Why Do Freemasons and Catholics have a rivalry?

What is the Truth?

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>>268582235they're in competiton to be the biggest pedos

>>268582235There are no Catholics left, the church in Rome was taken over by marranos.

>>268582235They don't, this is yet another nonsense rednecks repeat because jews told them.There is the P2 freemasonry, which is catholic.>>268583325It was created by big nosed psychopaths, Cletus.

>>268582235Freemasons vs. Jesuits. Both pedo satanic mystery schools trying to subvert the people. Pushing the same bullshit agenda throught the same bullshit means and at the top of the hierachy they obey the same people, yet, as it happens to be with satansits, everyone is just in for himself and thus tries to get the upper hand. >>268582374My collection of evidence and expenation of the satanic pedos crimes, symbols, philosophies etc.Crimes>>266638543 >>266642323 >>266678269>>266639421 >>266639482 >>266680926>>266640592 >>266640655 >>266646790 >>266668204 >>266681839>>266651581 >>266651733 >>266654696>>266663287 >>266677529Symbolism>>266641433 >>266659331 >>266659421>>266642964 >>266643127 >>266643199 >>266643268 >>266658356 >>266661587 >>266673478 >>266678717>>266666199 >>266666668>>266643543 >>266655400 >>266672559 >>266681388>>266645118 >>266648380>>266653117 >>266660871Their believes and philosophical framework>>266646240 >>266646308 >>266679800>>266650799 >>266680085>>266656837 >>266656919>>266657611 >>266674845 >>266679007>>266664253 >>266664349True Tinfoil stuff>>266647431 >>266647485 >>266647550 >>266647623 >>266647688>>266650031>>266677862Kaballah>>266653718 >>266653780 >>266656086 >>266660670 >>266668632 >>266683046>>266676052Trivia>>266652442 >>266665125 >>266671819>>266682909Anime>>266662428 >>266669313 >>266681204 >>266679542 >>266682288 >>266682445Vidya>>266649251 >>266678003 >>266681623Music>>266670302 >>266670369 >>266671382 >>266675434 >>266677697TV>>266679216

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>>268583714I dunno man the jesuits were kind of based at some points throughout history.

>>268582235>why do two competing NWO factions have a rivalryftfy

>>268582235It's because Masons moved towards Deism by removing references to Christ so that Jews and Muslims could also join. This is what my book on Masonic history said, and my dad who's a mason said the book seemed accurate overall. Naturally, the Catholic Church is opposed to Deism. The Knights of Columbus really hate Masons.

>>268583714since the thread just 404d out of the archive i guess, here is all I have in archived formarchive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/262652275>>268584334same is claimed about freemasons, yet there is the jesuit pope pushing anti christian doctrines

>>268582235Catholics were looking for a scapegoat at the time, and Masonry doesn't fight back.

>>268583454what does marrano mean?

>>268584816Thanks for some good history lesson user

>>268582235Freemasons are wanna be jews but they dont run shit theyre just a fall guy

>>268584816Not deism, but just non-sectarianism. And it's not unusual for KoC members to also be Masons.Though the recent changes in KoC regs have killed a lot of interest in the group.

>>268582235Bill Cooper covered it.

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>>268586710>>268588485But Catholicism and Orthodoxy are the only true churches left.youtu.be/xg2OQ_iPTv8

>>268582235The Pope has always been a puppet to secret organizations

>>268584920>flag Checks out.

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>>268587937Sadly essentially this. However if you want a cool looking signet ring you have to join. I'm tempted to apply just for the cool ring.

>>268582235>Le daily wacky conspiracy threads by JIDFKikes like to push irrational conspiracies like faked moon landings, le Illuminati/Masons, flat earth, absurd 9/11 theories (there were no planes), lizard people etc. etc. to do one thing... to make people that discuss information outside of what the (((MSM))) gives us look retarded and to cover up for jews.This is called well-poisoning and gas-lighting. Jews do this to keep normie goyim from looking into or thinking about legitimate non-MSM information too much, e.g. the jew subversion of our media and government or the exaggerations and outright lies surrounding the holohoax made for political gain. 9/11 is a good example... Israel had a big role in 9/11. How to well-poison this subject manner? Make sure any threads about 9/11 include discussion of "there were no planes", "it was CGI", "a nuke brought it down", "an energy weapon brought it down" etc. and other absurdities. This will get any normies to reject ALL non-MSM information about 9/11, including what they want to cover-up (Israel's role). Jews control our media. Jews control our banking. Jews control our academia. Jews control our government. Very real and verifiable. Something people need to know and understand. "But let’s not worry about that, goyim. Let’s discuss pyramid symbols, bigfoot and aliens".Fuck these threads and fuck JIDF.

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>>268589392You're not given a ring, you can just buy them off ebay. But wearing a logo of a group you don't belong to would be pretty stupid.

>>268589402But the rivalry between the freemasons and catholics are real and you aren't allowed to be a catholic if you are a freemason.

>>268582235American's can't experience it because they live in a Protestant country, but in every Catholic country Freemasons were extremely anticlerical and conspired or persecuted the Church.Freemasons are humanists who support the values of the enlightenment, what was considered modern and liberal in the 1800s, against the ancient regime of the Catholic Church and nobility.if you want 2 examples, from France and Mexicoen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dechristianization_of_France_during_the_French_Revolutionhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cristero_Waralso from FranceUsing members of the Freemasons to watch officers, André assembled a huge card index on public officials, detailing which were Catholic and which attended Mass, with a view of preventing their promotions.[4][a]en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affaire_des_Fiches

>>268589749Incorrect on both counts. There's no rivalry, and there are plenty of Catholic members.You can't tell someone else what they personally believe.

One of the main missions of the Templars was to protect the keys of Solomon. After the order was destroyed by the papacy the keys scattered in the chaos. Secret groups like the Masons formed around preserved fragments. Those that had access to them tended to move towards a more syncretic view of the different religions including the religions of the Druids and ancient Egypt.The natural progression of things was that the political power of the papacy would decline and decentralized powerful orders of knights would guide the local populations but the papacy wanted power so they destroyed their political rivals and became even more corrupt.

>>268590000What are the keys of Solomon? This actually sounds like tomb raider shit but in real life.

>>268590000also checked

>>268590486I would also be interested in an explanation.

>>268584816Do the Knights of Columbus or the Round Table get cool signet rings? I'm honestly just in it for the bling.

>>268590486Kind of is. It's a 15thC Italian "magick" book. Split between using jewellery to do spells, and also summoning familiars to work for you.

>>268589605Yeah I agree, sadly you can't really wear a signet ring without justified Heraldry or Masonic affiliation as far as I am aware. I mean the Masonic symbol just looks like a vague vagina to me anyway(no disrespect intended). Still it seems silly to join just for a cool ring.

>>268591147Dude you are kind of selling the freemasons on me. I'm a bit ashamed because I just think the ring is cool but I would love to hear more about the seals and jewlery. I'm pretty shallow so I hope I'm not being offensive.

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>>268591447Dude, I'm not very well read. Who are the Jesuits and is that a problem? I don't even know how to join the group but I think it's cheaper than searching if I qualify for any heraldic signet.

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>>268591688Checked but who or what is a Jesuit?


>>268591209I mean, you can. You'd just look a right bellend if someone asks you about it. >the Masonic symbol just looks like a vague vagina You should probably go to an OBGYN if yours looks like that. Sounds like quite a medical problem.>>268591401Not offensive. Masons buy all kinds of tat. Virtually anything with the symbols on it will get purchased. But officially, you don't get any jewellery issued to you, though my jurisdiction gives new members a lapel pin as a gift from the Grand Master, to be worn when you're not at a lodge meeting.But if you wanted rings, necklaces, hats, socks, jackets, shirts, lighters, tobacco cases, watches/fobwatches, pistol/rifle stocks, etc, you can get them. And not only the square and compass, but any of the appendant group (stuff like Royal Arch, Templar, or Scottish Rite) logos too.

>>268590486According to them when the crusaders excavated the Temple they found the keys to worldly power including banking. Shortly after they became the richest group in the world and the first banks in Europe.My ancestor apparently copied some manuscripts from Templar knights and became known in local folklore as the most powerful wizard who ever lived. According to some stories his descendant founded the masons in Scotland. This is all folklore but also the most coherent story on this stuff I heard. There seem to be no widespread narratives that explain any of the connections to folklore in a satisfactory way, like why people thought so highly of the Templars that the day of their defeat by the papacy is still known as a day of misfortune.

>>268591688I went to Georgetown too so I guess I'm Jesuit trained although there's like 2 of them and they do jack shit.

