8values thread

Post them.

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am i doing it right boys

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>>268588884can you link where i take it


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>>268591700That label is bs tho

>>268590776It is up to us to save the world

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>>268588884>get datamined scrubs

And I still disagree with the left

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>>268590776>capitalist fascismCringe. Almost an oxymoron considering what actual idealism dictates.

>>268588884Niggers are burning our cities down and Jews are laughing their asses off as they institute their final plan. Meanwhile 4chan is doing a political compass quiz like this is 2014.

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>>268593446>our cities>implying we care about a nigger infested shithole burning

i got normal Fascism can i still save the world >>268592477>>268590776

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>>268593712It's not about what's being burned. It's about sending a message. These anti-white riots are escalating. Also pretty sure these threads are just used for data mining, but I got fascism. Sometimes I'll retake and get monarchism despite saying strongly disagree to hereditary rulers.

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>>268593364>>capitalist fascism>Cringe. Almost an oxymoron considering what actual idealism dictates.It can be an oxymoron considering current year but I support capitalism without the faggy jewy things and I don’t like the decadence in society. Economics is secondary to my ideology.

>>268595264secondary for my ideology*

>>268593026You’re a faggot


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The only correct answer

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>>268588884Data mining thread.

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at least am not a fascist kek

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>>268595567How did you get fascist when im more nationalist than you? What options do you choose.

>>268595819No you are a faggot.

I think I might actually be retarded

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>>268588884The chinks have made me so much more nationalist over the past few weeks.

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I don’t even know what this is as a result

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>>268595689>good chunk of Holla Forumsacks are right of center>somehow calls this incredible find data miningGo read a book in a busy intersection.

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>>268596483The ones that hitler taught me to realize are correct

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>>268591700same, second option was feudalism. I took it more of as the kind of constitutional monarchy the German Empire was.

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>>268590600thanks, always looking for more to add to >>268597520

>>268590600please do us a favor and kill yourself

>>268597345Based. Autocracy is still based right?

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>>268588884Wack op wack good for the ABCs to get my info

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>>268596949It’s theocratic distribution.

Does anyone have the name of the political ideology quiz that is similar to the political compass, but which gives more accurate results along with a cultural scale 1D axis in the results (ranging from "progressive" to "conservative"?

>>268597520>INTPHonest questionHave you ever had a job?

>>268591700Not a thing anymore?

>>268596707A man of taste I see

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>>268598418>imagine thinking ANYONE on Holla Forums has ever had a job

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>>268588884Odd. I got fascism when i did this years ago.

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I prefer 9Axes

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>>268588884i feel gay now

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>>268588884I'm a chauvinist but I didn't need this stupid test to tell me that

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at least im not a centrist

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>>268588884I AM NAZI.

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War time baby

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>>268588884The fuck is this shit?


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>>268600619Based. I got fascist,im a NatSoc, but close enough right?

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The questions weren’t nuanced enough

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>>268601955I believe that there's need to be balance, you leave the market to it's own and degenerates will come with degenerate shit, you control to much you become a communist.


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Haven't taken it in a while and never got this before.

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>>268596707My nigga

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