Why didn't you vote for someone who wanted to improve your life by giving you Healthcare?

Why didn't you vote for someone who wanted to improve your life by giving you Healthcare?

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I did. Maybe if he was 30 years younger he would have punched Killary back.

>>268592233Because he wanted to take the guns as an exchange.

>>268592233He would have crashed the economy. Next

>>268592233Already have health care. Damn good health care to boot.

>>268592233Because he can't into basic math and would explode the debt to the point where we can't just ignore it anymore.

>>268592233I actually did vote for him in the Washington primaryTrump is already in and I was hoping to cause fighting among dems but bernie and his bros truly have no spines

Eww, vermonters smell like onions. No thanks. Champagne socialists all.

>>268592233i already have healthcare bro

>>268592583>Aussie taking about the economyYou don't know anything besides selling anything left in that hell hole dessert island to China

>>268592233Weak enough to let protestord steal his microphone, platform, and audience.Not a good example of what his presidency could be like.

>>268592233because I can afford my own healthcare and it's more of a downgrade

>>268592233>not having good health already>being poor enough to not afford healthcare

>>268592233No he wouldn’t, America’s problems aren’t just shallow problems like shitty healthcare which is a byproduct of a shitty government with a shitty melting-pot attitude

>>268592919At least we know how to execute a recovery without royally shafting ourselves down the line. Enjoy the Great Recession x 10.

>>268592583Fucking abbos...The 10 trillion bucks magically divined into existence by the fed disproves this notion. Not that I agree with spending more on the spic nig cycle though.

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Oh look he bent the knee. A SECOND time. GTFO dumbass.

>>268592233Because I love schlomo and suck how cock every day. I will work 8-5 every single day until I am dead in the earth

>>268593261Trumps presidential commercials pander to blacks. Am I supposed to ignore that?

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>>268592565God you're an idiot.

>>268592233Because hes a kike

>>268593173Yeah but that 10 trillion is going towards more than just spics and nigs, pumping money into the economy and pumping money into a bloated welfare system doomed for collapse are two very different things.

>>268593523ad hom no response to his counterpoint, nigger

The amount of stupid in this thread is astounding.

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>>268593387he is talking about the dnc, nimrodStop posting


>>268592233I already have medical insurance.


>>268592233Get a job, Nigger.

>>268592233>Why didn't you vote for someone who wanted to improve your life by giving you Healthcare?He wanted to take 30% of my annual income of 700 million dollars

>>268593631>ants.jpg calling thread stupid

>>268592233Cuz he literally cucked out to any activist group that put pressure on him.

>>268593387Are you a white male? If so your demographic is locked into a trump vote and you wont see campaign money spent fucking courting you, black retard gorilla nigger

>>268592233Kys faggot just because someone gets elected doesn't mean x will happen right away. Look how much trouble trump has had doing what he wants to do. You have to go through congress first. Fuck off Bernie commiecuck kys.

>>268593598>giving free money to jews is better than giving free money to nigsThe absolute state of the Aussie mind

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Because communists ain't shit. Fuck that Jew commie.

Because there is no such thing as free and I don’t want to pay for obese white, blacks and spics medical care

>>268593631No you, make an argument fag

>>268594094>I don’t want to pay for obese white, blacks and spics medical careKek. You're gonna be shocked when you figure out how insurance risk pools work. Enjoy your high premiums.

>>268593965You don't have to go through congress you can do an executive order. Read a book for once.

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>>268592233Even if everyone would have voted for him he wouldn't have won, even Trump wanted to lowkey vote for him, his own son did more to rally for Bernie than all of the DNC combined.

>>268594034>stopping your economy from collapsing is giving money to da joosEven Pakistan had a fucking stimulus package, mate.

>>268592233Fuck you OP we’re all ridin with Biden now. No malarkey!

>>268592583It's weird. It's always the australians who see through the bullshit. I know Australians are all over international news (like pretty much everyone but america #maga) but it's interesting that you guys don't tow the line like most europeans do. You seem to see through the bs

>>268594192My insurance is great because I have a good job, and thankfully I am healthy. Also you are going to be surprised how bad government healthcare works and how much it truly cost

>>268592617I have shit healthcare but it works and I figure I'd lose more money paying into insane government funded healthcare than I would meeting my deductible.

>>268594379I think you're gay for auzzie male beach body. Just start transitioning now.

>>268594379Australians are just complete white trash, to the man. There's not a single person of class in this country. But that also means that we don't really do bullshit.youtube.com/watch?v=t17O2AKa2FU

>>268592233Because the people who would supply free healthcare run two businesses that are the pinnacle of efficiency and quality: the dmv and post office.

Bernie wanted America to be more like Sweden. Maybe America was too far gone, but at least he would have tried unlike Trump who went all in on making Israel great after realizing usa is done for. This is what we lost in exchange for riots and bioweapon covid.