>>268582235Because the Masons work for Satan whether they're aware of it or not. What they call "The Great Architect" is revealed at the 33rd degree to be Satan.

>>268591848I mean in terms of a vague vagina. I could be wrong but I thought that was what a diamond was meant to symbolise? I'm pretty ignorant though and mean no offence mate.It just seems pretty shallow to want to join an organisation to be justified enough to wear a signet ring. I agree that someone would look like a bellend without any proper heraldry or group affiliation. I just think they look cool. Also thanks for taking the time to answer and not judging me and my shallow interest.Out of curiosity what is the jewellery and the seal of Solomon thing about? Is it like having additional signet rings or something because I don't have a clue mate.

>>268591147According to this narrative that grimoire would probably only be loosely based on a fragment of the original.

>>268582235Freemasons run the Catholic Church, they say they are rivals as a cover. Look it up, most cardinals are freemasonsI'm not a Catholic, still hate Freemasons

>>268588315>it's not unusual for KoC members to also be Masons.The whole point of KoC is to prevent dudes from becoming Masons. >>268589900Lmao, you can tell someone exactly what Catholicism is. That's the whole point. It bans Catholics from Freemasonry absolutely.FFS guys one of the Masonic degrees has you stomp on a pope hat. They identify Catholicism as the greatest enemy of their god, Lucifer. Basics!

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>>268582235Interdepartmental rivalry within the Cabal

>>268591908Mate I have no idea what a Jesuit is or what it means, can you help me out?>>268592113That can't be right surely?

>>268592501Mate that sounds crap. I guess I can't really look into it any further then now. I'd feel like I was wasting peoples time if I half arsed it.

>>268582235smart enough to see through the christcuck cult? ready to bust out of that cuboid nutshell and into the next level? bust out your compasses boys, i'm going to show you how geometry says that israel is holy.

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>>268582235they don't. the freemasons are basically jesuit celibate "brotherly" mysticism for people that aren't catholic or are catholic but don't go to church (the romish church that the jesuits run).if you tried really hard you could say that hot dogs and hamburgers have a rivalry when they're both essentially picnic food. "what no hot dogs ? oh i love hot dogs, no hamburgers for me, thanks"if you want to know what's going on look at the work by drake shelton, pen-name: the southern israelite

>>268592809What is a Jesuit!? Please help

>>268591883yea it is very weird and there is something very real and supernatural about the objects of solomon. If I remember correctly supposedly Israel's seal of solomon flag is actually a representation of saturn and also on the united states dollar bill as well. So I wouldn'nt be suprised if there is a hint of truth about the legends.

>>268592998Didn't that Saturn bloke munch on his kids?


>>268592113Source?>>268592258That's one theory of the vesica pisces, sure. It's one of the oldest symbols in the world, so there's been time to ascribe lots of different meaning to it.It could be a coincidence that the S&C almost vaguely incorporates it, or it may have been intentional. You'd need a time machine to find out the answer.>It just seems pretty shallow to want to join an organisation to be justified enough to wear a signet ring.You're not the first person to make such a suggestion, though, so don't stress too much on that front. Usually people who have inherited something like that, or picked it up a pawn shop ask the same things.>Out of curiosity what is the jewellery and the seal of Solomon thing about?Some Italian esotericist in the 15th century wrote a book claiming to be linked to King Solomon, and thus the magic has to be totally legit. The Lesser Key part involves making talismans out of a certain material, on a certain day, with certain tools, and in doing so you get magical benefits (like +1 protection from falling damage, etc). The Greater Key is meant to be more spoopy, and deals with summoning spirits to work for you. None of it has anything to do with Masonry or Templars. People just like to conflate anything with "Solomon" ascribed to it.>>268592501>The whole point of KoC is to prevent dudesWell it does a poor job. KoC was always more like Oddfellows anyway.>you can tell someone exactly what Catholicism isAye, but you can tell them if they believe it or not.>It bans Catholics from Freemasonry Nope. No such ban exists on the Masonic side, and the Catholic ban has been quietly repealed.>FFS guys one of the Masonic degrees has you stomp on a pope hat. >They identify Catholicism as the greatest enemy of their god, Lucifer.Source on any of that nonsense? And wouldn't you think that any Christian or Catholic member might take offence at such things?

>>268593057yup; cronos, moloch, molech, saturn, satan remphan and chiron all are representative of the same figure.

>>268592802show me how

>>268593151nooo the jesuits nooo we wuz the real israelites

>>268582235Freemasons direct mankind to God, catholics direct mankind into their own corrupt power structure and Freemasons are still corrupt, but less so than catholics.deeds done in the dark will come to light, for the catholic church too

>>268582235Freemasonry is jewish, and the catholic church has been (historically) antijewish.

>>268587374>Marranos were Spanish and Portuguese Jews living in the Iberian Peninsula who converted or were forced to convert to Christianity during the Middle Ages, yet continued to practice Judaism in secret.AlsoMarrano is pig in spanish

There's a book called The Plot Against the Church published prior to the Vatican 2 Synod(or whatever you call it) that outlilned the (((freemasonic))) infilitration.

I think Masons have been tinkering with the church for some time.What troubles me as of late is the Miracle of the Sun. I remember before people saw the miracle of spinning lights and many different colors, some people notice plumes of bluish smoke behind the children. I almost feel that the smoke was hallucinogenic and the path it took through the crowd could easily explain why some in the crowd saw the "miracle" and some did not. Having advanced notice of the event could make it easy for someone to drug a large group of people with smoke.

>>268593185Thanks mate, in some respects you have put my mind at ease and in others you have made me more curious. I don't think I could ever really commit to joining a lodge because I'm not sure how serious it really is inside and I freely admit I just think signet rings are cool. I wouldn't want to dick anybody about just for something I think looks cool.Vescia pisces? Thanks again for helping me out and also trying to not shame me if I was wrong, truth is I'm not really sure about any of it as an outsider. I just think it would be a good way to get a cool ring. Not sure what the commitments of it are though. As for the spoopy stuff, that can't be reality right? I mean Masons can't really commit to such a belief/anybody committing to a seal of solomon as you have explained it in more than a metophorical way right? Either way, thanks again mate.

>>268591447I'm the user that posted that image. If you want to know more watch all these videos, especially part 3. amazingdiscoveries.tv/c/282/From_Crete_to_Malta/

>>268593328Wasn't Moloch misrepresented though? Compared to saturn who munched on his kids?

>>268588485>fire and water>blood and flesheye of rah == japanese "rising sun" == blood of christthe flesh?still searching

>>268591595>>i'm stupidWatch these videos.amazingdiscoveries.tv/c/282/From_Crete_to_Malta/

Ignatius Loyola founder of jesuit was marranofreemasons adhere to the 7 laws of noah from the talmudsabbatean frankists lurianic kabbala>every fucking time

>>268593570I don't know if it would only be masons though mate? Given the importance of the Church in the past, anybody who wished to commit espionage to gain influence surely would have targeted it? What if the Masons are just a scapegoat due to their secrecy? I don't know I'm just shooting shit off the top of my head.

>>268582235>who are the knights of maltaIts ogre

>>268593628The key of Solomon stuff isn't anywhere in Freemasonry. That was my point. People just say, "this things says Solomon, and Solomon was mentioned by the Freemasons... and the Templars had an HQ in Jerusalem, which is where Solomon was, so they must all been connected!"Plus, in Freemasonry, Solomon is only there as a framing character. The setting has changed over the years, but the Temple is just an easy and acceptable backdrop.

>>268592998star of remphan"the star of your god whose images you made to worship"

>>268593718Moloch if i'm not mistaken is horned animal that eats on children in ancient canaan times, just like saturn did and i'm pretty sure saturn was inspired from moloch. But I could be wrong I have to freshen up my research on it.

>>268593813Thanks but I'm not really into following links from 4chan. Can you embed a youtube video if possible?Also I guess I am pretty stupid about these things but I like to think I'm smart in other ways.Thanks again for trying to help if the link wasn't malware mate.

>>268593845>Loyola founder of jesuit was marranoOh yeah, Jesuits echo. They were involved in supporting communist revolutionaries all over Latin America.


>>268589793during the Christero war the clerics were snitching on people that went to confession.people that were starving had to steal tp eat amd then go to confession, the pruests would then snitch to the individuals that had their stuff stolen for $$$. never trust a catholic

>>268592972but i already told you where to get more information>if you want to know what's going on look at the work by drake shelton, pen-name: the southern israelite

>>268594019Thanks again for not judging what might seem like stupid questions. I'm more than willing to admit I don't know much about the topic but you seemed reasonable enough to expand on what you could. That being said, despite your advice(some of which was completely in line with my way of thinking) I don't think it would be honest for me to even look into joining a lodge, especially considering my shallow attraction to it. Thanks again though mate and hope you have a good day unless you have anything else you want to add?

