Could he still be out there?

Could hitler have survived and escaped? Is their any real evidence?

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>>268596122No human has ever lived to be 131 years old, much less 130, or 129, or 128.

>>268596122Hitler was born in the late 1800sHe would be well past 100 years old and he would be dead right nowThankfully his ideas are immortal

A human cannot live past 125 due to the hayflick limit.IE those jewish holohoax survivors that have lived to 150 are lying.

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>>268596122I'm right here

>>268596278Wrong, people lived for centuries in the distant past

>>268596651please come backI mean itI want to cry every day without youIt is so hard to persevere in this dark worldPlease bring the light back into the world Adolf We need youI need you

>>268596122The next Hitler was born in the year 1999


>>268596122he did. this isn't even a debatable topic, he and several others lived in seclusion in South America. the FBI knew, they got several tips, checked them out, and decided it wasn't worth the shit show. people sent photos of themselves with him to the FBI for proof. the docs were declassified last year.

>>268596760there is no evidence of that

>>268596122I feel like in a way hitler purposefully didnt have children because he was somewhat self aware of how his legacy was going to be portrayed so he didnt want massive cuck grandchildren to utterly defile his name

>>268597028>the docs were declassified last year.Nah, it was several years ago. He lived in splendor in Argentina for decades.

>>268596122He's living in the hollow underground section of Antarctica that he discovered by deciphering hieroglyphics in the lost pyramids. There he discovered the lost people, an refuge of people from before the last cataclysm (the great flood). There he worked with this lost people, reverse-engineering their technology and sharing each other's philosophy. There, upon sharing the degeneracy of Jewry with them, he learned his plan for taking down the true enemy: the Globalists. Globalists may have come from Jews, and Jews may enable Globalism themselves, but if you aren't "in" on it when it comes, they are just as likely to fall in with the cattle as anybody else. With the help of advanced medicine, Adolf Hitler would only be 131 by now. He will return soon with the secrets hidden from us for so long, but his arrival will be welcomed with mass fear and confusion. This is what you have been educated for. This is the great awakening.

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>>268596122I think more interesting is how fucking stupid and retard you must be op, fucjing moron


>>268597028Considering they'll go to the ends of the earth to haul in some guy who guarded a work camp as a spotty 16 year old back in '42, I find it hard to believe that the FBI "couldn't be bothered"

>>268597043>no evidence>hasn't read his bibleDamn heretic leafs shall be purged

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>>268597248I don't have it on hand. check the FBI vault for Hitler, you'll find it. it was like 1953, and the dude sent them pics because he had tea with Hitler on a fairly regular basis. he was a former SS trying to buy his way into American citizenship, or at least get out of hiding.

>>268597078There were rumors at the time that Goebbels' son Helmut was really Hitler's son. At the time Josef Goebbels was fucking around with a Czech actress. Interestingly enough, the names of all of Josef Goebbels children started with the letter H.


Hitler lives on in our hearts. He's probably chilling with Jesus. Jesus tried to warn the Jews to cease their kikery. Hitler wqs God's second warning. Next messiah is going to kill them all.


>>268597248The fbi >>268596794>>268596794

>>268597352it would have made a waaayyyt worse shit show and opened all sorts of cans of worms. the Soviets faked their end. the body they paraded around had women's teeth. it wasn't a male skull at all. questioning that would have also brought some other things to light, like why were the death camps only found on the Soviet side, and why did no US commanders mention the holobunga in any of their letters, memoirs, or discussions? making people think about it wasn't the goal. dead men rising from the grave on another continent tends to have that effect.

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>>268597352It would have been too high profile of an operation to capture/assassination at the time. I wouldn't be surprised if they let hitler die in peace just to solidify the legacy that he 'died like a coward in Berlin with a walther to his brain and a cyanide pill between his teeth'. What's most interesting to me are the former Nazis recruited by Mossad as double spies against pan Arab countries. The enemy of my enemy is my friend has always been a jew mantra

>>268597043Holy shit wow.

>>268596760Not to mention that Hitler is one the most self-actualized human beings to ever live. With a vibrational frequency as high as his, he could easily live 1000 years.


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>>268596278Wrong , nigger .

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>>268597607How is that proof? It's just some guy saying Hitler is alive.

