Japan is literally the worst case of a ethnostate

Prove me wrong

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>>268590152...and it's still pretty good.


>>268590152Try proving yourself right, first.

>>268590152Nah. Slide somewhere else. Saged and filtered.

>>268590152Burden of Proof, faggot.


>>268590263But africa isn't a ethnostate. >>268590332

I wish I were Japanese goddamn imagine living in a community of hygienic, healthy people working toward a common good>weeb your slurs have no effect on me

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>>268590152Reminder that jews fear the samurai

>>268590603Anime isn't real faggot.

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>>268590927Define realOh wait, you can't, everything is mere perception

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>>268591178Not u

>>268590540Rwanda is basically 90% Hutu. Also see Somalia: 85% Somali. Or Zimbabwe with is, like, 80% Shona.

>>268590603>healthy people working toward a common goodthat is bullshit but it does appeared that way in the big picture, compared to other countries

>>268590152The only thing that's really shit imo is their horrible work culture. Makes raising children an absolute nightmare and working 12+ hours is day is hell

>>268590927Based & Japonismpilled

>>268591178god you weebs have destroyed japanese culture.I remember when anime was an only asian thing, we had so many violent and gore type of anime back then you dorks came out of nowhere and ruined it with pc sjw culture.

>>268590152I never forgot about the rwandan genocide

>>268591738>>268591809A sick society that needs some healing and spirit but still miles healthier than the hospice the rest of the civilized world is in

>>268590152Haven't seen a single nigger, jew or troon for years. Feels good man.

>>268590152Japan would easily be one of the best countries in the world if not for the terrible working conditions and justice system. There isn't even a counterargument

>>268590152Israel is the worst ethnostate.They forcibly chemically castrate Ethiopian jews to preserve their pale skinned synagogues.

>>268590152Definitely the best compared to the others. Their work culture can be brutal, but they put heavy emphasis on law and order. The fact that they've managed to keep Jews and niggers out is proof enough that they are a functional and -relatively- clean society.

>>268591692And all 100% nigger.

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>>268590603miku's armpits!

>>268590152Still better than any Western European country since they’ve all had their culture put up against the wall. Japan is still Japan, for now.


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>>268590152Based anglo. Fuck mongoloids.


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>>268590152I can't. it's everything bad about cities, consumer culture, and faggotry times 10 but minus niggers, spics, and arabs

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>>268590603Same. I don't mind working my ass off, at least the japanese government wouldn't fuck me with outrageous taxes to finance welfare for refugees.

Nothing I say will convince you anyways. You just create these threads to project your opinion. This is a waste of time.

>>268590152they hold the eye of horus, they cant be too bad

>>268590263Fpbp and thread,Africa was shit before we bring them the wheel, oh wait, still is shit.

>>268590152I am Korean but even I can clearly see Japan is the most successful ethnostate. All they have to do now is get rid of their degenerate Anime culture and those who are infected by that Anime culture.

>>268596462Hi korean, thx for being based. But pls stop making kpoop

>>268591178Perception and interpretation of perceptionsPut together they are called experience or phenomenon

>>268591738>>268592199>>268596055Reminder that every nip flag on Holla Forums is either a proxyfag or weeb/gaijin/esl teacher

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>>268595894-i dont mind wasting my life on shitYeah

>>268590152Worst case of ethnostate is still better than any country with niggers.

>>268597540>significant portion of japan speaks englishfuckoff memeflag

>>268597540wow she has a magnificent penis

>>268596462I like this Kpop song, I like the kpop songs about nonsense. youtube.com/watch?v=rW9r_1ys2ec

>>268597723>american flag>profoundly ignorant Imagine my shock

>>268596462>>268596625Leaf is right Koreabro. Well actually no he isn't. Liking kpop is like a trash filter. Tattoos are a blessing in disguise because it indicates to men who not to date. Same thing with kpop

>>268590263Came to post the same. African't is pretty shit.

>>268590152If you switched bodies with a chang from japanYou would immediately wanna kill yourselfIt's infinitely harder to get women of your own race in japanWork culture will kill youYou will mostly switch bodies into your equivalent neet whom plays vidya and lives off parents.The only good thing about japan are the coooonsoomer products

>>268590603>>268591178Nips are lucky that a muttbrain like you isn't a nip

>>268597856It's a dildo, her real benis is quite smol

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japanese women are entitled and in japan men are overworked and underpaid

>>268597540Reminder that every memeflag is a kike.

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>>268600091I'm not a kike I'm a White AmericanI'm from based Ohio

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When was the last time a sand nigger strapped a bomb on his his chest and blew up a children's concert in Japan? Never. When was the last time a roving pack of menacing niggers burned down half a city in Japan? Never.Clean cities, low crime, a culture that is their own... yeah sounds terrible OP.

>>268590152Better than bongistan, muhammad


>>268594064My nigga

>>268600390Post a picture of your nose then, Shekelberg.

>>268600808Fuck you, post a pic of your nose>you won't

>>268601204Getting nervous, schlomo? I asked first so start taking pictures. Unless you're too scared.

>>268597540tons of american soldiers in okinawa posting since the whole chinese dam startedNEVER TRUST A JAPAN FLAG

>>268601486Post nose>>268601497american soldiers are gaijin too you stupid faggot

>>268591692And Rwanda totally doesn't have a Tutsi problem, and there totally wasn't a genocide.

>>268590152Japan is everything degenerate dialed to 11 but without multiracialism

>>268590263we're talking about human beings here user


>>268590927damn you really owned him, redditor

>>268590152Japan’s pretty comfy, and other than the space issue, was pretty much better than the us in every way. US does have more space and better nature overall though.

>>268601820>Trust me, I'm white!

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>>268601882>literally my point

>>268590263GOT EM!

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>>268597540technically true but most Jap flags I see on here are all "JAPAN IS COLLAPSING, IT'S DYING, READ THIS SHITTY BLOG THAT POSTS PICS OF TINY HOMO MARCHES ONCE A YEAR"

>>268597540>>268603574Also, remove memeflag

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>>268590263Africa isn’t an ETHNO-state, it’s a species-state

>>268602562>everyone i don't like is a jew

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Japan and New Zealand will be the where all the smart money goes before the coming war

>>268590152>year of our lord 2020>still no jgfjdimsa

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>>268600390sorry, using memeflag and being white is mutually exclusive, enjoy being a nigger

>>268591864This. The second Westerners got into anime in the early 2000’s was when it began going to shit. You never saw a nigger in anime until 10-15 years ago. Japanese movies/tv/etc were the one form of media untouched by the niggers’ beastly presence.Everything the modern (((West))) touches turns to shit. Entire industries are turned into factories for producing nigger worship propaganda.

>>268590152>no spics, niggers, or dune coons>very low crime, long life expectancy>strong sense of nationalismsign me up m8

>>268602562>Trust me, I'm white!Yes. Now post nose>>268603611>remove memeflaglol no>>268604074No I am whiteI wouldn't just tell lies on the internet, that would be immoral

>>268590263FPBPhere’s your “L” OP

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>>268598986there are worse existences svenLike being so buttmad about burger dominance you solved a captcha just to let me know about your seethe. Try attempting a joke next time.

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>>268592199you japs need to change this racism. we are eager to come to your country and teaching the western value. blacks people will help you midget japs to excel in sports. football, basketball etc2. We will help your low birth rate as well. Give us some japs thots and we'll breed them like a fucking cows