R.I.P. John Lewis 2/21/1940 - 7/17/2020

R.I.P. John Lewis 2/21/1940 - 7/17/2020Press F to pay respects.

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damn i used his grill just the other day





>>268593303Who gives a fuck about this dead nigger?

>>268593303What’s the difference between him and Elijah Cummings? This is a glitch in the simulation.



>>268593303One less Democrat voting nigger

>>268593602it's worse than you think

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>Press S to spit on this nigger's gravePress S to spit on this nigger's grave>Press S to spit on this nigger's gravePress S to spit on this nigger's grave>Press S to spit on this nigger's gravePress S to spit on this nigger's grave

>>268593682That’s some weird shit man.


>>268593794>>268593652>>268593638>>268593577>>268593571>>268593495STOP YOU GUYS ARE A DISGRACE! LEARN TO SPELL!

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This nigga "died" over a week ago.




>>268593303S to spit on that crying whining parasitic nigger!SS

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Someone really needs to make a thread on Charlie Adler

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His in nigger heaven with his twin, surrounded by 40ozs, KFC & fat white women. Good riddance



He's with his Nigger brother now...

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RIP in peace again?

Looks like the Trump Curse got another one

Tragic death

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didn't this nigger die 5 months ago? am i in a different timeline?

>>268593303RIP in peaceF

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>>268593303Dead nigger commie is dead

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>>268594918his death was miss-reported a week ago, but this time he really is dead

thought this nigga already died last year


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>>268594918that was elijah coomingssome congressnigger from maryland

Al Charlatan is next

>>268593303Who’s he?

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>>268595066check'd n kek'd at this copypastagets me every fucking time

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>>268594938>congress is a shitshow with niggersmakes sense

Was he based? Sorry I don't worship niggers so I don't know.

>>268595520Well... he was one of the people responsible for giving niggers rights so i guess


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>>268595066dangerously based

>>268593754That picture is Elijah Cummings, the other gro who finally shuffled off his mortal coil last year, right?

>>268594712The fucked up part is she still kept the egg.

>>268593303i swore this same exact dude died a few months ago

>>268593303did Dr Martin Luther King PBUH ask him to fuck young women and watched them too?

>>268595775not to mention his district was a complete shithole

>>268593303R.I.P. John Lewis

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>>268597918wrong image, that's george foreman and he's not dead


>>268597985You racist, that’s Morgan Freeman..also not dead


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>>268597985Nice bait faggot. That's that nigger Georgie Floyd

>>268593386fpbp, ya done did it son.Goodnight, sweet prince.



>>268595279*silence with lips moving*I dunno.

What was his stance on Israel






>>268598642WRONGIt's Bill Cosby of TV fame.


>>268601936R-R-ROMBO BREAKER

>>268593690Holy shit, isn't lewis like 5'5? LOL

>>268601936God damnit

>>268593303Obligatory image of Barry awarding self medal for outstanding excellence in the performance of awarding medals.

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>>268594938Wait spencer was in Congress?

The timelines are colliding. This nigger has died multiple times already. Don't fall for the different guy shit. I wonder how much time we have before the universe collapses. We need to send "the one" Jet Li to fix this.

>>268593303Fuck this nigger.