If he did survive why hasn't he revealed himself? And what the heck would he have been doing all this time? Hitler is not one to just give up and live the rest of his life in exile while the jews rule the world

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>>268597969No the real proof is the fbi. Also guess what.. it didnt matter then it doesnt matter now. Hitler was out of the game never to return.

>>268597456Jewish fairytales aren't scientific evidence. They literally could have written anything down, you just chose to believe it.

>>268597969he was selling the fuhrer out. it wasn't just saying he was alive, he thought it was a valuable chip to play, and that he could get out of his shit show life if he played it. He thought it was valid enough to admit that he was former SS. and this could get him home. do you understand how significant that is?

>>268597969Did you read who that guy was connected to?Besides that, the suicide story has a major flaw, aside from all the contradictions and revisions. It is said that "they heard the gunshot". Impossible since Hitler's room inside the bunker had a reinforced blast door and was completely soundproof, as the existing plans reveal. They lied to cover for him.

>>268598198Sure, but we don't actually know if he did survive. This document shows that he may have survived (assuming its valid). But as another poster said, it doesn't mean anything because Hitler was done even if he did survive.

Adi sips margaritas with Epstein and Osama in the good ending universe. Butin this one, no, it is very unlikely same with Goebbles whereas with Mengele and Bormann I think and even Goerring they had mysterious ends. Hess the saddest. The remains in the soviet archives are one thing but the ashes in the river were probably real.

Some Nazi's survived and went to Asgard where they remain to this day waiting for the pendulum to swing. It inevitably will and I think we are nearing that moment. They are responsible for the 1952 UFOs over the white house. In 2016 Obama, Kerry, Biden, the Pope and Buzz Aldrin went to Antarctica to meet with them.Hitler however did not go to Asgard. He lived the rest of his life in Argentina and married a black woman (, ADOLF_0003.pdf)As many have suggested I do not believe that Hitler was a Rothschild. He spoke with such passion and honesty unlike Churchill (Rothschild). His long time lover Eva Braun was Rothschild Spawn. The Rothscilds used the Vatican to power Hitlers rise with the intention of crushing him. Eva Braun is Merkel's and Obama's grandmother, none of these people are conceived naturally. They are all mixed dna in tubes.


>>268596122yeah, he's my dadhe grew long hair and hid in czechoslovakia

>>268598446Glow post mixing truth with insanity.


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>>268598641There's literally more German documents supporting the existence of Asgard than there are the existence of the holocaust.

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>>268596278Wrong. He's still alive.

>>268598917Oh I know that Agartha/Asgard is very real.Look at the disappearances of people near cave systems, it's super concentrated.

>>268597897Lol why would he keep the hitler stache

>>268599229Why not? It's not like many would believe it was him even then.

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>>268598917You have my attention. Tell me more.

>>268596122He's not out there. He's in there *points at your heart*

>>268598917...go on

>>268599468That guy looks nothing like him. The ears maybe so that age, but the nose, ears, eye sockets, and general demeanor don't add up. Yeah, he's just going to resurface and smile.

>>268599468Wrong eye color too. Hitler was said to have brilliantly piercing blue eyes, not light green or "gray".

>>268599905When 130 years old you are, look as good you will not hmmm.

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>>268596278Wrong, read the Bible. Many early humans lived to be over 900 years old

>>268596278They live for a long time in Agartha, away from the toxic space radiation on the surface.

Pic related is most likely a real image of Adolf Hitler many decades after WWII and is harder to find than the obvious fakes.

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>>268596278>much less>progressively lists lower and lower agesYour retardation is showing.

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>>268596122We all come back OP. Reincarnation. It's legitimate.

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>>268597456So if I scribble on a book that you're a faggot does it make it true?

>>268599229The source of his power!

>>268599702brother i..../pol is on fire tonight! i havent laughed this hard in weeks. thanks user, i feel better

>>268597456>>268596760>4000+ year old nonsense is evidence that people lived to be hundreds of years old

>>268600896Uncle A gave up the smoking jew.

>>268599524>>268599103>>268599715Nazi's went under the Antarctic shield into Asgard. I don't know how many people they have under their but I can't imagine their numbers are very large. Both poles are open into the Earth's crust. Admiral Byrd followed the Nazi's and had three ships destroyed while trying to enter Asgard. he then retreated and publicly stated that the United States needs to be concerned about an attack from Ariel Vehicles from one or both poles. Nazi's had the first primitive UFO's along with technology we can't even imagine. Something is going on for sure because Trump wants the Navy to map the ocean floor and build a fleet of Icebreakers for 2030.It brings me hope that pure Aryan blood, of the highest IQ, strength and sexual appeal is still out there because even if the US and Germany kicked out all non whites today a significant amount of damage is already done to their people.I'll post what I have.