>>268594168neo-dreyfus affair nigger, please go

>>268594062I think that's the general interpretation but sometimes I wonder if we are being told what it actually was. I think a lot of people started questioning things more after 9/11. Even if you don't but into the conspiracies.Thanks again user for expanding on what you meant.

>>268583714>jesuits are badFuck off, kike. They are the military of Jesus and they only answer to Jesus. They split from the Catholic church "unofficially" centuries ago (they still use their resources).Don't be mad that your heretic ancestors got annihilated for refusing to convert.

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>>268590000Truth speaks through the numbers :^

>>268591688George Tenet. Read his book. He's a slippery motherfucker.

>>268594316Thanks user for your reply and I apologise for asking to be spoonfed. I'll make a note of your suggestion.

>>268594112Not sure how to embed but here's the linkyoutube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=8spLITK-jIY&feature=emb_logo

>>268584920>yet there is the jesuit pope pushing anti christian doctrinesFUCKING FALSE. Fuck off you d&c kike. No Jesuit acknowledges this pope as legitimate. He is a freemason kike puppet and he follows their doctrine to a T.

>>268588315you can't be a mason as a catholic. that's grounds for excommunication

>>268582235Freemasonry is a ripoff, fake Catholicism. Many of their rituals parody Catholic sacraments and practice. Furthermore, it is a separate religion which pretends not to be. They basically trick Christians into joining their cult and worshiping something other than God. Freemasonry is evil to the core.

>>268594530this is how they get the cultists to swear loyalty to jerusalem over the king

>>268591595>I qualify for any heraldic signet.Again, you can have whatever you want. But if you want an official (rather than assumed) coat of arms as something like your personal signature, then you just have to look up the laws in your country. In England, it'll cost a few thousand ££ for a brand new grant by the King of Arms. But in some cases you can go through Lord Lyon for a few hundred to get a registered armorial bearing.I think the Chief Herald of Ireland is cheap as well.>>268594353No such thing as a stupid question. If you don't know something, all you can do is ask.And that's no problem, it's not for everybody to join. You can always see the guys who were pushed into signing up (even though there are rules against it) or misled. They'll sit there for one or two meetings, get very bored, and never turn up again. It's not their fault. It's the person who didn't explain it properly to them.Thus why so much jurisdictions hand out a tonne of brochures to give a better understanding of it.>>268594658Not any more. And it never should have been anyway.

>>268594530Tarrant as I remember is a Jesuit as well, the one who shot up the mosque. I know they still work behind the seens some sects with Israel.

It's difficult to find somebody as powerful as Jesuits as far as organizations go. They were expelled out of 83 countries over and over again since their beginning. Even Rothschilds were banking for them. Jesuits are a military order and in their hierarchy, a top leader is literally titled "Superior General". Jesuits use other organizations as proxies. Their members come from all walks of life, For example Shimon Peres, a Jew of Poland who later became President Of Israel, back in Poland as a child went to private Jesuit school. They even were instrumental in creation of OSS, a predecessor of CIA. Their banking institutions dominate the world."In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." - FDRIn 1720, Michael Angelo Tamburini, then Superior General of the Jesuits, said to the Duke of Brancas: “See, my lord, from this room, from this room I govern not only Paris, but China, not only China, but the whole world, without any one knowing how ‘tis managed."Jesuits have their agents everywhere world-wide. For example Napoleon Bonaparte was one of them. They used him for what they wanted and later wanted to get rid of him, so he turned on them. There were many such cases. Another one was Adam Weishaupt, famous founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, he was a Jesuit.Research Jesuits and your jaw will drop.For more, read a reply to this.

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>>268594530Read Revelation 18 to see what happens to the Jesuits & the church they serve.

>>268594707>parody Catholic sacraments and practice.Like what?>Furthermore, it is a separate religion which pretends not to be. No pretending. It's simply not a religion. Is that a problem to you?>They basically trick Christians into joiningAny religion can join [outside of Scandinavia]. No tricks need to be involved.>worshiping something other than GodThat's up to you as an individual.

>>268594628Link worked thanks mate

>>268590486 >>268590932>>268590486you know, if you grew up on gaming.pokemon, zelda, etc. they are subtle sumbols(or overt) which reveal the elements of creation.its tied with enlightenment, which isnt peace, love, happy feelings, power, money, etc.its the truth, the symbols you'll note are upon the catholic heraldy, a crown, two keys and a red ribon intersecting all.read your NT, then, with GREAT humility, search for the sphinx, she guards the gates. if you're not careful and wholly commitedcommited to the word of God, you will die, either by their hands or your own.

>>268594724Fuck off, kike. The freemasons literally swear loyalty to the Temple of Jerusalem. Jesuits answer only to Christ.

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the sad thing is these are the ancient good goy cults and mystery schools, the modern versions that chad wolf and bill barr and everyone else swear 100% fealty to are probably much more advanced in their trickery and brainwashing

>>268582235Ask all the faggotmasons in /pol you got plenty of them in here

>>268594901>Tarrant as I remember is a Jesuit as wellFalse. He can claim all he wants, but he was not. And he will burn in hell. A Jesuit would never do something so publicly stupid. That was glowie baiting at its finest.

>>268595094all roads lead there sorry for breaking kayfabe

>>268582235>Why does Evil and Good have a rivalry.Its a mystery.

>>268593185>The Greater Key is meant to be more spoopy, and deals with summoning spirits to work for you.In local Icelandic folklore that's the exact same description given of the lost grimoire of Gottskálk "the cruel" Nikulásson. I am related to Donald Trump through a descendant of Gottskálk in Scotland who according to some Icelandic pop article was said to have founded Freemasonry.Gottskálk had relationships consistent with inheriting the manuscripts of Snorri Sturluson the supposed author of the Sagas and a translator of many ancient manuscripts that's strange that he had access to. He was a close friend of king Hákon of Norway who was protecting the Teutonic knights in the Baltics.


>>268595225lmao we can neither confirm nor deny the death of our agent

>>268594793Thanks mate, you have been a big help. I'm pretty confident I qualify for some type of historical heraldry but your additional information is helpful.Again thanks for understanding, if it is a group that people take seriously I wouldn't want to cheapen it by something as shallow as liking the signet rings and if you are a member your open discussion is a credit to them.Thanks again mate.


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>>268595320MK ultra tier victim is not an agent lol. Useful idiots are always useful, but always idiots. Expendable. Greater Good.

>>268594946There is a great book on Jesuits from 16th century, titled "Secreta Monita" also known as "The Secret Instructions Of Jesuits"", written by a Jesuit who was expelled. He revealed a lot about Jesuits. This book was deemed so dangerous, that it was put on "Prohibitory Index", a list of banned books by the Catholic Church. This book created so much trouble for Jesuits and Catholic Church, that they later started calling it a "forgery", yet still kept it as banned.Link to book: archive.org/details/secretinstructio01browCatholic Church has been controlled by different groups over time and they had different interests, that's why its teachings change so much, however the organization that managed to have the highest amount of influence over Vatican over centuries is the Society Of Jesus, and they are as I stated before a military order, although intellectual one, which as its main goal have a total world domination through creation of United One World Government, a New World Order and they have been trying to achieve that through many different methods, one of them being banking and the other one being subversion, that's why you can hear Jesuit leaders and even Pope say things that would be outrageous when stated a century ago by their predecessors. Jesuits are masters of political manipulation and they can shape-shift politically at will. If it will further their goals, then tomorrow they will say totally the opposite of what they say today. Jesuits are very well organized and they place their puppets everywhere, while making themselves look like totally irrelevant religious group that worships Jesus from the perspective of outsiders.Jesuits truly deserve the credit for creation of modern, globally-connected world. They are the most powerful and the best organized group of all. They are the central hub to which other organizations (their proxies) are connected to and carry their orders.For more, read a reply to this.

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>>268595035tricky tricky tricky

>>268594946Yes, the way I view the jesuits is the religious military arm of (ancient roman christian jerusalem) that lasts until today. Not passing judgement but from an objective point of view that is how I see them.

>>268591745A Jesuit is a catholic order of priests and brothers.founded by St Ignatius of Loyola.known for a long formation, study and spiritual exercises.Suppressed by Pope Clement 14th Think knights Templar of 16th century

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>>268595440Nights of Malta are based tho

>>268594946>They were expelled out of 83 countries over and over again since their beginning.sounds familiarmarrano/conversossabbatean frankists


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>>268595225You're probably right he was definetly a glowie operative.