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>>268594310This isn't a stimulus package. It's running the money printer to the tune of $7 trillion so far and handing it directly to Wall Street. They're using Blackrock as an intermediary to buy ETFs directly. $0 goes to the American people.

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>>268594674What people don't seem to get is that America can't be Sweden. There are just too many niggers and spics. One welfare state just doesn't translate to another country with completely different demographics. Sweden itself will realise this soon enough as their demographics change.

>>268594674Fuck Europe Fuck Russia Fuck Trump

>>268594379Europeans are just dumb and brainwashed. Free health care is just a religion to them now.

>>268594824Liberals are too stupid to accept that. Free healthcare could work in America if eveyone would stop being a fat POS lazy ass hole.


>>268594476Point is you're paying for niggers and fatties either way. They don't charge by the pound. And fat fucks have good jobs with good insurance too. Everyone pays the same premium. Insurance pools risk. You're paying for the fatties either way. Private or public, it doesn't matter. You pay.

>>268592233I’m not going to vote for anyone who wants me to pay for niggers muslims and Mexicans to get free healthcare. If he wanted universal healthcare only for my people and wouldn’t mess with our guns then sure.

>>268595326>thinks I like the current system If it was up to me I’d let these people die and only people who work get insurance. I am so tired of these dumb fat lazy people on the road.Also I think people like you are just stupid. Just because I don’t want to make it worse with “free health care” doesn’t mean I like our current system.

>>268592233This loser again. Didn't he die?This topic is now about my captcha. Sum ting wong. Is this bitch stopped on the highway riding passenger? It's just really awkward looking.

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>>268592233Because the election was rigged.

>>268596035It was not rigged it was nigged

I did, I’m a college teacher and I offered my students free extra credit for taking a selfie with an I voted sticker, six out of like 78 students actually bothered to vote Voting trump in November because I’m just too fucked disgusted with the tv news acting like Biden’s a strong leader and blatantly ignoring the reality that he’s a senile old man with dementia.

I'm sorry but he isn't giving me free Healthcare he's stealing money from my fellow countryman and acting like the generous benefactor. Giving us back our own money minus the Washington brokerage fee. Bernie was the biggest snake oil salesman in US history and the fact that he got the support he did shows how stupid and low IQ voters are becoming.

>>268596296I mean, I'm pretty neutral on Trump or Biden (don't know which is the more acellerationist option) but why would you vote for someone whose policies are so different from Sanders'?

>>268592233commies get the rope

>>268596352I love how we went from millionaire and billionaire just too billionaire. What a joke

>>268592233I have cheap health insurance from my job and i dont want to pay that much or more for shitty government healthcare for spics and niggers who live on section ape. Its only a benefit to people on the very bottom of the socioeconomic ladder. I already own a rental property and aavoid taxes by sending the money to an offshore llcs bank account. If i was forced to pay for commiecare i would quit my day job and earn money from my side hustle and the apartments i own in order to deprive the government of my money

>>268596296Nice of you to artificially increase academic grades to further a non education related agenda on other people's children.

>>268596448Acceleration is just a dumb idea. The right will lose because China will back the other side. You think China wants a white dominate America?

>>268594752It does. If the companies go out of business you have no job and no money at all.

>>268595731You think I'm stupid. Yet you said:>I don’t want to pay for obese white, blacks and spics medical careI find it funny, because I know 100% for a fact that right now you do pay for exactly that. Enjoy faggot.

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>>268594824Ok, Chaim.

Pretty sure the DNC decides the dem candidate. Kill yourself.

>>268596552This, I don’t think people understand that removing the work reward system is just bad for society.

>>268592233Blame people for supporting the DNC. They literally stole it from him twice, and he is an obvious shill because he forked over the money and conceded twice in exchange for book deals

>>268592763Good call


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>>268592233Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me

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>>268596637He stated that he didn't like the current system either moron.

>>268596632No faggot. I don't work for a publicly traded company. I don't even think there's one in my county. Wall Street has zero effect here. PPP did help some small business. But that money has been gone and it was tiny, just a few billion. The big nose boys in Manhattan get trillions as long as they want it. No money left to help us goys though.

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>>268592233Because I don't want to subsidize fat fucks to sit on their asses watching TV and eating Snickers and potato chips and sucking down Cokes.

>>268596637Of course I pay for it because government sucks. I don’t want more government, I want less. Gosh you are so stupid. It pains me that you live in the same nation as me. I wish we had less government so people like you would have to actually work and stop being a beta fag depending on daddy government.

>>268592233He was a dick, plus being a hysterical kike faggot asshole.

>>268596750Jews in Israel seem to be doing fine under that system. They're better off than Sweden.

