>One chance at life>born blackwhy

>One chance at life>born blackwhy

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>>268594080your parents were allowed to breed.

>>268594080just kys and reroll

Eh, don't worry about it. Given the eternal reincarnation of souls, we were all nigs a one point, as well as all kinds of other shit. Given current demographic trends, the fate of 90% of this board is reincarnation as a nigger.


>>268594284too many questions, now face the wall please

>One chance at life>Inherit White life, White obligations and a million year struggle>Born in consequential timesThank you for taking down those White men off those pedestals. The Coming Man and new heros now can be cast in the fires of Revolution.

You had a better chance to be born black than I did at being born white. So statistically... You shouldn't be upset.

>>268594080And I rolled being celtic master race. Luck of the draw, I suppose.

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Imagine the lucky fucks who were born a white woman with huge breasts. It's like playing real life on easy mode.

>>268594722please answer me bruce, why must I be made to die

>>268594080cause only someone just like you could handle it

>>268594080I mean you could have been born female

>>268594080I hope you realize that despite BLM and what liberals might say, many black people are comfortable in their own skin.

>>268594080I don't know man, most black people are loving the state of America right now. Why can't white people have the same? Oh right, we are hating ourselves to make black people live here peacefully. What a time to be alive, as a white person.

>>268595300man, I'm a terrible niggeri'm in school right now for diesel mechanics, got a mom and a dad, never really did drugs or had any run ins with the lawbut I am an outsider among my own kind, and I don't fit in with white folks eitheri am very, very alone and only anime and vidya keep me going

>>268594080Niggers are so unrefined, It's crazy that half the planet will be planet of the apes while the other half tries to go to space. We are nearly drowning in fucking niggers that cost the equivalent of a space station a year to keep contained. Niggers are like Tilapia, both came from Africa and both eat everything in sight, including themselves.

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>>268594080You are black in order to be black. Like anything else you are your own purpose. Be the best version of yourself you can be.

>>268594080You must have done something really bad in a past life and karma is teaching you a lesson.

>>268595579Basically everyone is a loner who is not in middle school. Calm down. Get a black wife and stop comparing yourself to other people in general.

>>268594080we have the technologyit is the question of will

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>>268595229Thats everyone, so anyway, become a plumber, get a black wife, make black kids but make shure they dont become niggers, there, thats how you become white

>>268594080You picked Redguard for the 1 handed skill and stamina regen, when you could have picked Nord or Imperial. At least you didn't roll an (((elf)))

>>268595229Everyone dies. In this new world, being born does not entitle anyone to life. You have to earn your existence.

>>268594080Holy fuck, why do we have these threads every fucking day. Noone cares that you are a negro, just fucking leave if you have nothing interesting to report faggot

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>>268595179I'm sure having to fear being raped and killed every day is life on easy mode.

>>268594080It’s not really “life” at that point is it?

>>268596183Few white women in the west live with this being a genuine fear.

>>268596079-a literal nobody tries to impose his bullshit rules on others on 4cganLold

>>268596367Sure sure. Maybe the ones who avoid all social media and don't have guy friends or live in a city.

>>268594080you're actually advantaged in today's society. The entire media, hollywood, music industry, academic apparatus, etc. kowtows to you plus affirmative action. White people aren't allowed advocacy groups. What about larger corporation inclusion quotas? They literally discriminate against qualified caucasians and asians. Not sure what you're complaining about, you've literally never had it easier as a people.

>>268596367We can fix that.

>>268594080These threads are all the same.Get out faggot

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>>268596374We'll see, we'll certainly see.

>>268595229>why must I be made to dieWelcome to being mortal, bro.>>268595579You sound like a completely normal person and not a ghetto retard. Check out Ghanian citizenship if you're done with the clown world west.

