The left-wing bias in all of these videos is excruciatingly painful for anyone who's had the misfortune to watch just...

The left-wing bias in all of these videos is excruciatingly painful for anyone who's had the misfortune to watch just exactly how taken as fact all of his claims are. It doesn't matter what the topic is about, they're all explicated like objective voice essays. Every video somehow gets millions of views and yet they all contain hardcore liberal propaganda just casually thrown in. It's so fucking bad, bros.

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>>268581249wordany alternatives? I like the random learning while doing stuff. Not a fan of the childish animation, but usually don't watch. The bias is insane, fuck them and fuck bill nye.

>>268581249jew cianigger propaganda garbage, i dont know how people put themselves through it. HERE IS WHAT JEWS WANT YOU TO THINK ABOUT THIS TOPIC! fucking faggots.

>>268581249Welcome to piss earth. They want a deracinated slave caste living in medieval conditions masked by cheap electronic trinkets over whom to lord, who will lack the bonds between one another required to unite and overthrow the elites. They are trying to arrest the cycle by breeding humanity for submission like livestock, and all the bias in everything, especially science, is deliberate exaggeration to help bring this about by making the alternative appear inevitably catastrophic. Thats why science now says individual freedom leads to fascism and global warming and pandemics so to hell with it.

>>268581711Alternative Hypothesis


This channel is literally funded with grants from the EU.

>>268581249When I used to reddit and see this guys videos on the front page every other fucking day, I knew to take it with a grain of salt. Redditors always upvote liberal propaganda

>>268581249Yep, you found one out of hundreds of government funded youtube channels.

>>268581249I genuinely thought their content was great, but after a while I detected the pozzing. ASAP Science was also another channel I enjoyed until they came out as faggots.

>>268581711NileRed is kind of cool. Hard to find anything that doesn't glow. I've been reading/listening to clips of Patrick Buchanan lately. >>268581814I don't even know if there is an intended audience. I can't imagine someone looking for hard and certified truths would get excited at the mention of, "Okay, now here's what you need to be thinking," (because he actually does that). It's like Felix the Cat when he says, "okay, now here comes the truth."

>>268581249Many of their videos are funded by the Gates foundation. The fuck you expect? Their pseudointellectual take on most science today is most annoying. I stopped watching after seeing that GMO video. Chock full of corporate Monsanto horseshit that isn't reflective of how things really are.

watch their videos on immigration if you want to rage

>>268581249FYI, majority of this channel's funding comes from the Gates foundation in the last few years... yup - Bill Gates.

>>268581249>>268581249Channels like this only serve to further a specific political agenda. Unfortunately, the website of youtube and other social media platforms have been corrupted to their core by Google, Facebook, etc. and there is nothing that can be done about it. Realities like this have left our race in a terrible predicament.It is time for armed resistance, as history has taught us. That being said, it seems like that will never happen in our timeline and they shall conquer us once and for all. We will fade quietly into history without a fight, as ordained by our highly-effective propaganda. Hell, they even tell us that we're becoming the minority in our own country and there's absolutely no outrage among "normal" white people.

>>268583489>by accepting these [Syrian] immigrants and assimilating them into our society we have much to gain. Doesn't surprise me, but I find this quite humorous because of a study I just had to do on the qualify of life for refugees in my country. There were anecdotes from a report that sampled Somalis and Syrians that confirmed multiple times they never learned how to defecate or urinate in public and that asking a shop keeper was foreign to them. I think like 90% of refugees after a year said they had suicidal thoughts daily lol and sought out nigress escorts for company in place of family, because most didn't know how to use an international phone line. Unreal.

>>268581249What sort of "left wing propaganda" are you detecting in the videos? I haven't watched for a while but it's mostly science based shit. Occasionally they'll do a liberal video like on drugs or UBI etc.

I fucking hate the animation style and sound design. like you can just tell when something is scientifically engineered to be as digestible and marketable as possible.

