It's over

The wokeness has spread too far, it is impossible to get out. West Point is sending out memos to address toxic masculinity and whiteness. The federal government is paying for anti-racist white fragility lessons from weirdos with pronouns in their bios, UNDER Trump. He has not even delayed the is coming. At this point the only option is the red states start a serious secession movement and pull it off before the full-scale race war or communist revolution.

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>>268589731Every cop, district attorney, judge and politician in the US needs to be fucking murdered and dismembered

>>268589731Yeah, the kikes won a long time ago.

>>268589731that commie revolution is election 2020, so you best hurry witht hat secession movement fren, anything i can do to help?


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>>268591707>>268589731I hope you're planning on helping out

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>>268589731he doesn't have a blue checkmark. I only read tweets from blue checkmarks.

Kill?! Is the ONLY language they know is KILL?

>>268591878this is the worst place in the country and you hill folk can die in a fire

>>268592023As low as low intelligence cowards like you stay away we'll be alright.

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>>268591569Nah, just a few teams armed with .30-06 or similar to strike major regional power substations around the US. Cities will devolve into anarchy after just 3 days without power.

>>268591569Derp okay! Where do I sign up mr.FBI??? - Note: I hereby release the FBI from any entrapment charges -

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>>268592178i love how thoroughly hill folk think thru their plans, step 1 arrive at the hills, step 2 done

>>268589731>Implying "diversity trainings" aren't just a cheap way to placate the left while doing nothing

>>268592381And then what? What happens to all the ports that bring in food and fuel? What happens to the truckers that deliver all the goods to every smalltown in America? This isn't the early 1900s where every town can pick out the field their grocery store items grew in. Whites/the right need more than "kill the power and watch them eat each other".

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>>268592564What the hell are you talking about?

>>268589731>UNDER Trump. He has not even delayed the rot.I would think he is trying to be as legal as possible. But he's just one man. How is one guy supposed to solve the nation's problems? That's why we have the 1A and 2A, and those two things are being subverted left and right. Trump might not even care, or he might care deeply, either way things seem to be getting worse.Seem to be. Again, the MSM is a tool of manipulation, it is not there to inform you. Operation Mockingbird? The CIA has agents in the MSM, and has had them there since the 50s or 60s. The federal government can just outright lie to us, and so this pretty much invalidates any FOIA requests if they can just lie and be justified. What good is a government that isn't transparent, or can just arbitrarily give itself more power? Because of some silly declared emergency?

>>268592668It's a hard reset. There is no alternative at this point. Biopsy doesnt work when the cancer has spread to the bones.

>>268589731lel willl eat these fags for breakfast when shit hits the fan

USA is truly gone


>>268592564>PNW>hill folkwut

>>268592867What you're talking about is a near global holodomor. The famine that will strike America will continue around the world. This is more than a hard reset, this smashing the machine and then trying to make fire with the pieces. >>268592982Yes, the Northwest Front, and actual organized group and plan. What are you talking about with "hillfolk" autism?

>>268593012have you been there? the cities are isolated and surrounded by vast areas of hill folk everywhere else

>>268592820To be against diversity training, you first have to openly oppose Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. Has Trump ever signaled his opposition to any of that, or has he rather shamelessly pandered to the black and feminist vote?

>>268593221hurr durr the hills will sustain us indefintely and then we'll have a huwhite kingdom of plenty and peace to infinityyea, sure great plan genius, don't you have a goat to cuddle?

>>268592582Bullshit. What actually happens:Briefings, and potentially reprimands for a couple of years while the diversity is taking hold.Afterwards, COs force their subordinates to hold private soldiers, sailors, and airmen to account the moment they say anything about a woman under their command or globohomo. Reason: You heard the briefings, conduct unbecoming.If you think this is nothing, you haven't had to deal with this shit before.

>>268593221Why PNW? Better place would be somewhere like Iowa or Nebraska with plenty of fresh water and farmland.

>>268593448This.Pretty much makes you hate diversity even more.

