New Game: Glow In The Dark Boogalo

Argie user here,.Originally, I was developing a gauge counter for a scene in Epstein Island and while I was trying it I came with the idea of a minigame where you play as a glownigger and you try to incite right leaning individuals to commit acts of violence to further deepstate agendas.The game need some testing, the "bad ending" is not done yet and you might find some dialogue errors, but I would appreciate some feedback.This game is mostly based on Dialogue, you will have to interact with an Ancap, a Civic Constitutionalist Patriot, an accelerationist NatSoc and a Centrist Redditor.There's some light item interaction, but mostly about dialogue trees.Those character does not represent what I think about those particular ideologies, and if you get the good ending, their motives will be clearer.Here's a direct link for the think this version is bug free, thanks to all the anons who tested it.

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To trigger the end of the game, selec the dialogue option "Start The Boogaloo" from Rednblue77 topic box.Also, remember to look at each character to acces his biometric info.

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Of course I'm still working on the Epstein Island Game (part 2 currently) but I needed to practice some stuff, polish the GUI I have been making.I'm really amateurish, so this is taking some time while I'm learning how to build it.

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>>268580839Thanks for the game bro!

>>268580966>trigger the end of the gamegreat gamefuck soifag

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>>268580839Bloody legend

>>268582153Thanks!The dialogue was the hardest thing to set straight, there are 4 topics per character, 4 possible responses for each topic.So that makes 64 dialogue options.

>>268580839Based argie

You are the best user. Also, remember to drink your milk.

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Honestly didn't know the Epstein island images I had saved were going to be a real ass game. I love you user. Thanks for your hard work.

Good to see you posting back argiebro

>>268583885Thanks, where you the user who made the "New Game" gif with one of the first gifs I made?

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Godspeed, user

Noticed a few spelling errors but overall this was right up there with the money printer game /biz/ made.

>>268586949Haven't see that game, link?

>>268580839Kek based

>>268580839Doing God's work user. Keep it up!

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Bumping for exposure.

>>268580839OP never advertises for himself, so I will do it for him. OP is also the creator of the Kek Tarot cards.I am a donor. I invite others who appreciate his work to do the same.This is his patreon:patreon dot com slash tarotofkek

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>>268580839Just beat it, very nice user I liked the singing at the end too

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One last bump befor I go to sleep.

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>>268580839Sure. Excuse me while I just run your "game" on my PC!

>>268591002Thanks fren, I feel weird shiling the patreon or posting too much about the games.But, I put links for it in the read me of the game and in the endings, so the people who play the games should know it already.

>>268591891no worries, fren, OP is legitsee: >>268591002

>>268591929have a great night

>>268580839Give the natsoc lasers and make the glowy have to try to stop them from propagating them.

>>268580839This game must be ready by the election argiebro and it must redpill the masses.

>>268580839I remember when you where asksing for help for the characters personalities like a month ago. Im the guy who told you to use Dale Gribble as a template for a character.Glad to see you carry on with the idea, im going to download it, i dont give a fuck about my pc getting aids.

Haven't had a chance to play your Epstein game but remember your threads when you were working on it initially, you're the man OP

>>268593464This one is done, or do you mean the Epstein Island one?>>268593706That thread was really helpful, I also remember your post. Hope you enjoy it.

>>268594104Tried to run it on wine but it got fucked up, sorry mate.

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>>268594514Kek, yeah I'm sorry. It's only for windows.

>>268580839Just got the true ending, that was great user. I like the idea that you have to have knowledge in the stereotypes and cultures to get the true ending. I think a heavier use of items might be needed, because i only used them near the end when i was out of dialogue options.

>>268580839>buying into stupid glownigger memeClueless retard, go back to kikeddit>Argie user here.Barf>(((patreon)))Panhandling trash.

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>>268580839Some thoughts.Intro screen is full of typos. Go over them with a native english speaker.Include a pause menu for Save, Restart, and Exit. The only way to exit the game is to alt f4. Add an option for windowed or fullscreen.The content is fantastic. Really well made. Even the animations are effective. A great little indie VN.Keep it up OP. Best content on Holla Forums in YEARS.

>>268595989boogaloo fag detected.

>talk to redn'blue77 about free speech>killroy88 advocates accelerationism and self radicalizes by 3

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>>268596591>Intro screen is full of typos. Go over them with a native english speaker.Right on, will correct them tomorrow.>Include a pause menu for Save, Restart, and Exit. The only way to exit the game is to alt f4. Add an option for windowed or fullscreen.Shit, I had that on a checklist and somehow I missed it.You can use the "Winsetup.exe" in the folder to make it windowed, will see if I can add a button ot make it windowed natively.>The content is fantastic. Really well made. Even the animations are effective. A great little indie VN.Thanks! I try hard to make every character have a distinctive personality through animation.

>>268595058its prob because hes a macfag and they use ancient libraries.ill try it on linux WINE later

>>268596977Some user who had linux also tried Epstein Island Game whit WINE and worked just fine.

>>268596654So calling it a glownigger meme makes me a boog fag?Why can't you mongoloid (((redditors))) read...Fucking worthless piece of shit.

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>>268597143Do you not believe that clandestine agents are influencing the discussions online towards violence? Tell me your thoughts.

>>268596877Sorry OP I didn't run the exe because I thought it was unnecessary. Possibly include some instructions in the readme file for dumb shits like myself.


>>268580839>Centrist we got kicked out of reddit, only marx faggots claim "we're actually the real centrist" to sound balanced

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>>268598068That's exactly what happened with that character.

>>268597682Take meds.

>>268598223yea i was about to comment on that, 10/10although to be fair i did start on /k/ and Holla Forums first, and most my bans are from calling people faggots

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>>268598223I just have a few questions:Are you white? (I don't mind if your not)What kind of white, if you are?How did you become a game designer?What is your normal occupation?What motivates you?

>>26859938410/10 bait

>>268598068>>268598223Can confirmed thats what happened to me. Although the centrist and neo should've been body swapped for accuracy.

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>>268599384>Are you white? (I don't mind if your not)What kind of white, if you are?I am, northern european. >How did you become a game designer?Started making shitty gifs, then learned to use Adventure Game Studio with youtube tutorials, AGS manual and practice.>What is your normal occupation?I study and have a part time job, university is on hold because of chink flu.>What motivates you?Making fun stuff, also is a good way to vent all the information I gather here. I also found that I enjoy making games.I wont go in further details tho.

cool zone

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>>268597256LEARN TOFUCKING READ...WTF happened to Holla Forums...?!

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>>268601891how about instead of repeating "learn to read" you clearly articulate your point?


>>268595989>t. basedjack

>>268602252>>268595989>S O Y jack

Bump since this really piqued my interest. I’ll have to try it out after work sometime.

would recommend

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>>268602495i'll bump also because i want to see the good ending and idk how to get it. dialog was good tho the libertarian was kinda just thrown in the mixed.

>>268580966Just a heads up it’s penis not pennis but keep pennis because it looks funny