>>268595703>the game was fixed....;_;

>>268595459Not going to back your claims? Bummer.

>>268584816>>268583325My grandfather was Grand Knight. Our friend passed away the other day. So many people pulled together to pay for services, food, etc. His family didn’t have to pay for anything. The community pulled together. It was nice to see the celebration of life with such a beautiful family. One of the fathers introduced me to his daughter. I’ve only met her once, but she is absolute wife material. The Knights of Columbus is a real brotherhood made up of real men. Deus Vult!

>>268595079Thanks mate for expanding I remember Zelda using the triforce, if you can expand on how the lore of Zelda or the lore of a specific game would expand on what I have asked then I would hopefully be able to get more of a grasp of it.What is an NT?Also do you mean a metaphorical sphinx? It sounds interesting to look into though and thanks for taking the time to expand on the question

Attached is an example of what "Secreta Monita" also known as "The Secret Instructions Of Jesuits." book contains, it's from page #83 in this book: >>268595440>archive.org/details/secretinstructio01browRemember that "confessions" are nothing more but an intelligence-gathering operation cleverly disguised as a religious duty, through which people are being manipulated and information extracted from them used to further goals of Jesuits.Few resources for a start from which you can learn about Jesuits:youtube.com/watch?v=Is64dsv5Glchttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1JLxPgtaVwhttps://youtu.be/_E_ioGe5rqQhttps://www.bitchute.com/video/MxZ4G89facNxhttps://youtu.be/ZzyLw4Y5nwEhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmOAx6yI1rUhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPkfiYjTLU0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FZFVXmmiOI>>268594946

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>>268582235Its a battle against Western Civilization (Catholics) vs. Globalization (Freemasons)

>>268596233Checked but how do we know? The only people that seem to be for globalisation tend to be Jewish Capitalists?

>>268586710GOD DAMNSHUT UPFUCKING WHITE PILPUL KIKEyou’re so gross fuck


>>268596025topkekactual Mason advertisement

>>268582235because masons are lead by jews and rooted deep in judaism the catholic church has only been corrupted since the 1950s after the jews swore to destroy the church for their part in aiding the nazi's catholics have always known about the jews up until the 1950s

>>268593418>dark>light >pro mason postSHUT THE FUCK UP YOU LIAR

Blame Cortes because when he became an Avatar to defeat the demon Montezuma had finally summoned he also moved to hide the truth, spawning the secret societies we see now each with a little piece of the puzzle. People like Rasputin and Crowley brought the Magicks to the rich and powerful, they in turn via the Thule society discovered the truth behind the cataclysm cycle. The Magicks are real and you've been told your whole life it was silly and superstitious and science is the only truth. Even when you witnessed the power of meme magick you didn't really believe and now the magick is fading again user. Anyway, cross posting the full metal alchemist thread is a bit difficult on mobile, but that show revealed what was next in the magick, mass human sacrifice in order to rip the dimensional fabric open and bring through the elves that have convinced them they can help. Why is it always human sacrifice? Because blood magick requires blood and gets the best results since it's the easiest to access. Why all the underground circular tunnels built, why is CERN building a bigger CERN if we already know that the big bang never happened and the SM is false. Dirac solved it, yet we still reach faulty physics that can't ever be unified. Even LLNL leaders wrote against Hawking and his black hole bullshit just as a haha to academia, because they don't use it to run the vimanas they copied or the projects they manage. Your magick is real too user, it's inside you and everyone you know because you're two parts of a whole, your physical body and your energy aka your soul. The energy part of you is bound to the limitations of your body but if you remove the shackles you will find that your power is much more than you ever imagined, which is why the angels once rebelled from the upset our creation caused. Your dna contains the history of your entire lineage and of those around you, a code that is as complex as the universe. 4 parts, just like 4 electrons.

>>268594168>communist revolutionaries all over Latin America.ah like (((freemason bolivar)))or how about (((mazzini and garibaldi))) over in italia too

The Vatican is its own country.Many priests have diplomatic immunity.Knowing many languages.International access to children.

>>268592972I highly suggest you watch these two videos. You won't find a better macro summary of history than these, I promise. They're over 11 hours long between the two but they will answer many of your questions about the Jesuits, Freemasonry, the Knights of Columbus, etc, as well many other things related to these agendas. Even after watching, it will a long journey of your own research to begin to understand these things in greater detail. Good luck, user. youtube.com/watch?v=ysPNvr8wKf4https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odGk84Uq1ws

>>268595596Thanks user, that actually helps a lot

>>268594707yesand it’s not a surprise you got the kike from down under to pussy beg in response to your post he’s a profane faggot

>>268595961You must be really unpleasant to be around IRL.

>>268596959Thanks user, I'm not going to lie I think the signet rings they have look pretty cool

>>268582235all i know is most of the jesuits i've met are massive hypocrites who drink, smoke, do drugs and have tons of premartial sex


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>>268597071What is a profane? Sorry mate I'm not very knowledgeable but would appreciate you explaining if that is possible

>>268595961That is, in addition to literally being cursed. Get help, go see a priest.

>>268582235Ive done great research into this. To sum, to become a freemason, one must put his duty to mankind above his duty to God. Given this was around the 1700's when the freemasons were founded, the Catholic Church had a massive hold on Europe and wanted to keep it that way, so any threat to the Church was a big deal. They made a big deal about the freemasons and the rivalry blew up, working almost against their favor. Note, some religious people including Catholics join the freemasons. The freemasons dont restrict religious people from joining, but not vice versa. The Church deems you excommunicated if you join. Over time, this rivalry got bigger and bigger, and more brother-first organizations formed, like the Carbonari, which started to actually attack the Church head on. Basically, almost all fraternal organizations actions just got lumped together with the freemasons, and now its just a big deal because of it.However - lets note something crucial to the story. Many Jews are apart of the freemasons and fraternal orginazations. Fraternities in the US on college campuses also have a disproportionate amount of Jews, and despite modern "frats" not resembling the 1700 freemasons, they are based upon and originated on the same premise and still hold customary rituals today. You can find them on stichtingargus. Some modern fraternities, like Acacia, is actually a freemason fraternity that gives younger people an "in" to the masons. Now, why would such a large number of Jews join organizations that require you to place god on the backburner? Its very curious. God's so called "chosen people" tend to abandon him to join these fraternal organizations such as the masons at a disproportionate rate to other religious people.Lastly Ill leave you with a fun fact about modern college fraternities (greek fraternities), they originated because John Heath was not religious and could not join academic fraternal organizations on campus. Originally, fraternities were (1/2)

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>>268597123What was the purpose of >>268594707Just normal JIDF shilling against things you fear?

>>268582235yes, for example, one of our national independence heroes was to be placed in the cathedral of buenos aires, catholic church denied the request beacuse he was a free mason , so they build like a separate room for his coffin maken very clear that he is not burried on catholic ground

>>268596530Masons are faggots without a backbone.

I say angels and demons because it's easier to understand than using interdimensional beings, but think of the bonds inside your DNA, those bonds exist in the same way in the universe that bind the dimensions together, breaking through the bonds or moving between can be done depending on your vibration, which you can only do in your energy form. Sacrifice enough and the resulting breach in the bond allows the transferring of objects or entities into our dimension. I mean we have enough that's from our dimension to fuck with already but oh boy, once you talk w the elves they convince you for the sake of power or technology at the cost of a few human lives.

>>268597289Isn't the ideal of making heaven on earth a Jewish Ideal? Also what do they mean by mankind? Thanks in advance if you take the time to reply user.

>>268597389How so? Not conflicting with what you have said but more that I don't know much about the subject.

>>268597071Cheers man, he is indeed and so are all freemasons.

>>268597289>become a freemason, one must put his duty to mankind above his duty to GodNot quite, sorry.God > Family > Neighbour > hobbies, etc.This is explained in the EA degree.

>>268592802The Jews stole their knowledge from meeting Saxons, who they then enslaved through Christianity and destroyed our old language and connection to the true nature of our religious beliefs and stories, they changed and manipulate them to suit their needs, to fit their story, but the basic principle is still there.

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>>268597289(2/2)Latin based and either based around academics or Catholicism. Thats right - fraternities originally had LATIN letters because they were based on Catholocism. When John Heath was denied entrance because he wasnt a Catholic - he decided to mock the other fraternities and use greek letters, and base them around the opposite values of their latin counterpart. Now picture the modern day fraternity. Its a hub for excessive drinking, rape, and barely academic at all. Its the anti christ. Modern greek fraternities are FOUNDED and BASED UPON the antithesis of Catholocism. Again, check stichtingargus for their rituals. Its just curious, isnt it?