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>>268595579Eh, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Get a few years out of school, get your career going and have your life shit handled. No matter what life sends you, do the best you can and carry yourself with dignity. People respect the fuck out of that in the real world. And whatever you do, don’t apologize or feel bad about the body you were born into. You didn’t choose it, the actions of other people of your skin color/gender/nationality have nothing to do with how you act. It’s a terrible thing when people are made to feel ashamed of their heritage. I’d bet you $1000 you can find successful older black dudes to mentor you and help you get ahead in life.

>>268596924Ghana would suck

>>268594080At least you're not a poor white person living in Canada like me. Could always be worse.

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>>268597026Thomas Sowell and Larry Elder, Allen West. I kind of like Jericho Green, Hodge Twins aren't bad either. Used to like Tommy Sotomayor wasn't bad either.

>>268594080Just kys op you demoralized shit stain

>>268595023Nice; I rolled Polish Jew with a family background in crime (South Side mob).

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>>268597070Not a lot of western certified skilled workers over there, and there's a lot of work in resource extraction. Lots of diesel machines and not a lot of people to fix them.

>>268597312>Thomas Sowell and Larry ElderThey're okay as far as black guys go but they're also in complete denial about race.

>>268594080You could have been born black with no legs.

>>268594080Just don’t be a nigger. Other than that you’ll be alright OP.

>>268594080Do right by godDo right by your familyDo right by yourself Improve your community and call bullshit when you see it. Keep your eyes peeled for Jewish tricks

>>268595579>i am very, very alone and only anime and vidya keep me goingBlack nerds are always good people. I mean, isn't it the same with every race? Nerdy/geeky people are always more intelligent.

at least you didn't born as pajeet

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>>268594080reincarnation is realyou were born black in this life because you were a faggot in your last life

>>268594080Must have been lazy and ungrateful in a former life. Don't fuck it up this time user or you'll be born as an abo with a hair lip next time. Be a good man, despite your melinated curse

>>268594080Haven't heard of transracials. BAKA. It's 2020 n shieeeet. I, myself, am transitioning here in the Philippines. There are a lot of beaches so I can burn my skin everyday. The air pollution is so bad it greatly helps with giving me that greasy, ashy, dirty look. After I get acclimated with the hot and humid climate, I'll move to Africa so I could learn about my heritage and hopefully burn my skin even darker. Hopefully, when I get back home my family and friends would be so shocked and wouldn't be able to recognize me, then I'ma murder each and every one of their cracka ass coz, you know, "just nigger things". If that does happen, I would be so happy because I'd know that I'm truly a nigger and not just "passing" as a tranznigga.I always dream of the day I can look at the mirror and finally say, "I'ma nigger, nigga". Then I would go around, living free...off welfare, going on thrilling adventures...as a criminal, and rapin' those wyt bunnies to show them real love, not that white-washed spiritual and emotional shieeeeet they indoctrinate you with in church.

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>>268596367...That's not true, my guy. There's a real gulf of misunderstanding that's going to exist between you and women if you truly believe this.

>>268594080Because that's what was set out for you by God, do not feel shame in what you are, that's foolish.

>>268594080Be grateful that you can do shit without thinking You're basically like an animal Now go jog or some shit Tyrone

>>268594080>One chance at life>born black>whyHAHA YOU LOSER!

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>>268594080So you can shitpost with impunity. So long as it's kosher.

>>268594080Damn sorry user, that’s gross

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>>268594080>whyGOD GAVE YOU ONE JOB...got forth nigger.

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>>268595579Off should've taken the Thug pill. It gives you free White Pussy.



>>268594080To pick my cotten

>>268595579Based, Afro Pride Worldwide man. Don't let those other Joggers get the better of you, come hang out with the ethnic Blacks in the Caribbean like me.

>>268594284the juice

>>268595579Don’t worry about it bro. I feel lonely to even a white guy, it’s a human emotion. I’ve just decided to help people, that’s all I wanna do in this life is help and uplift others. Give it a try

>>268595023I rolled being a rich Mulatto Haitian, guess I'm kinda lucky.

>>268594080>free rent>free money>free tuition>free business loansHow can you fail if you're black? You have more advantage than any human group in history.

somebody's gotta rise above, why not you bruh

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