>>268593591>landlocked flyover trash thinks PNW doesn't have water or farmlandkek

>>268593221As long as people are fed and have entertainment they will do nothing as the world degrades and falls around them. Leftism is a virus that spreads via complacency. It's too late to stop the media as its already fully infiltrated and maintained by the Jews. The alternative is disruption of either the food supply or modern comforts.Change through education, protests, or social measures has failed and will continue to fail.

>>268591841LMAO fucking scared pussy americans always with this glow shit, nigga there aint no political, philosophical, religious, peaceful solution to our kike problem, accept it

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>>268593351>noooo, don't network and make plans with people you know and trustWhy are you here nigger?

>>268591878>Implying those whites in Idaho aren't planning your commie destruction down to the city block (in Minecraft)Do you know where the real far right live? Do you know where Ruby ridge is?

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>>268591878*gets Yellowstone'd*

>>268593351>hurr durr the hills will sustain us indefintelyBe honest user, have you read anything about the NWF or are you just basing everything you know about the map I posted and whatever the hell you know about "hillfolk". Do you even know about the Butler plan? Or why that area has been chosen for the last 50 years?>>268593591>Why PNW?'ll tell you if you don't care to watch>Far from the population centers of the East Coast and Midwest>Defensible Mountains, forests, and deserts>vast arable land and timber>low population so any migrant in the voting period makes a disproportionate impact>already majority White and right wing outside of the major port cities>port cities can be taken leading to trade with Asia and Russia while being safe from Euro-American naval power projection>hazardous spics provide a natural barrier to American power projection as they have their own concerns in nuAztlan >Large amount of pre-built infrastructure means White migrants don't have to live in tents or on the street >>268594188>commie destructionAnon, what flag is the map. >>268594261Yellowstone means we all die genius.

>>268594132i didn't say anything about not networking or not making plans, i said your network is shit folk and your plans are braindead idiocy

>>268594324I'm moving to Idaho in a couple months. All those reasons are why I chose it over the midwest or the South.

>>268589731And of course it’s being pushed by yet another Yid. Of fucking course.

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>>268589731red states are run by "conservative" cuckolds who do whatever liberals tell them, just five years later.

>>268594324yes user, i lived there for years, and know quite a bit about the plans you reference, they are braindead idiocy propagated by some of the worst, most useless and selfish people in the countrythe one and only chance they have of ever working is in a nuclear holocaust that somehow spares silicon valley

>>268591569This. But Holla Forums unironically believes that if you kill your enemies, they win. Maybe next generation.

>He hasn't delayed the rotWhen are actual posters on this board going to figure out Trump was a plant this entire time.

>>268592668Death is the only option now. There is no going back. Its a hard reset. Life will be like The Book of Eli movie.

>>268594535Good lad. Make connections, real ones. And I don't mean through some honeypot or on snitch domain like discord or telegram. Read the novels when you get a chance.>>268594687And so your plan is to what? Earlier you said you were a secessionist, what part of America could possibly be better?

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Cry some more faggot.

>>268589731These are agencies under the Executive Branch.Why is Trump allowing this shit?

>>268594926what i said earlier was i'd be willing to support the kind of secession movement OP mentioned, i'm not a secessionist in the traditional sense because what i advocate is the creation of a state/military external to the states and then using that to conquer the westbut i don't actually promote this to americans because on the whole they are worthless and would rather die for their piles of pussy juice and clay than fight to win

>>268594797There's too many shills and the mods are absolutely fucking useless or part of them. Shitposting is justified but this organized attack the last few years is bullshit

>>268593448>>268593737Yeah it turns "My girlfriend's being a stupid bitch today. Anyways, let's load these trucks" into "He no longer has a career because a woman overheard what he said, and because you didn't report him you're being demoted."It stifles any actual work getting down

>>268595177Contrary to what you've been told, the President has the least amount of power in the federal government. Most of the federal government is made up of unelected career bureaucrats who don't care who's President.

This is the kind of swamp shit Trump should be fighting.