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>>268581711>I have attached the ones I like they are either neutral, dont say anything political, or right leaning. I am going to make a thread to trade non pozzed YT channels. All I keepp getting are just trannies & gaysExplosions & Fire Extractions & Ire (aussie shitposter chemistry makes explosives) Manley (Space expert & rocket geek) (Naval Historian) Petrov(Cosmology & space) The Future with Jixuan & Sebastian (Space news & based Chinese & German couple) 'SexyCyborg' Wu (BIG fake tits, Reviews Chinese tech, really helpful if you are looking for 3d printer reviews & the like) Difficult(Little known nuclear accidents & other weird events) aviation history) Air Crash Investigation(It says what it is on the tin) Old Tony(Goofy machining explanation videos), tails from the bottle. (Weird events like, Killdozer, Irish cunt) Petersens(beutiful white family that plays bluegrass) weather & news for astronomical observations)

>>268583313i love nilered, the inner chem nerd from my childhood really came out and his work's just incredible. >>268583253kurz's content's pop sci, fuck the pozzing, but you can get some value out of it without being brainwashed if you're not a mongoloid. (and it's not even attempting, just assuming at times) >>268585313probably the obvious shit that touches on political issues, but you know what you're getting into there. early on in the covid situation there were at least some really good videos for short consumption (grossly over-summarized on it), along with some decent immune system/health videosobviously to all the author's bias is always going to be a thing and he's not overt about it, but he's far from covert about it too. don't be a retard about it

>>268585313Nothing untypical of the UN attitude toward goyim. I just watched the GMO one and you could see them shoehorn in complex information that's barely been studied and then, without even starting a new sentence, leaping to the conclusion their political solution is the only way to deal with it. For example, a single study in the world confirms N2O in the arctic can be traced back to plant fertilizers' unused nitrogen. The video says something like, "fertilizer is causing climate change and GMOs will be engineered to solve this problem". The scary part, really, is this kind of horse shit 10 years ago was in the phase of, "in the future we will have...." but now it's all here. There are a lot worse examples, but maybe the most subversive ones are subtle like this. As >>268583489 said it's a scientific fact to them the solution on illegal immigrants, not a debate. Top tier jimmies

the numbers on that channel (and many other channels) are completely fake. don't get demoralized OP, the deep state is in mega panic mode

>>268581249>Jew>TubeEver since like 2010 or so. Everything has become a (((PLATFORM))) and they HAVE to scream about unrelated bullshit. This has been going on for well over ten years. Are you old enough to post here?

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>>268587519Probably far too old.

>>268582764>Alternative Hypothesis"This channel doesn't have any content" ?

>>268581249Isaac Arthur. AKA Futurist Elmer Fudd. Good science and minimal poz.

>>268588049He must have been shoahed again. Pretty soon anyone to the right of Lenin will be banned from the internet.

>>268581249same feels.even the aesthetic screams liberal globohomo; like watching animated Google doodles.

>>268587519I don't understand this image. I love the fact that the redpilling has changed me forever. I've never felt more motivated, and life has never felt more meaningful. Embrace the suffering


>>268581249Disgusting, npc's just eat it up too.

>>268582764Alt-Hype is good, but it's way too dry and Ryan can be pedantic.Solid well researched stuff if you're into the college lecture type format.Would like to see more distilled and entertaining propaganda info vids; much like the Left has mastered for their audience.

>>268582764google and youtube return results to make Ryan Faulk look like a stupid loser who is gay an weird. Dont get me wrong i love the guy and his content is 10/10. Also i cant find his 100 epiphanies video anymore and many others.


>>268583106Bill Gates finances the slick production with his "Foundation".

>>268581249Oh man I got this one younger native bro who loves these videos. Native bro what the fuck are you thinking man??? I gotta fuckin teach him the way of things... Rule #1 if anyone sounds like this faggot they are immediately to be discarded.

>>268583313Him, Applied Science, Ahoy, and 8-Bit Guy.Also any of the smaller engineering dad stuff; where it's some boomer making garage tesla coils and shit.

>>268583313edward dutton

>>268589523Dutton is boring though.No offense, but his evolutionary material is dry and he's not entertaining or charismatic.

>>268581249You just don't have a college degree and fail to understand science. Rural retards rarely do!

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>>268588049Lol nice

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Its kinda implicit that he presents just one opinion. Names german for "said with few words" so i can see why hed not hold a 1 man debate. But yes, the one opinion he presents is usually pozzed, at the least not neutral. Still very good presentation of pop sci, so its not done without any talent.

All they do is space science shit though, where's the bias?

>>268589690strange i find him eccentric. and his streams with woodley and videos can be entertaining. what do you think of woodley.

