Can anyone recommend a decent brand of smokes?Bonus question: Who are the figure heads of big tobacco?If they're kikes, I'm quitting tonight.

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take the quit pill. I was a 14 year smoker and stopped 824 days ago and saved $5,187 as tracked by the SmokeFree app. No regrets.but if you must smoke, American Spirits were smooth and tasty.

>>268592162thanks buddy

>>268592465It might be that time friend.I've tried American Spirits, they just don't feel or taste as good as Marlboro Reds.I really enjoy a good Dominican with a glass of scotch. Do you know anything about cigars? Any recommendations?Congrats on quitting user, it's been one of the more difficult things for me to do.

Tobacco should only be allowed for chink, poo, and nigger self-induced population control.We need to start a campaign to bring back menthol cigs. Label the ban as racist against blacks.

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>>268591876players rich regular

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Ive been hitting the American Spirit black back but I just want to outright quit nicotine but because I also have vape stuff the second I crush the pack in anger even with cigarettes in it I just switch into what's ever left of my vape liquids.Main motivation came from a Marshall Ironsides video talking about staying away from tobacco altogether.

>>268591876Addiction is slavery.

>>268593191I was always Marlboro smoker. Whatever brand you become accustomed to is likely what you'll stick with. If I switched it up I went for Parliaments, Winstons, or the Marlboro blends like 27s or the Milds.Never a big cigar smoker, but I had a friend who always shared Acids which I enjoyed. Zero nicotine policy for me though. Learned the hard way how easy it is to fall back into old habits.Real advice though: Quit cold turkey, endure 2 shitty weeks and don't look back.

These are good. Or you could start rolling Drum

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>>268594108It is like a ball and chain.>Marshall IronsidesI'll check it out.

I buy smokes from the reservationlike 1/20th the price and hundreds less ingredients

>>268594909Marshall Ironsides has pretty much disappeared, may be on bit chute but I don't know anything else

>>268593191lucky strikes or chesterfields are breddy gud imomind the lack of filter on the former, though

>>268591876Any non-filter cigarette. Those butts are made of fiber glass. You are inhaling bits of sand everytime you draw.

But you really should give up tobacco and pick up vaping. Its just better in every way apart form aesthetics.

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>>268594605Added to that I live with a smoker who smokes the same cigs I do. I tried snus, and dip but that shit has been rotting my lips and gums. Not for me.Cigars might be my way out because i do like having some kind of vice. I used to over indulge on a lot of different things and cut a whole lot of bullshit out of my life. But not doing anything is just not me brother.

>>268591876Lucky strike

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>>268595039Why can it never be just straight tobacco?lol Flavor?

Nat Sherman Naturals are the only good cigarette. But of course A conglomerate bought them and made them into a more normal cigarette and not that great. Man they were amazing.

>>268596264Those look good, to bad I live in a small town.Not a lot of variety around here but when it comes to people I'm okay with that.Any online store for these?

Take up pipe smoking and thank me later

>>268595966A man's cigarette lol.You get a free 1911 with a purchase of 1 pack of Lucky Strikes, so I've heard...

>>268596682tell me about this magic, my dad i think still has all his old stuff. always smelled delicious when i was growing up.

>>268596669just ask your local guy to order them. I think you can order certain nat sherman cigs on line from europe or something. ive done that before but they are kind of stale and crappy. Nat shermans are good, they are natural and last a long time like an american spirit. But unlike those they are flavorful cuz they have cigar tobacco in them. Nat sherman are a cigar manufacturer. but like I said, the new recipe isn't as good anymore but they are still decent from what I remember.

>>268593191Cigars are great. You just gotta grab a couple sticks from the local shop and then start ordering in bulk when you discover what you like.Some I enjoy are Montecristo White (mild, goes well with coffee and breakfast), CAO America (medium), and just about any of the Rocky Patel Edge series (full).For ciggies, >>268592465 is a scholar and a gentleman.

