ProTip: Anti-Racist is dog whistle for anti-White

If all Whites are racist and you’re an “anti-Racist“, then by definition you’re anti-White. It’s obvious their ultimate goal is persecution,enslavement, and genocide.

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>>268583907Well considering you have a pic of a some nice fine white gals, it is no surprise they and ((You)) want to enslave whites, I mean that pic is going to lure god how many number of niggers.

I see boobies

>>268583907Those girls look like they get shit on by arabs for money lol.

wowie zowie! I would fuck all these bitches.

>>268584191this photo will lure more niggers I bet

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>>268583907Fuck, fuck, marry, kill


Yeah, somewhere along the line Liberals started hating Europeans...

>>268584547Wait now that I see the look in her eyes I’m gonna change it:Marry, fuck, fuck crazy hard, kill

>>268583907Which one? I would really have a difficult time choosing?

>>268583907history repeatsmy guess the next shoah thing will be against whiteslook at the idiots today & tell me what is different from the jews in 1930 germany ignoring what is happening and beleiving the b.s. until surprise - it's too latesad

>>268584646>>268584573>>268584547>>268584491>>268584425>>268584284>>268584277>>268584191>>268583907Every whore is a race traitor.Every liberal is a white hater.Every nigger is a coward.

>>268584491HAAHAHAHAHHA, I can just imagine a nigger diving into her quadruple rolls, the nig nog will represent a war vet running in a foreign jungle ((her)).

They can’t come out and say it openly yet, so they are just Sayma he “anti-racist” (for now). When they have acquired more power, they will force us to wear a yellow cross on our clothing.

>>268583907one day you zoomers will learn the difference between code words and dog whistles, maybe, but probably not cuz you are horribly brain damaged and retarded

>>268584547fuck, fuck,fuck,fuck


>>268583907MADE FOR BBC


>>268583907You just figured this out kek

>no one cares

>>268584958Why is the one on the far right so ugly to you?

>>268583907>Anti-Racist is dog whistle for anti-WhiteIt's not even a dog-whistle. They openly say that only Whites can be racist. btw all those roasties have HPV

>>268584958You’re fucking high mate:3>1>2>4

>>268583907Can you say something that is not that obvious to this mutt here?

>>268584743White obv


>>268585057Think you read it wrong. Nations went to war over broads like the far right one. Dear lord the babys she could make.

>>268585073Proof? I have it to so idgaf


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>>268583907All built for BBC.

>>268583907I love whitesI love blacksI love brownscome at me pol/lacks

>>268584491That fat pig can't die of fat related diseases fat enough.


>>268585159Red has best baby making genetics. Those tits could feed an entire family. Black has mosquito bites.

>>268584491a warzone, a chaos invasion (nurgleite)

American whites have no culture and the country is just mega-corporations and fast food. What's the point of saving it?

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>>268585159Based and childbearingpilled.

>>268585159oh sorry, but yeah she is amazing look at those big hips MMMMMMMM

4 is the high test option and unironically is probably the most pleasant girl there, you can tell from her eyes and smile

>>268585244These traitors can have their black dick. It will mean suffering for them in the end.



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>>268585609I want to put 1’s tits on 4’s body

>>268584931Big Boy Caliphate for anyone curious of the acronym

Far right has better face but far left has better body

>>268583907Equality is supremacy


>>268583907Who is 2nd from the left? My god I am in love

>>268583907where are these bitches from? can't reverse on mobile

>>2685839072, 3, 1, 4

>>268585805Totally, I thought the same.



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>>2685839073>1=4>2Also, while I do agree with you, the irony here is that it's often white idiots who make these sorts of claims.

>>268583907What brand of bras/undies are they modelling? I want to purchase

>>268586342Lmao at that unproportionate retard on the left that has done nothing but cheat and arms

>>268586342>womenLook good if they dont eat like pigs >MenLook good if they put in 90 minutes of gym time 5 days a weekAnd yet women cant stop bitching

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>>268586342I would let far right breed me and throw me away I don't even care if he helps me raise the baby I just want his cum inside of me.


>>268586717>menlook good to who exactly?

>>268583907I'm sure if people moved to China and complained about the place being too "asian" that would go over well with Xi's cronies.These arguments need to be shot down and their proponents chased from the public forum.

>>268584958confirmed for not white


>>268584284I'd shit on them for free.