>>268596448Because I didn’t agree with everything Bernie said, mostly just the healthcare part, Trump is definitely the accelerationist option and an endless source of leftist butthurt, and as I said, it is absolutely sickening seeing the media shilling about how great of a leader Biden is when it couldn’t be farther from the truth.Don’t get me wrong, trump is shit I don’t think he’s good but I’m not convinced Biden would be any better and also fuck the democrats

>>268592233I already have healthcare. Bernie would have taken more money out of my pocket so Sequenaqua could have another five or six more negroid babies that would have probably robed me in a couple of decades anyways.

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>>268596871oven now

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>>268592233I already have heathcare faggot.

>>268594824Because that would require them admitting that different groups of people are different, and that would shatter their worldview.Europeans can take a shitty ideology like Communism and turn it into an empire, albeit the USSR was short-lived, it was certainly more successful than many third world countries. Liberia is proof that you can give Africans the framework of a utopia, and they'll turn it into hell on earth.

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>>268596597I'm not an accelerationist because I want the right to win or for America to be saved. I'm an accelerationist because America needs to fall for the globohomo world order to be upturned. I can't decide whether Trump or Biden would hasten that decline more.

>>268596750I already can quit i just like the employee discounts and healthcare i get. Europoors have less disposable income, smaller homes and shittier cars all because they get tax raped to pay for the dysgenic losers who should be culled


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>>268596903You too. >>268596972

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>>268596897Go buy some stocks then

>>268596960>jews are doing great in Israel >America gives Israel 38 bil+ per yearWow! Israel system is so amazing! How do they do it????

>>268596960>Jews in Israel seem to be doing fine under that system. They're better off than Sweden.I think Sweden will be around centuries after there's no Israel.

>>268592233>giving Healthcare>giving>the governement produces nothing, therefore has nothing to "give"

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>>268597024That is fair from your perspective>>268597029True and good that you have choices

Because I don't want anyone's help. I want as little government as possible. Secure the border, economy, and root out subversives.

>>268597064Hold up? I am Jewish because I don’t want to pay for lazy, fat people insurance? Am I understanding your argument correctly?


>>268596597you think china prefers any others to whites ?

>>268597341All lolbergs are mohels

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>>268597175And also see: "government gun buybacks".They didn't sell you the guns. They use your money to buy them. They insist you sell, at their price.Imagine some guy coming up to you and wanting to buy from you under these terms.

>>268597341You are already paying for fat. lazy people and niggers getting shot too, retard. It's called Medicaid. Bernie would have given Medicaid benefits to healthy, working people.

>>268592233votes for increased restrictions on firearm ownership and usewhatever benefits he promises aren't worth the cost, assuming he can even bring them to fruition

>>268592233I already have healthcare you insufferable faggot. Bernie was trying to take it away and put me on the shitty pleb healthcare system.

>>268592233The logistics involved in covering 3.8 million square miles with tax funded healthcare would ensure a standard of care surpassed by nomadic central-Asian steppe shamans.

>>268597501No because China wants a weak America. Diversity makes America weak, China will back the left. The only thing that China would worry about is if someone sets off a nuke in America. People are really romanticizing a civil war and have not critically thought about it. >>268597526I want closed borders and unions. Man you dumb

Sorry, I don't trust Khazars.

>>268592233>Why didn't you vote for the jew that wanted to take your guns, crash your enconomy, open your borders, and bend over for China with the weakest foreign policy since Carter.OP is a faggot

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>>268597341And when a nigger that doesn't want to wear a mask needs three week in the ICU, who pays for it. You, bitch. When a white accountant needs it, his insurance company tells him he's not fully covered and will need to sell his house and maybe have his daughters go out with Epstein.

>>268597673No, he would had expanded it to more immigrants and refugees you fuck head. Man you are stupid lol. Gosh I hate religious gov fags

>>268592233I have healthcare and don’t use weird capitalization.

>>268592233Because I am not an overweight burger and take care of myself.

>>268592233Because I have a fucking job.

>>268597945>thinks I want to save the niggerChild you are a beta, you literally have compassion for nogs lol

>>268597847So you're a Hoppefag then> I don't care. Still Jewish complaining about "Muh Gubermint" as if weak states survive in this world. Lolbergs are worse than commies because they don't do us the courtesy of cross dressing and dying their hair purple to warn us how fucking absolutely kiked they are.

>>268593598That's what I just said. With 10 trillion though they could do almost anything and it would still be better than giving it to kikes and boomers, which is precisely what they did. Just imagine if they put a single trillion dollars towards space. Even if it is just a meme, at least it gives us something to feel encouraged about. I mean fuck m8...

>>268592233>giving you Healthcare?Giving. He has it and can give it. People are so infantized it's scary.


