There is no democracy in a world with a biased media...

There is no democracy in a world with a biased media. If it is possible for them to create a world where a person with dementia is winning the race for most powerful person on the planet then either the media or democracy must be abolished.

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>>268592251They called Trump "bunker boy" yet Biden hasn't had a press conference in what, a hundred or more days?

>>268592251>a person with dementia is winning the raceEven if a newscorp's poll was not deliberately biased, at this point there'd still be sampling bias because a significant portion of Trump's supporters would tell an ABC, CNN, etc. reporter to fuck off if they tried to get them to fill in a poll. They also wouldn't seek out a MSM company's call for polling replies.I'd lean on the side of the most extreme margin of error if not more in favor of Trump. And incumbents never need to hit 50% support to get reelected. When they do, they fucking murder their opponent.

>>268592251Democracy is trash and always has been trash. The tool used by kike puppets to subvert society.

>>268592251Nah. I'd rather let them hang around so I can see them seethe after Trump gets reelected in a landslide. All this tactic is gonna do is cause the already lazy democunts to think this is in the bag for them, and that will mean that they won't have to be bothered to stand in line at the polls for 6 hours to vote. The same thing that happened in 2016. And they will say their vote was suppressed this time too.

>>268592805Imagine how shocked I will be when they say there will be no debates because of the rona.

>>268592251OP is pathetic cope fag.

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>>268592251>64% DISTRUST DRUMPF OVER CORONAMEMEEven the liberals around me don't seem to take this shit seriously. This is literally all fake.

>>268592251I guess it was too hopeful they would take a step back and look at what they did to lose 2016 to the apprentice guy instead of quadrupling down on the same tactics the next 4 years


>>268592825I haven't ever been conteacted for any poll but I would tell them I'm voting for the other guy every time. It's logical to plant the seed of laziness in my opponents and light a fire under my allies' asses.

>>268592251>a person with dementiak'.

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>>268592251every poll they do is purely political it is never the truth

All that can be said is if Biden was actually leading then they wouldn't be falling behind in new voter registrations literally everywhere. Even Hillary managed to outstrip Trump in FL almost continuously and still lost, but Biden is shedding fucktons of registered voters everywhere and has been doing so even while we've been bombarded by "TRUMP LOSING CUZ CORONA" shit. If people give a fuck about corona, they sure don't seem to act like it.>>268593429What's even funnier is the "POLLS WERE ACCURATE IN 2016" meme they keep pushing, even though looking at polls in spring/summer/fall 2016 you see Hilldawg was leading by double digits more often than not until they changed the methodology in the last two weeks.

>>268594163>falling behind in new voter registrations literally everywhere.Where did you see this I need a white pill.

>>268594163Democrats have like a 300k+ lead in early voting in FL though. Usually Republicans lead.Trump's getting fucking slaughtered.

>>268594384They have an advantage because Democratic cities specifically sent out ballots to everyone registered. It was politico that chose to incorrectly act like people actively went out and ordered ballots themselves, because the news media constantly lies. And when you wake up on November 11 and realize you got lied to again, I hope you find a knife and open your wrists so we don't have to deal with your idiocy anymore.

>>268592251Why does anyone care what the national polls say? The only thing that matters are the swing states and how they poll?What is the point of these national polls?

>>268594580You mean November 4th when this is all over and Trump's lost by over 350 EVs.This fucking election is over.

>>268592251>>268592251Still thinking we live in a democracy in 2020

>>268592251That is why we need internet alternatives that can become popular. YouTube and twitter used to be good platforms to spread conservative point of views but now they go as far as pushing liberal propaganda. If 4chan was as popular as twitter you would see a different outcome. At some point they will go as far as trying to deanonimize the internet so they can control the narrative.

>>268595013Meanwhile in reality the Democrats are losing voters constantly in terms of total registered voters, Republican enthusiasm is 40% higher than Democratic (Hillary lost in WI with only an 8% gap), 60% of Trump's donations come from small donors and the Republicans are outspending the Democrats by a wide margin.BUT DUDEPOLLSLMAOYou lose because you are an actual subhuman, too unintelligent to be allowed to live. You are aggressively tried to steal from your superiors and now you're going to reap the whirlwind, you dumb ape.

>>268592251Biden is refusing to release his senate records. Biden is refusing to release his cognitive tests. Biden has no idea what his platform even is and is basically just agreeing to what his handlers tell him to agree with.He can't speak a single sentence without fucking it up.It makes no sense how he's even in the running. I can't imagine that happening in another country. Could you imagine the French electing someone who hid in his house all year, didn't do interviews, was provably senile, and refused to release the records of his 50 years as a politician?

>>268594350Every state which keeps stats on it shows that once the primaries ended the Republicans surged ahead. Even better is that in states like Pennsylvania and Florida the Democrats were equal/superior in 2016 when registering voters, but are now behind in 2020 by a 2-1 margin. Democrats are even falling behind in Oregon. It's over.

>>268594749Polling in the swing states isn't looking any better sadly. But there's still a lot of time before November so who knows what will happen. If the election were held tomorrow, though, by all indications Trump would be eviscerated. Even the pollsters that favored him in 2016 and got it right are showing Biden leading.

>>268594749>What is the point of these national polls?Demoralization.

>>268592251>Biden 99%>Trump 1%>New poll suggests

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>>268595646Nobody literally fucking cares. Trumps down by 15 just because that many people hate him. This is the biggest problem Trump's camp is making. They actually think people care about Biden. No. This election is 100% about Trump and Trump alone. They would vote for a dead person if it means getting Trump out of office.Once you fucking retards realize that maybe then you'll see why Trump has no chance anymore.