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>>268601232Are you suggesting that Addy wouldn't tap that shit?


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>>268601379There was a paper that had a translation that said that the directions had to be followed precisely. I fully believe that there are nazis inside the partially hollow Earth, along with with other races, like the Vril-Ya.

>>268601327I'm talking about the fag the the old man's hand.


>>268599524>>268599103>>268599715>>268601525This is all I have apparently. Again, this is still literally more evidence than the holocaust.

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>>268596278All we would really need is his brain. I'm sure Elon could make a body. MechaHitler.

>>268598641You didn't know that our high tech alien allied Nazi ancestors were going to come save us during the rapture did you?

>>268601665I know, that was my way of admitting that such was an obvious hoax besides pointing out the cigarette that the real 'dolf would most certainly not have held.

>>268596122My grandfather

>>268601946Apparently not. >>268601818>Again, this is still literally more evidence than the holocaust.True.

>>268596122The main evidence is the lack of evidence. You'd think having pictures and videos and Hitler's corpse would be a positive thing when he's literally enemy of the world but same with Osama they just said it was done and that's it. Likely same with Osama he made a deal and left.

>>268602186Not to mention that the portion of skull long purported to be that of Adolf Hitler's held by the Russians is that of a woman in her 40s. And the extremely bad body double with the forehead bullet wound.

>>268596122If he did escape he is most definitely dead by now already from natural causes, he would be 131 years old this year.

>>268601818Whats going to happen to the lesser whites when they come back? I have brown hair and brown green eyes. Will we be a lower caste?

>>268596122hes alive and well in israel

>>268601818I hope Hitler is still alive, planning the reconquista, and allows volunteers to join.

>>268596122>Could hitler have survived and escaped?Yes>Could he still be out there?No, he is undeniably dead at this point.

>>268596760Muh bible!

>>268596278Science says he could be well alive and well, especially if within the inner earth where the sun can not effect aging.

>>268601928>hayflick doesn't account for wormholes created within the mind. Hitler could upload to a younger version

>>268596122>Could he still be out there?Yeah around 145 years old, wandering around. I wish it were true.

>>268600012To be fair eyes become gray looking when you age, both my grandparents had dark brown eyes during their lives and now they’re in their late 80’s and their eyes are gray

>>268602508OK, I put 14 years on him from a guess.

>>268602614I have black hair and brown eyes but even I acknowledge that the purest Aryan's have blonde hair and blue eyes - that's just the truth, same truth Hitler knew. We would be the same and allowed to live and work together as Caucasians- Hitler was never against race mixing, only against that people should be forced to live with other races. In a perfect work the races would return to their homeland and their own people - every group lives in racial homogamy with their own people. If Aryans wanted to enforce a pure blood system they could just limit the amount of children for couples without blonde hair and blue eyes. It wouldn't be a lower caste in a financial or status way like you see in India, just a realization that certain traits are more desirable. The Aryans also would have no more than 1 Million people in Asgard, they need to interbreed with other Caucasians. >>268602852I pretty much need it to be true at this point to get us out of this clown hell. I miss this Nigga like you wouldn't believe. While I believe that Hitler is dead his spirit lives on in the Aryan race. I think that change is coming. I believe that Putin is getting ready to name the Jew, he is a nationalist who knows how much damage they've done to his country.

>>268603554>the purest Aryan's have blonde hair and blue eyesThat is bunk. Most whites have brown eyes. Some people even swear on their granny's grave that Hitler had brown eyes on their specific Earth pre-Mandela Effect.

>>268596876ok off to the bar i go to raise supporters

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>>268596278Those rumors about his escape estimate he died in 1970s

>>268597028>Buenos dias, mein Fuhrer!

>>268596122according to the recently unclassified docs about JFK, Hitler was seen alive in 1953

probably the best book on the

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>>268596278i legit remember in 1998 my mom told me she unironically believed Hitler was out there in Argentina.... kek


>>268597352They let him go in exchange for all the Operation Paperclip scientists, and the Atlantean tech recovered from Neuschwabenland

>>268596122He was, we lost our only xhance

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