless the Feds really got them all.

>>268599599checkedjames madison faggot? i wanna see him get booked


>>268601982>I wish they would give the rioters 3 months in prison.I wish they would give them 3 bullets to the chest. Sadly I know that won't happen either

new thread when

>>268601972I can send you some Enrichers (If you are a farmer watch your cattle, otherwise your animals might get enriched too)


murder hole is getting blocked up

>>268596272>]next bread pic

Attached: tink.tink.ahem.jpg (452x286, 27.85K)

>>268602111HOLY SHIT>>268601222

>>268596272Confiscate all the ANTIFA's bicycles so they have to walk to their socialist coffee shop job tomorrow.

>>268602134They fired off explosives last night too.

>>268602178Nothing ever happens


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I have the opportunity to cuck a portland cop with his 7/10 yogabunny wife. I find adultery distasteful but I might just as punishment for their dickless inaction.THank god the feds are here to actually bust some antifa heads. I wouldn't fuck a US Marshal's wife.

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>>268602115Seriously? Its like taking a knife from a man about to kill himself with it only so you can stab him with your knife. I agree with you about them both being controlled by the same people but this isnt the best example.

NEW THREAD>>268602248>>268602248>>268602248


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>>268601808Trumps secret police snatching up ~~Americans~~ Marxist

>>268602239>antifa >jobtop kek user

>>268597183>>268596975How high is the share of j_ws in Posdland ?I bet those 'white' kids are overwhelmingly of a certain variety ...

>>268602178NahUnless the commies start shooting like Joggers, it's not much other than tard wrangling.

>>268602284I am 13 minutes from Portland

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I'm totally chimping out.

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All this is still going on, all because of some scumbag that couldn't breatheThis is one hell of a year

>>268602315>~~I miss cripplechan too, user.

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>>268597007OPEN UP.....I'M COOOOOMING



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>>268598023If the arrests aren't federal, and the suspects sent to federal holding facility, the locals will just let them go. Again. Either the DA will drop all charges and let them walk, or a grand jury will refuse to indict. Again. Welcome to Portland.

Twitter list with live updates. > twitter.com/i/lists/234570166

>>268596272Fuck niggers

>>268600031Of course they did. Protesting be hard work, nomsayin?

>>268601222based. rolling for dead joggers or bikes

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