>>268592251the media is the most powerful force on the planet, they have convinced entire countries to self destruct and burn in the last 3 months, they can select whomever they want in november, votes be damned>nothing will improve until we publicly execute every member of the media propaganda force

>>268595667Where do you find stats like that?

>>268595667Biden ended up with like 200k more votes than Trump did in PA. The Dems greatly outvoted the Republicans in the final count.

>>268592251That IS democracy, user. Mob rule by useful idiots that don't know what the fuck they're voting for.

>>268592805i think he had one recently where he walked out with his pants between his ankles and saluted some curtains behind the podium.

I’m guessing 5% for write-ins, Kanye and jo Jorgensen? So.. according to this poll there is 0% undecided voters?

>>268595712It doesn't matter. People do not like Trump. It's that simple. Trump won because the suburbs ended up voting more for him than anybody predicted. Now the suburbs are voting 25+ points against Trump. This election is won and lost there and it's already lost for Trump. You can't swing back the mind's of suburban women. They don't give one flying fuck about Biden or the Democrats, they just hate Trump and are voting against him and are the most active voting block in the entire fucking country.

>>268596049Do you really think suburban women didnt vote for shillary in 2016? What a dumbass

>>268596307They did, just not in large enough numbers to make her win. Hillary won suburbs by 9 points in 2016. Biden is going to win them by 25-30 points.

>>268595817People thought the same thing in 2016 retard, everybody doubted him and he proved them wrong. Fuck off shill

>>268596049Fuckin yeah! Hidin with Biden baby!!!

>>268596049>You can't swing back the mind's of suburban women.They’ll vote for whoever their husbands tell them to vote for.


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>>268596498This, women are followersRemember if you want to fix women, you have to fix the soibois

>>268596403People thought the same but generally Hillary was hated and Trump was only down by 4-5 in the polls for the most part with a few outliers. Now Trump is averaging over 10 down. It's not even close to the margin of error.This country is fucking doomed. White voters want darkies to fucking rape them. They want to pay reparations. They want to give up their fuck jobs to non-whites. This is what suburban American wants. This is what they are voting for. Wake the fuck up.

>>268592251wow. i'm sidin' with biden.

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wait i thought trump was at 38 a week ago, he's gaining support.

The shills are going all out and that will just make the salt better when Trump 'somehow' wins again

>>268592805>>268592251>>268593194>>268595646>muh BidenWhen will you MIGApedo Qoomers realize that this election is not about Biden, it's a referendum on Trump and he failed both the pandemic and riots tests. And don't get me started on his campaign promises.

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>>268596697Just gunna be biden with Biden until the easy election win

>>268596853Trump's re-election will be the permanent death of the Democratic Party.They cry about Trump, they scream about him, they lie about him, they try to entrap him, they reeeeeeesist over the dumbest things while wearing their "pussy hats" and virtue signaling on social media.>And still, Trump shall be reelected.>>The Democrat Party will have no more excuses or reasons to exist.>>>Their impotent rage is exposed as useless.>>>>A party that loses to Donald Trump twice, after all the effort they have put into beating him, is an impotent failure.TRUMP VICTORY = END OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY.>KEK at the chaos and distress and despair the morning after the election as Democrats realize they are totally lost and devoid of any purpose in life.

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>>268596664> but generally Hillary was hated and Trump was only down by 4-5 in the polls for the most partThis meme never gets old.

>>268593539Based President tagger

>>268592251>either the media or democracy must be abolished.I prefer abolishing both

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Are they just trying to set up voter fraud? "No no user, he was down 12%on the polls. Trump legit lost by 1%."

>>268595530Yes, but (they) also understand this which is why and all startups have been crushed since 2016

>>268593272>2016 all over again!Yeah, and we went over this dumb shit in 2016 too. Polls account for the percentage of the population that is actually affiliated with any given party. At the absolute most, the polls are undersampling Republicans by 4-6%, which is not enough to account for the current gap between Trump and Biden. There's plenty of other polling factors that could also explain the deficit, but what you posted isn't really one of them.

>>268596926>And don't get me started on his campaign promises.Can you get started on those? By my accounts he was successful in>appointing two supreme court justices and dozens of judges>getting us out of the tpp and renegotiating nafta>cutting taxes>cutting immigration and building the wallWhat more did you want him to do? Appoint himself Fuhrer and kill all illegals?

>>268592251Political Polls seem more like paid advertising

>>268595530I wish, but it won't happen. The very underpinnings of the internet are rotten and won't allow dissenting platforms. Every time someone manages to carve out their own little space, someone higher up the chain swoops it out from underneath them. Moreover, any attempt to create an alternative, decentralized, censorship-free internet-like system (like an internet based on a distributed networking protocol) would be met with enormous opposition by the corporate giants that relish in having control over the entire thing.

>>268592251>55-40That's actually better than it was before.

>>268603443They're sampling Republicans at 24% and Democrats at 36%. When you ask x1.5 Democrats you're going to get a poll skewed to that side. If you normalize the number of Democrats and Republicans you end up with a split that's 49:45 Trump to Biden; numbers that actually look reasonable.

>>268603979>When you ask x1.5 Democrats you're going to get a poll skewed to that side.Yes, but if there ARE 1.5x more Democrats, then the poll is accurately sampled. You can argue whether or not those numbers are genuine or not--at least some polls indicate they are, but I won't get into whether they're valid or not since I haven't looked into them. I'm simply warning against people looking at lower sampling percentages for Republicans and immediately assuming there's something afoot. If there ARE less Republicans, then of course you should sample less in your poll.

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>>268596926Wtf your right. You have shown me the truth and now im an America hating anti white racist communist cuck! Fuck trump and fuck western civilization!