Time to start spreading the word boys. Anti-Racist is code word for anti-White. Then sit back, stay comfy, and watch Leftist heads short circuit and explode.

>>268583907unpopular opinion: i would unironically fuck each of those girls right in the butt

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>>268583907This whole thread has the same replies and pics like every other night. What’s the point of an automatic thread like this?




for me, it's all 4 at the same time


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>>268587999Checked and based

>>268587999Holy based.Would you let them spit lube you first, or drypry those asscheeks open and just destroy that shit.

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>>268583907What's the name of the one on the right?

>>268584491Unironically, yes. They won't find the woman attractive, per se; it's the whiteness they like. Fucking a big fat white landwhale is soothing to the negroid mind, like a baby sucking on a pacifier.


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>>268587866/pol/ doing G-d's work

>>268586661Yeah bro elbows too pointy as though he wouldn't be considered in really good shape by 99.9% of women.

>>268583907nice pic, but the photographag needs to learn about lighting and framing

>>268585609her tiktok: is a dumb girl that listens to gross nigger music

>>268583907This was all predicted 45 years ago in "The Turner Diaries".

>>268588924their genes inherently know that reproducing with even a very low quality white woman will improve themselves so they can't resist it

>>268584491Gorilla wars.


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>>268583907>It’s obvious their ultimate goal is persecution,enslavement, and genocide.The 'whiteness' euphemisms really make it obvious. 'Slit the throat of whiteness,' 'abolish whiteness,' 'the legacy of whiteness must not be allowed to reproduce itself,' 'whiteness must be banished to history.'

>>268591328you son of a bitch

>>268583907I mean if that wasn't obvious enough already then the fact they've gone and said that only white people can be racist then it should be clear as day to you.

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>>268583907I would jizz my pants just by being in the same room as them

>>268583907good Lord, I would die happy of brain hemorrage after exploding in pleasure, on and in at least 2 of them

>>268583907I'll go with the one on the far right because she has the best face, and because thick thighs and small tits is kind of a hot combo.

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>>268583907we're pretty far along this now

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>>268591410We must systematically exterminate whiteness by gassings and beheadings in the name of tolerance. But like metaphorical beheadings obviously is what I mean. >Oh so the Pozen speech you like to use about Himmler saying we must eradicate jewry from Europe is also in that context?NO YOU RACIST BIGOT FUCKING RACIST! I HATE WHITE PEOPLE

>>268592029We are at 8 and no one can debate that fact.

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>>268583907i hate stumpy girls I love my 5'11" scand gf

>>268592631What the fairy tale holocaust of Jews, was really just a metaphoric story to depict what is happening to our race. Just change the word jew to white when reading holocaust propaganda and you see exactly what is being done.

>>268588109To waste your time, pools warmer elsewhere.

>>268584800Niggers are going to pop you and make you think you're a girl like those beta ass Holla Forums posters.


>>268583907>>268591328I recognize one of them from tiktok, Katie Lordahl i think is her name. She's cute but pretty average for Florida.

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>>2685839071,3, ......... 2, 42 and 4 are pretty gross.

>>268593852there are quite a few fake blondes, most are brunettes dying their hair, at least they have blue and hazel eyes.


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>>268594790>>268583907 >>268594690 >>268594743

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>>268587320yourself brah, we are all gonna make it.

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>>268594858>>268594790>>268583907>>268594690 >>268594743~Definition Of Politics~Politics = Being with Beings~NOT~Ideology (x)~Therefore if~-We cannot express Collective Identity based upon the perception of color-Color cannot express Collective identity-Color cannot be identity -Color is the opposite of identity~It is then true that~-The Color Category of identity prevents collective identity and is a barrier to expression of collective agency-The Color Category of Identity must be constantly reinforced among the population because lies must be repeated to be accepted as true-We must force those who oppose us to recognize our True Collective Identity by expressing Collective Moral Agency~Your opposition will~-Do everything possible to reinforce The Color Category of Identity from every angle-Do everything possible to prevent the self discovery of True Collective Identity-Require you to submit to The Color Category of Identity-Illegitimate power requires avoidance of accountability-Illegitimate power requires the absence of your agency to make collective moral judgments-Illegitimate power requires the absence of truth-by-consensus -Illegitimate power requires the absence of self-knowledge-Illegitimate power requires an unwillful following of dependence on illegitimate power-Illegitimate power requires consent to illegitimate power*Illegitimate power requires the absence of TRUE Collective Identity*Illegitimate power requires the absence of Collective Moral Agency~Therefor~Identity is a means to express Collective Moral Agency ~This is why~-The Color Category of Identity is how they choose to name you-The Color Category of Identity is the only acceptable identity you are allowed to have-The Color Category of Identity is used to solicit the absence of your agency*The Color Category of Identity is a barrier to True Collective IdentityCollective Moral Agency requires True Collective Identity

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>>268585235porta potties

boy did this thread take an intellectual roller coaster.