>>268594868I don't like thinking about it. Imagine the fallout, aside from the actual fallout. >America is reduced to 10 million people at most>Africa's booming population pays the bloody price, either falling on each other for food and material or moving on like the Migration period of the Roman Empire>tidal waves of arabs and negroes flood over the Levant and Southern Europe like a locust plague>the elderly and disarmed population of Europe reduced by famine and civil inserrection put up what fight they can>all the machines and goods that made fields produce multitudes beyond their normal means are gone>entire nation-states reduced to ashes, armies and police division loyal to no-one but their stomachs I don't want to even predict the rest of the world.

>>268593255I'm going with pandering. Doesn't matter though.

>>268594797Lol. I laughed, I'll give you that, but you're being obtuse. When the tar baby dictator of leafland made that asinine comment, he was saying that people who kill their enemies have been beaten, because now they're a very bad evil immoral goy. When Holla Forums says it, we mean that it will be tactically ineffective at achieving its stated purpose. So yes, in a sense, when you kill your enemies, they win.

>>268594797Lmao we would be the ones getting v& right now if we listened to faggots like you.

>>268593952The "jews" are not a monoculture, there are problems within.

>>268594324Running for new ground has been the white plan for decades now and look at the nigger population. I can't stand you flighty faggots

>>268595463classic braindead hill folk believing technology is magic at the hands of the overlords

>>268595827Yeah, like inbreeding.

>>268593221>What you're talking about is a near global holodomor. The famine that will strike America will continue around the worldAnd there's no escaping it. Embrace the fall of Kali Yuga. It's a good thing!

>>268592564Hill folk take the high ground.

>>268595872Again, what the hell are you talking about? You think that in a situation where America is brought into a civil war that the shipments of fuel and spare parts are going to magically appear? Or that America's navy is still going to be patrolling the waters of the world like it has been since the 90s? also>technology is magicNo, technology is expensive to maintain. It requires sophisticated logistical lines to continue to work, and training in order to work it. All depending on what technology it is we're talking about. user, I'm really concerned you are actually retarded and trying to project it on to "hillfolk". >>268595866Have fun waiting for Hitler as your demographics keep sinking. Fags like you have no plan and hate anyone that actually wants the best for White people. You'd rather have Americans live like Boers and Rhodesians rather than give them a country of their own all for your oversized pride.

>>268596561what is expensive and difficult to maintain is the jew bullshit you believe is technology, which is actually deliberately designed as such to create jobs and keep average people from understanding basic scienceamerica, and every major nation in earth has huundreds of years of readily accessible fuel, and the means to feed themselves indefinitely without the help of any navy or international trade

>>268596561>minecraft.exe>militias_mod.exe>nigger_genocide_mod.exeWhy do boomers choose to play vanilla minecraft

Anything goes

>>268591569you're right but talking about it precludes anyone from actually doing it.people have to make the discovery themselves, then act on it themselves, without outside influence from friendly federal agents like yourself

>>268591569and jews as well

>>268592908Yeah it’s great

>>268597099yea sure fed, we'll just stay atomized and individuated to make us nice and easy to pick off

>>268594324>>268594324I’m from Bellingham and want to join but no one has invited me. Can you please add me on discord I want to join the PNWFGemma Fullwood#5657

>>268596883And you believe that in the middle of America having major revolts in most of it's port cities and internal arable land, that somehow the supply lines created and maintained by hundreds of thousands of people are going to switch over to full autarky with no flaws whatsoever. Listen to yourself. Globalization is designed to punish whoever tries to breakaway. Our economies, that being agriculture, factories, workforce, aren't designed to do what you think is possible. Does America possess amble fuel and farmland? YesCan it suddenly switch over to a full manufacturing, fertilizer producing, large-scale farm having nation overnight? NoCan it do the above in the middle of massive civil unrest and potential revolution/civil war? NO>>268596936You know absolutely nothing about how revolutions are fought and won. You sound like an atomwaffen faggot that thinks random killings are going to make you a demon possessed ubermensch.

>>268593952Literal cartel state. Clean your penis before checking out our penis ese.