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they don't, they're all working for satan. shitaly use to be called saturnia and saturn is where satan is.

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>>268597289It seems like jews in general (not all) are more predisposed to materialism rather than spiritualism and since alot of these fraternities and masonry were jewish in nature the Catholics excomunicated them in general.

>>268597311I was answering OP's question faggot

>>268597572Mate, thanks for answering earlier but as a Mason how do you feel about the heat you guys seem to get due to your secrecy?Does it bother you guys or do you buzz off it?Also why does everybody link Masons to Jewish people?

>>268597453I dont really know the answer to your first question, Im not a Jew. But, the freemasons goal is to help others. Put your bother first. It seems like a really good sentiment to have, and freemasons do donate a lot of money to charity and do lots of work to help communities. It seems really good hearted - and any freemason would agree. But, they put mankind first. They put mankinds needs before God. Thats why the Church has a problem with it. Basically, God is 2nd, human is first according to the masons.Does that make sense?

>>268597758because they are heavly into kabalah and other judaic misticism

>>268597542The simple fact that they allow anyone who says that they believe in a higher power is too ominous. There is no concrete faith. Thus, they bend with the wind. Not to mention the ones I’ve known are all blacks who used it to get ranked up in the military. They are globalist in their ideals.

>>268582235Truth must be realized.Honk, Honk!May God be with us all!

>>268582235Those fucking assholes wanted some of their shit made out of wood instead. In the midst of a stone stockpiling race and some son of a bitch (entitled up the King's ass, might I just add) wanted some imported fucking wood. Imported fucking wood from somewhere in Egypt I swear to God I'm with the Dwarves on this one. Fucking cunts.

>>268595497>>268595637>>268595665Jesuits are above everybody else as far as organizations go. Officially Pope is the king of Earth, but it's just a symbolic title and in reality Jesuits are true rulers and Knights Of Malta is a militia of the Pope, so by extension they answer to Jesuits, since Pope is influenced by Jesuits. Jesuits are globalists, they are trying to create a New World Order also known as One World Government. Current President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump went to Fordham, a Jesuit University and many of his advisors are Jesuits. Even previous president of Israel (Shimon Peres) was a Jesuit.Jesuits are responsible for the banking (financial) system, media manipulations, subverting countries etc. They have nothing to do with Jesus but name. The Society Of Jesus is the most powerful and influential organization the world has seen in the last 5 centuries. They are behind French Revolution, American Civil War, communist revolutions and many, many others. Even the famous Rothschild dynasty has worked and still works for Jesuits. Rothschild means literally "Red Shield" and their dynasty's head's original name was Bauer, however after the head of dynasty started working for Jesuits, he changed his name to Rothschild, a tribute to Jesuits' branch, Knight of Malta, which has as its symbol a red shield.Jesuits are the ones who start wars and subvert countries to strip their sovereignty away from them and force them to be a part of a global One World Government. They are the best organized out of all groups and their military hierarchy structure is legendary, Third Reich's government was structured after Jesuit's and a lot of Third Reich officials were Jesuits.There is a reason why there is an old saying "All roads lead to Rome">>268594946>>268595440>>268596171

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>>268597851Thanks for your reply. Does god have any needs though? In Catholicism God is perfect and ineffable so I can't imagine him having any desires other than the happiness of his children?I don't really know though mate, I'm going off memory as a lapsed Catholic. I think helping people out with charity is pretty based but I'm not really for any multicultural agenda.

>>268597572Thats not true at all. Look into the history of why the Church had a problem with the masons. if this were true the Church would have no reason to want to excommunicate people from the church if they are a mason. The primary goal of every fraternity is brotherhood.

>>268582235Freemasons are obsolete. The only relevant rival right now is Jews vs Catholics.

>>268597904>>268597758 Read my post here>>268597289WHY does everyone link them? Because Jews make up a large majority of fraternal organizations. The real curious question is, why do Jews, Gods chosen people, make up a large amount of brotherhoods that put God 2nd to everything else? My guess is because they truly are evil.

>>268597904Wasn't Kabalah the red string fad that Madonnna tried to push in the 2000's? I don't know mate but just asking. >>268597941That sounds like a cynical way to use an organisation but I suppose if they are for multiculturalism that it makes sense to not push one religion over the other. That being said,given my limited understanding of Abrahamic religions aren't they naturally in conflict?

>>268597731Obviously. But what were (((you))) hoping to gain out of such poor lies which you knew you couldn't back up?>>268597758It doesn't mean much. We've never been secret, or even especially secretive. People have always had the opportunity to learn more, but few take it. So it turns into a whipping boy, since masonry has traditionally not bothered fighting back against nonsense claims like the Taxil Hoax.>Also why does everybody link Masons to Jewish people?Jews like to take credit for things they had nothing to do with. Especially things they know would be defamed by the attempted link. They rely on people not doing any investigation to try and divide and conquer.>>268598085>Thats not true at all.Feel free to grab a ritual book and check. lewismasonic.co.uk/ritual/ You shouldn't believe a random post on the internet anyway. Always verify from the source.>if this were true the Church would have no reason to want to excommunicate people from the church if they are a masonCorrect. But it didn't matter. They saw Masonry as a rival for theological affections. So instead of learning about it, they banned it. Ironically, Masonry is the handmaid of religion, and has always encouraged members to be more dutiful to their church.

>>268597851That is blue lodge shit.Once you get past a few degrees and they've tested you, they invite you into other orders within Freemasonry.Faggot, Freemasonry is just a stepping stone required to get into secret societies, Freemasonry is a public front, there needs to be a secretive organization scapegoat they can assign blame to, but keep rather benign, like a drug dealer using his bakery as a front, sure he sells some rolls and the locals love his custard tarts, but he also helps move bags of cocaine. Actually that's a shit analogy but whatever fuck off.

>>268597728Absolutely. They represent the opposite of catholocism. If you continue reading my post the history gets even more blatant, with modern greek fraternities founded on the complete antithesis of catholocism

>>268598249Red string thing is something from the kabbalah that masons use because freemasonry is basically jewish magic but in a lesser form and for non-jews pretty much.

>>268596171Thanks user


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>>268582235Ultimately... masons and catholics compete for the position above the state. It’s that simple. Forget the masonic ally comped church/pope.You can choose good or evil. Jesus/God or Satan/luciferIt’s that simple.

>>268582235I'm not sure. Both are ran by Israel, so there's no telling. It's probably just some fake and gay shit to make it seem like they're 2 different people.

>>268598293I encourage you to go talk to a Catholic priest who can answer your questions better than I can. You can also look through this document if you want to know why we reject freemasonry. wdtprs.com/media/print/19_09_22_Freemasonry-Renunciation.pdf

>>268598218Thanks user but I'm not too sure what duty to mankind is? I would guess it's relief of suffering but if you look at other perspectives they seem to push the idea that suffering is required? I mean if you were to consider a variety of philosophies what is actually in service to mankind? Based on how liquid the base of Freemasonry is how can you have a base direction or theory of ethics to follow? Despite that they appear to have a great sense of belonging and brotherhood. I guess a tl;dr of what I have typed is how do you serve mankind without a universal code of conduct?

>>268598293Lol absolutely certain I know you, God damn faggot, Tory now right,? Surely you've cut your dick off for more secrets by now.Not going to dox you here, but you live in Sydney and train martial arts, lazily.I hate you btw.

>>268598463You are welcome.>>268594946>>268595440>>268596171>>268598029

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>>268598249yes it was, its like jew dark magic , catholic church doesnt roll with magic nor secret oaths, thats a fact , thats why san martin couldnt be burried in the cathedral, because he was a filthy mason , who in fact always were the first british inteligence service. since john dee 007 (can you see the head of the owl ?)

>>268598047Yeah I mean both their motives are good. The freemasons arent inherently evil. Why would anyone join or believe in something evil right? Honestly, from a freemasons perspective, they are just helping others and from a Catholics perspective they are doing gods work by helping others. To answer your question specifically though, this is the 1700s. Catholics were more - lets use the term "devote". The inquisition was happening, people were burning witches, and the Church was just getting bigger. It was a big deal if you didnt make God your first priority. Lets actually analyze a core Catholic belief that directly negates the beliefs of the masons. The story of Abraham, God commands Abraham to kill his son and hes going to do it. Catholics agree it is just because its doing Gods will. Freemasons would not agree because the human life is more important.All in all though, the real dichotomy happened because of the age they lived in, and the physical attacks other fraternal organizations did.Ift he freemasons were formed in todays age, the church probably wouldnt care.