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>>268598155I think people like you are the worst because the Jew can take over a big federal government easier. You literally have never read the federal papers. Please just stop, you are stupid. You should study Jefferson and Jackson

>>268598001>I am ok with paying for legal niggers getting shot and their covid treatments>just not illegal niggersOther countries manage to do it. There are now plenty of stories of Americans saying they're glad their covid was diagnosed while they were on vacation.

>>268592233I already have it

>>268598138Learn to read. ESL niggers would have less trouble responding without insults than you.

>>268592233>someone who wanted to improve your life by giving you Healthcare?Geez you fucking people are tediously stupid --- the only way that sniveling rat could give YOU healthcare would be to take it from someone else.GROW THE FUCK UP, stop trying to mooch your way through life.

>>268598322I've read the federalist papers you dumb faggot. Read #10 and #52. The whole point of the federalist papers is to advocate a STRONG FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. They were the federalists you dumbfuck. Madison, Hamilton, and Jay. You're preaching Jeffersonian anti-federalism and citing the most famous works of his arch enemies. This is mutt education's fault. I find the fact that anybody employs you to do anything appalling.

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>>268598322Federalism is gay anyways. A nationalistic unitary traditional republic is fucking based.

>>268598366>stories Okay, love anecdotal evidence. It’s not that hard to get good healthcare in America, just stop being a white niggerzAnd again I hate this system but it’s still better then going full “free healthcare”Glad you took the nog dick out of your mouth

>>268592233I have a job so I already have healthcare jew

>>268596559c'mon, Hoss, it's fucking civics.

>>268598649>Okay, love anecdotal evidence.I don't think you like evidence. I think you like hearing old men shit their pants on conservative radio and Fox Jews.

>>268598604I don’t think you understand my argument. I said read it to understand how bad it was. Then I referenced Jefferson because he was correct.Man you dumb! It’s like embarrassing how you wants jews to take over your large federal government. I bet you even would vote for Jewish Bernie lol

>>268592694Didn’t the government just go brrrrrr. All this stimulus money to boost the economy but not for people’s health.

>>268598730>I have a job so I already have healthcare jewI guarantee you your insurance isn't as good as for unemployed niggers.

>>268598809My taxes go up, so fuck more government. When you grow upAnd get a job you will see what I am saying. End of story

>>268592233Because he wants open borders and to remove your 2nd amendment rights.

>>268598903>I'd rather have my debt go up and let my kids pay for niggers getting shot while working people go live in tentsI know, boomer.

>>268599003Nigga what? Man stop being a religious fool. More government does not work


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>>268599230I literally said I want closed borders and unions. Man you guys are pathetic religious fools lol. Okay good night

>>268592233If you think giving the US government total control over your healthcare is a good idea you are a retard.

>>268592233Huh, he doesn’t seem to be around at the moment trying to save anything.

>>268592233health care is for pussies.>oh no I broke my leg better go to the doctorlmao I bet you wear a seat belt too

>>268599180Yes, it does. Look at China. Less government means less politicians to blackmail. Corporations also don't take risks any more citing the case of Xerox's heavy R&D investment going nowhere. Xi threw money at AI which is paying off big and most likely will continue to pay off big. You are brainwashed by cuckservative propaganda.

UHC is going to happen anyway when we try to figure out who foots coronee's billIt feels like prehistoric times, but there was a point that people thought Trump would introduce a more liberal plan than ACA

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>>268599938>ChinaThe place blows ass. What a shitty example. Multiethnic empire of soulless bugs that hate animals held together by a 1984 style dictatorship where making jokes about Xinnie the Pooh will get you sent to the gulag.

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>>268600272Lay off the meds, grandpa.

>>268592233OP works for vice, you can tell.

>>268600369It's well documented chang, fuck I hate wumaos even more than lolbergs and neetsocs

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Obama wanted to give me health care. Now it takes 3 weeks to a month to get a fucken doctors appointment. Hint: I used to get next day appointments before we handed out health care like skittles to people who feed off the system and don't contribute a fucking thing to society.


I think elizabeth warren was a good middle of the road between crazy bernie and status quo biden.

A great man.youtube.com/watch?v=7teyQLMLtnE

>>268592233I already have healthcare. He wanted to take my money and use it to buy healthcare for other people, while also lowering the quality of my healthcare.

>>268592583Lol thank God the economy didn't crash after 2016. Thank god there's tons of jobs and peace and prosperity and safety everywhere. 2020 shaping up to be the best year ever! Bullet dodged!

>>268592233Because we've seen what would happen if he got the reigns. The Chaz was a microcosm is what could potentially happen. You know what I'm talking about; that lil' bit of a city that briefly was the most dangerous place to live in the U.S.?

>>268602860medicaid roaches don't deserve anything but the bare minimumI have excellent insurance and get to enjoy the benefits of the most advanced medical care in the world