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>>268595917I'm all for a vice or two. I stick to occasional drinks or vaping thc at night. Nicotine makes me into a fiend for it, those things don't.


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>>268591876marlbro southern cuts, camel wides, camel turkish blend royals

>>268591876Smoke cigars faggot.

>>268597473One of the best feels I have nowadays is a late night drive listening to synthwave smoking a fresh cigar.extreamly kino

>>268596910Its the best and only non degenerate way to enjoy tobacco. A bowl night is more than enough to satisfy even the most fiendish smoker and after a while youll find yourself smoking only on the weekends. You're engaged longer in the actvof smoking as well, making it more of an event to look forward too rather than something you absolutely need. A perfect addition to a good book, nice whisky, or simply your own thoughts. Theres so much good tobacco out there that youd be hard pressed to find a favorite and the best part is that its all dirt cheap. A ouce (not in bulk) of the good stuff usually goes for 7 to 10 dollars and will last 2 to 4 weeks depending on how much you smoke.


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>>268591876I smoke hand rolling tobbacco. Much better the taste than the one that the cigarretes are already done

>>268595603>start vaping it's coolLmaoen.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019–2020_vaping_lung_illness_outbreak Vaping will destroy your lungs faster than corona

>>268597817I'm headed up to the tobacco shop tomorrow and I'm going to grab a bag to try it out. Any recommendations?

>>268593191Try American Spirit Turquoise if you haaventOtherwise try rolling your own from pouch tobacco or get leaves and grind them down

>>268594605>Real advice though: Quit cold turkey, endure 2 shitty weeks and don't look back.This. I tried the gum to quit smoking and just got hooked on the gum. In fact, I liked the gum more than smoking because could pop one anytime to get a fix. Shit is expensive.Eventually had to quit gum and withdraws were as bad as quitting smoking

>>268591876Smoking has to be the gayest habit out there.Stop lying to yourself and just suck a dick, you massive faggot.

Buy tobacco straight from an Indian reservation and roll your own.

>>268598235one of my favorites

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>>268598026this too.I've been thinking about this but the quit pill user has got me thinking.Cigars are probably what i need to replace cigs.And pipe user has got me curious about that life.

>>268593191>cigarsDepends on your preference but my favorite cigars come from Nicaragua. Dominican Rep. cigars are my #2 favorite.

>>268598435Thanks, ill give it a try.

>>268591876Fun fact: Greta Thunberg's Rothschild handler is Luisa Neubauer a billionaire socialite from a family of jewish cigarette merchants.

>>268591876Dunhill International are god tier. slow burning and smoothsaying that I mostly just roll my own now.

>>268593971Menthol cigs are still very legal where I live.

nat shermans or dunhills, usually have to go to specialty place to get them though

>>268598235A blend is good to start with. Something with virgina and cavendish, or any aromatic really. Mac Barren is everywhere and their 7 seas Royal blend is pretty good. The Scottish is a bit stronger but I like it more granted you dont mind more bite. Happy smoking user

>>268598131Do you also get your news from CNN. Dont smoke shit you bought form Jamal off the corner and dont get your news from a Jew.

I smoked Marlboro lights for 10 years and just quit this year. Started when I was 15. Cold turkey is a bitch but it can be done. Started going to the gym now that they're open and onky smoke a cigar a week. Life's better without them but those cravings still linger ill admit.

Camel turkish blend silver was good back when I was stupid. I'd recommend improving your lung capacity. Free dive spearfishing is fun.

my dad showed my how to grow it. its easy as fuck grow in a pot like tomatoes, i have a bat of tobacco ive smoked for 2 years, you can buy the seeds for 20 dollars, shit is crazy. you just dry it in the dark

>>268593191>Malboro RedsYou're addicted to the additives, user. Switch to something cleaner (like American Spirits, they have a lot of flavors just try them all) and deal with the withdrawal. After that you'll have way less severe withdrawal symptoms.