>>268598293Thanks again user, how do you as a member feel about it being turned into a scapegoat? (you don't have to answer if you don't wish to). Also I'm not sure what you mean by learning more to be open, do you mean in terms of being open to new members because wouldn't it be a conflict of interests to enable non-members to understand what has been sworn to secrecy by the society?Again I'm not very knowledgeable, I'm just going off vague memories and assumptions so feel free to shut me down mate. I'm just curious by what you have typed and grateful for your willingness to expand and clarify. Thanks again mate


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archive.is/4JoVq>The Anti-Masonic Party of the USA

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>>268598513Fallout 4 wasn't as good as New Vegas. That being said, what's the deal with the goat?

>>268596131Shit sounds so cash

Only the corrupt power mongers get along, the real KT, Rosicrucians, and free thinkers fight the secret war for all of humanity. Jesuits can suck my dick, the Kali Yuga comes you fucking degenerates. As it says in the Bible, Jesus comes again not bearing peace but a SWORD.

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>>268598339Yes. Im well aware. This is about the beginning of fraternities though and why the church doesnt like them, how it all started. Im not trying to discuss the inner workings or ulterior motives.


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good vs evil

>>268598293Also I would like to point out that everything you've said is completely vague. Would you like to explain exactly what the fuck you guys do behind closed doors at your gay ass meetings so we know that it's perfectly innocent?

>>268598920The guy you're talking to is only giving you information on Freemasonry, he will not dare even hint at what organizations he has joined through the connections he has made at his lodge.You're being fooled.

>>268594946>>268595440>>268596171>>268598029>>268598767>>268598949>>268599047Another photo of Jesuit Pope with the same symbol. This photo was taken at World YOUTH Day in Panama in 2019. Think it's "photoshopped"? No problem, I'll give you a link straight to Vatican's page, here: vaticannews.va/content/dam/vaticannews/agenzie/images/reuters/2019/01/27/14/pope-francis-visits-panama-for-world-youth-da-1548596051221.JPG/_jcr_content/renditions/cq5dam.thumbnail.cropped.750.422.jpeg

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>>268598637My lodge has a Catholic priest in it. And the Australian Bishop's conference declared Masonry to be fine.>>268598701How ghastly to be mistaken for a southerner. That does hurt.

>>268582235They fought for the same thing to be honest. And so they fought over the raw material.

>>268598767Church/papacy has been comped forever. Catholics ( and the other Christian religions) have formally called out masonry for over 200 years.Law enforcement who take an oath to God are invalid as they have perjured themselves. No such thing as a masonic bible, and you cannot be a mason and a Christian. It is a lie all way around, all ways. Consider what would happen if all judgements/laws were invalid... We 1776 again. Starting over. The lord will rise again. The serpant will be no longer

>>268598909Thanks user, you explained the dichotomy in a succinct way! Not going to lie though, if God commanded me and it was irrefutable that God commanded me I would have serious reservations about what to do and would probably look for any loophole in scripture I could in case I was being tested(as God as been known to do, the cocky funster he is).Thanks again user

>>268594946>>268595440>>268596171>>268598029>>268598767>>268598949>>268599047>>268599213>>268599170>Another photo of Jesuit Pope with the same symbol. This photo was taken at World YOUTH Day in Panama in 2019.Another picture, from a different angle, where the symbol is clearly seen.

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>>268599032It's all good, I just wanted to level the playing field here, I know you're attempting to recruit young minds.I want them to understand that Freemasonry is the first step, breaking a man down after he takes the first step is easy, like a dripping tap, slowly but surely and one day he asks himself, how did my hands get covered in blood? As he wipes his mouth on the Apron of a brother.

>>268598909>The story of Abraham, God commands Abraham to kill his son and hes going to do it. Catholics agree it is just because its doing Gods will. Freemasons would not agree because the human life is more important.>All in all though, the real dichotomy happened because of the age they lived in, and the physical attacks other fraternal organizations did.>Ift he freemasons were formed in todays age, the church probably wouldnt care.Technically God was testing out Abraham's faith level and whether Abraham reached the hardcore absolute faith level yet.God wanted to be absolutely sure for Abraham was going to be the progenitor of many people and a father of nations. As well as to have this whole event captured for the record books. As an example of faith and obedience.

>>268598293>Thinking the freemasons will post their rituals online for everyone to seeYou are by far, retarded. I have joined and participated in secret fratneral orginzations. Read the statements the pope makes on the WHY Catholics cant join. Its exactly how I described - because they do not put god first. Also,>Masonry is the handmade of religionWhat are you on? Most fraternal organizations actively attacked and spoke AGAINST the church

>>268582235centuries old beef.real greaseball shit.

this was john dee signature, one of the father of masonry , now tell me that masons are british intelligence services

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>>268599087Hes lying out of his ass. He doesnt know what hes talking about

Jesuits* and they did IX/XI

>>268599110Thanks for your warning user but what am I being fooled about? What other organisations could he possibly join? I'm not disputing your warning but I would like an explanation. Also even if he was I have only asked him about Freemasonry, based on what you answer I may ask more but he may not choose to answer.Either way thanks for reply and your input user

>>268598920I mean we've never been as secret as people like to think. Rituals have always been public, and libraries have always been open.I've never been fussed by the accusations, since they don't hurt me except that they promote ignorance, which is true evil.You might want to get a copy of Freemasonry For Dummies. It's actually a good book for beginners.

>>268599029He actually said "do not think I come to bring peace, but a sword" meaning he already came with his sword. It was apparently dull

>>268599452Hmm very interesting observatiok user, I see they put the shit directly in front of our eyes. It is also true that british intelligence were very intergral in the creation of Israel.

>>268594946>>268595440>>268596171>>268598029>>268598767>>268598949>>268599047>>268599170>>268599307>>268599213Here is a picture of Archbishop of Puerto Montt. See the symbol? They are THAT comfortable and confident. They have been accused of pedophilia for a long time. They pay billions of dollars in pedophilia lawsuits and and pedophilia settlements, while forcing their victims to sign NDAs, preventing them from speaking out. Can you imagine paying BILLIONS of US DOLLARS just in pedophile cases and settlements? It's THAT big.

Attached: Archbishop of Puerto Montt.png (628x413, 289.55K)

>>268599377Yes, but the point is that the idea of willfully killing your son in the game of god, as a test of faith or not, does not align with mason beliefs. Yes, it was just a test of faith. But he was going to do it until God stopped him. A true mason would not

>>268599510Thanks for your reply, I think a part of me is curious to know but as I said earlier I think my interest was really shallow and more about the ability to wear a cool looking signet ring without being a dickhead.That being said it's cool to know it has opened up, my impression was the organisation was actually in danger due to shrinking memberships but you seem pretty friendly and open. After what another user said though I must admit I do feel slightly more apprehensive and need to ask if you are able to explain if you have been able to enter any additional fraternities or clubs as a result of your involvement? You don't need to answer and thanks for answering what you have so far mate.

>>268599517The world was first purged with water, now it shall be cleansed with fire to complete the cycle. I post here periodically to tell you guys the truth but the faggot CIA hired janies delete my posts. youtube.com/watch?v=j800SVeiS5I

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>>268599717thanks user, glad to share it with someone who understand the meaning of something like that .

>>268598383Interesting, what about greek fraternities is anti Catholic?

>>268599492The organization's such as skull and bones, Knight orders etc, I am not a mason, I hate them. I have been to their private libraries and read their books, studied them closely for a short period to form my own judgement.They all burn. All of them. As any man with a good heart, religious or atheist to join such an organization after even just browsing the titles of books held in Masonic libraries would stay clear and well away. Anyone who joins signs their own damnation, and it's up to them to seek forgiveness from their God, it is up to us good hearted folk to make that meeting take place.

>>268599981I'm watching currently. I want the truth more than anyone, I just don't think any member of the public has it. I believe the true religion of the world has been stolen and kept secret by the elites so they we can remain godless. I think any religions who's text you can buy in Barnes and Nobles is probably bs.Real texts are burned and hidden by faggots

>>268600173Thanks user.I just wanted a reason to be able to wear a signet ring.

>>268583714Fuck you. Satanists disagree:www.satanisgod.org

>>268600173Just following on, I know that's a properly shallow reason to be interested in the subject but I guess I like to believe most people are generally okay people.

>>268600416I like DOOM but I am kind of lost on the meaning of that verse.Can you please help me out by giving the modernspeak version?

