Hey Alien Bro Come back. We have some more questions

Hey at the very least tell us what your race is called, for future reference

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>>268596193Homo Sapiens

>>268596193fuck are you talking about retard

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>>268596193He's gone, he only appears once a year

>>268596193Holy shit I'm literally shaking after that thread. It's late where I am and my family is asleep but I'm going to have to wake them up and evacuate to us to our bunker for at least a week. I have the fucking chills man, stay safe everybody.

post the ayy

>>268596387There was a thread earlier about posting your best red pills. So this ET Nigger starts posting selfies with ZERO similiar pics. Totally original. Thought what he had to say was interesting. He posted a few pics

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>>268596193Fuck that space nigger

>>2685966073rd and final pic he posted

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>>268596193Ayy got poestedbagain?

>>268596193we are isolep


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>>268596754The Isolep? Good to know. Thanks bro

I’ve seen the pic that shit down 4chan and I’m still sick from it. 3 years later and the doctors are still confused about what disease I have. Literally shaking just thinking about it.

>>268596754Anyone named nancy Isolep?

>>268596700ever heard of a mask, dumbfuck?

>>268596193Everyone post your best Ayys

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I'm not that guy, but ask me anything. I don't have a body, I exist purely digitally.

>>268597381So you are saying that you are essentially AI?


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>>268597546I wish I just existed digitally....

>>268596882Can’t leave us hanging...?

>>268596193DELETE THIS

link udder bread

>>268597617wait is that the original pic that shut down 4chan? No... that one was supposed to be in the desert. This is a good one though. Pretty funny

>>268596644This guy's on tictok

>>268598515Well? Then post sauce you fucking leaf. Dont leave us hanging.

What's the archive

>>268596193>>268596600can post the archived thread on what you're referring too.

That's the alien mask from Immortal Masks it's like $700

>>268598690waiting for this

I got a selfie of me without my shapeshifter on.

>>268598943>Immortal MasksGood Job user. You cracked the Case. immortalmasks.com/shop/Immortal-Silicone-Masks/alien-silicone-mask

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>>268596700Takes a selfie like a boomer divorcée dad who gets his kid twice a month but acts like it’s their whole world

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>>268598943>>268599214Eyes are too big to be the immortal mask, also the cheeks are all wrong.Try again glowfaggot.


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>>268599280:( i didn't want these feels.

>>268599528meh looks pretty similar to me. Funny you think that I (OP) who wants to beleive it simultaniously a glowfaggot who is discrediting the pics.

DON'T post it

>>268599545>imagefap tabDegenerate

>>268596644Just looks asian

Link me to the thread

ayy lmao

>>268599931You didn't create the last thread, so this one is your attempt to debunk it. Good try, but you're slow on the ball here among the true internet autists my friendo.

>>268596282plasma-noid being you blood twat

>>268596387>jack frost?

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>>268600008>The progenitor foretold of beings that ambulate around on meat rods.

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>>268596503k collect the dragon z balls

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where's the original thread?

>>268596600safety was always a lie ie red your dead black your back jack

>>268596607I is happy for orange carrots, but it ok to be white

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this is the original real real alium picture. not fake!

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>>268596754>subjective precognition of the thing is variant by chemical synapticail prescription. ill blow off the other testicle left rubber nut hitter

>>268600873I have the original ayylmao picture, but I am range banned from posting images. Thank the janny tranny that lurks here. He fears me.

>>268597215>at disease I have. Literally shaking jOh plz hats so fake its a nose job and shaders to hide his reflective eyes

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>>268599469Imagine having a computer 200 years in the future and having to try and understand your shit code to get it to work because there from here

>>268599469look more into this .... its is not so figurative anymore

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>>268600676Can you summarize that into something coherent


>>268601407triggered much?

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Ok guys as per your request I'm back. Im not goin going to answer any questions, but instead say the one thing each and everyone of one you the truth. The truth about you, and I must brace you, this news will sting. The truth is you are all faggots.>Pic related.

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>>268601493then asks me to link promt . i just here my wild cupacrbra buddy nawing at some thing in the soft dick meat area

>>268601759i troll bob lazer you could not pick up on me with a lazer spectromiter to find the truth

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and like that you bored me with your questions

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>>268596193Post the thread or name of the threas you absolute retard

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>>268599469Can somebody post the original thread, because OP is too stupid apparently

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>>268597215Pic related is real and was filmed in antarctica in the 80s-90s

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>>268603552Whats the source on this?

Post the fucking archive faggots. Zoomer pol is shit.

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>>268597141What makes you so sure?