>>268598461Pipe tobacco is pretty awesome. Pipes in general are pretty awesome. But takes preparedness. Eliminating just the paper vastly improves flavor. Eliminating the butt vastly improves your lifespan. I dont go back to tobacco until they ban my vapes though.>>268599339Since I quit smoking my sense of smell improved a bit but not for the better. Food tastes the same by now I can smell diesel and its a horrible smell. Smell it all the time on the highway. Love my clear lungs though and lack of weeze. Kinda wonder if that was from the tar or the glass though.

>>268591876Camel Royals or bustAlso 100s are pretty decent

>>268591876Liggett Select

>>268591876You should quit cigarettes. they taste like shit, make you smell like shit, and they're absolutely atrocious for your health. Not to mention you'll save a lot of money from quitting.

>>268591876You can smoke without the help of a corporation, just buy some corn straw and tobacco from a local market.

>>268599451this seems awesome.i already grow my own veggies, might as well look into growing tobacco

>>268591876I dont get how people smoke anymore. I used to smoke, quit like 4 years ago. Marlboro reds are over 8 dollars a pack in California now. Thats insane.Easiest way to quit is to get a prescription for buproprion the antidepressant, barely changes how i felt but completely killed the urge to smoke. It was so fucking easy to quit.

>>268599451another thing is you can literally buy hundreds of varieties online, i have virginia broadleaf

>>268591876You’re a fag

>>268593191Reds are definitely top tier but American Spirits are much better for you. Feel like smoking an ultra light.

>>268599727>Smoking is bad>Took restricted anti-depressants instead>>268599684>they're absolutely atrocious for your healthno

>>268599451shredding it is a pain Used to buy half kilo bags of cured raw leaf and run it through a pasta cutter twice. best flavor smokes when you find a good blend though

>>268598435>t. based cakemaster

>>2685997278 dollars... that’s chump change. In cook county they’re like $16

>>268599959for yourself its not that hard, one plant is a shiton of tobacco for one person

>not just smoking weed

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>>268598689They're very legal by me too, albeit very expensive. I still get a pack for my yearly vacation to relive my youth. I quit smoking nine years ago when my son was born but I cheat every summer with a single pack just for fun.

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>>268599724> growing tobacco

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So many anons don't seem to get that there's an area between "pack a day smoker" and "Never smoked ever". If you smoke like a pack every month or two there's nothing wrong.

>>268600054I quit that years ago.some people can handle it, i cant.made me lazy as fuck and shitty when i didn't have it.

>>268599959i dry the leaves in a cabinet in the dark on stings that i thread with a a needle, i wait till try to the point of dust, then i put in a platic tub and just smush it and it turns to powder pretty much, roll it the best is the weed pipes

>>268593191Switch to vapes. It may not be healthy but it's better than tobacco. You can also buy nicotine pouches. Where I live you can get 20 of the 8mg pouches for $1, usually they're $4. They work. I used them when I was at work to tide me over until breaks.

>>268599864It's a good last resort option for some. I say that as no fan of the pharmaceutical industry.

>>268600220I'm glad you're self aware to recognize that, friend

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>>268591876nicorette.Get green 5ive gum normal and a box of nicorette 2mg. Chew 1 stick of five with the nicorette. The nicorette just gives you some nicotine, the five gum is just there to be better gum.Don't smoke op, take it from an old af fag. Out of all things I've done I regret smoking. Make chewing gum a habit and it will square up your jawline over time. It's good for your teeth (sugarfree only), smells and tastes good and the nicorette does work.

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>>268591876nasal snuff

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>>268591876Winston reds. Ingredients:>Tobacco>WaterAbout the cleanest you can get

>>268600297>pouchesthose are okay, they were good for holding me over as well but like i said earlier they've been eating away at my gums.

>>268591876marlboro golds plain and simple

GUNDANG GARAM from indonesiabest shit ever made, clover cigs

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>>268600348It's better to smoke 30 cigarettes a day than to use restricted medication to quit. I'm surprised with how much harm your people cause to themselves.