>>268589989Buy rifles, Dieter. You know what's coming.


>>268587519I dunno know why we can't just hijack Youtube's server capacity and upload encrypted videos; using a browser/extension to decrypt them.Like you upload a normal looking vid, but embedded is data that can be read by a decryption software; like a sort of real-time steganography.

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>>268589989But it's highly unethical to claim to disseminate science and introduce political propaganda in between while not distinguishing clearly which is which.

>>268582378Is that you, crashmaster?

>>268581249can u give me some examples? i watch their videos and something about them lights a few switches in my brain regarding their reliability, but i cannot picture it, when did they mention liberal topics?

>>268582378Fucking this.They really are trying to domesticate us. It's fucking sickening. Any traits that aren't compatible with being a corporate slave (such as anger, a lack of peer-pressure response, a non-normie way of viewing the world, and passion in general) are viewed as mental illnesses. Any kids with these behaviors are identified early on in school and medicated with drugs that either make them docile, or cause brain damage and make them too stupid to challenge authority.

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>>268590237They'll terminate your account if you try this. Their ai looks at videos to analyze their content and suggest ads, it's a trivial extension to look at the entropy of each frame as well and if they suspect abuse they'll ban your account/

>>268590592nvm i just watched the immigration video, "most sirian immigrants are already educated" fucking jews at it again

>>268588049He's on bitchute.

>>268590456Agreed, but in this case like someone else said, for intelligent viewers its not much of a problem. It, to me, doesnt feel like kurzgesagt is trying to pozz-pill normies, just cant debate because of channel concept and lefty views are the path of least resistance... The guy behind it is some sex tourism product thai-hapa iirc btw

>>268590237It would have to be pretty creative I think. Anything you upload to a site like youtube is going to be fucked with. What I mean is, the file you make on your computer and the file that exists on their server are different. They compress and process the videos that are uploaded, it's part of the upload process and why they can offer the videos in different qualities among other things. So you couldn't do a standard stego by embedding data into the video file itself. But I think a clever user could work around that and embed information into the output of the video that survives the upload and processing steps.

>>268590472No. Just another 30yo boomer wandering a thoroughly domesticated hellscape equal parts demolition man, idiocracy and brave new world. I still remember what everyones favorite uncle thought about all this neurotic nancy-boy faggot shit 20 years ago, and im holding on to that for as long as i live. You care about ridicule so much you're willing to live in a pod, eat bugs, get mandatory estrogen shots and "drive" some autonomous EV with a thousand nannies because "science agrees this is the optimal way to live, what are you, uneducated?" then be my guest. I no longer care.

Glad I'm not the only one to recognize this.

>>268590072Not familiar with Woodley.I see (or used to see) Dutton on that McSpencer podcast with Keith and Spencer, also on Red Ice.Checked out some more of his material and just found it kinda grated (not big on the Hugh Grant english studdering thing)What concerns me is that the current lineup of big brains content producers are mainly just preaching to choir and aren't really that appealing or digestible to newcomers. Morgoth is pretty good though since he appeals in a more poetic/emotional way than a cerebral one.Would be interesting to see the Dissident Right produce more artistic propaganda; Matthew Drake (Illustrated Philosophy) produces some good stuff on Bitchute where he blends poignant illustrations with interesting discussions from relevant people on the Right.

>>268581249>Oh no, they don't hold the exact same radical politics I like, better call them left-wing even though they are clearly centrist!

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Can somebody tell me whats worth fighting for nowadays?

>>268590698Clever. But it should be trickable.A combination of keeping a low profile and not desiring to have your content monitized to avoid added scrutiny (Alphabet/Google/Youtube is big, but they don't have infinite capacity to scrub and thus must focus their computational power on the larger nails to hammer).

>>268581249They are literally founded by the Bill Gates pedo foundation and not even afraid to admit it, what did you expect?

>>268592941>centristIf you mean "centrist" in the sense that they espouse both left wing and right wing views in their videos, then prove it. I wanna see some right wing views that they espouse.

>word>any alternatives? I like the random learning while doing stuff. Not a fan of the childish animation, but usually don't watch. The bias is insane, fuck them and fuck bill nye.>>268581711Sean last - youtubeALT hype -

>>268592751micheal woodley and the alt hype have something going on where they talk about how great each other are

>>268581711Edward dutton

>>268585313It's subtle but if you can't see the globohomo agenda in almost every video you should avoid it even more.The one with the story where the guy was reencarnated so he was everyone who ever lived was the most blatent one I've seen, and if you need an example.

