New Nationalist Party

Mike Enoch announces that a new american nationalist party will emerge soon. Will you join them?

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unironically yes

>>268588783yes. if its serious.fuck dems. fuck republicucksfuck cuckservativesfuck drumppppfffftfuck jannies

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>>268588783>>268588873>>268589005cool, i wish you good luck frens.

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>>268588783False, Mike would never support an amnat party

>muh good optics>says niggers every 5 seconds>entire shows dyneing the holocaust>go to charlotsvilleand the list goes on

>>268588783he's just doing a meme, you'll see white identity politics once whites are truly pushed against a wall and it's kill or be killed. I like their idea of not being "american nationalists" since the american idea is fucking dead.


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Well this honestly isn't what I was hoping they were working on. I was really hoping it was going to be something ambitious like a pro-white ADL or a bank for payment processors. I think they're really going to struggle with this idea, because donations to political parties are done under public names, and open to Americans only (I think). It's going to be even harder than normal to fundraise.

>>268588783striker alluded to this on FTN last week. But I'll believe it when I see it. I think you guys underestimate how stupid, apathetic and even fearful NPC normies are. IF normies are afraid to say "I'm voting Trump" at work for fear of being ostracized or fired, what makes you thinkt hat they will ever vote for an American nationalist party? They won't.

>join a jewKill yourself.

>>268590781>>muh good optics>>says niggers every 5 seconds>>entire shows dyneing the holocaust>>go to charlotsville>and the list goes onThe normie brain will shut down immediately if they see / hear any of that from them.

>>268591749 >>268591980Yeah the problem with making political parties like this is that it brings the whole system down upon them.If of course, they make stupid moves, like talking to the media. Or doing mass normie appeals. Or public marches, it will be partially bad for them. If they stick solely to the social side, building up connections and friendship and don't do these bold-self sabotaging moves, they should be alright. On the other hand, if it is strategic, it may be very smart, since I believe in America you can't be fired for political affiliation, which opens up employers for lawsuits if anyone is fired.Another downside is that the government might simply classify them as a criminal gang and start going after members of the party. Don't expect the government to not do evil shit.This means the party might have to have only a handful of 'members' and a great many supporters. >>268592060People are more open to strong morally certain language then you would think. Given this current time, people are more willing to listen to '''radical''' talk.Nevertheless, what your are referring to is a grand catch 22 scenario. Should the language be watered down to appeal to normies and thus lose a lot of it's potency, or be strong language that would alienate many people?Is it better to have many people weakly believing something or a few people strongly believing something?That's the choice many people have to make.

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>>268588783>split the vote on the right to ensure consistent far-left wins in every electionkike confirmed

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>>268593285>I believe in America you can't be fired for political affiliation,Incorrect.

>>268593497Ah right it is only some states.>In Washington State, it’s illegal to retaliate against employees for failing to support a candidate, ballot position or political party. Some states, like California, Colorado, New York, North Dakota and Louisiana, say it’s illegal to retaliate against an employee for their off-duty participation in politics or political campaigns.

>>268588783Did I ever tell you about my nephew Mike the NAZI

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>>268591051The American idea was dead the moment you cut ties with the British.. now you get what you deserve you disloyal, ungrateful faggots..

>>268593496found the jew

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>>268588783naturally, the person to announce this is a self admitted jew.


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>>268589005based luthor.

>>268588783The supply lines are breaking and America will soon balkanize. If there are national parties they will be for regional states.

>>268595590>Found the jewLets ignore Virginia.

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>>268597529implying this is not a one party state

The time is quickly approaching where a party centered on specifically white interests (as opposed to implicit but never fullfilled white interests such as the GOP) will be able to thrive. It wont "win" but it is going to be a massive force leading up to the next civil war.

What a shit low effort thread


>>268588783>political solutions

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>>268594943t protestant who can’t accept he’s a nigger when he stands next to catholics

>>[email protected]

>>268588783Will he let Evola traditionalist in or no.

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What would be a good name for the party?

>>268588783>Mike EnochNo, I'm not joining the white-identitarian target-list being set up by a crypto-Jew.

>>268594943but you're getting the exact same thing

>>268598468ranch party

>>268588783>liiterallywho sez>electoral politics You are a cancer- and AIDS-ridden faggot., and I hope that the misery that is your life ends soon.

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Fuck off Mike you irrelevant commie faggot jew.

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>>268588783Doesn’t this dude have a Jewish wife?

>>268588783No because i don’t believe in retard rallies. This is just as bad asSargon and the Liberalists. Fuck off fed

>>268588783isnt this guy a jew?.....its a trap


>>268593496>on the rightThe GOP is anti-white and thus anti-America.

>>268594943cutting ties from the jewish bank that controlled your cucked island was based, but americucks didn't keep the jew bankers away for long. RIP Andrew Jackson, the last American.

I'll join anything, I just wan some frens

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>>268588783What is the platform?