>>2685849584,3,2,1 is the correct answer. Weird how nobody really is agreeing on 4's placement. A lot have that goddess ranked last, wtf?!

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>>268584547the first one is the only one without a navel ring so the other ones might as well have whore tattooed on their foreheads.

>>268584277Those are men user.

You guys know these are usually the type of girls who are mudsharks, right?

>>268583907Almost half of Boutinela "models" are fucking niggers.

>>268583907I dont even have to see these bitches naked theyre fucking sexy.

>>268597799No they aren't you pozzed faggot. They are all insta-whores manipulating you with myspace angles and fake hair and makeup. None of them are that attractive if you actually look at a few


>>268583907The one in the pink is perfect

>>268583907Conceived to ride bbc

>>268599444For BBC

>>268583907Handcrafted for the BBC

>>268595153A lot more hair on the arms, chest and back, no pants, and old tablet instead of a PC, and this could be a picture of me.

>>268586781Femanon they're gay. Now Tits or get the fuck out

>>268585362Our culture is shitposting online.We have ascended to a higher plane of existence.Also, while you're out, can you get me some teflon tape. The bidet is leaking a bit at the wall connection.

>>268583907I would deliberately impregnate the chick on the far right.

>>268584491How do you actually get this fat?

>>268601591she would give you dumb kids but the nut would at least feel good. she would also be a shit mother but again, the nut.

>>268593852Girls like these are nice to look at, non. However, they all have a tendency to be one trick ponies.>teehee I'm so hot to look at right boys?>suddenly they are 35, cellulite up the ass>they no longer register on any chads radar, young or old as they've been replaced with a new wave of 20 year old whores with fresher bodies

>>268601591She is unironically dating an Asian guy kek.

>>268585805This guy is after my heart.

>>268593852Lol she's not average for anywhere, dude.Although she looks a little worse with lip injections.

>>268584491you mean like that battle of the bulge

>>268601591>>268583907>>268598679>>268584931can florida user, tell me why is there so much racemixing in florida and is it that common. maybe its the @maddymaye74/video/6807854903566798085? /maddymaye/ @faithordway7/video/6832802894396312838? @faithordway7/video/6741167398772116742?lang=en

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>>268584491That wilting flower icon says it all...

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>>268587999Trips BASTE

>>2685839073 1 2 4

>>268594690>>268594743>>268594790>>268594955You said you were going to take what was rightfully yours. What is it that you feel so entitled to?You shill early mornings on weekdays by US standardsYou have used VPNS in the past to push narratives in threads Often presenting as different flags.Posts Per Thread have exceeded 100Most of you replys are pre typed and only mildly edited as need be.Exclusively come into threads related to White Identity to critique and disruptive unity under the guise of Philosophical Mysticism by posting absurd amounts of text that have nothing (or very close to) useful about the thread in question.

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What is #3 phenotype?

>>268602269Kek bro if you take the time and dig deep into the rabbit hole half of Boutinela girls have Black boyfriends.

>>268583907Reminder: NON-pierced navel (1) is much more beautiful than pierced navel (2-4)



>>268593852It's just a nice body and pretty face. Does she know about the Jews though?

>>268602269From what I've observed lurking this shitty board is that girls that look like the second tiktok girl is always a Coalburner 100% of the time must be something with the Black Dick that morphs the girls looks.

>>268583907Literally 1,2,3,4

>>268585327you get it

>>268584491My body feels like a war zone, especially one part of my mind, between being phase 4 Keto, Wim Hof method, OMAD, insane amount of cardio the normi, insane strength and low-hop beer. Everything feels like cat-nip in this phase. What do I do?

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Number 4 is definitely most attractive but I can tell she definitely grooms herself for black guys with those stupid hoop earrings.