>>268581249>every video somehow gets millions of viewsAnon, that's why they're ALLOWED to get millions of views

>>268581249reddit loves this channel, that's all you need to know

Alt Hype is very

>>268588826how old are you

>>268594737btw if anyone knows of any alt hype takes that are especially bad or cringe please share them, but as far as I know everything I've heard from him is more or less on point. I've never heard him say something and then kind of have to grit my teeth and be like "agh but he's like still based on other stuff though..."

>>268593116Good pussy my lad.

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>>268590237I've thought of this before but the compression would kill a lot of the data, you'd have to find an encryption method with a lot of redundant data, but at 60fps at 4K you could definitely get data across, just not full motion video.

>>268593116what is truthful, beautiful, and good.a future where your ancestors would look down and say it was all worth it.

>>268599199i looked down and see it wasnt worth it

>>268581249Subscribe to Debunked instead. Same idea but without all the fucking smug left wing bias

>>268583253Yeah. I noticed the pro-EU and pro-poz stance. I used to watch them but started drifting away.

>>268599199all you had to do was to let the germans win

>>268599483hence the motivation to leave a better world; one which you can be proud of.even if you don't have kids, you will have kin in the future.our enemies are those that reject this kinship and seek to make an false, ugly, and evil world that we and our ancestors would hate and revile.people that want to reduce humanity to economic units or atomized individuals devoid of family and seeing what they seek to deconstruct and destroy, we see inversely what we are and what are goals should be and what we should be doing.

>>268581249Facts dont care about your feelings, rightoid

>>268588826The image is Plato's Cave of Forms. The twist, is that leaving the cave is ironic. And not what Plato was talking about. As it relates to this image macro, leaving the cave is slowly realizing the nature of the evil that rules the world.

>>268588049Bitchute dot com motherfucker

>>268590237This would be so much effort that would be lost on so many people. Might as well just do what the glowies do and play video games that have chatrooms not monitored by the NSA or better yet are encrypted.

>>268600411if only you knew how bad things really are

>>268600880just requires a white paper on the technique.then it can be copied en mass.

yeah also this faggotjust look at this contradictory

>>268601325good. makes life more meaningful.dragons exist to be fought and make for worthy opponents.

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>>268589512>Also any of the smaller engineering dad stuff; where it's some boomer making garage tesla coils and shit.Any recommendations for this kind of stuff or what to search for? This sounds interesting.

>>268601660when will you realize you are the dragon

Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. What the fuck do you expect?

Brad Harris does two history podcasts that are good: How it Began, and

>>268581249>>268583489>>268585286i don't know why you faggots are getting so butmad over a general science channel. 90% of their videos are just science shit and even when they do get political and are left leaning, even the global warming episode presented the "right" side of the event which no other marx shit would ever do. and to faggots crying over the immigration video, they took it down because they admittedly didn't present the alternate side and said they were being biased, while again, they are left leaning and don't change their stances, the fact that they removed it when they had no reason to just because they wanted to re-work it so present another perspective is a mile in the marxist bullshit censorship we're dealing with, and i didn't watch the video since it came out so if i'm wrong i don't give a

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>>268601828is there a difference?ying and yang fren.ying. and. yang.

>>268581249Love these videos. I think I have seen most of them. Looking forward to when they come back from break.May God be with us all!

>>268586195Thank you King

>>268591963solved using macro-steganography rather than on a bit/pixel level; you show sections of readable 'sprites' that can be machine interpreted to avoid the problems lossy data loss due to changes in codec conversions.the vision I see is a multi-layered internet where one page can be viewed with different lenses that can reveal new layers of information. The idea is the piggyback on existing infrastructure without requiring to "create our own internet" from scratch. so what might look like some art piece on a youtube low sub video channel, could contain another video for a separate (intended) audience. Same could be applied to same faggy site like reddit, where what seems like spergy diatribe about Rick & Morty would be encryption for text relating to "problematic" ideas.Why go through the trouble of creating and financing new platforms and networks when we can just paint over existing ones?

>>268581249Can you exacly say what you find liberal propaganda, which video, which topics you find leftist. becose most of it it just not political topics.