>ITT: people Holla Forums forgot about

>ITT: people Holla Forums forgot about

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Ah, yes. Bomb nigger.




>>268595886I still use this young man's clock design almost every day. What's the problem here?

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>>268595886>the woman who pushed down the statue that landed on the dudes head. Did she ever get arrested?


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>>268595886The day this came out was lots of fun. Those videos of people making exact copies of his design with a rock and a pencil case were funny as hell.His family tried this scam before BTW. Pieces of shit. Learned a lot about the Muslim Brotherhood from this little incident

Holy fuck this was in 2015 It feels like yesterday, I'm fucking old


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>>268595886Literally who

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>>268596624He's ~19 now. Didn't Harvard or something give him a free scholarship?

>>268595886He played everyone

>>268595886Can't believe we've only had clocks since 2015

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>>268596894close. The middle east.> In October 2015, the family decided to move to Qatar, where Mohamed continued his education in the capital city Doha with a scholarship from the Qatar Foundation for Education[48][49][50] and will attend Qatar Academy.[51]

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>>268596624time flies wtf

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>>268596624bush & obamas entire presidencies have been memory holed for me, theyre like a relic of the past after the shitfest the last 4 years have been

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>>268596540Redpill on lying progressives and media. Even when some indian commie guy (didnt know how much of an anti white commie he was or know about white genocide , marxism etc) when everybody found out his dads a scammer and ahmed used clock guts , he said we are just racist and its cuz he is brown.

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>>268597579Send her to the grave.

>>268597649Best i can do is 9 months and will probably get parole after 2 months

>>268595886bruce paid an abo 40$ to take his virginity, provided pics. there, i didnt forget.

disgraceful in these times tbqh

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>>268595886funny, was just thinking about the absurdity of this story the other day. I kind of miss the Obama years though, when hoaxes and scandals were just pure media inventions more or less and didn't really lead to mass unrest

>>268597224Ah, so ISIS


>>268596168>>268596213>>268596303internationally based af

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>>268596809it seems the media jettisoned this story, only retaining the "jogger who dindu nuffin". it seemed like a pretty stupid hill to die on, an idiot who tried to wrest a shotgun from some guys hands

>>268597579Queer Theory academics promote pedophilia unanimouslyyoutube.com/watch?v=2u3hmZCsXoE


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Hope someone remembers him

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youtube.com/watch?v=66zwbWfKxFAwhat the fuck was his problem?

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Justice for Althea

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>>268595886Based Man

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Based bobby anyone?

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Martin Shrkeli after they stole his cure to aids.

>>268597224Yeah, he went to that Qatar Academy and got bullied because he was a literal retard compared to the students who were already there. He wasn't the genius the kike media made him out to be, just a faggot prankster who took advantage of (((the system))).

>>268599786Not to forget they denied his help to defeat sars 2 (covid) bioweapon because of ego

>>268599057was this shit before or after his clock gay shit?

>>268597579what an age to be alive

>>268600106after, that's the only reason he's famous

>>268599057> made something coldwooooohoooo standards dropped

>>268600196I figured, how fuckin gay, fucking stupid turk doctor faggot

ken bone

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>>268595886how many millions did he and dad make off the dumbass tax payer?


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>>268600530>it was 2016 and I was between jobs shitposting on pol with memes of this guy that I was making before I got back to work

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>>268600744seriously though a lib would look at this and be like "WOW THIS MOTHER FUCKER IS AN ENGINEER!!!!!!!!"

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>>268601189wonder what happened to Amber Lamps

>>268598336Holy shit this man is a legend. Any more on this professor? Also that fucking chatter in the background wtf. How are students heckling him??

>>268601189Amber Lamps!


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>>268601312Rumor has it she's still in that bus, witnessing everything that happens without ever interfering.

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>>268601871based temporally never-ending humanity observer amber lamps


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>>268602049i don't care what anyone on this website says, this woman is one of the most beautiful things on the planet

>>268601871rUmOr HaS iT yOu nEeD tO gO bAcK


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>>268602049We’d never forget about our Jewish queen

>>268597238A face made for running over.

this seems like 30 years ago

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>>268600744fancy fusing mechanism, but where's the TATP or Cyclonite?

>>268602163Her whole face is a damn nose and she seems to be 6 foot tall


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Darren "emptying my nine in the welfare line" wilson

>>268595886This was the thing that made me start to question what I believed in. I was a good boy lefty when that story hit. When everyone was going off on 'racism' I pointed out how when I was in 8th grade Columbine happened, and being one of the creepy kids I was swept up in the 'no tolerance' bullshit. And that was just for doodling creepy shit in class. Was was interrogated by the police and everything because of it. Some kid bringing a case to school with loose wires running through it would of course raise some red flags. But no, I was white, that kid was brown, so it was racist for that school to react and so was I for calling shenanigans.


>>268595886>April 9, 2020Biden's career killer, and Holla Forums forgets her in 2 months

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>>268602443hey joe whatdaya know

>>268595886Someone post the whizzkid inventing computer

>>268597791Whats the real story about this guy? I only know of the fake and gay version they put on the news back in the day.

>>268602905you obviously havent even heard the whole story by now lol sad. It's not that some red flags were raised its how he was treated when they found out it was clearly not a bomb

>>268599394They killed him, didn't they.

>>268595886He died in Yemen fighting for the Houthis. It wasn't on Western media, because as always, white people don't care about Muslims.

>>268602163fucking gross

>>268603425Yeah there is a video of him running from the cops in his truck he realizes they are going to gun him down so he gets out and say "GO AHEAD AND SHOOT ME"10/10 based

>>268596434Underrated post retards on Holla Forums have no sense of humor

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>>268597284Holy shit this pic really maintains the original but it seems that he tries to be sober. Saved.

>>268597284yet we are still here

>>268598336>>268601642>>268601838This is their end game. Full blown pedophilia acceptance and legalization, that's why it's being normalized and they've been using trannies as a way to do it. It's fucking disgusting

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>>268596809Move over Armed Robbery, it's Saint George's time to shine now.

Lets see if any autistic retards remember this bread

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>>268602517>seduces you using the deep voicebene gesserit confirmed

Jahans was always fun with his hour long rants about nazis and bog roll positions.

>>268595886Yeah we read the Ann Coulter Tweet too.

>>268599057even with all of the propping up oz did for this terrorist he still sounded like a fucking retard>this is nitrogen oxide.. uh yeah.....

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