>>268588783What's the point of committing social suicide rather than making babies?

>>268591307Yes the age old a kike bashing Judaism and claiming to be a white nationalist It’s sabotaged from the get go

>>268599082Why do people keep calling him a Jew when he's clearly one of the biggest anti-semites of our time. Anti-semite being a person who's honest about Jews. Your image is retarded

>>268588783FakeBullshitIncorporated>What is entrapment

>>268593285>Is it better to have many people weakly believing something or a few people strongly believing something?It has to be the latter. With the former the people you are supposed to be convincing will constantly waver in their beliefs and are very open to liberal subversion. A nationalist movement needs a strong vanguard of people who will never waver in their beliefs and that's what will also eventually attract the normies once the system becomes weak enough.

>>268597529It would only take one ''''vote''' to undo this mistake, but it would be costly for both the politician and the voter.

1) Mike Enoch promised to never attempt becoming a leader of the movement.2) This will only undermine the republican vote, third parties are shit3) These people have far too much baggage, you need an untainted third party with access to funding to pull this off.

>>268588783>a literal jew

>>268600203This is correct.The ascendant answer is to see that a small number of people who believe strongly will pull a large number of people who believe weakly.Where as a large number of people who believe something weakly will have a hard time sticking to their opinions, let alone influencing more people.

>>268600383The republicans need to appeal to White people, rather then doing these FAKE stunts that get people excited only to quietly do the opposite a few days later.

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>>268600383>This will only undermine the republican voteSo? What have Republicans ever done for White people? We've gone from 90% White with interracial marriage outlawed to 56% White with child drag queens by voting for republicans. Now we have gop cucks defending gay marriage as a conservative institution.

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>>268600749It sounds to me like you are cynically being used by the other side to help undermine the republicans. Who created this idea for you? Because it's a bad one. The real politic takes place within the party. You need to coup the republicans, and you have been marginally successful doing that. There are lots of people embedded in the Republican party right now with your ideas. It's not a majority, but you just need to work harder, and stop getting your people doxxed. You keep losing these battles, you need to stop losing

>>268600383>the republicansImpyling they're not shit? They're conservatives aka less liberal liberals. But they still are liberals and thus the enemy of Western civilization.>an untainted third partyThis will never happen, the media will always smear any true opposition to liberalism. If the message is true, though, this shouldn't even matter. Look what Trump accomplished despite the media attacking him 24/7 during the election campaign.

>Mike "I worked for the tech Jews" Enoch>Mike "I married a kike" EnochThis would be like taking Matthew Heimbach seriously. They all cuck eventually.

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>>268588783you need strong nationalist partyit won't get in power but will keep pressure from the rightUKIP in UK did this - they didn't get into power but managed to get us brexit anyway

>>268588783Is the fat cringy slob in a trailer park love triangle or the fat cringy slob with a jewish wife and mixed race siblings? I can't keep all these embarrassing right wing internet personalities straight anymore

>>268601206No, the US political system only allows for 2 parties. Third party is nonviable

>>268588783Not if hes going to be such a pussy about labeling it AMERICAN NATIONALISM. Sounded like such a faggot.

>>268600963>dude just slow march through the republican party over the coming decades and eventually you might have enough crypto-nazis to take over the party lmaoNo, cuck. We don't have decades to waste AND the republican party is designed and controlled by jews to prevent any such infiltration from taking place. You can't out-sneak the jews, you have to directly confront them.

>>268601458If you think the Republican party is bad now, just wait until they devote all their resources to destroying you. Which is exactly what would happen if you became a third party

>>268597983>revolution isn't political in natureGo ahead and start a peasant rebellion with zero political legitimacy. That works out.

>>268601266Untrue, but ingrained.

>>268600111DESU even if he were a Jew there's a nonzero chance that he understands that that the Zionist will leave Jews in an impossible to escape position, even if everything goes exactly as planned.

>>268600383>This will only undermine the republican voteGood. Fuck child raping homosexual anti-whites. Which means fuck you, too.

>>268602130the way the US system works, power is not shared. So if you split the vote for your own side, you just hand the election to the other side. This is a known flaw in the US system. Parliamentary systems don't have this flaw, they can have innumerable parties

No, it's not worth sacrificing my optics, and time that could be better spent on self improvement.

>>268591051What do any american ideas have to do with the american nation you idiot?

I thought this was the guy fucking bnai brith

>>268588783Why do these retards keep trying?The result will be the same EVERY TIME.There are literally 2 avenues you have to implement legitimate nationalistic control of a country:1. Start with local communities, encourage good behavior and values from a young age. Start youth groups and give people a sense of community and purpose. Don't be overtly political. These people will naturally drift towards conservative and traditionalist values2. Consistent terrorist attacks on all critics

>>268602713Getting a membership doesn't really "sacrifice your optics".

Why are all white nationalist leaders jobless losers