>>268600416What is this cope? I said he already came with a sword, not sure where your mouth comment fits in. As for the rest, I have literally begged Jesus to help me, and he does nothing. He's either not real, or not listening. If you're going to say something about not testing God, then just save it, because it contradicts your current cope

>>268582235youtu.be/dR4S5vexEyQWatch this video from 10:06 forwardyoutu.be/u02sNHRNLCkhttps://youtu.be/OuC-dqXTknI?list=PL911468B5AE02AED1https://youtu.be/VB_hUdRKi4o?list=PLGVSKByrYzstnb7NVcocWBI6qrV2me254See those vídeos too. Read the book The Plot Against the Church by Maurice Pinay as well

>>268599517>not getting the mouth and the sword thingWhat do you think Jesus came down for?!>if you ask for anything in my name, I will make it so such that the Father is glorifiedExact verses“I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father.13 You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father.14 Yes, ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it!Notice the verse that precedes the one I'm specifying. And notice that there aren't any limitations or rules specified, so basically if it cool with Jesus Christ and God, it's gona happen.So for example I can like pray the following.Lord Jesus Christ, I pray in your name that all the forces and armies that are against your brothers and sisters (God's children) are killed, slaughtered, massacred, pulverized, obliterated, annihilated, decimated, and totally and completely wiped out completely from Earth and the entire universe.>>268600581>I like DOOM but I am kind of lost on the meaning of that verse.>Can you please help me out by giving the modernspeak version?Jesus Christ brought the sword and it is his name and faith in him and God. God gave Jesus Christ the power and authority. Put the two together, Jesus Christ basically weaponized prayers.

>>268582235>What is the Truth?Orthodoxy

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>>268600399Are you Anglo Saxon or Northern European ancestry?Get a ring of Odin symbology, the four letter word for God, the true God, father of father's, creator of all, the Greek Tetractys.YHWH is literally just stolen knowledge.Tetragrammaton is not a Jewish invention, it is all geometrical knowledge that comes from Anglos.

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>>268600793>As for the rest, I have literally begged Jesus to help me, and he does nothing. He's either not real, or not listening. If you're going to say something about not testing God, then just save it, because it contradicts your current copeHelp with like what?!Something serious ?

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>>268599238Dear "Jihadi"Saddam Hussein was a 33rd degree Freemason.Things are so fucked.

>>268600336Religion is just an individual perspective based upon local culture. God is eternal, boundless, and extends beyond all man made religions. We have been trying to say this for thousands of years, yet we are branded heretics and hunted down because we call for universal brotherhood based upon simple rules of morality. We will create the NWO, except it will be a benevolent one based upon divine principles. Trust in us, we love all humanity but must work in the shadows. Ill take my memeflag off.

>>268599452It means they infiltrated British intelligence?That'd be my guess.

>>268600987>Something serious ?To me, yes. To you looking to cling to your interpretation, probably not. My individual suffering means nothing to Christian's, as you're well aware.

>>268596131it all starts in egypt, the NT is the new testament, which is your only defense you go down this roure.I'll telk you this, the sphinx in egypt is a marker, but she travels the world.the myths of the world are parables themselves. look into the greeks.i advise you to learn the meaning of hebrew and norse letters, no larp, even if you don't learn to read those languages, learning to read letters will help in decypheing parables and maps.everything you see is a parable.once you find the 3 sphinxes, and their secrets, then you'll understand.remember "on earth as it is in heaven" aka as above so below. apply what you find leading up, down, what you find down here, seek up there.i can't give more, 1, you wouldn't get the value from the search, 2, if you did understand it, you'd take your life or go insane.Get a firm belief in the NT and Gods promise of eternal life, mercy and forgiveness of you're sins and take the actions to affirm it. in this path you can lose your life, get acquainted with a Christian pastor too, you'll need that support for when you get to the threshold

>>268590000Solomon is dead, and Christ is risen. You worship the false light of lucifer. Binding demons even of light lead to forfeiting your soul.Mark 8:36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?Nimrod of Babel, who became Osiris, Mithras, and more. They became 'gods' in legend to their followers. Or what of the vast pyramid groups who turned their faces from God. You are lesser then the great tyrant wizard nebekenezer and God made him insane.The arrogance that you even come close to those old damned sorcerors laughable and your soul is in danger. Jesuits, Masons, Sabbatean Frankists by another name, 'we are god', 'we can become god' - all ishtar lilith nonsense.

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>>268601130You can only serve one master. Leave the lodge and Christ forgives all who ask for forgiveness. His love is eternal.

>>268601130I trust that there is a real God or Gods or a Godhead, but I doubt I'll ever know it's true nature until I die because of how much knowledge has been lost

>>268601130>usThat's who exactly?>>268601592Keep your service to yourself, please.

>>268583454Lies. They absolutely did at least. In Franco’s Spain, they would kick out all foreign masons that tried to serve with nationalists. They would also ask if you were a mason and if found out, the catholic priests would spit on you. This is because it was well known that the masons aphid financial ties and were openly supporting the republican/communist government.

>>268601562Acts 4:11 Jesus is “ the stone you builders rejected, which has become the cornerstone

>>268582235freemasons gave me more of a satanic vibe to be honest. yes i know the catholic church is corrupt with jews etc but there are still cardinals and stuff that are really conservative and believe in strong borders, plus there's groups such as the sspx too. freemasonry always gave me a stonecutters vibe

>>268601723ACTS 4:11 Jesus is “the stone you builders rejected, which has become the cornerstone”

>>268582235Because Freemasons saw all roads to god acceptable. God is the architect but not the builder. They believe Catholics worship the builder and not the architect who designed the thing. They believe God I god so long as you pray to God in a general way the messages will reach however if you pray to a specific god it won't go to the true God since naming it defines it and defining something limits it and God has no definitions. Also they both fight for power and control. The Catholic church is a massive business and it's leaders have always been fought over by corrupt families to benefit certain causes. Freemasons thought that was bullshit.

>>268582235There is an eternal hidden battle. Jesuits used to be the final front against the masonic Luciferians but they become corrupted after the inception of Vatican II

>>268601760So let it be known, anyone in this thread saying no rivalry exists is factually a liar and purposefully shilling.

I'll break the spoilers for some of you here.Secret societies are frequently used by ayyy lmaos to skirt the rules of non interference by more or less inticing/manipulating/ or haggling out deals with top humans to go along with this. Everyone gets something out of it. Oh and having to respect free will.By this point I think, lemme check with Jesus, yea basically all ayyy lmaos do it since the first ones started this practice. And they get to get around the whole troublesome part of getting mistaken for gods and then getting worshipped as gods which they do not want.So more or less implying that ayyy lmaos believe that God exists and more or less some evidence that they take Jesus Christ very seriously.This would go hand in hand with various abduction stories where the ayyys fled after people used the name of Jesus Christ.>>268601513>To me, yes. To you looking to cling to your interpretation, probably not. My individual suffering means nothing to Christian's, as you're well aware.Sorry to hear that.Here's the short on this. If you aren't in heaven, you are going to be suffering and in pain. The amount, duration, and frequency will vary but it will basically suck.Jesus Christ is still the only way, bro.

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>>268592809>SOUTHERN ISRAELITE Objectively the worst heretic on the interwebz. Southern Israelite reporting in his truck. He's right about Noam Chomsky tho

>>268600793Read God's Way of Peace by Horatius Bonar. It will greatly help you.

>>268601229my guess, they were british intelligence from day one, look at mi-5 logo, its kabalistic symbolism

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>>268594588Everyone whose a real truther goes through a Drake Shelton phase. You will end up here at the end: mostholyfamilymonastery.com/

>>268582235We all was told, that we fly around sun on the ball and in a opposite side of sun after 6 month we still can see anti-Semitic truth i.pinimg.com/736x/42/8f/7b/428f7b5aef89944965e2e1aafca7b676--four-seasons-outer-space.jpg =Oo what? is that means, that we do not flying any where ? So how it is anti-Semitic?bitchute.com/video/qlbkJZcnRSYm/ Can we observe that earth is flat? Yes. duckduckgo.com/?q=view from the airplane&t=lm&atb=v1-1&iax=images&ia=images Can we measure ? Yes, but only those who have technical awareness how to do that. Commercial airplanes fly laser straight lines, according to the tool gyroscope, that keeps drift from rigid point in space, that confirms flat ground under all over from Europe to Australia. So earth is continents surrounded by flat surface of water? Yes. Observe able ? Yes. Measurable? not by every baboon, but yes. Ok. lets check the Ball. It is observable ? No Can we measure if "curvature" is correct ? No, no one have find yet any curvature = no ball sorry CGI pictures and fake videos are real. Take your time to see.Fire work rockets real and $19.4 billion from tax payers pockets real.But how about "space" ? As real as Godzilla we all sow it on the screen, right? =O)youtu.be/t95DRrr0aH8Submarines vs. ISS youtube.com/watch?v=ZLZngcQFCJA youtu.be/XnHteA9Y9FQ

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>>268582235Holocaust drops and matzo bread is the best that Jew could have.