>>268595934The worst kind. Talmudic institutionalizes child rape. It desensitizes the children, changes their already screwed up brains from being circumcised. Genuinely feel bad for them. Imagine being born into that...

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>>268597625you have absolutely no clue about farming or fertilizer production, do you? can you admit that to yourself at least? that youre a braindead idiot hill folk that talks out of his ass as if he knows anything besides how to cuddle his goat and chop down a tree? america will never have major revolts, but if it does, food and fuel will only be a front line issue, ie how fast you can get them to the front, not an issue whatsoever in their base supply

>>268589731Just the start of the late stages of collapse.IMO, it is a good thing the military is becoming a joke. After the collapse of this country, then it will be easier to form new countries from the rubble. Never forget: the military and police are the violent thugs that keep this anti-white male system going. The weaker the military and police, then the stronger white men are in comparison.

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>>268589731>mentions Critical Race TheoryAt least someone is finally naming the Jew.

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>>268598932Bullshit most of the military fighting force are white males, they want us out of there so they can give all the darkies tanks and javelins and sheeeiiit. Take revenge on whitey, because muh communism is so based.

>>268598097You have a strange fascination with men having sex with animals. Aside from your fetish you still can't grasp the concept of supply lines and transportation. >america will never have major revoltsWhat the hell do you call the last few weeks? Truckers were considering boycotting cities where they were getting jumped. What happens when Trump wins again or some other nigger dies oddly? Or any other spark like the ones going on in Oregon currently? By God you are the dumbest poster on the board pretending to look down on "hillfolk".

>>268599718confusing jew led nigger riots with major revolts and you call me stupid? the supply line to your brain must be severed

>>268599921You've tried and failed everytime to grasp the most basic concepts. These riots aren't going away you led licking moron. Cities have been gutted, police forces defunded. This was larger than the rodney king riots or MLk riots by far and its not going away. What's going to happen in August, November, or even beyond? You're so completely brainded you can't even consider what's going to happen 5 minutes from now much less 5 months. Before you post again try getting a triple digit IQ you kike-slave idiot.

>>268600498hurr durr da riots are foreversure buddy, your goat is crying from lack of cuddles

>>268592178Nobody lives in those red areas despite it taking up more space!

>>268599207Niggers and cunts are a joke, and would only damage themselves and the military. So I hope the military becomes 100% niggers and cunts.LMAO the military equipment barely works due to affirmative action subhumans working for the contractors. Recently an almost 2 billion dollar ship was burned to scrap steel due to contractors and the military's incompetence. This 22 year old ship that cost almost 2 billion dollars will probably be replaced with a lesser ship that costs 8 billion dollars. The military is a pathetic joke and it is getting more pathetic by the day.

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>>268601888The LHA America class ships are going to cost an estimated 3.4 billion (2015) dollars each, not 8 billion. Still the military is a joke: billion dollar destroyers getting rammed buy cargo ships, mind sweepers running aground, subs being burned to scrap, 2 billion dollar LHDs being destroyed by idiots. F-35s that are total shit... and more.

>>268595446They seem to have a lot of power when liberals get in. Obama got the IRS to audit every Republican for example and made millionaires of the black people shot in the church by Roofy boy.

>>268589731ARA and American Troubles soon?

>>268602513That's because our government is infested with Communists. It doesn't have to do with Obama. They've been there for decades.

>>268589731The government is filled with pedophiles

>>268601888Just hope people defect with equipment to protect their families and states, because if not they'll just use it against us.

>>268594188>CheckedDeserves full version.

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>>268591569get a load of this kike. you think all of the gov employees are on board with this commie jew shit? lines of division are being drawn, even within the federal gov. that's a sign things are going down hill real quick.

>>268589731People like this are the real enemy.

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>>268591569You’re not wrong. But where are the men willing to do it? Nowhere. If people started going hungry maybe we’d clean up the filth

>>268604466All the good guys were suicided or fired from government a long time ago. Ex. JFK>>268604033Jfl the state and local governments are the same bullshit