>>268600050true. kind of miss doing it come to think of it but cant find a supplier here.My mother used to grow it years ago, wasnt bad at all but she probably just needed more varieties for a good blend. will probably end up giving it a go now you bought it up.

>>268600533This shit is good, really good, but a "palheiro" is still better.

>>268598131>en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019–2020_vaping_lung_illness_outbreakOnly a dumb nigger would use a wiki page about cheap chinese CANNABIS vapes in an argument against nic vapes.

>12 dollar cigs in my countyIll never smoke again so its a good thing but I sure do miss it

>>268600400>Don't smoke op, take it from an old af fagI appreciate you brother.

Just smoke weed you retard

>>268600626yeah some paiols brands are crazy delicious>>268600533more pics

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>>268600539yeah seriously, we're fucked up.Ill never take a pill again for "mental illness"i learned the first time around

>>268600825>don't put smoke + plant in your lungs, put smoke + plant in your lungs instead

>>268591876If you're not a lazy convenience-bound retard, you can buy a pound of tobacco and 400 tubes for 20 dollars flat. Can't begin to tell you how much money I've saved.I use red pipe-cut tobacco and 100 tubes.

>>268600856They are generally very cheap, desu.And the best part is that one or two smokes are enough to deal with the urge, something you need two or three normal cigarettes.

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>>268595442That's Bullshit.You wanna prove it to yourself?Get a dollar store bottle of nail polish remover(Acetone) and pour some on a filter. It will melt because it's made out of PLASTIC.Same reason if you light one backwards it will burn...fiberglass doesn't do that.I think this bullshit misconception started with the rumor that they were putting ground fiberglass in skaol and other mouth tobaccos.That never happened either, there was never any need, and I would've worked against the company's sales since open sores in the mouth significantly SLOWS regular use.I smoke roll your own American Spirits, not shitting up the world with plastic butts is a good thing regardless.

Anyone know if these herbal clove cigarettes are any good?amazon.co.uk/Honeyrose-Products-Ltd-Herbal-Cigarettes/dp/B006GQFP16

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>>268595966>checkedL.S./M.F.T!!Camel unfiltered, Pall Mall unfiltered also are good, IF you can find them.At a certain point though, just going ahead and growing your own is going to be choice. It's not hard, there are tons of you tube videos on it, and plenty of good varieties of seeds that can be easily purchased. Grown, cured, then sliced up on a mandolin or a quality pasta maker>pic relatedThe only thing you may want to invest in is rolling papers. They are significantly cheaper in bulk.

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>>268591876Rolling your own is shit, saves money, but you should smoke less.I smoke Kool Green 100's when I smoke, best menthol and hit.

>>268591876Addiction is all part of the machine. Quit everything bad, no drugs, no drinking, it's all bad for the mind and becomes a crutch.

>>268591876Pipe smoking and cigars are the only proper way to use tobacco. No inhaling. everything else is maximum degenerate.

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>>268602521no. filters are made of cellulose. you're both wrong

>>268593974based, but you can just say players regular now. some faggot gas wagie got frustrated when I added the rich part because they stopped calling them that but john players rich is still a thing.

>>268597817Just got a pound of American from the res for 17 bucks

>>268591876Born in Calvert county, Maryland here(look up the county flag).If you can't pack it or roll it yourself, it's trash. Cig tobacco is highly processed and dried and burns hotter than proper pipe or cigar tobacco.

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Am a smoker but want to quit, and not just because Hitler hated it and wouldn't allow it around him.

>>268604545Not here, if you say players but not rich you get these disgusting shits.

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>>268604344Yes, cellulose ACETATE..A kind of plastic.you can make plastic from milk or potato starch as well...STILL PLASTIC. not petro-plastic, but I never claimed it was.Go ahead. try the acetone soak on a filter. Regular cellulose doesn't dissolve like that.So, You're wrong.