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>>268601954Ayyys are the deception. The eternal enemy. It’s simple. Who fights wars with no concept of death? No one. The ayyyyyyy narrative is wholly false and fake

>>268601592>>268601722>>268601723We are the the eternal brotherhood. They call us the GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD. We work for all of humanity. We watch Holla Forums and other websites seeking those who place universal brotherhood above all else.

>>268601130>>268601130>Religion is just an individual perspective based upon local culture. God is eternal, boundless, and extends beyond all man made religions. We have been trying to say this for thousands of years, yet we are branded heretics and hunted down because we call for universal brotherhood based upon simple rules of morality.Haha, so you guys are like the one big senpai love all hippies.Now that's rich.Go with Christ.

>>268602152You are retarded. You don't even need a balloon to see curve.

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>>268599110You mean like the side degrees?>>268599837Well, it's always been open, but again, people just don't look. The impression of shrinking isn't as bad as it sounds, either. Every Jurisdiction just had an unsustainable growth in the 50s. Now it's returning to normal, and it appears catastrophic to those who only know the boom.

so basically the father of british intelligence is the father of british masonry , geez what a coincidence, forgot to point out the john dee reference in the mi-5 symbol


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>>268602024I'll add it to my list, thank you

>>268596131the triforce is 3 powers, strength, wisdom and courage.like i mentioned here>>268601545your life is on the line in this search, when they come for you, you have to face them with courage.but before you even get to that place, you are guided by sophia/zelda/wisdom in the path, but its right into the lions mouth, which you need courage to face.the enemy has strength, overwhelming strength.so, to enter this path, after you read the NT (bible, new testament) that's your initiation, you must believe its all true according to what's written, otherwise its of no use to you, and you won't get far.read, believe, repent of sins, get baptized, then take part in the last supper/passover (eating bread and drinking wine), then you've completed the game and won, but you won't understand it, thisc was necessary to begin your ascent, its in your ascent that you'll begin to realize the rules of the game.you were dead, but then everything, little by littke, will be revealed.that's where death comes in, you'll realize exactly just how dead.THAT is enlightenment.then you'll cherish the wine and bread, realizing you won it all. you'll be above any secret society any demon, any race any man, as a servant, but stick to the word of God.win first, then go read the rules, everygame has been preparing you for this.halo, john 117, pokemon, (psalms)150 pokemon, zelda triforce (blood, flesh and spirit), etc. it was the only way to save usthe law kills, his blood saves from death.

>>268602430It’s the lens

>>268582235Oh sorry if you meant that WW2 "Holocaust" ...?You suppose to debunk that and then forget as not truth .But WW2 Holocaust is really holy cost that Jews pay to their God Satan by swindle humans minds in to groups against each other .So Jews do not do killing by them self, but in a gang they convinced peoples minds to commit harm.and that spilled blood in suffer and fear is the Holocaust sacrifices human life to the Jew God Satan in exchange for money, power and dominance of usury.

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>>268602308Who is "we"? I've been seeking fellowship with something that isn't completely manufactured and full of misdirection my entire life, but so far I've spent over 3 decades surrounded by nothing but fiction. All I've ever sought was knowledge, but even that's fucked now. Without millions to spend on ancient texts or rare prints, I'm just as good as an illiterate serf

>>268590486Solomon was initiated into mystery schools in Egypt. Much of the deeper Jewish tradition is tied to Egyptian thought, and the Jewish element of this has clearly outlived the Egyptian ones. The keys of Solomon are some of the more esoteric knowledge from Egypt. Basically Hermeticism, only with a much larger compendium to draw from than just the corpus hermeticum.

>>268602430ask 6 years old kid to help you out to repeat same effect with a domino on the flat table , Got it? ask kids to help you communicate with your own level of awearness

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>>268602152>Commercial airplanes fly laser straight lines, according to the tool gyroscopeYou check the gyro compass, sure. But commercial flights are held on wire by GPS now.

dude I don't know

>>268602758interesting read, saved.frankly there is no doubt in my mind that these kabalistic masons are just fronts for bitish intelligence, and i believe i have sufficient historical evidence to prove it, but no one seem to point that out except some radical catholic groups. One time i came a cross a christian documentary called " transhumanism, the mark of the beast" and was one of the biggest pills i ever swollowed, cant find it no more on YT, i wonder why...

>>268601770>>268601562well saidsaved by his blood, hidden from the enemy in his body, and taught of God and given HIS mind, we will see him as he is because we will be like him.and we'll never be lost again

>>268603134This is true but alot of knowledge in general come from egypt, I presume it was because this one of the places the fallen angels communicated humans thid knowledge.Here is a red pilled video I encourage everyone to watch it.youtu.be/xHiad18ZwcY

>>268582374>they're in competiton to be the biggest pedosFreemasons at mass pedo/corpse rapist Jimmy Savile's funeral -

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>>268582235bitchute.com/video/qlbkJZcnRSYm/ Oh look people that is a fucking kikes again!Purge Jews out from your life , they all obey Mossad and use benefits from the Jew gang youtube.com/watch?v=YD5LvbfMmsQ

>>268603134the first key is the milky way, without a lock the key is useless, without eyes the map is useless, yet they all lead to him>that they may see but not perceive, amd hearing not understandits all so tiresome, but he's the one who elects.

>>268603471Look up all the youtube discussions between Jan Irvin and Hans Utter. youtube.com/watch?v=L1n5Hfy_dCg&list=PLfA-TU0Nk_oNgXLS-wcohR09afrMkd7hf

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>>268594588Will you just shut the fuck up you sniveling little nigger faggot ?

>>268600474Who cares what a satanist says?The thief comes not but to steal, kill and destroy.Only a fool would trust "satan" since his only goal is to take as many as he can with him.Hates the "image of God" because he can't strike God directly.Has no power to.

>>268603790will look it up, other YT documentary that misteriously disapeared was the masonic batman, i mean analize that shit, he is a confessed free mason that operates behind the law but as complete support of it , he owns the city, he owns everything and his worst fear is a unpredictable, carismatic guy , capable of raise large armys with a finger snap the joker archetype, control freaks worst nighmares, batman is in fact a glorification of the illuminatti masons and their agenda.

>>268582235Me a Freemason Catholic...

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>>268600870you can sortof do that, but your prayer had to align with his spirit.in 2016 in the state of Oregon i saw how corrupt the courts were and prayed that god weeks burn down this whole state (oregon), God came through and threw in canada, washington, california and australia+amazonhe comes through, just not how you expect or when you expect, you just have to align with him

The truth? Freemasons were created by the catholics to build secret cathedrals in america so that when they take over they have a place to mind control the general population.

>>268592113>>268593185'Hidden Hand' one of the OG 'high level insiders'illuminati-news.com/00363.htmlhttps://archive.vn/NVdXURead between the lines - they are luciferian trying to convince people this is a 'game' their is no 'crime' their is no 'pain' - its all fun and we reset! No, they were sent to 'test' us! Lucifer is the 'light bringer'.>There is Unity. Unity is All there is. Infinite Intelligence, and Infinite Energy. The two are One, and within them, is the potental for all Creation. This state of Consciousness could be termed as 'Being'. >Yahweh, due to the fact that he had NOT (as was his right as Planetary Logos) handed down his own Free Will to "know thyself" to those incarnating upon 'his' planet, was having very little evolutionary progress therein. So we (Lucifer) were sent to help. Once the order was given from the Council of Elders, we "Fell", or Descended back to a place where we could, with hard work and focus, once again materialize a 3rd Density manifestation of ourself. >Understand, that we HAVE to be Negative. That's what we were sent here to be. It is our contract, and it has always been to help you, by providing the "Catalyst" I spoke of earlier. Being Negative is very hard for us, not on a physical level, (the characters we play enjoy our roles, as we're programmed that way), but on a Spiritual level, it is hard. We surpassed the lowly negative vibrations eons ago. We are Light, and we are Love. It is a very hard thing for us to do Spiritually, to create all this Negativity, but we do it because we love you, and it is for your highest good, ultimately. You could say, that it is our Sacrifice that we have made, in order to be of Service to the One Infinite Creator, and to you, our Brothers and Sisters in the One.